Join columnist Ben Frederickson for a live chat at 11 a.m. Tuesday

Join columnist Ben Frederickson for a live chat at 11 a.m. Tuesday

Ben Frederickson answers all of your Cardinals, Blues, St. Louis City, Mizzou and SLU questions in Tuesday's 11 a.m. live chat.

    We've already observed one Gold Glove caliber play from Edman at second base.
    I think we will see some more.
    I think we will also see some plays that remind us the best defensive second baseman is playin for the Brewers.
    I've got Wong for a three-peat this season.
    If Ponce and Gant are pitching better than Flaherty, Wainwright and Martinez when Kim and Mikolas come back, will they still be the ones that Kim/Mikolas replace when they return?
    Not at the beginning, no.
    Flaherty, Wainwright and Martinez are viewed by the team as sure-thing starters.
    I agree with two of those three (Flaherty and Wainwright).
    Ponce and Gant are the placeholders for the injured starters.
    KK will be brought back as a starter, the Cardinals have said multiple times.
    He will be ahead of Mikolas.
    If KK struggles or something, things could change.
    But he will get a chance to start, as will Mikolas -- if/when he gets back
    theres like 1 million cardinal game left and is giff has to write a disertation on the cardinals that looks like the britannica encyclopedia , the blues are what needs to be talked about they are soft, disorganized, oh they have plenty excuses none hold water though
    Happy to talk pucks. Fire away.
  • Is today the day we see Edman in RF and Carp at 2nd?
  • Against Alcantara? No thanks. Carpenter's got one walk and two strikeouts in three at-bats. I'd rather the outfield churn continue than that. Or get Nogowski in there somehow.
  • Strikeouts are going to happen, but I can’t stand watching a batter look at strike 3. It’s something that’s taught in little league. If it’s close you have to protect the plate. But last night and over the weekend, I saw a lot of strikeouts taken over the middle of the plate.
    DG and I were talking about this in the press box in Cincinnati.
    Too often a hitter -- and too often a Cardinals hitter -- takes a borderline pitch that is called a strike even if the electronic zone says it's a ball.
    You don't get extra points for beating the umpire.
    Especially when there are men on base that a hit can drive in.
    I'm with you.
    i've heard rumors the DH in the NL could end up happing at some point during the season. do you think this is a good idea? i feel like NL would need to know this during the off season so they can construct their rosters properly but i suppose it's better than nothing.
    I don't think it will happen now that games have been started, though technically the CBA can be reopened at any time.
    As for what 2022 will look like, all of that will depend on how the collective bargaining agreement negotiations go between players and owners.
    The designated hitter is going to be a huge chip in that negotiation, so I don't think there will be much hope it gets ironed out early.
    If you're interested, here's the schedule for the Cardinals' home opener Thursday . . . 
    1:00 PM                               Gates Open
                                                    2021 Cardinals Magnet Schedule: All fans, ages 21 and older, will receive a magnet featuring the 2021 Cardinals schedule, compliments of Budweiser.
    2:30 PM                               Pregame ceremonies begin with an appearance by the famous Budweiser Clydesdales.
    2:33 PM                               Lou Brock & Bob Gibson tribute.
    2:35 PM                               Introduction of Cardinals Hall of Famers to centerfield batter’s eye.
    2:38 PM                               Salute to Mike Shannon from KMOX radio booth.
    2:40 PM                               Introduction of Cardinals Chairman and CEO, Bill DeWitt Jr. at home plate.
    2:41 PM                               Introduction of the 2021 St. Louis Cardinals via Ford motorcade. The players will ride in 2021 Ford F-150 Lariat trucks.
    2:53 PM                               Introduction of the Milwaukee Brewers.
    2:57 PM                               Moment of silence
    2:58 PM                               National Anthem performed from centerfield batter’s eye by Dr. Shephali Wulff, an infectious disease specialist with SSM Health in St. Louis.
    3:00 PM                               Cardinals Opening Day video
    3:02 PM                               Ceremonial First Pitch by Cardinals Hall of Fame 3B Scott Rolen to current Cardinals 3B Nolan Arenado
    3:15 PM                               First Pitch
    You brought up Mizzou's roster. While the coming year could be a challenge with such a large freshman class, I think CMartin has done well with the three transferring in.
    It's crazy this year's "free agent" movement. If it's just this year, no problem. But I hope they look hard at how this works out before fulling committing to allowing it every year.
    You think CMartin will go after the best that's still available or target a 4 or 5 position or two? What would you do?
    It's a total free-for-all in college basketball.
