Join columnist Jeff Gordon for his live STL sports chat at 1 p.m. Friday

Join columnist Jeff Gordon for his live STL sports chat at 1 p.m. Friday

Bring your Cards, Blues, Mizzou, SLU and MLS questions and comments, and talk to columnist Jeff Gordon in his weekly live chat.

    Bobo's here and folks are lining up early again, so let's go!
    Mil was 5 games better than St Louis last year despite the Cards 17 game win streak that won’t be repeated. To close that gap, the front office acquired the oft injured jekyll and hyde Steve Matz. So far, the gap has increased with Mil pacing 15 games better than the Cards over a whole season. Simply put, Mil is a better team. The Cards rotation last year was bad, the rotation was suspect in spring training, and is abysmal at the moment. The organization either has no idea how to fix it or is content with their goal of win more than you lose with a chance to squeak out that last wildcard spot. Do you see it the same way?
    Bottom line: The Cardinals need to add two more starting pitchers. They made that in-season adjustment last season and they need to do it again.
    Simultaneous injuries to Jack Flaherty, