Join columnist Jeff Gordon for his live STL sports chat at 1 p.m. Friday

Join columnist Jeff Gordon for his live STL sports chat at 1 p.m. Friday

Bring your Cards, Blues, Mizzou, SLU and MLS questions and comments, and talk to columnist Jeff Gordon in his weekly live chat.

    Bobo's here. We have some ballplayers in early, so let's go!
    I am laying on a lounge chair here at Sea World and the thought just hit me to get into Commissioner Gordon’s sports chat. I do have a life, I just miss my Blues.

    Has Tarasenko been moved yet? I had been a Vladi fan but I can’t stand a pouter and malcontent. Tarasenko really blew it, he goes from a loveable Russkie who loves to play hockey who is still hurt because he wasn’t named captain. I guarantee you the root cause is about not being captain.

    Any way Tarasenko can mend fences at this point. ? The Blues fan base will forgive and forget if Vladi apologizes and his teammates want to win and Tarasenko can help if his shoulder is sound.

    Gotta go, out appointment with the dolphins await.
    by Barry - Blues Fan at Sea World Orlando 8/13/2021 5:01:54 PM
    The problem for Tarasenko here is this: The top goal for the Blues this season is to reestablish a strong team game and a strong team culture. That's how this team won the Cup in 2019 and that's the element that has slipped since its unhappy Bubble Hockey experience. Bringing back a malcontent would undermine the effort to rebuilt commitment to team and a high level of collective effort.
    I realize it's not politically correct to bring up race in MLB but it's just too obvious in today's game. I look at the stolen base leaders and there is some dude Whit Merifield leading the league in KC with just 33! Long gone are the Rickey Henderson's, Lou Brocks, Vince Coleman's. Baseball is white, Latin, some Asian but it has really gone down with the African American athlete. This is really bad!! Jackie Robinson was bigger then baseball but he would cry at today's make up. What do you think happened? I've noticed that inner city baseball is just not happening like it used to! I used to see a lot of AA kids playing right off the freeway in American cities like NYC and STL. It's gone now. And we are all losing because of it. The decline of the stolen base is the measuring stick. It's great baseball exciting, strategic and gets the whole infield totally involved. It brings fans to the game!! Another name for it is "Whitey Ball" have you ever heard of this phenomena?
    In our country, check out the path to the big leagues: Select travel teams, hitting instructors, pitching coaches, personal trainers, showcase events. All of that costs real money. Baseball is very much a suburban sport, which skews the demographic.[
    Beneath that -- when young kids are just playing sports for fun in the neighborhood -- baseball is not an easy pick-up sport. Bats and gloves are expensive, you need a diamond to play on and you need a bunch of guys to make it work. Compare that to pick-up basketball at one of the many courts around a neighborhood  or a touch football game in a field. 
    And . . . we've reached the point now where there is a shortage of elite athletes in that demographic to emulate.
    If Islanders and blues made a trade for 91 what's fair for both teams.
    From the Islanders' end, moving Josh Bailey and three years of remaining contract with a $5 million hit for Tarasenko might be appealing. Bailey is a pass-first winger and Tarasenko is a volume shooter, so they would benefit from that exchange. The Islanders would likely ask the Blues to keep some of Tarasenko's money to even up the cap hit.
    The Blues might prefer a younger winger, Anthony Beauvillier, who would likely come in well under the $5 million number in this round of arbitration. Beauvillier, 24, looks to be a 20- to 25-goal scorer with Top 6 minutes. And he has been a pretty good postseason player.
    The Blues would likely have to eat more of No. 91's dollars or take back an unwanted Islander -- like Leo Komarov and his $3 million cap hit -- to get that done. And that's assuming that Lou Lamoriello doesn't see Beauvillier as one of his building blocks that he will be willing to pay bigger money to soon.
    Is the Cardinals top brass more or less banking a run on the Brewers and Reds is in order?
    Recognizing it may be wishful thinking being this far behind but opponent's weary arms are more plentiful than here under the arch in a year where cumulative games this full regular season mount up vs the abbreviated 2020 regular season. And the Cardinals seem to have more than most teams of reserve's in the form of mojo juice still in the vault with several Redbirds pitchers returning soon including Flaherty, Mikolas, Hicks and possibly Kim well rested.
    The Cardinals are just trying to get through this season in one piece. If the Reds and Brewers both collapse unexpectedly, maybe there is a glimmer of hope. But this team is just trying to make this campaign less terrible so that gearing up for 2022 will be a bit easier.
  • Do you think the Cardinals will do anything major in the off-season or just say we like our team? They could pocket $30 million by doing nothing. Isn’t that moe’s goal to make money for bdw?
    To make money, the Cardinals need to sell tickets and merchandise and keep folks spending money at their related businesses. That has been their business model under DeWitt. They will once again have one of the highest payrolls outside of the biggest markets. So I would expect the team to make major moves, with one being at the Goldschmidt/Arenado level.
    The Blues are a chemistry project at this point. The right side D needs another veteran that's no secret. Parayko is coming off a back injury and Bortuzzo is best as a part time player. Yet Army let Bogosian drive right by to Tampa at just $850,000 per year! Luke Schenn gets 1.4 per year from Vancouver. Great right side D who WERE cheap. I don't know what Army is doing with this team we are a mish-mash! I cannot see how we are any good this first half with so many new players.
    And yet you are mad that they didn't another new player on defense to supplant Bortuzzo, who has been an effective third-paring defender here and a key piece of the team chemistry.
    I agree that the Blues could use another stay-at-home defender, but Armstrong remains handcuffed with the Tarasenko situation unresolved.
  • Jeff, Thank you for the chat today!

    Play POBO/GM.

    1. Reyes moves to the rotation in 2022., who replaces him?
    2. DH candidates?
    3. 4th OFer candidates?
    4. Who plays 2B?
    5. Replace DeJong at SS? If so with whom?
    6. Other moves beyond re-signing Waino and Yadi and 1-5 above
  • There could be a half-dozen premium shortstops in play one way or another and the Cardinals need to zero in on that market. Trevor Story figures to be a prime target. Edman is fine at second base, but the team could use a Brad Miller-type utility hitter to take some starts against tough righthanded pitchers. The Cardinals have a bunch of fourth outfielder candidates, with Lars Nootbaar, Alec Burleson and Nick Plummer lined up. Given the DH need as well -- since Nolan Gorman may need more time too -- maybe the Cardinals can sign a veteran left-handed hitter to a one-year contract to buy the younger guys more time.
    Beyond shortstop, DH and the bench, investing in at least one durable starting pitcher and one reliable late-inning reliever would be wise. If Gallegos holds up physically, he could be part of the ninth-inning solution.
  • Do you think Arenado will make a pitch for his good buddy, Trevor Story, to join him in St. Louis to MoGirsch, especially considering the problems of Dejong?
  • I'm sure the Trevor Story camp already has St. Louis on its list of potential destinations.
  • Seems like Arenado is increasingly displaying his disgust on the field being plenty upset with many of his own unsuccessful at-bats lately. What do you make of this behavior?
    What do you think of teams paying these D men big long term money? Nurse did not deserve it he's not proven himself as a top tier D man. Jones has poor metrics and is over rated. Now this puts the Blues in a tough spot with Parayko. I bet you would say Adam Larsson is better then Colton and cheaper at just 4 million per year. Colton is just too nice and a great guy. He's not reached his potential and we all keep hoping he does but how long do you want to pay someone big dollars in a cap system based on potential? Honestly I would have rather had Zach Bogosian for a fraction of the price because Zach is a smart tough quality Veteran D man and we need that type of player. If Calgary starts poorly I would be on the phone with Parayko for Tkachuck possibilities. Paying Colton 7 to 10 million per year for 7 or 8 years is not a good value based on his actual performance. Let someone else pay him based on potential!
    Parayko won't get top defenseman money unless he elevates his play to that level. This is a pivotal year for him coming back from a disabling back injury. His cap hit is $5.5 million in the walk year of his contract. If he signs an extension early, it will be a for a modest increase. If he plays out the contract and finally maxes out his potential, then he could get more like $8.5 million to $9.5 million.
    As for Bogosian, you're talking about a guy who played 14 1/2 minutes per game last season. At 31, he's a nice guy to have on the third pairing. Give him a Parayko workload and he would get badly exposed.
    Quote from new University of Missouri Athletic Director Desiree Reed-Francois. "I know that our actions and our results will speak louder than my words," Her actions: Four months after signing a 4 year contract with UNLV, Desiree reneges, takes a different, same type of job with U MO. This does not strike me as honorable, or as the type of person you would or should entrust with your future . I do hope her 6 year term with U MO. lasts more than 4 months.
    When UNLV signed her to that contract for modest money, it knew full well that a power conference school could come along and take her. Schools fire coaches and administrators who are under contract. Coaches and administrators bolt while under contract. Such is the business.
    With only one pick of a Redbird hitter to go on an absolute tear for the remainder of this season who do you figure it might very well be? Of course, we ideally need a few so you also may add a (close) runner up choice too.
    I'm guessing that Arenado has one more torrid streak left in his bat.
    I realize the Blues sign UFAs and don't give up any players which is the beauty of UFA you improve your team without losing a player. BUT Army could have gotten a boat load for Petrangelo at the start of his last year with us. He could have gotten something for Schwartz too. He knew at the beginning of the year Petro left that due to his Agent ( Donny the butt Meehan) that the demands were something he was never going to meet. Not sure why he lets big time players go for zero. You look at our former Blue executive Jarmo over in Columbus and look at the haul
    He got for Jones in his last year!!! Now you got Perron and Parayko in their UFA year. I guess Army's philosophy is to wait and see how they perform because if they don't kill it in their UFA year then you get them cheaper? He seems to let the player determine the contract offer. But we lose guys with this strategy. He's a great GM and we are lucky to have him however there's pros and cons to this strategy! He also trades a lot of draft picks and doesn't replenish them but he could if he traded these guys before they hit UFA.
    Columbus traded Seth Jones because John Davidson came back to the team, looked over the roster, and determined that the team needed to start over. Seth Jones told the world he was not re-signing there, so trading him made sense.
