Join columnist Ben Frederickson for a live chat at 11 a.m. Tuesday

Join columnist Ben Frederickson for a live chat at 11 a.m. Tuesday

Ben Frederickson will answer all of your Cardinals, Blues, St. Louis City, Mizzou and SLU questions in Tuesday's 11 a.m. live chat.

    Hi Ben. Mizzou hired Coach Drink to start beating teams like SC and KY. This Saturday what do the Tigers need to do to beat KY and start reversing the trend? Thanks
    Control the run game. Kentucky will be harder to score on than LSU, and Mizzou can't put its offense in a place where it needs to average 40-plus every Saturday to win. UK QB is as much of a threat if not more on the ground than through the air. UK, unlike LSU, will make a point to establish the run early. Stop that, and make UK QB Terry Wilson beat you through the air.

    2020 has been rough for many reasons, but losing both BG and Lou is heartbreaking.

    Met both and was honored to do so.
    Tough year for Cardinals fans, and the Hall of Fame in general. Legends lost.
  • I was thinking about an Arenado trade and what that could look like for the Cardinals. Even if all of the players could be worked out between the teams, there will likely be a large chunk of money that the Rockies would have to pay in any deal. Usually, money coming from the sending team is spread out over the life of the remaining contract or at least over a few years of the remaining term. Assuming everything else fell into place, I do not think MO can reduce his payroll enough for DeWitt to approve the deal. Do you think that MO or DeWitt would entertain the trade if the Rockies paid all of Arenado's salary for the first year, allowing MCarp and Fowlers contracts to finally be done, with the Cardinals paying most if not all of the salary from the second year on?
    I've yet to read or hear a convincing reason why the Rockies would pay to have Nolan Arenado play for another team. If a team wants to come meet their trade demands, and they can find a way to pitch trading their superstar for a reset with young talent, then maybe that happens. But those kind of deals -- superstar for wealth of young prospects -- rarely include the team trading the superstar putting itself on the hook for the superstar's salary at his new place. I just don't see it.
    Ben, thanks for these chats. I think the one move the Cardinals need to make is clean out the front office and bring in Tampa personnel. If they wanna run things cheap that’s how to do it. Not some kind of weird hybrid of overpaying older players because of sentimentality and under paying younger players
    2020 is a wild year but Cardinals fans convincing themselves they should be envious of an approach of a team that has a bottom-five payroll, zero championships and two postseason appearances in the last seven seasons is really quite something.
    Speaking of third base,what about getting a SS,and moving PD over there?Lindor,perhaps?
    DeJong's been pretty good at shortstop and there's no real reason to move him, but Lindor would be a legitimate reason.
    Lindor is a free agent in 2022.
    Cards have had success, as recently as Goldschmidt, in trading for an established player in the final year of a deal and keeping him around on an extension.
    Difference in this case, likely, would be that Lindor is 26, not closer to the end of his career, like Goldschmidt.
    Goldschmidt was a relatively safe bet that he would be willing to pass up the shot at free agency for certainty now.
    Lindor is more likely to want to get the full bite of premier free agency, like similarly aged Bryce Harper and Manny Machado pursued and were rewarded for pursuing.
    So, that's the rub.
    Would Cards be willing to pay the trade cost even if it meant losing Lindor a year later?
    Better have a good idea that you can keep him if you do.
    Always fun to watch as the PD staff shills for the Cardinals, even as evidence continues to mount that the front office is well past its prime. Meanwhile the Blues continue to demonstrate what organizational competency looks like.
    Always fun to entertain anonymous tough guy stuff on the Internet. Where's the shilling? Point it out. Call it out. Be specific. Let me guess. You want Mozeliak fired? Cool. I'm sorry to be the one who will continue to point out that what you want is not going to happen as long as Mozeliak is good with the one guy who can fire him: Bill DeWitt Jr. And right now, they're good. Keep shooting the messenger.

    Would Nick Markakis make sense for the Cardinals? Age (37) and average may put his asking around 2-3 million for a good outfield option.
  • Not enough pop. Cards need power, people. Power!
    Ben: I disagree with the comments that the Cards to clean house in the front office. I believe a signing or trade for a bat or two would quell these beliefs. But, they can't just throw the same cast of characters out there for the third year in a row while hoping for better results
    The offense needs to be improved. Correct. Fans can't be asked to watch a wash, rinse, repeat of a lineup that can't score the NL average amount of runs night in and night out.
    Let's go ahead and settle what the Cards' offseason will look like.

