Join baseball writer Derrick Goold for his live Cardinals chat at 11 a.m. Monday

Join baseball writer Derrick Goold for his live Cardinals chat at 11 a.m. Monday

Bring your Cards questions and comments to Monday’s 11 a.m. live chat.

    Count me as cautiously optimistic that our defense, starting pitching, bullpen and offense will actually be better this coming season. We still have a lot of question marks, but it seems like we have more good options available than in previous years. Goldy and Arenado could go backwards some, but we have a lot of hitters who could take big steps forward. And six plus viable major league arms for the rotation and the making of an elite bullpen and defense. I look forward to spring training to see who shows up ready to make a statement. I'd still like a DH who could hit elite RH pitching, but don't see an option on the market and we may just have that guy on our 40 man already.
    The Cardinals bullpen should be good; it has all the makings. There is reason to believe that Arenado is headed forward -- and still climbing toward an MVP season, building off this one. And if you're looking for indicators of future or sustained success, take a look at Nootbaar's advanced metrics and the quality of Miles Mikolas pitches. 
    Bill DeWitt is 81 and has been an excellent owner. My concern is the succession plan. I'm guessing his son, Bill DeWitt appears to be the heir apparent. Does anyone have an idea on him, in terms of potential in running a successful organization? Is he considered bright? Will he maintain the status quo or will he try to put his own handprint on the organization?
    I bet you know more about Bill DeWitt III and the answers to your questions, and just maybe didn't know that he was involved in so many of the things that fans see everyday at the ballpark. Bill DeWitt III has been the president of the team for many years now, and he's been at the helm for Ballpark Village, the Cardinals Hall of Fame, the development around the ballpark, and he has great fondness for the history of the team, the precision of the logo, the look of the jersey and everything from how they celebrate retired numbers to how many championships they claim (remember there's that 12th one out there from before the NL). He is into the details of the team -- the chain stitching on the jerseys? it's there because of him, and the Cardinals are one of the few teams to do it -- and he's been involved at the MLB level. He serves on at least one of the owners committees. He also, if some folks don't remember, is the executive, who went on the record to say that the Cardinals missed on Max Scherzer and that should be a lesson for them in pursuing free agents.
    Do you think Mo and company may be inadvertently putting too much pressure on Walker to show up and be that 3rd bat to protect Goldy and Arenado? All I read is how great he is.
    I do not get that sense.
    You touched on something I was going to ask about when mentioning Atlanta and locking up young players. Thought the Spencer Strider contract was really interesting. Pays him $1MM for two years, then $4MM in '25 (what would have been his first arb year), then $20MM in '26, and $22MM for '27 & '28, with team option of $22MM for '29 w. $5MM buyout. So 6/75 that could be 7/92. Locks in the arb years with known values and bought out at least 1 year of FA with option for 1 more year. Cards always a little hesitant to lock up pitchers for a long time, but I thought this would be an avenue they might explore with Jordan Walker if he plays well this year. Front office always seems more willing to go longer years for non-pitchers.
    Indeed it could be. The Cardinals have been, historically, more likely to go long-term with in-house pitchers (Wainwright, Garcia, Mikolas, to a certain extent) than outside pitchers (Leake and Matz being the most notable free agent signings). They did pursue Price for a long-term commitment, so they were willing to do it, and just got outbid by Boston.
    Have the Cards settled on Wilking Rodriguez and Guillermo Zuniga as the only signing/trades for the strikeout upgrades they’re looking for the bullpen? Are there a sense it could emerge from a prospect like Graceffo who could step into the rotation the following year, ala Waino?