    I'm all for players being free to do what is best for them -- just like coaches -- but some guys are going to realize they're on the losing end of the game of musical chairs.
    I think Mizzou has gotten better.
    One thing for sure is they will be a more athletic team on the perimeter, and they should be better perimeter defenders.
    They were too floor-bound last season.
    I'm with you I think they need some sort of a big. Maybe not a true center but a rebound-heavy post presence who can help make up for some of the experience down there. I know that's on their wish list.
    Coming into the season, Shildt floated the idea of getting creative with his rotation to cover innings. This could include piggy-backing starters, a 6 man rotation or using an opener (least likely as Shildt has an aversion to the opener). So far it's been business as usual with no wrinkles. Has Shildt made any indication he's planning on mixing it up if the starting pitching doesn't begin to sort itself out?
  • Take note of what happened at spring. 
    Two fifths of the rotation hit the injured list, and the Cardinals decided Alex Reyes was a reliever.
    That took three starting options off the table for now.
    If Kim and Mikolas return and Ponce and Gant pich well in their absence, you can see how things might get more nontraditional as the Cardinals try to maximize their strengths.
    Right now they're just trying to get to full health, meaning Ponce and Gant need to make starts and good ones.
    Ben: I love Paul DeJong, don't get me wrong. I still think, if he could just be allowed to be what he is, a 5 or 6th hitter, and get some days off, he could be .270/.340./500. But "he's doing fine in cleanup so far"? He's hitting .200, striking out almost half the time. 1 for 9 with runners on. 6 strikeouts. So, killing rallies. Both homers are solo shots. Beyond small sample size, for sure. But that's not fine. Hitting home runs isn't the definition of a good clean up guy. Actually cleaning up the bases with runners on--that's what you want. It won't be long before Arenado starts seeing nothing to hit unless DeJong becomes a threat with runners on.
    If you don't think he's a cleanup hitter, I get it.
    If you think he's done or has not done something in 15 at-bats that prove your point, I'm not buying it.
    Especially when there is no better option at this point.
    Who would you replace him with?
    Only Cardinal with more hits to begin season are Goldschmidt and Arenado.
    I'm all for moving Goldschmidt and Arenado down to three and four and moving someone up to two. Sign me up for that. But again, no one is demanding to climb at the moment, just as DeJong is not demanding to be moved down. Not based on what we have watched so far.
    Hey Ben, thanks as always for the chat! I know Army has had some misses when bringing guys in (although far outweighed by his hits) but I can't think of one player he let go that the team later regretted. (Which makes me feel even better about any of his trade deadline moves.) Am I missing anyone?
    Alex Pietrangelo seems to be the biggest one at the moment, considering how well he's played in Vegas, how well Vegas has played, and how the Blues' defense has not looked quite right while missing him and Parayko due to injury.
    Other than that, no, there have not been many.
    It's probably part of the reason Pietrangelo did not get the public pressure to resign him that perhaps he thought his free agency might create.
    At the beginning of the season, Kyrou looked unbelievable for the Blues. Recently however, he hasn't produced at the same level - or close to it. Is this a result of other teams scouting him more and learning his weaknesses (similar to pitchers learning to throw low and outside sliders to Bader)? Or is it something else?
    Seems to be more about Kyrou, the Blues, and the difference between what they expect from him, what they are getting out of him and how the opportunities are affected as a result.
    In late February and early March his ice time was climbing and he was receiving praise for his effort on defense and all of the little intangibles that Berube takes so seriously in addition to his offense.
    Since then his minutes have been on the decline and his attention to detail in those other areas has not been as noticeable. The team seems to be driving home the point to him that he's not going to have the chances he wants without the commitment to the things that don't come as naturally to him. His defense has been poor as of late.
    Paul Dejong’s solo hrs are fine, but a cleanup hitter should be judged on what he does with RISP - he’s had a very low BA with RISP over his career - let him bat 5th, 6th or lower...
    Again, I'm with you all on not being so sure DeJong is a cleanup hitter.
    He has not proven that without a doubt.
    My point is for those wanting him to be moved out of there now is, who do you want there if Goldschmidt and Arenado stay at 2-3? 
    O'Neill? Carlson? Give me some suggestions because simply wanting DeJong moved down doesn't solve the problem if you don't offer a replacement we can discuss.
  • Hi BenFred: Kudos to you and your colleagues on the recent online group baseball chat. It was fun to see all you guys together in that format.

