Join columnist Ben Frederickson for a live STL sports chat at 11 a.m. Tuesday

Join columnist Ben Frederickson for a live STL sports chat at 11 a.m. Tuesday

Ben Frederickson answers your Cardinals, Blues, St. Louis City, Mizzou and SLU questions in Tuesday's 11 a.m. live chat.

    For starters, he just turned 21 and he's been at Class AA for fewer than 50 games.
    He's on the fast track, but promoting him as the answer to save a sinking season?
    That's a desperation heave.
    And maybe the Cardinals do make it -- but not right now.
  • Hey Ben thanks for responding to my integrity comments. You definitely changed my perspective on a couple things and I totally understand a manager has to protect his players especially publicly and I miss heard what I thought Wayne said about that's all he's going to say in the subject. And once again that's a great thing about these chats I get to listen to response to what people say and what I ask and it gives me a chance to filter them and maybe change my mind which I did on a couple small points here thanks cheers
    Thanks for asking and reading, Patrick. You might have caught a clip of Wainwright saying he was done talking about the matter, but to his credit he did take follow-ups and was expansive on those topics. It's not something he wants to talk about forever, but he cleared things up and understood why we were asking. That's about all you can ask. Some guys would have dodged the Zoom, to be honest.
    Why don't they just leave Edman at 2nd? He's been falling fast since he's been stuck in RF. His numbers this year are significantly better at 2nd than at any other position. Maybe playing out of position is stressing him out more than he's wiling to admit.
    I'm hesitant to connect those dots when the hitter insists there's no difference. The benefit of playing Edman in the outfield, while Bader is out, is to get more reps for Sosa. No one wants him to sit, right? So you move. Edman's defense plays anywhere. He's the swiss army knife of this team. Limiting his defense makes him a less valuable player. What might be as more of a positive change would be dropping him down in the order to give him a different look than leadoff.
    Ben - if you don't know - it is any Olympic year. And the GOAT is still right here in E STL. Jackie Joyner-Kersee is so - by far - the greatest athlete of all time -- and most people in STL don't even know it. She set her first World Record 35 years ago and STILL holds the top 6 performances in history. NO ATHLETE has the top 6 performances in their sport -- much less STILL holding them 35 years later. Not Wilt or Jordan, not Tiger or Jack, not Tom Brady, Jim Brown or Jerry Rice, not Federer, Nadal or Djoker, not Pele or Messi, not Serena, Billie Jean, Chrissy, Steffi or Martina, not Ali or Sugar Ray . . . not even the most dominant athlete of the last 20 years, Usain Bolt -- he only owns the top 3 times in the 100m. And set his first WR 12 years ago . . . again . . . not the TOP 6, and not 35 years later. Where is the LOVE for the GOAT. Every sports minded person in the St. Louis area should know this . . .
    I'm down with JJK, my friend. No lesson needed. She was a rock star 2 Bens guest in 2017, and I regularly reference here when reminding Cuonzo Martin he's not the best athlete to come out of East STL
    Hi Ben. What do you think Mizzou football record will be this coming season? 8-4, 7-5? Or possibly better? Thanks
    Anything less than 8-4 in the regular season would be a bit disappointing, I think.
    Kentucky is the big test for me. Winner of that second game might be the third-best team in the East -- if crazy Dan Mullen doesn't come unhinged down there in Florida.
    Ben: The Cardinals' lineup desperately needs to add at least one hitter (preferably two) who can get on base at a good clip. I really like what Edman brings, but that's not his strength and he's better suited as a lower third of the order hitter at this stage of his career, and as a team, they are barely above .300 OBP. To put that into perspective, the year of their last title, they had a TEAM OBP of .341. Right now, they have one PLAYER (Carlson) who exceeds that number. Are there players out there that are reasonable, realistic targets for the Cardinals to help in this area?
  • Joey Gallo's OBP is a robust .380 at the moment.
    Charlie Blackmon is at .381 and I've been told the Rockies and Cards have a history of doing business together.