    Those are the only additions so far. Not the only additions the Cardinals planned. They're open to others.
    When Mo talks about DeJong rebuilding his swing does he really believe that? Does he really expect fans to believe that? Mo loves his fancy b-school jargon, is he aware of a term called retrospective cost?
    It was Oliver Marmol that I talked to about it, not Mozeliak. So I'm not sure how to answer your question, except to say that if a baseball writer knows that phrase, I am confident that the president of baseball operations does.
    Seems like the team is set except for an experienced lefty/DH aka Dickerson. Besides the empty drum clatter on Twitter/Chat, you see the Cardinals stay the course with their pitching until the trade deadline and extend a couple of the current starters for 2024? (Mikolas/Monty)
    It's possible that they don't move on pitching until then, and it may even seem inevitable. I get that perspective, I do. But if you're constantly keeping that possibility open, then it could happen at any time. There are still moves that could shake loose in spring training. That does happen. With the start of the new year and the market revving back up there will be a better sense of this soon, there will be, and the trade market hasn't really moved much, honestly.
    Hi Derrick.
    Let's say one or more of the Cards' key players get hurt playing in the WBC games. Do the Cardinals still pay them them while they're on the IL? If they have to pay them, which I assume, then that should preclude them from offering any type of extensions until after they prove their health in Spring Training and the beginning of the regular season. Agree?
    I'm not sure I follow, but here goes:
    -- Yes, players who are injured in the WBC are paid. 
    -- There is insurance that is taken out on players as part of the WBC just in case that happens, and that way teams can be compensated for the loss. I do not off the top of my head know the intricacies of it, but part of the teams sending players to the tournament is the setup that MLB and the union have agreed upon as far as how players injured in the tournament are compensated, and how that happens. 
    -- Health is always a part of an extension, in a WBC year or not.
    I wish I could give you a straight yes or no answer here, but I'm not sure what I'd be agreeing to. Teams control when they offer extensions. Injuries always delay such a thing.
    Happy New Year Derrick, always enjoy your work. Do you get the sense that Cardinals will (and maybe is prudent based on who is in the market) wait until in-season to address the SP for 2024? Injury and performance may accelerate the timeline, but currently the need is 2024 and not 2023. Don't make a deal now that brings to the roster what they already have. Discussing the talent is different question.
  • That's the scenario that seems most likely -- but it's not the only one. As mentioned earlier, if a team is looking for a deal it could happen at any time, and the Cardinals are looking for deals are possible. Spring shakes some things loose. Spring changes the urgency, the asking price, and arbitration salaries do shape some deals, too. If anything, the deadline is the deadline for such a move that the Cardinals would like to make. So if not the target, it is the last opening they have.
    I heard your pod with Keith Costas and his comment about their 32-pitcher draft that didn’t include a single Cardinals starter. That’s national commentators, with no localized bias, telling us our team has no ace. And too many times over the last decade the Cardinals have come into a season saying “but if he does…” and then he doesn’t. If that same outcome applies to Flaherty this winter than this is a pretty pedestrian rotation for a team that considers itself a playoff threat.
    So when a local guy says such a thing what does that make him?
    I really enjoyed that conversation that Keith Costas and I had near here on South Grand, and I hope people had a chance to give it a listen. Good stuff on the Cardinals, on covering the Hot Stove, and much more ... 

