Join columnist Jeff Gordon for his live STL sports chat at 1 p.m. Friday

Join columnist Jeff Gordon for his live STL sports chat at 1 p.m. Friday

Bring your Cards, Blues, Mizzou, SLU and MLS questions and comments, and talk to columnist Jeff Gordon in his weekly live chat.

    Bobo has to duck out a bit early today, so let's get 'er rolling.
    Hi Jeff. What is your opinion of the season Colton Parayko is having? I've watched a number of the games on the tube, but not all of them. I was hoping that CP would have taken that next step and become the shutdown D-man with the Al McGinnis least that was my hope. He's having an okay season, skating well, getting in on a lot of the action, but he seems just to be a part of the D..not "The Guy", like say, Petro before him. I'm sure I've missed a lot-what say you? Thanks, and have a Happy Thanksgiving sir-have been enjoying your work since the chaotic Rams Game Day chats.
    Colton hasn't been an all-star, that's for sure, but I am willing to hold back judgment until the Blues settle into some defensive pairings that click -- if that happens. Marco Scandella was supposed to be part of the shutdown element, but he really fell off. So did Jake Walman. Rangy Niko Mikkola never got going this season, then he took time out with COVID-19. So far so good for Scott Perunovich, but can the Blues use both him and Torey Krug in a workable Top 6. I am still waiting for some of that dust to settle.
    Jeff do you know of Alexander Goodonov? Today Baryshnikov? World class ballet dancers. That's what Perunovich will be. Did you see him last night go end to end and assist on a goal? In his second game in the NHL? TT is so wrong because he will be as good as Bobby Orr ! Why because Roy Hobbs sez so that's why!!!!!!!!!!
    Just about anybody whoever watched a hockey game will take that bet -- Perunovich equaling Bobby Orr. That said, he's met expectations so far. His college and AHL experience served him well. He looks like a mature player out there, moving very confidently and making smart plays with the puck.
    Well Bobo I predicted Arozarena would be rookie of the year. If Mo wasn’t so smart , we could’ve had rookie of the year and runner-up on the same team same year
    Thanks for your chats!
    Randy Arozarena had a solid year, albeit with ordinary power production after his 2020 playoff surge. But he'll turn 27 before next season, so he's not your typical ROY candidate. I believe the Cardinals are happy with their top four outfielders heading into next season.
    Husso will be better the Binnington. Binner has reached his ceiling. Good but not great. Time to trade him to Edmonton!
    Ville has had a nice couple of games in his NHL career so far. To be better than Binnington, Husso will have to win a Cup. Again, I would have no trouble lining up bettors for that wager.
  • Jeff, any chance Jerry Jones and his creepy pal from Malibu are still holding hands and singing love songs together?
  • If Mizzou can get tre king at semester and ncaa Grant's him eligibility we would have a legit big man. Looks like he might go to Wichita state but we can hope. I thought Mizzou played really good defense last night but we just are very limited on offense. Just can't get a shooter in the program last 2 years. We will have maybe 12 wins this year but firing martin serves no purpose he has a great player coming in he has this entire team back minus Pickett and his buyout is huge. Athletic department doesn't have that kind of money to waste.
  • That sums up things pretty well. Cuonzo Martin must prove he can operate under the new rules in the industry, with wholesale transferring and above-board player purchases. This crew of transfers is not bad, but his failure to land a legit 4/5 in the transfer portal and a true point guard cost him this year. He will have every chance to build a complete roster for next season when he faces win-or-else pressure.
  • Jeff,

    I have to give the devil his due, you're a real +++ contributor to the Post. I appreciate that you don't take yourself too seriously and don't get offended easily. Sadly, you're a rare breed in our society that used to be common. One last thing before you get your head too big that you can't get out of your Chevy Caprice Classic, thank you for being reliable and doing these chats every Friday like clockwork. I really appreciate that.

    My question for you starts with an observation that I would like to get your opinion - I believe as long as the Blues don't get injured before the playoffs - when this team WANTS and outcompetes the opposite team, there's probably six teams in the NHL that have enough talent to knock them out.