    Josh Harrison (.352) could be a cheap rental if Nats decide to sell.
    There are going to be veteran OBP providers on short-term or rental contracts available for teams looking to add maturity and toughness to a lineup.
    It is easy to say make a trade. Would you please list who you would be willing to deal?
    My no-trade list is pretty short, as discussed here before. Nolan Gorman, Matthew Liberatore, and that's about it.
    I can't believe there hasn't been any love for Coach Drink yet. He has been hustling with the end of the recruiting dead period. Lots of recruits finally on campus, a very good flip of Marcus Scott from his LSU commitment and the two probable starter transfers. He currently has a top 20 class for 2022 which could climb higher with further target additions and a potential flip of Burden (not out of the realm of possibility apparently). Would it be crazy to say an extension is already in order after the season if he pulls off a top 15 class and wins 8 or more?
    Huh? All I see is love for Drinkwitz. He was just featured in a USA Today story this week about his recruiting success. All great signs and exactly what you have to do to compete with Florida and Georgia eventually. Who's down on Drink? Not me.
    I've got a pretty good source on the SEC West side that suggested the Marcus Scott "flip" was not as true as it might have been presented, which happens all the time in SEC. Was told LSU went a bit cool on him after a recent camp performance there. Maybe that's sour grapes. There are a lot of them in the recruiting world.
    That said, Drinkwitz is stepping on toes in SEC recruiting, in a good way. The big defensive lineman from St Charles, Gracial, had a legitimate Alabama offer I was told. And Mizzou got him. Always impressive when that happens.
    As for an extension, there is no reason to rush. Drinkwitz is getting his desired practice facility. He got the coaches and staff he wanted and their salaries where he needed. The news that the playoff is expanding makes Mizzou an even more appealing gig, because now the Tigers can get in if they play their cards right. I don't think Drinkwitz is dying to be in the madness that is the SEC West, and he knows he can get to where he wants to go -- perhaps the NFL if things work out for him? -- from Mizzou. More than a paranoid extension, Drinkwitz needs Mizzou fans to buy tickets and show up at games. That will help him recruit at the level he hopes to at Mizzou.
    This is my first, BenFred Q&A. It’s been awesome so far. Anyway, with the DH for the NL being 99% done deal do you think the cards would possibly move someone like DeJong to a DH spot and go after one of the middle infielders in the upcoming FA class? Or do you think DeJong is better served being used as some the cardinals may be able to use to get SP at the deadline? Or do you think most of the money next year will go towards pitching? Sorry for the loaded question, thanks for doing this.
    Before DeJong can be counted on to be the DH, he has to hit like one.
    Right now his shortstop defense has become more desirable than his bat.
    His future is murky at the moment. The looming addition of the DH is not. It should have been in this season. (Then maybe Pujols would be here!)
    For the first time, it would make sense for the Cardinals to consider shopping their shortstop. This season felt like a determining one for DeJong but it's only opened more questions, and you said it -- the shortstops coming on the market are strong. Not saying it will happen. But for the first time, I wouldn't be surprised. 
    Apparently, Cardinal fans aren't only ones having trouble spelling Shildt's name. The Cardinals website today had it spelled Schildt in both story and headline. But if you want to make fans spell Shildt's name right, tell them the grace period is over; you won't answer questions about him if his name is spelled incorrectly.
    Hate to see that.
    I'm going to make it a new rule at the top of every chat.
    We can do this, people! 
    Do you hear any inside information on Cardinals getting rid of Albert or Maddux as a move to satisfy the fan base that they are trying to do something? They really don't seem to have much else that they can do.
    Wouldn't moves to get better players satisfy the fan base more than firing two coaches? I'd like to see the front office upgrade the roster first.
  • Hear me out...


