Join columnist Jeff Gordon for his live STL sports chat at 1 p.m. Friday

Join columnist Jeff Gordon for his live STL sports chat at 1 p.m. Friday

Bring your Cards, Blues, Mizzou, SLU and MLS questions and comments, and talk to columnist Jeff Gordon in his weekly live chat.

    Bobo's here. As usual, we have some questions in the queue ahead of time so we will dive in.
    John G. We hardly knew ye.

    How do you see the Blues goal tending situation (injuries nor withstanding) working out in the next 2 1/2 seasons?

    Do you see Hofer as the backup heir apparent? If so, what do you imagine Husso would bring in a trade after this season?
    Husso can become an unrestricted free agent after this season, so it will be interesting to see what the team does with him. He'll have leverage. I'll guess here: Husso gets a two-year deal for moderate money, Hofer remains No. 3 and Lindgren looks for a No. 3 job elsewhere with Colten Ellis moving in behind Hofer as the No. 4.
    Then, after the 2021-22 season, perhaps the Blues will make a trade to ease the logjam.
    Can Army sign Broiwn or Walker to a two way contract to avoid losing them to waivers?
    Both guys are veterans, so they will be exposed to waivers if sent down to the minors after the emergency recall expires. There is no contract they can sign that makes them waivers-exempt.
    Please comment on this statement: Despite being a loyal Cardinals fan since watching my first in-person game in 1955 at Sportsman's Park, I am increasingly finding it difficult to balance loving the Cardinals and being so upset with the decisions made by the front office in recent years and hitting the peak of the mountaintop with the Mike Shildt firing despite the overwhelming popularity of his work (educated guess) by Cardinal Nation.
    Yeah, the Mike Shildt firing was a PR fiasco for the franchise. But if the team contends for postseason play as usual, most fans will get over that and rally behind Oli Marmol.
    Since I no longer have BSMW I listen to Blues games with Chris Kerber on WXOS. It is a hard undertaking. As a Blues fan since '78 and growing up listening to Dan Kelly and Noel Picard I'm amazed at the low bar Blues radio has produced and the poor delivery of Blues action on the ice. Every little shot on goal is made to seem like the nuclear button is being pushed and the world as we know it is coming to an end. Kerber is way over dramatic with play calling and being a Blues super booster fan. Every check to a Blues player needs to be stricken from the rule book because Kerber says the opposing checker was trying to mutilate the Blue. Everything is way over hyped. Can we just stick to the action on the ice and not the glossy showmanship from the guy in the booth. Am I way off base here?
    Yes. Kerbs does a great job.
  • Why do you think the Cardinals won’t put the slugger Baker on the 40 man roster. Seems like a lot of potential power for something they’re lacking.?
  • There are better hitting prospects ahead of him, notably Juan Yepez and Nolan Gorman. Both offer fielding versality as well. With Goldschmidt parked at first base, Luken Baker would have to be a DH -- and he hasn't done nearly enough to make a bid on that job in 2022. Baker has his .244 and .249 in his last two seasons as he moved up organizational ladder. On the plus side, his raw power finally played last season and I would not be surprised if he had a breakthrough this season.
  • I'm not noticing the difference between a league minimum paid player and a 6 million dollar per year player. Walker is playing better then Schenn and Perron. Lindgren better than Binner. Now I wonder which NHL team would be the Tampa Bay Devil Rays of the league. I know it's a small sample size but very few 6 million dollar players are earning that money. Schenn, Krug and Binner aren't!!!
  • There won't a Tampa Bay Rays team in the NHL because the league has a salary floor as well as a salary cap.
  • For financial reasons giving Martin another year to right the ship seems like the smartest thing to do.
  • Cuonzo Martin must find a way to make this team competitive and win some home games while making progress with young players. Otherwise interest the program will erode further and put the athletic department further behind its SEC peers. That is the dilemma. If the losses mount and the athletic department can find boosters to fund the buyout, then I see the Mizzou going in a new direction. That's just a business reality.
  • Jeff,

    Good day to you and if you're not doing a chat next week, have a great holidays! I really look forward to your chats every week. I might not always agree with your opinions, but I do value them. That's about as nice as I can be without feeling the need to bathe myself. Consider yourself lucky. Bah Humbug!

    Anywho, wanted to get your thoughts on a potential column. I'd give a toe, half a finger, maybe a toenail if you could give your grades on the Blues sometime real soon. All the characters that have played such a huge part in this season. I say that, because by the time we get to May or June when your grades come out, my old memory won't be as sharp and I won't really remember how important these games were at the time. If this team sinks, like they should have, it would have been a big hill to climb to get back into the playoffs.

