Join columnist Ben Frederickson for a live STL sports chat at 11 a.m. Tuesday

Join columnist Ben Frederickson for a live STL sports chat at 11 a.m. Tuesday

Ben Frederickson answers your Cardinals, Blues, St. Louis City, Mizzou and SLU questions in Tuesday's 11 a.m. live chat.

    Hard to be an All-Star closer with no control.
    Having a debate here:

    Wainwright got 17.5 million for next year.

    I say he is worth more than that and the Cardinals got a good deal relative to his market.

    Buddy says there is no way he’d get that on the market.

    Who is right?
    Your pal should check out Charlie Morton's deal.
    One year at $15 million.
    Another year at 20 million.
    It was market value -- after a total Cardinals bargain the year before.
    Good for both sides but Cardinals are getting team-friendly Wainwright, in part because he knows he made a lot of money during times when he could not pitch in the past.
    Hi Ben Fred. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your compatriots for these chats. It helps a displaced St. Louisian stay in touch with what is going on in the sports world back home.
    A couple of questions/comments. In reading through your chats over the past months - there seems to e an underlying theme amongst some chatters about St. Louis getting an NFL team as potentialy part of a settlemet in the lawsuit. If that were to happen (and I'm not rooting for it) - would a new 'state-of-the-art' stadium need to be part of that?
    Have you heard anything about any progress in Oakland on a new stadium for the A's?
    If the Cardinals want to go in a 'new direction' at shortstop - I'd like to see them try to make a trade for Ketel Marte from Arizona. He'd be a nice addition. And while they're at it - find a way to get David Perralta included in that deal.
    Again - thank you for your time and insight. Its what keeps me subscribed.
    Thanks, Dave! 
    Always enjoy our interactions here.
    I can't speak to other folks' reporting but there has been some reference, specifically from Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, that "league circles" have floated the notion of a potential expansion team for STL as a potential settlement in the relocation case.
    I know that as of Monday afternoon there was no talk of as settlement -- monetary or otherwise -- at this time.
    Questions about ownership, stadium, practice facility, guards against future relocation would all be very thorny issues that would have to be sorted out, and the region would have to be interested in it for starters.
    I'm not sure it would even get off the ground, to be honest.
    But, who knows. I just don't want to ever give false hope here, and I don't trust anything that comes from the league. I don't think STL should welcome back NFL if that's even an option but I would certainly report it if I knew it to be a real option. At this point I don't think it is.
  • I have only recently (the last few years) gotten into hockey so excuse me if this is a stupid question. Does hockey have breakout superstars like other sports like baseball do? For example, pujols was drafted in the later rounds, 13th round I think, but when I hear about today’s hockey superstars they are all guys who were well known in high school and were drafted high in the first round.
    There are only seven rounds in the NHL draft, but yes, there are plenty of out-of-nowhere surprise stars. One plays goalie for the Blues. Jordan Binnington has real Kurt Warner vibes.
    Just read my comment again and it should’ve said Gorman wasn’t likely to take off right away with his bat.

    Also, while I agree that players don’t have to be locked into one position, this team seemed to get really locked in defensively when edman stayed at second and didn’t move around between second and the outfield. Obviously if an injury comes up edman can help there but the hope should be that it doesn’t come to that. And of course, the DH will help with all of this. But I just worry that in search of offense, the team will be okay with a drop off in defense.
    That defensive locking in had a lot more to do with O'Neill-Bader-Carlson playing together in the outfield, not Edman at second base. Edman's a solid shortstop. You guys have to stop convincing yourselves his defensive versatility is a bad thing that should not be used when it can help the team.
    Ben - One thing that I feel the NeverAnotherTeam folks need to consider -- do we really trust the local elected officials to spend the money in anything close to a competent fashion? Their work with the recent federal funds doesn't inspire confidence.
    Same argument can be made for trusting the NFL
    Ben, I want to start by saying I think you are a fantastic writer. I enjoy reading almost everything you put out and that’s rare these days in the Information Age.

    That being said, I couldn’t disagree with you more regarding WANTING to see the NFL return to St. Louis through expansion. You have certainly covered the situation well and I know that there aren’t any official settlement talks taking place (in large part due to your reporting), but I truly think that you are in the minority here in terms of NOT wanting a team here. A new franchise would no doubt have to come with a long term commitment, but there are good fans here and every poll I have seen seemingly favors a team returning. No doubt that the league is certainly not going to be up for any integrity awards any time soon, but the Rams move really comes down to the league enabling the actions of one man.

    I don’t know where this all ends up, and again, as you have reported, there haven’t been conversations yet, but expansion just checks so many boxes for both sides here if the city is open to it. It obviously provides benefits to the NFL in terms of helping relieve the burdens on Kroenke (and creating more future revenue), but it also could help the city avoid the risk of an appeal here. There are many more reasons on both sides here to lean towards settlement, but those are just a few.