    The Blues held on to Pietrangelo and Schwartz because they were not terrible and they were not starting over. A playoff-caliber team trading key players for prospects and draft picks would be stupid -- unless its salary cap dilemma forced it to do that.
    In the salary cap world, you never lose a UFA for nothing. You replace that lost UFA with a new purchase with the freed cap space. Or you get to keep another player you would have had to ditch for cap reasons.  
  • Where do you rank the Waino-Yadi duo as battery mates all time?
    Somewhere in the Top 10 I supposed. Whitey Ford and Yogi Berra had crazy success. While together, Bob Gibson and Tim McCarver hit the highest of notes. Back in my beloved Motown Mickey Lolich and Bill Freehan had a good long run highlighted by the '68 World Series.
    I know I am fixated on getting Matthew Tkachuck but he has to be available soon. Calgary is about to throw in the towel and rebuild and Matthew isn't going to want to be a part of that. They lose Giordano and Gaudreau is leaving in his UFA year. So they sign Texan Blake Coleman as their only team upgrade? Blake is great on a great team but not a difference maker. I don't care if Al Arbour is the coach the Flames are going up in flames this year.
    Some day Matthew Tkachuk will get to call his shot as an unrestricted free agent. He could move sooner than that, should Calgary become unwilling or unable to buy into that free agency with a gigantic long-term deal. But if the Flames trade him, I would imagine they would rather send him to the Eastern Conference.
    For all of Arenados excellence there is one thing that I have observed that is annoying. He doesn’t seem to run hard out of the box. There have been times he could have beat out a hit by a misplay or gotten to second if he ran hard from the start. I understand this with Molina for various reasons (age,catcher, foot injury) I know Arenado is not the fastest guy but since I can’t always see how he is at getting out of the box in the telecast is this a misconception on my part or another example of a player not busting it down the line.
    The percentage of players who run full tilt on every ball hit into play is pretty small. I don't believe Nolan is unusual in that regard.
    Any word on Dylans wrist? Was there an injury of some sort? Also, is Tyler looking to be game worthy tonight?
  • The ballplayers are sitting around their hotel as I type this. We'll have an update from the ballpark closer to game time in STLToday.
  • How would you compare the contracts between major sports for guaranteed money? Seems nfl with most likely career injury has it figured out but baseball gives 10 year contracts to Harper and Tatis Jr and hope they don’t get hurt
  • Baseball has the strongest guarantee. There are no buyouts, as in other sports. If you get dumped in baseball, the team still owes you the money remaining on your deal. Football has the weakest guarantee. Only the elite players get any guaranteed money beyond their signing bonus. Most salaries in that sport are disposable, albeit with some accounting complications within the CBA rules.
  • To me the outfielders that management wanted to see in action to see what they have, have not played enough or shown enough yet. Tyler has a poor success rate of driving runners in scoring position, Bader is back to fishing for the outside itches and Dylan is only 22 and trying to earn at this level. With this OF I am not confident at all , yes there is promise, but promise doesn't knock in the runners in scoring position.Baders defense is a big plus, Tylers possibilities are awesome and Dylan is still developing, is that enough to justify those three being the starting OF next year?
  • Yes, with the addition of a good left-handed hitting outfielder capable of mixing in to keep the three starters from wearing down or sliding into prolonged slumps. A strong fourth outfielder could protect the other three from some tough matchups.
    Since the Cardinals have multiple outfielders in developing, riding these guys seems wise -- since there are plenty of other areas that will require investment. 

  • The Cards issues are not superficial. Leadoff hitter Carlson can’t steal bases & cannot hit with the bases loaded. Cleanup hitter O’Neill hits below 250 with runners in scoring position. DeJong doesn’t hit at all. Their alternate leadoff hitter, Edman, doesn’t take walk Shildt won’t start runners when Molina is hitting, so double plays are mounting. Goldschmidt can’t hit before July. Arenado has Holiday’s “trying to justify his contract” syndrome, which is reflected in his average. The Cards can’t just look at numbers, they need to see limiting factors that prevents this lineup providing a cohesive offense. It’s a synergy problem. They may need to replace a couple of somewhat productive players with ones that impact the lineup differently. How do you see probable places to upgrade?
  • As we say over and over and over and over: shortstop, left-handed utility infielder, left-handed hitting outfielder and DH are the target spots. Maybe the outfielder can be found internally and eventually the DH could be filled internally as well.
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