Join columnist Jeff Gordon for his live STL sports chat at 1 p.m. Friday

Join columnist Jeff Gordon for his live STL sports chat at 1 p.m. Friday

Bring your Cards, Blues, Mizzou, SLU and MLS questions and comments, and talk to columnist Jeff Gordon in his weekly live chat.

    Bobo's here and we have some ballplayers here. So let's go!
    So Mo hires, fires, trades and signs. What does Girsch do?
    Paperwork! But seriously . . . there are a lot of moving parts in a baseball organization to manage. The idea of splitting the out a president of baseball operations is to have him stay in big-picture mode while the GM handles the day-to-day roster management. By every outward indication, John Mozeliak is still doing both jobs still. Maybe it just looks that way. You would think just from a PR standpoint the team would let Michael Girsch regularly address the more mundane day-to-day stuff with the media so that he can be part of the branding effort.
    Bill Foley does like the shiny objects! That's a franchise that has Cup or Implosion written all over it.
    If the Golden Knights pull a Kucherov -- keep Eichel in the freezer until the playoffs when there is no salary cap -- they could have quite the offensive juggernaut in postseason play. If Eichel plays in the regular season, the Golden Knights will either need to trade away key players or store them in long-term injured reserve to make the cap work. 
    Over the long haul, the Golden Knights' live-for-the-moment approach will catch up to them. They have traded away a lot of prospects that could have balanced the cap equation by filling slots at entry-level pay. They could end up with a top-heavy team that can't make a deep playoff run, as we've seen with Toronto and Edmonton.
    In the near term, though, that team certainly could have some fun if it can pull some cap maneuvers.
    Good Friday Bobo. i recentlycame across a book at a library sale by one of my all-time favorites: Mike Royko. Good read. Makes me wonder if another favorite ever put anything into print..well, in a book. The late, great Joe Strauss. His snark was sharper than a Ginsu knife. Thanks for all of your time and efforts.
    Sadly, we never did get to see a "Best of Hazard Zone" before Joe's passing. Imagine the fun Strauss would have had with the Mike Shildt firing and the ensuring PR fallout.
    You think in 3 years we might compete with Georgia
    No. If Georgia keeps Kirby Smart, that school will stay remain a Top 10 team year after year. He recruits at the very top level and his program has become a well-oiled machine. If Missouri keeps making recruiting inroads, maybe the Tigers will be able to get on the same level as Florida, Tennessee, Ole Miss and Kentucky. 
    With Texas and Oklahoma coming into the league, the Tigers figure to face a much tougher conference alignment going forward. The job will only get tougher for Eli Drinkwitz.
    can Mizzou basketball win 16 games 9 and 4 non conf. 7 and 11 conf
    That seems about right. Maybe the Tigers will surprise us IF DaJuan Gordon improves his outside shot and becomes the go-to scorer and IF Boogie Coleman can make everybody better while running the offense and IF Javon Pickett knocks down spot-up three-pointers and IF Kobe Brown become a 15-point, 8-rebound player. It's possible that everything will break right, but Mizzou faces a daunting non-conference schedule before wading into the potentially savage league play.
    How have you liked Wallman and Mikola so far in 2021? Are you okay with Mikola playing on the right side? Do you expect either to start playing top 4 minutes at some point this year?
    Walman has been terrific and Mikkola has held up OK in his small sample size as a tag-team partner for Robert Bortuzzo. I still see Torey Krug, Justin Faulk, Colton Parayko and Marco Scandella shouldering the heaviest loads when healthy. Krug and Faulk can each run a power-play unit and Parayko and Scandella can lead the penalty-killing charge, key defensive zone starts and closing out games with the lead.
    Good afternoon, Mr. Gordon. No surprise that the Cardinals cut loose Matt Carpenter and Carlos Martinez. But, how do you think they should or will be remembered by Cardinal fans? Some may feel Carpenter deserves a red jacket eventually, but I would disagree primarily because of his abject refusal to change his style of hitting in the face of defensive shifts when such a change was so obviously required. It seems like the last two seasons he preferred a strikeout to trying to bunt for an easy base hit. And, Martinez, while he had several very good seasons, I think his career as a Cardinal could be described as potential wasted, due to immaturity and lack of focus. Do you agree? Thanks for the chat.
    I agree on both counts. Carpenter's last three years were awful. Not only did he hurt the team, but he did so while earning a big salary that prevented them team from adding more talent within its budget. And like you say, he made no effort to adjust his failing approach. Martinez's aggregate numbers are pretty good, despite his bad finish, but his image as a head case is what will linger with fans.
    12 Expectations of Cardinal Fans