    All the underperforming teams are all playing well. The West actually has some legit teams, so those last two playoff spots we're accustomed to going to teams in our division will be up for grabs. I think it would be a great footnote to review when the season wraps up. With this team getting close to healthy, there's no reason why they shouldn't build on what has happened. They have shown they have the grit to impose their will and win physical hockey against a very talented home team that needed to win more than St. Louis did. That's the kind of stuff Cup winning teams are built on. If they have enough confidence, it could be maybe this year. No reason without adjustments it can't be next year.

    At this point in the year, what's your gut telling you? Does this team have the guts to bust up some teams in the playoffs and win a few rounds? Or are they still an insecure team that when times are tough they'll shrivel in the moment because they don't believe in themselves and each other enough to rise to the occasion and win? Why have they never been able to serve a good hotdog at Kiel Center? All these years and they haven't found a way to improve on the smashed, sort of stale bun? And why can't they get those delicious burn marks on the hot dogs? Why do the fans tolerate such pathetic nachos at our sports stadiums in St. Louis?We live in a society, there should be standards people!

    And why don't we serve cuisine found only here in St. Louis at our stadiums? How are we supposed to show visitors why our city is different and unique, if we don't show off why our food is so darn good. I couldn't imagine life without gooey butter cake. When done right, that stuff is amazing. St. Louis pizza, guess what, it's really good. That's why it's all over the place here. Or insert your favorite local dishes and those should be served. I would spend a lot more money on food at the stadium, if they served the stuff I actually eat. Instead, I go to a restaurant before the game and spend my money there.(I get why they don't serve bbq, too hard to slow cook enough food for 15,000+ people).

    I know this thing is long. So if you don't answer, I totally get it. You're just a unique dude, your opinions on random strange stuff is appreciated. Have a good one!
  • We'll do midseason grades as well as postseason grades, so stay tuned.
    I believe this team has a chance to go on a run. The guys are playing for each other again and there is a good vibe with the group. The Blues have been forced to develop more depth. The key young players are all taking a step forward this season. Expect more COVID postponements and disruptions this winter, so the teams that handle adversity the best will be the teams to watch in the playoffs. So far the Blues get high marks for that.
  • Just read the article about Binnington coming off Covid and his maintenance on keeping skills sharp. Just wondering if one of the team tools is a JUGS puck thrower (if there is such a thing) that goalies use to keep their reflexes sharp against random shots. Seems like a niche if one hasn't been invented.
  • Yes, there are puck cannons that help goaltenders.
  • Is it much of a stretch reading between the lines of your recent article on Nolan Gorman as pretty much already ordained by the Cardinals brass as the lead candidate to be hopefully earning an impactful role as at least the everyday lefty DH against right handed starters by season's end?
  • Unless Nolan Gorman is awful in spring training -- if there is a spring training in '22 -- then he will be on line to get big league at bats this season. That will be his natural progression. The same goes for Juan Yepez. So that enters the equation as the Cardinals decide how many veteran hitters to add to the spring mix and under what sort of contracts.
  • Jeff,
    Thank you for the chat today!

    Max Scherzer will earn $43.333M in 2022. The entire Baltimore Orioles team earned $42.422M in 2021, while the entire Los Angeles Dodgers team earned $271.2M, which is 6.4 times more than the Baltimore Orioles.

    12 teams spent less than $100M in 2021 and 2 of the 12 made the playoffs (17%)

    15 teams spent $100M or more in 2021 and 6 of the 15 made the playoffs (40%)

    3 teams spent $200M or more in 2021 and 2 of the 3 made the playoffs (67%)

    If competitive balance is the goal………..
    Baseball needs to stop rewarding the “tightwad tankers” with the highest draft picks and create a “soft spending floor” with financial penalties & draft pick penalties if they fail to comply.

    Baseball needs create a “soft spending ceiling” and penalize the “spend-a-holic” owners with harsh draft pick penalties and harsh financial penalties if they fail to comply.