    They won't trade for Arenado or any other high-priced veteran.
    They won't sign Springer or any other high-priced FA.
    The team's starting outfield will be Carlson, Bader, and Folwer, with guys like Williams and Thomas ready to ride the shuttle should someone falter.
    The team's starting infield will be Goldy, Wong, DeJong, and a platoon of Edman/Miller-type depth FA.
    The team's DH will be a combination of Carpenter/O'Neil
    The team will resign Yadi but with the caveat that he will have to yield a little more playing time to Knizer.
    The team will resign Waino and add another depth arm for the rotation/bullpen.
    The team will trade Carlos and the fans, despite calling for his trade for years, will complain about the team getting too little and will over analyze how he performs with his new team.

    Okay, Spring Training is here. How did we do? It's not what fans want or what you're calling for, but it's all but certain to play out that way.
    That would be remarkably underwhelming.
    I'd write that.
    And I could not blame Cardinals fans if they declined chances to go to the ballpark to see that.
    "I'm sorry to be the one who will continue to point out that what you want is not going to happen as long as Mozeliak is good with the one guy who can fire him: Bill DeWitt Jr."

    Cool, you explained why it is unlikely to happen. The fact that it won't happen in no way limits you from calling for his head. Mozeliak doesn't deserve to keep his job. I wish one of you would come out and say it.
    Oh, I would say it if I thought he should be fired. I don't. Because as much as some obsess about Mozeliak moves that have worked, there is another list of ones that have. That's baseball. We've been doing this chat for hours now, and it's been Arozarena, Ozuna, Voit and all of these things that have not worked or look regrettable in hindsight. Fair. All good. Not mentioned? The Kim contract. The Goldschmidt trade. Patience with Wainwright paying off big in 2020. Gallegos being part of Voit trade. John Gant being part of Jaime Garcia trade. Dylan Carlson's future. Zoom out, and the Cardinals have an ownership that values above all sustained success, which is what Mozeliak has more or less delivered. It's totally fair to pick at the mistakes, and expectations in St. Louis are as high as anywhere in the country. The Cardinals benefit from that, so they don't get to complain about it. But ignoring the goods only to focus in on the bad is a good way to get a distorted view. Some here have gone full send on that distorted view. If someone did not know the team or the president of baseball operations, and they read these chats, they would think the Cardinals were the Tigers. I'm serious. So, if having some perspective makes me a shill or whatever else you want to call it, so be it.
    The problem with Cruz is he can’t play the field and Shildt will have no place to put Carp or rest Goldy and DeJong and still have their bats in the lineup as DH.
    Unless one of those other DH options is going to hit 30-40 bombs per season, it's a non-issue. You don't need to treat the DH like a carousel if you have a true one.
    Hey Ben... A question I asked previously but it never got picked.. I'm an old dude, so this may be a little out of step with sabermetrics, etc.. But, do you think some baseball players, raw, young, 'diamonds in the rough' perhaps, that may never see their potential realized because there is 'NO' time to learn on the job? It sure seemed years ago, where if you believed in a player, you'd put them in the lineup, in the field, and say "Your our guy, go figure it out." And give them not just a week, a month, but the whole year to figure out big league pitching, the speed of the game, etc... You could argue Ozzie Smith, as a young player, would have 0 chance to crack a big league lineup... He could not hit to save his life as a young player.... Just a thought...
    I think a lot of it depends on the kind of team that player plays for, right?
    Some teams are less competitive, so there is not another prospect breathing down a player's neck from the get-go.
