Join columnist Ben Frederickson for a live STL sports chat at 11 a.m. Tuesday

Join columnist Ben Frederickson for a live STL sports chat at 11 a.m. Tuesday

Ben Frederickson answers your Cardinals, Blues, St. Louis City, Mizzou and SLU questions in Tuesday's 11 a.m. live chat.

  • The front office is on the record as being anti-window. It goes against their sustained-success model. There was a window argument available for what might have been Wainwright and Molina's final shot at a championship, and it was pushed back against. I believe what they say, that their goal is to be competitive annually, and that they think a team good enough to get in can be good enough to win. That said I do think they have the ability and should have the desire to be more aggressive during the season to help a team that has a real chance. I think they waited too long to start in 2021, and their tentative approach to trade deadlines in recent past are well known by now. There's a pretty clear track record of recent champions making big and bold in-season improvements, from the Braves of this season all the way back to the Cardinals in 2011.
    Do you see the Cardinals being serious players for Scherzer? I'd love to see him finish his career here, and I really think a good offer from the Cardinals is all it would take to be in play. People point to him not being willing to waive his no-trade clause to come here this summer, but keep in mind, they were a .500 team at the time, and Max wanted to go to a winner.
    Why not? They have suggested they are cool on the idea of shortstop shopping, and see pitching as a bigger need. They have admitted in the past that they should have signed Mad Max when they had the chance. He's a fit, but also it would be as close to righting a wrong as you can get. And he would sell tickets on top of that.
    Should Arizona be willing to trade him, what would the cost be for the Cardinals to get Ketel Marte?
    As of the general manager meetings last week, the Diamondbacks were telling folks he's their starter at second base
    If Clifford goes unclaimed would the Blues bring him back?
    Update: He cleared waivers and was traded to the Maple Leafs.
    Do you think the team would be better off if they trade Knizner while his value is still relatively high and acquire a more steady, defensive veteran catcher like Yan Gomes or Roberto Perez to be the backup?
    He could be valuable trade chip depending for something like, say, pitching.
    Carson Kelly was a valuable trade chip in the Goldschmidt package.
    Mozeliak has said on the record that the team views Herrera as the long-term future, which raises questions about the trajectory of Knizner's time here.
    I think a trade could happen at some point, sure.
    If Kroenke ends up paying billions due to among other things, Demoff’s inability to gracefully move on and shut his pie-hole, how does he not lose his job?
  • Ha, good question. Demoff knows where some bodies are buried. Don't forget that when wondering about his seemingly endless job security.
    Texas is a great school and Austin is one of the most fun places in the US, but their Athletic Department has to be one of the most arrogant, craven operations around. Does it make me a bad person to fully enjoy that loss to KU and their general football malaise?
    When you have an AD that says your bad days are better than a conference rival's best days, you open the door for folks taking victory laps when you fail.
    Texas football should be great. Annually.
    The amount of talent, the amount of resources, the amount of support and attention and importance.
    It's a good reminder that it takes the right leader, the right coach, the right chain of command to keep people who have influence and importance ($$$) from injecting themselves in the process and making things worse instead of better.
    It's a political mess.
    What is SLUs ceiling without perkins?
    We'll have a better idea after tonight. We have not learned much, other than they can certainly put a licking on overmatched opponents; they have won their first three games by more than 30 points. I think they can still be an A-10 contender without Javonte. Memphis game tonight is a big one. On the road. Tigers are a 10.5 point favorite.
    where can i get tickets for SLU's playoff game? It's sunday right.
    Sunday afternoon, not night.
    I've got a number and a link.
    Number: 314-977-4SLU
    Link below.