    Cardinals Fans are not blind sheep. Cardinal Fans will spend their money wisely.
    Cardinal Fans expect and deserve respect
    Cardinal Fans expect and deserve honesty
    Cardinal Fans expect and deserve transparency
    Cardinal Fans expect and deserve well-thought-out decisions
    Cardinal Fans expect and deserve leaders who are honorable and treat people with respect
    Cardinal Fans expect and deserve leaders who can check their egos/emotions at the door
    Cardinal Fans expect and deserve leaders who take responsibility for their mistakes
    Cardinal Fans expect and deserve a 26-man roster with 26 major league ready players
    Cardinal Fans expect and deserve a well-stocked AAA roster as a hedge against injuries
    Cardinal Fans expect and deserve an apology from John Mozeliak for much of the above
    Cardinal Fans do want to be put in a position of having to root against their team to bring about substantive change.
    The bottom line for the Cardinals is strong: The long string of winning seasons and repeated trips to postseason play, achievements that are unmatched in the flyover markets. If some fans value management style points over actual wins and losses, so be it. The Cardinals have an opportunity to put an excellent team on the field in 2022 -- and if the front office does that, I believe the frustration with the Mo-Speak coming from the top of the organizational chart will subside.
  • Jeff, the issues facing baseball in the upcoming negotiations are enormous. The only thing bigger is the greed between the players and owners. Throw in incompetent leadership within baseball and you have a major train wreck ahead. I handicap the start of the season at no more than 10%, wouldn’t be surprised if the entire season is scrapped if it drags into the summer. Of course, the Commish disagreed with me handicapping the start at 50%. Want to weigh in with your thoughts?
    I fully expect a work stoppage that drags into the spring, perhaps even touching the start of the season. The owners and players do not have a working relationship, much less a partnership like we see in the NBA and NHL. 
    Neither side seems interested in forming a fundamentally different dynamic -- like a salary cap/floor system to regulate the revenue split -- so the two sides should be able to bang out a new CBA without much angst.
    Give the players a notable bump in pre-arbitration pay plus quicker access to arbitration and free agency.
    Give the owners an expanded playoff format to further boost revenues and let them keep the freedom to spend or not spend in free agency.
    Call it a day.
    Trouble is, the two sides can't seem to bargain like grownups and there's blame on both sides for that.
    Just asking you thoughts. I read a rumor that if Tkachuk went to Buffalo, the Sabres would trade him to Armstrong for Tarasenko and Thomas. No way the Blues move Thomas. I think if he lit the lamp a little more he is another Trottier or Crosby. He is right there as a top player and progressing nicely.
    I'm high on Thomas, but perhaps not THAT high. Would that sort of deal have made sense for the Blues? Sure, if Tkachuk agreed to a long-term contract as part of it. Basically the Blues would spend Thomas to make the Tarasenko/Tkachuk swap and get a young power forward to build around.
    As for that trade, I can't imagine while the Sabres would take Tarasenko and his cap hit when they are in full rebuild mode. The only way they should do that is if they had a second deal in place to move Tarasenko for long-term assets.
    The deal Buffalo made was much cleaner, although the team is better a ton on Alex Tuch panning out to be a poor man's Tkachuk.
    Mr. Jeff,

    Thank you for today’s chat!

    The Mets have gone after a lot of POBO/GM candidates with nothing to show for their efforts.

    I believe they have overlooked a top baseball executive who had significant success in New York. This guy came out of nowhere and helped get the New York Yankees get back to prominence.

    Although his methods were peculiar, he was very successful and entertaining.

    George Costanza IS the man to lead the New York Mets. And with hiring of Kramer as the manager, the sky is the limit in the Big Apple!