    Seems wonky at first but Edman's ability to handle the bat could be huge in the 3 spot. Sure, not much power. But power is not the only way to offer protection.
    Gotta get Goldschmidt in the top four somewhere. Edman after Goldschmidt maybe.
    Curious about your thoughts on benching DeJong and starting Sosa at shortstop. Playing Edman at second and finding a bat for right field. All of our bench guys and call ups haven’t faired well. Thanks
    Think it'd be a bit early to bench Paul DeJong. He's had four games back since returning from the injured list. Probably should have rehabbed longer, but it's too late for that now. Don't want to see Sosa get benched, so play him at second and have Edman play in outfield. I don't think Edman playing in OF is the reason he's struggling at the plate. For some guys, maybe. For him, don't think so.
    With Calgary looking to change things up. What do you think the possibility would be for DA to pry away Matthew Tkachuk? And at what cost? The guy just exudes as a Berube type player. Plus the hometown Tkachuk connection would really give this team/fanbase something to fawn over.
    I love the idea but don't have a good guess on the price. I do know Army is known for getting the price, thinking about the price, revisiting the price, reworking deals and continuing to pursue something he wants. That's what he did with O'Reilly. And I agree that the fit would be obvious and oh so fun. Sometimes that should be factored into a deal. It was one of the reasons I loved the idea of the Cardinals signing Bryce Harper.
    Do you think TeamSTL is less interested in settling outside of court than making Kroenke, Goodell..etc take the stand to publicly admit that the relocation job was a fix? Personally, I hope they don't settle even if it means the potential for less compensation. I think it is important that the rest of the country get a glimpse into what St. Louisans already endured and dispell the notion that we are just a "baseball town"
    It's hard to know how the STL side would handle a settlement offer when there has no been one that I know of, so it would just be a guess.
    I think this is headed toward a trial, as I said before.
    And after the trial, there will probably be an appeal -- no matter what.
    Unfortunately, I'm afraid you are overestimating just how much the rest of the country will care. No one is really covering the lawsuit. None of the national NFL reporters will touch it. They don't want to get on the league's bad side. Maybe that picks up if the trial happens. Wouldn't bet on it.
    So instead of saying the cardinals should have signed Pujols as a bench bat can we at least use his stats as a way to point out Goldschmidt isn't the player he once was? In their last 30 games while pujols hasn't had as many at bats his production stats are better. And we can maybe acknowledge that the trade for Goldschmidt wasn't as great as it's been made out to be?
    Historically, Goldschmidt's best month has been June. I'd like to see him finish it before I declare him toast.
    Do we (the fans) lose sight of the impact some players/executives have off the field? I get it that it’s the business, but why are we so quick to dismiss some like Carp or Mo? Carp is well liked by teammates and viewed as a leader. There is extreme value in that. We claim it’s performance, but the Birds have had the third best record in the NL behind the Dodgers and Braves. Maybe we should chill.
  • The Chat has no chill. It is also not always a true indicator of all fans' feelings about a player or exec. If it was Carpenter would not get a standing ovation at Busch every time he hits a home run.
  • Ben, how does the MLBPA address the foreign substance issue when the majority of its members swing a bat and the others throw the ball with sticky fingers?
    Great question. The union was noticeably absent from the memo that went out last night. Players seem to agree that some of the super sticky stuff -- like Spider Tack -- should be shelved. But most seem to want something universal that is approved for all, perhaps even a version of the stuff Wainwright toyed with in 2019, ironically. If you are Pete Alonso, though, you just accuse the league of tampering with the balls to depress free-agent salaries. So, you can see how it might be hard to get everyone on the same page.
    How do you find the patience each week. I mean, let's see.... This team is in the midst of an absolute pitching crisis. A legit, no joke, season-threatening dearth of innings. So let's sit around and whine about a bench bat. Is Carpenter out there walking the bases loaded every other night? And who do these people think is going to replace Carp on the bench? Was Austen Dean really going to win us some games? It is just so simple minded it hurts.
    Matt Carpenter has 1.1 scoreless innings pitched, which is more than some Cardinals relievers can produce these days.
    Heading into the season, it seemed liked the team needed another bat, yet you could understand the Cards' desire to sort through their surplus of 4A outfielders and O'Neil's breakout has justified that decision. But you can't extend the same line of reasoning for the team not improving its pitching staff in the offseason.

    You and Goold both reported the team was looking at adding a starter, so clearly the team knew it was shorthanded in that area. Now the team's rotation is in shambles, and the organization has no one to blame but itself for deciding to take a chance on staff that included a dude coming back from surgery, a soon to be 40-year old, a guy who hadn't consistently started in 3 years, and a bunch of other question marks.

    Fans in these chats complain the Cards don't make enough big moves, but that's not accurate. In acquiring Goldy and Arenado, the team has made plenty of splashy moves, but they've also consistently failed to tinker around the edges. Not adding another starter. Failing to improve the bench. Bringing back the same failed bullpen arms and hoping for better results. Ben, is this a misread on the team's situation but does it seem like the Cards push all of their chips into making one big move to fix an area of weakness and then shrug, hoping the rest just shorts itself out?
    Fair read there.
    I understood, to some degree, there initial confidence in the pitching, but when guys started dropping during spring training, I thought they should have added.
    They more or less scoffed.
    Now, not so much.
    This team may feast on these sub .500 teams over the next couple weeks, and they should, but they are not a legit contender as it stands today even at full health.
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