    They're one outstanding defensive defensemen away from being every bit as dangerous as any of Hitchcock's teams were going into the playoffs, with the potential to be much more so. Depends on how the young guys hold up after 82 gamed. Kyrou and Thomas still have to prove they can handle the rigors of a very long season. With how close they are to the cap, I have no earthly idea they can add a real difference maker to the defence. It's really up to players in the dressing room where this team goes. Does that sound about right to you?
  • That is a fair assessment of the Blues. The opportunity is there if the players want to do the hard work needed to seize it. With Kyrou and Thomas getting into top gear, Tarasenko playing at his pre-surgeries levels, Buchnevich and Saad adding skill up front and Perunovich adding skill on the blue line, this team has impressive firepower. But they could sure use one of those bulwark defensemen the Seattle Kraken are warehousing until the trade deadline. Adjusting this defensive corps during the season won't be easy due to salary cap constraints, unless a big earner up front goes on long-term injured reserve or exits in a trade.
    From your write up today it seems you are level setting expectations with us fans that with the early market rise in AAV is not good news for a significant signing this off season in terms of starting pitcher. Am I reading correctly between the lines?
    That is the assessment in the lines, not between them. Teams have come out spending big for pitching help. This is NOT a favorable market to the Cardinals, who like to be "opportunistic" in their spending, to use one of John Mozeliak's favorite words.
  • I'm not counting on cards to get any good SP or SS this off season. So I don't know what to expect. Piggy back Reyes and hicks maybe?
    Hicks has so much to prove. He ducked out of the Arizona Fall League after a cameo appearance this year, so he remains a complete mystery as a starting pitcher. I'll put him in the pile with Oviedo, Liberatore and Thompson -- guys who still need to build a track record in the Triple-A rotation. I am calling for a six-man rotation plus a spot starter/long reliever to start the season. Maybe those latter two spots could fall to Reyes and either Oviedo or Hicks if they absolutely dazzle in the spring and make the case to stick. But I'd rather see veterans in those spots/ The idea of starting out this way is to pace some of the veteran starters, ease the younger guys in and stay ready for the inevitable injuries to hit.
    I guess nothing surprised me anymore, but to see the Blackhawks continue to employ and promote Marc Crawford after everything we've learned this year seems to show a poisonous organizational culture there. If sexual assault in their own organization doesn't get their attention then physical abuse of players on prior teams won't register at all. Just another reason to appreciate Blues ownership and leadership.
    NHL coaching has changed for sure. The outage expressed over bullying tactics by Crawford and Mike Babcock in recent years would have elicited chortles from players back in the 1980s. Some of the guys coaching back then -- especially at the junior level, especially in the WHL -- were absolute maniacs. 
    That said, this 2021 and the promotion of Crawford raised more than a few eyebrows.
    There's a great Seinfeld scene where Elaine says: Is it possible I'm not as attractive as I think I am? And Jerry replies: Well anything's possible. I often feel like that is a good description of how Mizzou fans view the national appeal of their programs, when in reality its pretty run of the mill. And how we end up with Kim Anderson and Barry Odom as the alumni hires when better options aren't interested. So maybe we should think about that before running Cuonzo out of town.
    Mizzou will always be an attractive to a good mid-major coach, as long as the money is right. See: Drinkwitz, Eli. But Missouri has a substandard fan base in football and basketball. Recruits see lots of empty seats on their football and basketball visits. Mizzou needs to double its fan base, booster base and overall revenue -- and even then it would still be playing catchup in the crazy SEC. Fans can expect a big season here and there, but it's hard to imagine Missouri ever establishing itself as an upper-tier athletic program in this conference. 
    So, yes, fan should quit pretending and face reality.
    Hey Gordo - Perron is going through a tough stretch - goal wise. A result of bad pick luck or something at play here?
    Perron's overall play lagged in the absence of Ryan O'Reilly, then during ROR's sluggish return. Now that O'Reilly has his legs back and Berube is teaming Perron with him, expect Perron to regain his usual form. I think you saw signs of that against the Sharks. David wants another contract here, so he knows the stakes.

    Thank you for today’s chat!

    Great article by Ben-Fred last night regarding Max Scherzer.

    Bill DeWitt & Group bought the Cardinals for $150 MILLION in 1996. The franchise has a present-day value of $2.245 BILLION, and we have heard DeWitt state “baseball is not very profitable”. Not his best “PR moment”.

    I agree with Ben, sign Scherzer! Stop the bottom-feeding (Wood, Matz, Cobb. etc.)

    The exponential values of signing a “generational talent” like Scherzer are:

    1) STL gets a new #1 starter, which means Wainwright and Flaherty will oppose #2 and #3 starters instead #1 and #2 starters.