    So not really a question, but I guess I just wanted to vent and say that I wish we had someone in the local media who reflected the sizable population who WANTS a team here. I wish our side had a voice too, even if some reporters, such as yourself, don’t want a team.
    Thanks. We can disagree about it. That's fine. I know my opinion on it is not a popular one with everybody. I just don't really see any point in getting back in bed with a league that we saw the true colors of during the relocation sham. Why get burned again? Why desire to have a relationship with a place that does business like that, even if business is good? I'll pass. My two cents.
    I keep hearing things like, well, it would work if . . . and then all of these conditions that would be impossible to guarantee. A long-term commitment? A perfect lease? A league-funded stadium and practice facility? These all seem either impossible or highly unlikely to me.
  • Where is Yepez best defensive position?
    First base and some third and corner outfield. Mostly first.
    I'm sure you're not one to disparage other writers, but how do you assess the national coverage of the NFL STL lawsuit? It seemed deafeningly silent for a while there. Now Mike Florio and others send out rumors that an expansion team is in play. Nobody outside of STL is singing the same tune as the Post Dispatch, which isn't so surprising, but I would think some national media would latch on to the gravity of what's going on and write about it. Jerry Jones and Rob Kraft who both have very public scandals in their past are about to have to open up their books to a court of law. I'd expect every national sports writer who isn't in the NFL's pocket to be waxing poetic about what they might find and encouraging the publication of them.
    No one wanted to touch it. Now everyone is an expert. It's how it goes.
    Many of the major players continue to mostly ignore it, or mention it only in the most shallow of ways.
    I was a little surprised during my recent trip to LA just how little people there know about it. Someone asked me if it was about the seat licenses. It's not on the LA radar, at all.
    With the way things have gone with Kimbrel and the White Sox, it is likely that his option might not get picked. Do you see a fit for someone like him? I like Semien better because of his splits vs Righties and that he's always available
    I'm not big on buying closers during the offseason. Locked-in, high-leverage arms are usually available at the deadlines for teams that find themselves in need of one.
    Thanks for the Rams case coverage - above and beyond. Living here in Chiefs Country, have had a big case of schadenfreude watching them underperform. Personally, I am through with the NFL. MLB and NHL enough for me. Are the Chiefs becoming the adopted team in the STL. Might be a good idea to remind folks that Clark Hunt was one of the people responsible for making the Rams move possible.
    Hopefully no one needs reminding. Hunt is one of the owners who is supposed to hand over his financials for potential punitive damages due to his role on the LA expansion committee.
    According to the internet Kroenke is worth 10 Billion and his wife is worth 8. If the NFL lawsuit rises up into the "multiple billions" area, and Kroenke has legally agreed to indemnify the other owners, how likely are we to see this beautiful idiot declare bankrupcy?
    There is at least some confusion about what that indemnification agreement means. Some seem to think he's on the hook for the legal fees. Some think to think he is on the hook for the outcome of the case. I have not read it, so I'm not sure. It's not publicly available to my knowledge and I don't think Kroenke, the Rams or the NFL will be sharing it with me. It has been referenced but never fully explained. That's another thing to keep in mind when assuming there is going to be a tidy settlement; think of all the people that would have to agree on that on the NFL side. There could be some real infighting about what to offer and/or who ends up paying what. There already are signs of criticism bubbling up toward the lawyers representing the league who have been working the case. Florio has been airing some of the beef he's hearing about the massive NFL legal team, likely from owners.
  • Just curious, has Dexter Fowler retired or will he be a free agent next year? I wish him well.
    Fowler said he was not considering retirement after his season-ending injury. No word of if he's change that stance.
    Have you ridden the Loop Trolley? It's a lot of fun.
    Is it working? One day I will.
    Just jumping in late BenFred but wanted to add my 2 cents on possible expansion team. I used to love going to the dome on a crisp fall afternoon and grabbing a beer and hotdog and catching a professional football game. No one can take away Greatest Show on Turf from us. But I will also take a hard pass. For what the slimy NFL types did to this city and another controversial issue I quit watching games altogether while in the past if a game was on TV my rear end was on the couch. I have learned that survival is possible. Hopefully my wife thinks she has a better husband to boot. Thanks for the chance to comment.
    I think a lot of people, including some of the people who can and will influence how a settlement could be handled if one comes, feel the same way. And I get it. I also get those who disagree. All good. I try to make it very clear on what I know, and what I think. What I know is that there have been no real settlement talks at this time. What I think is a team should not be entertained -- if it gets to that point, and I'm not convinced it will.
    How did the players in the Arenado deal do for the Rockies this year?
    Gomber, the headline, was OK not great and had a scary back injury.
    The main thing the Rockies were looking to do was get rid of Nolan's contract.
    They did, despite paying the $50 million to make it go away.
     Elehuris Montero, the third baseman, is No. 4 on the Rockies prospects list. He did not have a great minor league season
    The others -- infielder Mateo Gil, pitchers Tony Locey and Jake Sommers -- are still too far out to tell much now.
    Time to run, folks. Thanks for the lively debate and discussion. Check the chat recap up later tonight and tomorrow morning. If I missed you get a hold of me on Twitter: @Ben_Fred.
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