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    Hey happy new year to all. Derrick with the cards being pretty much quiet since the Contreras singing do you seem to think they are going with internal options for the outfield or can you still see a trade? I have been looking at roster that might make sense to trade with but it seems unless you trade for a Brian Reynolds or a mike trout you have the best options in house. Am I missing someone from a Team that could help more than what we have? I mean the teams that won’t contend don’t really have that lefty power bat we need? Thanks again for the chats. Happy new year
    The Cardinals looking at their internal outfield options is the route they're taking, and really was always the play they had unless they made a deal that took one of their outfielders. The Cardinals had a series of events that could happen that involved a trade for a catcher and then a bid for a bat, like a shortstop Swanson, or a play for some other hitter. But going into the winter, the Cardinals felt they'd go with the outfielders they had, make sure they had an opening for Jordan Walker to hit his way into their mix of outfielders, and be sure to set up a way for Nootbaar to start everyday. That was articulated by manager Oliver Marmol, but it was indicated by the front office from the start of the offseason.
    How does the new schedule (less games against bad NL Central teams) alter the team’s plan for the off-season? Or does it at all? It seems that playing against every team should make for a good measuring stick and dictate what happens at the trade deadline and/or the off-season.
    Mozeliak was asked this question at the winter meetings, and I wish I could recall who asked it so that I could give them credit for doing so. He said it is not a factor when setting forth their offseason plans.
    Hello DG! Greatly appreciated you Birds Budget. What amount, if any do Cards get from the total league luxury taxes? Should this amount be reflected as a supplement to the budget so as to gain insight on additional spending potential?
    The Cardinals, as a team that does not pay the CBT, get a slice of what other teams pay. I'm trying to remember all the permutations, but simplified it's this -- 50% of the total paid by teams that went over is split by teams that did not go over. And, yes, according to the Cardinals, that money is reflected in how the Cardinals set their payroll. So too, Mozeliak said, is the money that the team recently got from the BAMTech sale. That was part of the money they had to grow the payroll, he said. Already factored in, I believe is how he put it.
    Any news on trading for the Marlin's Lopez? They need thump and we need a higher end pitcher.
    Some covered earlier in the chat. Not a whole lot at the moment.
    Sale also has the NTC, a 1M assignment bonus and has pitched 48 1/3 innings since the end of the 2019 season. I do not get the allure.
    I still don't. And the chat has been open for the advocacy several hours now.
    I'm sure the MLBPA is loving this offseason with the long and expensive contracts being handed out to the elite players. But I think fans are generally frustrated, especially those in small markets. 20 teams weren't even in the running for the top FAs. These markets will continue to roll out a product, but not a particularly good one. Parity is good for the league -- look at basically every other major professional league -- yet MLB continues to have the same high end teams and the same bottom feeders. The Mets will pay more in luxury tax this year than the payroll of 10 teams. That's ridiculous.
    You make a fair point. I don't blame the players for that, though. Free agents should be able to go to the highest bidder. Baseball needs more highest bidders.
    Will Wilking pitch to Willson in a regular season game in 2023?
    If that's his will he will.
    Mr. Goold,
    When are you planning to release and discuss your HOF ballot. I'm guessing you've announced when you'll do it, but I hadn't seen.
  • Thinking next week. During the chat. There may be an adjustment to the schedule, as I have a family commitment at this time next Monday. Please stay tuned for the schedule. But I think this was the wrong time to do the ballot, and a chat set aside for that discussion per usual would be better.
    I don’t want to beat a dead horse or any horse actually, but still feel like Murphy was the better play. From what the A’s got, a similar return could’ve easily been met and no real damage to farm. ( I know request was different, but that doesn’t mean that’s what they get). Especially with the newly signed contract terms. Atlanta is showing the way on how to do business in 2022/23. Cards tried the early extension rout, but chose the wrong players and/or their players didn’t have the ceilings of Atlanta’s.
    The beauty of the series of moves this winter is that we're going to get a chance to see how it all works out. Sean Murphy will play for Atlanta and we can see how his performance goes there. He dislodged Younger Contreras, who will now be in the division and a big part of the Brewers' future (they hope), and we can compare his production vs. his older brother right there at Busch Stadium. Will we know in June? No. But it will be interesting to track over the coming year and years.
    We can look at timelines and decide if the Cardinals want to trade an excess OFs who can't play defense but if they wait until Walker makes the team out of ST won't that be too late to go after young pitchers like Lopez or Lazardo from Miami because someone else will have traded for them already?

    We really need to load up on the young power pitchers via trade or signings to ensure we have more success moving forward...

    Secondly, would David Peralta serve the Corey Dickerson role, or would he just take away at bats from Burleson, Carlson, Nootbar and Donovan?
    It might be too late. It also might reveal how interested/urgent the Cardinals were for that particular deal, which I think is still an open question. It doesn't give them a pitcher. But it sure would give us some information. 
    Loading up on pitching via trade is not a bad route.
    Developing power pitching is even better.
    David Peralta would be an interesting play. And right now he fits in that group of players looking for a starting role, and could in the near future be looking for a roster spot. Talk about a homecoming many years in the making. Yes, he would take away from someone on that list of young players, though not Nootbaar or Donovan and not likely Carlson, either. But come spring the Cardinals can let competition shape that.
    Do you see the Dewitt’s sell the team in the near future? They recent have seen they have not been investing into stadium improvements in the last 4 years and majorly reinvesting into the team payroll as other owners, maybe it’s time for new owners and financial backing.
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