    2) STL takes LA’s # 1 starter away from them, which tilts the board toward STL in NLCS

    3) Signing Scherzer at this point in the careers of Arenado, Goldschmidt, Wainwright, and Molina gives STL an odds-on shot to get to the World Series and would likely motivate Wainwright to re-up for 2023 after a “family-vote”, maybe even Molina.
  • Cards and Mad Max - what is your take after the article this morning in the paper? Thanks Mr Gordon
    The counterpoint: The Cardinals have scalded by age-related regression again and again and again and again. Scherzer is a warrior who battles through injuries, but injuries will be an issue for him from here on out. As I've noted before, it's an easier risk for the Dodgers to take because they can outspend mistakes. They operation on a whole other financial plane.
    As for signing Scherzer to somehow cripple the Dodgers, that team will just keep buying players. If they lose a guy, they will buy another one.
    I think the football program is starting to make small strides. With the young guys here and the recruits coming in 7 wins next year is very possible. I think guys are trusting wilks system more and to bring in a new dee coach makes no sense , players would have to learn a whole new system.
    Let's pump the brakes on Wilks just a bit. The Tigers have looked a lot better defensively, true. That Georgia effort was actually impressive, given the context. But can they muster one more winning effort this season? If Mizzou gets steamrolled twice more to close the season, I'm not sure Drinkwitz can stay the course.
    How much longer does the mortgage on One Cardinal Way run? 15 years? 30 years?
    Could we see the Cards make a move in the next two weeks to sign a pitcher or are they better off waiting until after the CBA is done to see if prices go down?
    I'm not sure prices will go down after the CBA is resolved. If there is a limited post-CBA window to shop, the bidding could become frenzied. So far everything we've seen in the market is bad for the Cardinals, considering Bill DeWitt Jr.'s inclinations.
    What do you think we can expect from MLB on Dec 1?
  • Most everyone expects a lockout. These two sides have not been able to bargain constructively, so I believe a lockout will be needed to create urgency. Then the game of chicken starts. Teams will start losing their preseason sales before players feel any financial hurt. For many teams, the 2022 season is their first chance to sell a full stadium from Day 1 of the season.
    Still, this could drag on toward Opening Day because the players feel little pain until the real games begin. 
    Granted there is more of a history and and overall following in the Big Ten; but I was talking to a buddy of mine last. He estimates Penn State probably had 8'000 in attendance for their wrestling match last night. Would I be correct to assume Mizzou maybe gets 1% of that or 80 fan's. Mainly parents. Am I wrong? Is there more support from the students and community? These guys ae ranked #3 in the country.
    Penn State draws crazy support, almost as crazy as Iowa. I believe Mizzou averages better than 1,200 fans per match, which puts them on the edge of the Top 20 for attendance.
    Hi Gordo. Big fan of the Net Front Presence podcast. I feel like you three are sitting at a restaurant with me talking Blues hockey. My question isn't hockey related today though. Do you think there will ever be a possibility in the next 20 or so years that Mizzou will leave the SEC and at least go back to a conference with historic rivals? I understand the money made for Mizzou by joining the SEC, but I have lost 90% of my interest in watching the basketball and football teams play SEC teams that I have no hatred for. Also the fan base in the SEC is a different animal and culture to what we had in the Big 12. It just doesn't feel like a good fit for Mizzou rival wise, geographic wise, and culture wise. Your thoughts? Am I the only one who still feels this way?
    Many fans feel your way, but the college sports landscape is treacherous. Going back to the Big 12 isn't a great plan because the Big 12 isn't really the Big 12 any more. The Big Ten has always been a better fit for Missouri, but the love hasn't been reciprocal. 
    The hard reality for Missouri is this: If the superpower schools keep congregating into superconferences and an exclusive tier of college sports, the Tigers could get pushed out of the SEC into a secondary conference with schools like Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State, Vanderbilt, TCU, SMU, Tulsa, et al.
    Jeff, while I seldom support the Cards front office on anything, I agree with their position to not pursue top tier pitchers. To pay Max Scherzer $100 mil for 2-3 years on past performance that will likely not be repeated at the age of 37 is a recipe for fiscal insanity. The Scherzer bus passed through 8 years ago and the Cards did not buy a ticket. I realize Ben and many others strongly disagree. Wonder where you come down?
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