    SLU Men's Soccer

    TicketmasterSLU Men's Soccer Tickets
    Do the Cardinals need to sign a thumper at SS or DH to be a true pennant contender? I don't see how there can be enough length to the lineup without doing so. The rotating cast at DH assures that you have a backup player, most likely an unproven young player, in the lineup ever day whether at DH or taking the place of a regular in the field while that player gets a breather at DH.
    If they're going to leave the offense as is and use internal options for DH, they better be a really, really good pitching team. And still their offense will be lacking on paper compared to some postseason heavyweights.
  • It would seem that there is very little pressure from the other teams in the division to pressure the Cardinals into spending this offseason. In your opinion, are the Cards set up to rule the division for the next several years as three of the five teams are rebuilding and not a threat and the Brewers are awash in a lot of dead OF money for the next few years?
    I would not underestimate the Brewers' ability to contend annually.
    They have been a better team than the Cardinals over a sample size of the last five years.
    That's not a small thing. 
    Counsell is one of the best managers going, and if they can hold onto Stearns, he will continue to make smart moves, more times than not.
    Oh I agree with your assertion that the Cards SHOULD be in on Max. But do you think they will pay the price it takes? Personally, I think it's a pretty safe bet and it will sell tickets.
    He's 37 now, and his very impressive 2021 season finished with a dead arm.
    He's past the days of blockbuster money.
    Will he be expensive for a 37-year-old? Sure. He's Max Scherzer. But the Cardinals can afford him if they want him.
    Hey Ben, for years we heard that we can't sign guys like Harper or Pujols to big long contracts because there's no DH in the NL. Now that the DH is coming, it seems like they want a utility, Descalso-type player instead of a big bopper to help ease the amount some guys take the field. So will we just never sign the big deal? Are other NL teams taking the utility approach to DH?
    The Cardinals have never blamed the lack of a DH on their disinterest in giving out decade-plus deals on the free-agent market, at least not to me.
    The best example of that reluctance, I think, comes from the Cardinals realizing they made the right call by not outbidding the Angels for Albert Pujols.
    If you go through the pain of letting a generational talent walk because you can't justify the terms, and the long run proves you right, then you have some real hesitancy of giving out mega deals to free agents you did not draft, develop and win a World Series championship with.
    As a separate topic, NL teams have been at a clear disadvantage to AL teams in terms of long-term contracts in the past because they could not shift aging players to the DH spots as their defense eroded. An evening of that playing field has always made sense, regardless of how people feel about the rule. It's crazy to me MLB has allowed teams to have such different rules in play for so long, this being one reason why.
    I don't think the Cardinals are the team to bet on when it comes to winning free-agent bidding wars for top-of-the-line free agents, and I'll feel that way until I see proof otherwise. They have preferred to make their big-splash moves on trades, where they know the contract they are taking on and are negotiating the details with one team. It's a more controlled process and there is comfort in that. Also, success.
    I'm an alum of both Mizzou and SLU (grad school) so I root for both, but Mizzou will always have my true allegiance. Watched SLU clobber an overmatched EIU on Saturday and couldn't help contrast that with what we saw from Mizzou yesterday. I acknowledge that Mizzou would win more games in the A-10 than it does in the SEC, and SLU would win fewer games in the SEC. But I still can't help get the feeling that Travis Ford and SLU have a plan and are trying to build something at SLU. I feel like Martin and Mizzou are going the other way. Senior heavy team last year that fizzled and now re-tooling with transfers, not off to a good start. Terrible crowds at Mizzou Arena have me wondering if SLU is making inroads in the CBB market in STL, clawing some eyeballs away that would have gone to the Tigers before. Do you think there's any truth to that? And if so, wouldn't that be a near existential threat for Mizzou basketball as a program with Final Four aspirations?
    I have not gotten much of an impression that Mizzou fans are turning their attention from the Tigers, toward the Billikens. I think the fan bases are pretty separate, from what I've observed. As witnessed when they are fighting about why the two teams don't play one another. You are an exception, of course. But people tend to be loyal toward their alma mater or the school their family and/or friends are connected to. Interest goes up and down, but doesn't necessarily shift toward another school in the area.

    I don't know what Mizzou fans' aspirations for basketball are anymore, honestly. The program is not supported like one that should have Final Four aspirations. It hasn't been for a while. I think a lot of Mizzou basketball fans just like to be mad. If the Tigers were 2-0 today with a 30-point win against UMKC last night there might have been 2-3 questions about Mizzou hoops. Instead the miserable loss has dominated the chat. There are more people fired up about the loss today than there were in the stadium for the season-opener. I'm in no way suggesting the loss should not be viewed as bad. It was bad bad bad. I am suggesting the realistic expectations for a program seem to have become a bit untethered from the support shown, even when the team isn't losing to UMKC.
    I know there are a bunch of little things that when singled out, don't make much of a difference to the quality of the product, but when combined together have drastically hurt the entertainment value of baseball, on my list tanking is at or close to the very tippy top. Too little enticement for team's to go the extra mile in the winter when so many cheap productive veterans to trade for peanuts during the season. It's costing the sport greatness. Which is why we watch 100+ of these games every year. TO SEE GREATNESS
  • What, you don't wake up in the morning desperate to see which team can get the most value? 
    I kid.
    I hear you and I'm with you.
    A sport suffers when owners are OK with losing.
    About how much budget room this year do the Cardinals really have this off season if they saw within their range combined two higher priced free agents available, one a pitcher and another left hand bat to their liking?
    The Cardinals set their budget. So, as much room as they would like to have.
    The budget does not descend from God. I checked.
    Why do the Cardinals and a lot of analyst continue to want to move Tommy Edman around as swiss army knife type of player when he just provided gold glove defense at second this past year? If run suppression is the goal, then why switch him around?
    For a few different reasons. He can play shortstop, which is a position of uncertainty if the Cardinals don't add there. And Nolan Gorman can play second base. Allowing Edman to flex between shortstop and second -- and he can play outfield -- could allow a four-man option (DeJong, Sosa, Gorman, Edman) for middle infield assignments. Four to solve two. So, his flexibility helps there. Marcus Semien plays multiple positions. He just won a Gold Glove at second base but is still classified as a shortstop. Defensive versatility is a good thing! We've gotta get on the same page with this fact.
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