Join columnist Jeff Gordon for his live STL sports chat at 1 p.m. Friday

Join columnist Jeff Gordon for his live STL sports chat at 1 p.m. Friday

Bring your Cards, Blues, Mizzou, SLU and MLS questions and comments, and talk to columnist Jeff Gordon in his weekly live chat.

    Bobo's here and we've got eager ballplayers at the park early. So let's go!
    Lots of buzz for Jordan Walker, but should we be excited by the surge by Juan Yepez?
    Walker has a very a high ceiling. The exit velocities off his bat are eye-popping and he made the leap to advanced Class A as a 19-year-old, which is unusual. Yepez played a LOT of minor league ball before demonstrating much power. Yepez is a front-burner guy who should fill a big league role next season while Walker could be a big impact player by 2023 -- if he can handle more advanced pitching.
    Hi Mr Gordon. Trying to drink the wild card cool aid. This team is just hard to figure sometimes. I still don't think Cards have enough top pitching and missing a top line left handed bat. Nootbar is interesting so far. What is the upside of Noot? I been digging looking for free agents to help next year. Nothing in outfield market really is exciting from left side. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Given the sudden rise of Nick Plummer -- who can play center field, which is key -- I can see the Cardinals filling all their outfield needs internally. Nootbaar started driving the ball this season after arriving as a contact hitter out of college. Can he build on this season and lift a few more homers? Plummer has terrific plate discipline but he, too, will need more pop to be more than a fourth outfielder.
    But either guy could fill that role next season. The three incumbents seem likely to continue their current roles next season.
    Herzog used to say about pitchers "they aren't going to get better" when they were pitching poorly in a game. It was evident Happ didn't have it in the first inning of the game to sweep and pull the Cards within 1/2 game of the wild card. In a long season starters are rarely pulled early so as to not burn out the pen. This game was the perfect storm for Shildt to manage like this was a playoff game as soon as the pitcher led off the 2nd w a hit. First it was only a 7 inning game so the pen would only have to cover 6 innings. Second the team had the next day off and an extra pitcher was just brought in for the Sept. callup. The Cards had dodged a bullet and were only down 2-1 after the 1st. Castellanous had owned Happ (13-26) and continued by hitting a HR in the first. By continuing to let Happ pitch till Castellanous hit the grand slam Shildt basically waved the white flag and still needed the pen to cover the remaining innings in what turned out to be a lopsided loss. Any other pitcher had a better chance(maybe great time to get Reyes going again) of stemming the tide and give the team a fighting chance to win. We'll never know what a sweep would've done for both teams. What are your thoughts?
    I don't believe an earlier pitching change would have altered the game's outcome. The Cardinals did nothing offensively and the bullpen was taxed. Maybe they would have lost by fewer runs, but that game wasn't screaming "victory" even after the homer reversal.
    This is an odd year where management basically says will worry about fixing this team next year this year doesn’t really count. It used to be will we win the division NLCS or World Series. Must be the big trophy outside ballpark Village. They think they’ve already won
    The Cardinals' philosophy hasn't changed. The goal is to contend for postseason play every year. This season presented challenges, with the combination pandemic-caused revenue losses and the massive amount of dead or wounded money on the payroll. Those challenges will be gone after this season.
    Jeff, thanks for the article about Illinois' new coach. It does seem as though this effort might reap some benefits. Gary Pinkel's team always seem to have ways to knock the hell out of Illini teams. Here is hoping Bret Bielema will give hope to long suffering Illnois football fans
  • He was a solid choice for the job at a time Illinois really needed solid. Maybe some day the program will be positioned for more sizzle. First things first!
    Mr. Gordon,

    Thank you for today’s chat!

    This morning, MLB writer Anthony Castrovince included STL with 5 other clubs that are expected to make big moves this winter. He identified Max Scherzer and Trevor Story as potential fits in STL. Scherzer projects to command $100M-$115M/3 Yrs. and Story $18M-$20M/5 Yrs. After a Wainwright (hopeful) signing at $10M, the payroll will be around $127M after raises, buyouts, and arbitrations.