    Some teams are less interested in competing, and more willing to play struggling guys with more interest in their development and less interest in their production.
    We are seeing a trend of more youth sooner at highest level, but it's usually not youth that looks like it doesn't belong. It's youth that looks like it can make a difference right now. That's the trend we see more of -- a bat that plays with defense that comes along, or a bat with game-changing power that has to evolve into a more complete hitter as time goes on.
    If you're going to get time to grow on the job for a competitive team now, you need to do something that moves the needle while the other parts of the game fill out, it seems like.
    If the Cardinals don’t make a significant addition to the offense do you really think fans will stay away? I think people will complain on chats like this, myself included, but I think the Cardinals will draw their fans. That’s assuming people are allowed in. Is a lack of attendance the only thing that would make the Cardinals put more effort into improving?
    I can't answer that for people.
    People have different motives for going to games.
    I'll just say that what people do or don't do with their dollar says a lot more to any team about how moves are being supported, or not.
    If the Cardinals make no meaningful upgrades to a lineup that has lagged for two seasons now, I don't know how or why they can expect fans who have been paying attention to get fired up about venturing out to the ballpark.
    Fans deserve to see an offense that can produce an average amount of runs.
    Combine that with this defense and this pitching, and this team is very appealing. to watch and support.
    Is it fair to say that the Rays front office has done a better job with fewer resources than than the Cards front office has?
    It would depend on the amount of time you decide to analyze.
    In a single-season snapshot.
    Oh yeah.
    Long-term? Not if winning championships counts.
    Hey, Ben: I'm late to the chat, and while I see it's been pretty Cardinals heavy, I have a Blues question. Now that the dust has settled, do you have any real sense as to why Pietrangelo ended up in Vegas and not-resigning? Seems the Blues made lot of a concessions, and while I don't begrudge any player their choice, it just seems that he gave up a lot in terms of a family situation to get very little in terms of contract benefits. I keep wondering if he was caught off guard by how quickly Army moved once he couldn't get a deal done prior to AP hitting the market or if he just wanted out, and if so, why?
    It's a bit hard to get a final, full answer, in part because Pietrangelo has made contradicting comments more than once. He said he wanted to stay. He also said he was intrigued by the idea of leaving. He said he did not have much contact with the Blues. He also said they went back and forth on multiple offers multiple times. There are more examples. In the end, the only person that kept Pietrangelo from being in St. Louis for the long haul was Pietrangelo. The Blues offered him $64 million over eight seasons with a partial no movement clause and signing bonus. The second two perks were things the Blues have not offered to other players. But the full no-movement clause Pietrangelo got in Vegas seemed to be a significant difference maker. He knows now that he's more or less untouchable. If he's paid to go away late in his seven-year contract there, he gets his full salary. Pietrangelo said he was surprised by the Blues' shift after he declined the eight-by-eight offer, but it's hard for me to fully believe that considering he knows as well as anyone how Armstrong works. He's not one to wait around. If Pietrangelo did not jump on the best offer the Blues made when they made it, Armstrong knew the wandering eye was going to continue, and he did not have time to wait if he wanted his backup option in Krug. So, he didn't wait. Pietrangelo's comments have been all over the place during the process, so it's hard to know what to believe fully, but considering the offer the Blues made, he sure seemed more interested in the idea of moving on than he let on earlier in the process.
    Player A: Majors 110 AB 200/252/364
    Minors 1478 AB 260/350/431