    I only wish he were our POBO here in St. Louis. He would not have given Carpenter and Martinez those debilitating extensions.
    Hi Bobo
    As someone who shudders every time Boomer Sooner (I listened to the Norman Conquest on the radio) starts how bad do you think Missouri will lose tomorrow in Georgia?
    I am feeling a 50-point defeat. Georgia will call off the dogs and play some redshirts with free games remaining this season, but those guys are probably four-star recruits eager to make their case for 2022. This will be their chance to play both quarterbacks a lot and both quarterbacks are pretty good.
    Safe to assume O'Reilly is back in the line-up on Sunday. 2-1-1 without was not too shabby.
  • O'Reilly made need some practice time before he plays again, as Saad did. Perhaps the Winnipeg game would be more realistic for him. But with Schenn down, getting ROR back for the Ducks would make it a lot easier to assemble the lines.
  • Per BenFred's SS column this AM:

    A starting pitcher is priority one. If the FO is targeting a #3 starter type, then perhaps a DeJong + midling prospect would bring back Bassitt or Manea from OAK. Oak needs a salary dump from one of those SPs and they need a SS. It would be nice to have a LH in the rotation, but Bassitt would be a good add.

    Without having to spend big FA $s on a SP, the Cardinals can afford ANY of the free agent SSs. IMO-Seager-1, Semien-2. Either could leadoff.

    An Edman/Gorman (combo, not platoon) at 2B, Sosa as a top utility player to spell Seager/Semien at SS, a Yepez, Gorman, Nootbaar + off-day position players at DH, along with consistently using Nootbaar and Yepez in the OF to keep the starting OFers fresh and getting Yadi consistent rest, addresses the position player issues.

    Adding 2-3 RPs (McFarland, Garcia, and perhaps Ian Kennedy) and the Cardinals would be a top tier NL Club.
    All of that makes sense, but I can't imagine the Cardinals winning the bidding for Marcus Semien or Corey Seager. Now, Trevor Story on a shorter free-agent deal -- ala Josh Donaldson betting on himself a few years back -- could make more sense. That would buy time to see how the Gorman/Edman/Sosa equation plays out.
    Many pundits are wondering if one or more of the top shortstops will get left standing in this game of musical chairs. The Cincinnati Reds won't be the only team curbing spending in the face of a work stoppage.
    Cards may need to look at Trevor story. He be good fit over deyoung
    Agreed, for the reason I just described.
    I find it somewhat ironic that Mo is preaching analytics after we have watched for 2 1/2 seasons contracts trumping performance. If the Owner and POBO truly believe in analytics; Metrics play not contracts or does this only apply to underlings?
    Fair point. There is a ton of data on age-related regression and Mozeliak went ahead and paid player after player into their likely regression years. One major benefit of analytics-driven management is contract efficiency. This is baseball's actuarial science. And the Cardinals ignored that science again and again.
    I'm OK with people going in early to ask questions. Some people are at work when the chat is underway,
    I Jeff. What kind of money do you think POBO and GM`s make ? I always wondered about coaches salary also . Do you think they have performance bonuses if they win 90- 100 games or make the playoffs or world series?
  • I would hope that both field managers and front office executives have incentive-driven pay. Of course, not every team is actually trying to win in a given year, so some franchises couldn't go that way.
    Broadly speaking, managers get paid like bottom-rung players and management types get paid somewhat better than that, but not even to the level of middling free agents.
    Baseball managers must envy college football coaching pay. Baseball coaches much envy what the top college football coordinators and position coaches make.
  • Now that Martinez and Carpenter are off the books, will the Cardinals make a bid for a shortstop like Seager of Arenado’s buddy, Story? Or will they go after a front line pitcher so that they can avoid in 2022 the June/July swoon that was dooming the 2021 season until schildt pulled off the historic 17 game win streak that sent them to the playoffs?
  • As noted earlier, perhaps the smart play is to trade for pitching help and spend on a shortstop. Both steps are certainly doable based on what the team has to trade and what the team has available to spend.
  • Happy Friday, thank you for chats.

    I like what I saw out of Hofer, most of the goals allowed were either redirected or he was screened. Has "Ville the Kid" Husso lost his job? I hope Chief plays Hofer Sunday, let's see what we have. Why not?
    I see Berube coming right back to Binnington, who has been terrific. But Hofer did help himself with that performance. Starting next year, he will compete with Husso for the backup job. In the meantime, he has to put up numbers in the AHL to continue his adjustment to the pro game.
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