    Do you believe Mr. Dewitt would authorize both of the expenditures above, knowing additional signings will be necessary (Garcia, McFarland, and perhaps LeBlanc?) to solidify the BP in addition to the Covid ticket sales challenges?

    STL would then likely need to fill the DH slot in-house with a combo of (Yepez + Gorman, or Burleson, or Plummer).
    I could see the team adding Trevor Story and trading away Paul DeJong. That would be the best use of payroll flexibility. Max Scherzer is going start-to-start in the twilight of his career and that seems like a better gamble for the Dodgers, who could have the Trevor Bauer payroll slot to use for him.
    Thanks for your work.The Brewers are 29 games over .500; the Cardinals are 4 games over. It's obvious the Milwaukee front office has worked circles around Mo and Co. Anyone paying attention (outside of the Cardinals front office) saw the flaws and likelihood of a lost season back in the spring. There is blame to go around, but first and foremost this is an astounding and demoralizing failure of the front office. Again. Are there any admissions of failure coming out of the front office? Are there any indications they will change or is this all the Cardinals are going to be? Hoping for a miracle to gain the second wild card is not inspiring.
  • While the Brewers deserve high marks for staying aggressive this season -- something I have written about repeatedly -- the biggest difference between them and the Cardinals is pitching health. The top Brewers starters have made most of their starts and only Adam Wainwright stayed healthy for the Cardinals.
    I expect notable change for next season with multiple newcomers coming from outside and inside the organization. The combination of departing salaries, rising prospects and pitchers returning from season-long injuries will give the Cardinals an opportunity to rise again.
    Mr. Gordon,

    Thank you for the great chats!