    Player B Majors 74 AB 216/310/473
    Minors 1792 AB 252/329/421

    One Player is Dylan Carlson who is considered a lock and the other player is Lane Thomas who most people have have gave up on. Let's not give up on Lane Thomas just yet.
  • I'm with you on that one. Hand injury last season. COVID this season. I still think it's too early to write off Thomas. I have hit my limit on Tyler O'Neill though.
  • Agreed that the Cards doing nothing to substantially improve the team would be disappointing, but would it necessarily be the wrong move?

    The division is a dumpster fire right now with the Cubs blowing it up, the Reds failing in their effort go for it, and the Brewers struggling to maintain payroll has a small market team. The Cards can probably say that a full year of Carlson and improved consistency from DeJong will be enough to improve the offense enough to win when combined with the team's strength of pitching and defense.

    They're a year away from getting out from under some disastrous contracts, and have guys like Gorman and Montero a year or so away. Let the year play out, sort through guys like Williams, Thomas, and O'Neil and be ready to flip the roster in 2022.
    Doing nothing to improve a lineup that needs help would be a bad move for a team that wants to compete annually, yes.
    Don't over think it.
    The Cards need a more threatening lineup.
    Hi BenFred,

    I missed last week's chat, so apologies if you addressed this then. Petro is gone, fine. But I'm not ready to give Army a pass here, nor do I buy he pushed "hard" to make it happen. He made the incredibly poor decision to so quickly extend Faulk, which only hurt the money available for Petro. But clearly, the NMC was a big sticking point; IMO, if you're willing to go partial, then it's not a big step to give the full, especially with the homegrown captain of the Cup-winning team who plays elite defense, a position that has a track record of aging well. (The Blues can look to their own roster of aging D-men who held up well, whether they finished in the Bluenote or not: Al, Pronger, J-Bo.) My question is what rationale did Army give for why he considers these so off the table, especially in today's NHL, and why does he see them as giving more power than the owner? (A ridiculous claim, to me. Last time I checked, a player with an NMC still doesn't own the team, doesn't control concessions, can't relocate the franchise, can't make personnel and f.o. moves ... ... ... ) I think he owes fans a fuller explanation beyond what he's said so far.
    Unless you think the Blues' offer of eight-by-eight with a partial no trade and signing bonus was fake or something, the Faulk extension doesn't have much to do with the Pietrangelo situation.
    If Pietrangelo takes that deal, which was more money over the life of the contract than he got with Vegas, then the Blues would have had to go about making room for that contract.
    Faulk might have even become one of the players who got shipped out.
    If Pietrangelo let the Faulk extension happening before his distort his view of the Blues offer to him, I think that's more on him than the Blues.
    The Blues didn't make some lowball offer here that was the result of the Faulk extension.
    That's not what happened.
    The full no movement clauses can turn into a mouse and cookie situation. Give one, and you're expected to give another. And another. Armstrong was willing to compromise by offering a partial, a rare thing. Pietrangelo was not. Both parties seemed to be interested in protection at the back end of the deal. The Blues were willing to offer some but not complete. Pietrangelo didn't agree until he had full protection from Vegas. That could speak to a lack of trust between Pietrangelo and Armstrong, and that's probably a wise move on Pietrangelo's part. If he did not play well toward the end of his contract, Armstrong might find a way to offload him or minimize the damage. The Knights can no longer do that. They gave up that flexibility, and could end up paying for it later. Literally.
    If the Cards ownership was embarrassed by Shildt's profanity laced post-game talk in 2019, shouldn't Shildt be held responsible for that, not a rookie player who doesn't speak English who was live streaming Shildt's talk?
    Arozarena was not traded because he live streamed the video.
    He was traded because the Cardinals thought other outfielders were better.
    That's the problem.
    Not the video.
    If NFL does return to St. Louis during your journalist career, would you refuse to cover it?
    Nope. But I won't be the cheerleader begging the league to return.
    I am a bit worried about the Yadi to Yankees rumor. If I were him, I would do it. A better chance for him to get another ring.
    Perhaps. But Yadi's last World Series ring is years younger than the Yankees' latest.
    The Raiders will be winning the Super Bowl this year. Mark it down.
    It's Mahomes' world. We're just living in it.
    Why do no columnists at the Post criticize the Cards in any meaningful way? They should be getting BBQ'd for the lousy moves lately. But, it's all...well, they make the playoffs. Is that all we care about anymore? We desire more. Like a team that's entertaining and has a realistic chance of winning it all.
    Read some of my columns and let me know if you still feel that way.
    A couple things need to be pointed out. First, the first step to improving the Cards offense is to never have another Carp AB. Second, Do people forget that Busch is a vast cavern? It's one of the hardest places to hit a homer. Go anywhere else and you'll look better. Look at Voit. Can't hit outside of Yankee stadium, yet people expect he would have been a star here??? PLEASE!! Do people not realize ATL is easy to hit in??
    Busch Stadium is not an impossible place to hit dingers. The Cardinals opponents hit them. It's not the ballpark as much as it is the lineup.
    Why was Mo not held responsible for the scandal involving Cardinal employees hacking into the Astros computer database? Isn't Mo responsible for everything that his subordinates do? Isn't that what accountability is?
  • The punishments handed to the organization were pretty steep. Mozeliak is part of the organization. As far as individual punishment, there was no proof or claims he knew specifically about what happened. I don't know if he did or did not. Only he knows that one. But there's no proof that he did, and that's what a more individual punishment to him would have hinged upon. MLB did not tag Cards with a lack-of-institutional-control approach in their punishment. They singled out Chris Correa, the hacker.
    Gotta run, folks. We'll do it again next week. See ya then.
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