    Please allow me to vent for a moment...

    At this point in time, the Cardinals have played 2.5% of their schedule.

    Why are people so quick to judge performance on such a ridiculously small sample size?

    This team has questions- as does every other team in the game - and they will be answered, but not in four games.

    The organization has been one of the most successful in the history of the game and it would be nice if fans calmed down and saved criticisms and judgements for the appropriate time.

    I’m just happy that we have something resembling a normal baseball season. Thanks!
    Thanks for checking on the the On Tap event.
    Hopefully we are doing those in person again soon.
    It's always a great chance to meet folks in real life.
    The conversations seem to get better and more nuanced in those settings.
    Patience is no friend of The Chat's. 
    Ben: Just for fun, let’s pretend Doug Armstrong could package Hoffman, Sanford, and Dunn for a high-end scorer or big D-man. Maybe even include another body if needed. Would/should he do it?
    None of those names you mentioned scream must-keep to me.
    Dunn's been looking like a trade chip for a while now.
    Sanford has had plenty of time to prove he's something more than he has been.
    Hoffman? Understood why the Blues took the shot. Hasn't worked out all that well.
    I'd be good with that, sure.
    Hey Ben, thanks as always for the chats! Any way-too-early thoughts on the Cardinals through 4 games?
    The biggest thing is they need better, deeper starts from Flaherty, Wainwright and Martinez.
    The bullpen is good but it won't be sharp if it gets overworked early.
    The outfield offense is under a microscope, but we all knew that already.
    I was disappointed by how the team seemed to fold after the Castellanos homer in the series finale in Cincinnati. That just took the gas out of them. Bad sign that should not be overlooked unless it becomes a one-off thing. Shildt's team prides itself on never being out of a game. They looked like they were out of that one after that moment.
    Do you have any idea when the Cardinals will put May tickets on sale?
    Shouldn't be much longer. Latest ticket announcement came today, and it was for $8 tickets available for the Nationals series April 12-14.
    Tough break for Travis Ford & the Billikens men's team this year. It figured to be a peak for the program, maybe a Sweet Sixteen type year, with Goodwin & French as seniors and good players behind them. SLU looked like world beaters just as Covid shut them down--at a point in the season when every team was rounding into form.

    What do you think next season will hold? Seems like a lot of solid talent will return. Yuri Collins is a very good PG. Thatch, Jimerson, and Jacobs bring different skill sets as SGs. Perkins is the best SF in the A10. I thought Jimmy Bell played pretty well down the stretch, and Linssen is a tough and versatile competitor.

    I guess the X factor is: What do you know about Francis Okoro? Seems like he might be pretty good.
  • Travis has turned the page from the NIT flop quite well, nabbing Jordan Nesbitt who arrives with four years of eligibility after what can best be described as a a false start at Memphis.
    Okoro has to be itching to play in games that count again. I think he could be an impact player in the A-10.
    And I'm not quite ready to say Goodwin and French are gone. They seemed so adamant about it so early, but after the shutdown there is a decent chance they are not going to love the feedback they get from the NBA. Neither Goodwin nor Ford are making it sound like an obvious no-brainer that he's gone, at least compare to what was said earlier. We'll see.
    SLU should be in the mix to win the A-10 again, something they likely would have been in the mix to do this season without the COVID-caused flat tire.
  • Seems like Mo dropped the ball again by not adding a proven outfielder but the good news it can still be done via trade...

    The low cost options like Dahl and other young pseudo staters are gone - what are their best options from teams that have no plans on being in the race or need young pitching
    Every team thinks it's in the race now.
    The Orioles are 3-1! 
    Buyers and sellers will be more clear as teams separate themselves from the pack.
    So too will be which -- if any -- Cardinals outfielders can be relied upon.
    who leads the NHL in plus/minus oh joel edmundson thats who provided grit and physical play Krug and Dunn should join the ice capades
    Good call on Edmundson.
    Should have mentioned him in the players Army might want a do-over on trading.
    His plus-30 (!!!) is indeed leading the league.
    And yet Montreal is fourth in its division with a record of 17-9-9.
    The Blues do seem to miss his edge, and J-Bo's steadiness.
    What’s the over/under on sections of STL City field with animal names? And who gets the dog house? Visitors? Officials? St. Hooligans?
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