    Those financial penalties can be used to improve the quality of life for minor league players.
  • I do believe some sort of salary floor would benefit the game. Some teams may still tank -- by taking on bad contracts to reach the floor while collecting prospects as the feel -- but at least that work-around would allow teams trying to win to invest in better talent after shedding bad contracts.
    The whole point of the collective bargaining agreement is to ensure that the players collectively get their fair share of the revenue. Forcing all teams to spend a reasonable amount would be a big step in that direction. 
  • I know that manager's fired with guaranteed money left on their contract like Shildt taking a job with another club still are made whole no matter what. That is at least to the extent their new gig pays less than what is contractually due from their former team being on the hook for
    remaining seasons. However, I am not sure how this works when you get a new job with the league. Do you care to venture a guess here if Mike will likely be getting a double dip next year or not?
  • I imagine Shildt will still collect what the Cardinals owe him, but that would be a better question for Derrick or The Commish.
  • Do you think the chief keeps the Russian line together when everyone gets healthy? They are fun to watch
  • There is great offensive chemistry there. Craig Berube will always tinker with his lines from game to game and during games -- especially when the checking slips -- but he tends to come back to combinations that work. So I think we'll see those guys playing together a lot.
  • Jeff,
    Thank you for the chat today!

    Mo is not going to spend Pederson or Rosario money on the mystery LHH bat. He might spend Moran money. However, I would rather see Mo add the Moran money to 2 RP expenditure fund and get a RP that can close some games and take some pressure off Gallegos.

    This approach gives the foursome of Yepez, Nootbaar, Gorman, and Donovan more MLB-ABs. Minimally, 2 of those 3 LHHs will be MLB ready. Yepez IS ready.

    I hope the new CBA addresses the issue holding rookies in the minors to gain an extra year of control. Gorman will benefit, as will the Cardinals.
  • The service time issue will need to be address in the next collective bargaining agreement or there will be no agreement. Owners have gone to extremes abusing the language in the previous deal, so change is inevitable.
  • Jeff, thanks again for the chat, Tipsheet (my favorite read) and all the articles you & the staff give us!
    I'm very excited for spring training to see what Yepez, Gorman, and the rest bring to the table; and with Flaherty and others getting healthy...
    I'm hoping for MO to bring in some pitching help, but it looks like 2022 will bring a lot of Cardinal victories...
    Are my glasses too rose colored?
  • No, I think there is real promise there. The Cardinals have hitting prospects ready to make an impact and key pitchers getting healthier. With bad contracts gone, there is some flexibility to make upgrades -- as you saw with the Matz signing. And if all the young hitters flop, which is unlikely, then the Cardinals can make adjustments on the fly as they did last season with the bullpen and starting rotation.
  • Good afternoon, Jeff.

    What are you seeing and what are your thoughts related to the NCAA transfer portal? Willing to see how this plays-out, but was also wondering what you thoughts were on Dabo Swinney's proposal to allow athletes to enter the portal but require them to sit-out the following season with that season being granted back, if you will, when he/she graduates. We may soon have collegiate athletes making decent $$$, not just the coaches.
  • Coaches are quick to jump from school to school themselves when the money is right. More notably, they award scholarships on a year-to-year basis -- pulling them if a guy gets hurt or struggles. And then some of them whine about players who leave without getting shoved. The nerve!
    I hope Army signs Berube to an extension. Best coach Blues have ever had. Here are the top 5 coaches in Blues history:

    1 Craig Berube
    2 Jacques Demers
    3 Joel Quinville
    4. Scotty Bowman
    5. Al Arbour

    Bowman and Arbour are HOF coaches but mainly earned that with other teams. What do you think? Berube is not getting burnt out I hope! Paul Maurice resigned today btw!
    That's a good list of Blues coaches. Joel Quenneville might be a Hall of Famer, too, but that messy scenario in Chicago on his watch will make that a much harder sell.
    Who is paying players with new rules Tennessee offensive lineman getting 50000 I have a hard time believing it would be the university or athletic department
  • Nope, that's local companies and boosters stepping up, These are private dollars, with the schools involved in driving up some of that business.
    The way the AHL blues are playing Army is not going to make a major trade. Don't you think he gives out "no trade" clauses way too much? Then you get stuck like Shattenkirk nullified a trade in his last year. He gave Krug a full no trade fir 5 years! Not wise. Schenn probably has one too.
    Armstrong doesn't give out many no-trade clauses. Shattenkirk didn't have one here. The Blues traded him because he did not want to sign an extension here.
    Hi, Mr. Gordon. Happy Holidays. With the NIL Era now upon us, will we see College Signings listed similar to free-agent signings in MLB: John Doe, University of Alabama, DE, $100,000? Thanks for your time.
    Great point! We'll need a database for that, like we see in the professional sports. The NCAA should demand a full accounting and publish the details on its website so everybody knows what money is being spent.
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