    Upon Yadi’s retirement, do you see a combo of Andrew Knizner + Ali Sanchez or Ivan Herrera? Or perhaps someone via trade of free agency?
    Ivan Herrera is the top catching prospect in the organization, but at 21 he failed to hit for average at Double-A this season. He did hit for power at Springfield and he does have the tools to become an everyday catcher, so he will have a chance to use 2022 to advance his case. Knizner is a converted corner infielder who is still getting on-the-job training.
    So we shall see.
    Lane Thomas batting LO successfully for Washington? Should the Cards send a survey to the seemingly countless ex player to ask what changed for them to help them thrive away from this organization?
  • The common thread for Lane Thomas, Patrick Wisdom and Adolis Garcia is they are finally getting regular big league at bats because they are playing for a terrible team. Garcia has seen his batting average sink steadily since May for Texas. Wisdom has 117 strikeouts in 267 at bats for the Cubs. And Thomas just had a 4-for-27 stretch over a seven-game span that reminded folks why he is a .214 hitter for his first 99 big league games.
    Wisdom and Garcia are classic "true outcome" hitters who slug homers and whiff. It will be interesting to see if they can keep regular roles as one-dimensional hitters. Both played a LOT of minor league ball before getting this chance.
  • wonder if deyong is traded due to frustrating FO with his production and going to see someone else than Jeff albert
  • Among the Cardinals regulars, Paul DeJong is the one lingering problem spot. The team would like more consistency from Tyler O'Neill, Tommy Edman, Harrison Bader and Dylan Carlson, but I believe they have all showed sufficient promise for this stage of their career. Edmundo Sosa broke out this season, Paul Goldschmidt got hot, Nolan Arenado got past his 2020 shoulder issue . . . all in all, there is a lot less to complain about offensively.
    I have no idea why Matt Carpenter is still on the team, but his presence cannot be blamed on Jeff Albert.
  • If everyone is healthy shouldn't Tarasenko start the season as a top 6 forward and play on the first PP? Any top paid forward would and if he doesn't this would show other teams his value is down and give Army little bargaining for a possible trade. Also his scoring would naturally suffer by decreased minutes and less chances and this also would decrease his value. Play him like the star he's paid to be and hope he's successful until a team has an injury and comes calling w a fair package. What do you think?
  • Unless he shows up with a phenomenal attitude and provides positive on-ice leadership, Tarasenko shouldn't play at all, much less in a key role. This team needs to reestablish its team game and its relentless work ethic. The Blues can't waste time propping up a malcontent to improve his trade value. The Central Division is too competitive for that. Having this issue drag on for weeks could bury this team.
  • Already starting with a hope and prayer team for next year. Flaritty hurt , Mikolasnot the same, Reyes never started ,Lib never throw in a game in the majors,Kim not under contract
  • I don't believe the 2022 roster has been set yet.
  • A Dodgers vs Brewers matchup in the playoffs looks intriguing as the season progresses. Why does Fangraphs give the Dodgers such a big edge to winning it all when the Brewers pitching staff looks so intimidating along w a good team and manager?
  • Easy: The Dodgers have better players. They have outscored opponents by 213 runs this season despite a slew of injuries.
  • Do you think Nolan Gorman can play at MLB level at second base?
  • In today's shift-happy world, where the second baseman plays outfield rover against lefty hitters, Gorman can get by at second base. But the universal DH almost certain to be in place, his fielding ability will be less of an issue than how he hits (or doesn't hit) next spring.
  • It's looking more likely there will be a Yankee -Red Sox wild card game. Would this be the most anticipated game in MLB in years and who do see surviving and possibly going to the World Series?
  • Excuse my indifference here in flyover country, but I can't get excited for the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry. That said, the Yankees are set up to win the one-game playoff and move on.
  • Happy Friday Gordo, So how do you see the #91 saga playing out. Where might he end up? And, will the Blues be a better team ? Thx
  • I still believe the  Blues will offload him. As I noted earlier, the top goal for this team is to get its on-ice cohesion and collective will back. Unless Tarasenko comes back determined to be a positive tempo-setter, then he would undermine that process. We saw what that looked like last season when he returned from injury.
    As for where he might land . . . who knows. The New Jersey Devils have the cap space and the need for a shooter, but I don't know how they view No. 91. The Islanders could make a player-for-player, money-for-money deal, but they have a  great team vibe and their bigger need is on the blue line.
  • Watching the Cards swing successfully at so many 1st pitches vs Miley makes me wonder if it was just an anomaly or if the teams philosophy of grinding out at bats has changed to hitting earlier in AB's?
  • That is a constant cat-and-mouse game for hitters. If pitchers expect you to take the first pitch, they will claim their free strike with a fastball down the middle. Thankyouverymuch!
    Of all the things that bother in life as I get older, watching hitters shrug off a meat pitch for strike one is way up there -- right behind the knucklehead who spends 15 minutes at the drive-up ATM refinancing his home loan or whatever else takes so long with the robot teller when I'm waiting to withdraw 40 bucks.
    Down 0-1 in the count, the hitter spends the rest of at bat fighting off curveballs, sliders, changeups and fastballs off the edges before popping out to second.
    I understand that the team value Bader's D, but his bat is not good. That said, if he is a line-up staple that bats 8th or 9th, fine, but then Mo must elevate the talent around him.
  • Bader hit .357 on July, then .152 in August. Hence the need for the Cardinals to spread playing time out among four outfielders and create some better matchups. Nick Plummer could mix in as a lefty hitter who can play center field. Or maybe Lars Nootbaar wins the job, with Dylan Carlson playing more center field. I could see Bader playing a lot next season because of his fielding range, but the team needs to keep him from falling into these deep hitting slumps.
  • I would not be surprised if DA pulled a surprise move with #91, Anaheim, Detroit, Buffalo. And I do think the Blues will be better this year. What say you? Thx
    Anaheim is positioned to make a big trade, but I can see the Ducks making the Jack Eichel blockbuster. The Red Wings are committed to the painful tank-and-rebuild route, and I'd be shocked if Steve Yzerman saw this Tank as part of that plan. The Sabres might do that out of desperation -- but does No. 91 want out so badly that he would go to Buffalo? Patrik Berglund can speak to that option.
    Yadi needs another 141 games caught (Cards have 30 left this season) to move to 2nd all-time. If he stays healthy do you see him playing enough next year to reach another milestone in his illustrious career?
    If Molina is healthy, he will play and he will reach that milestone.
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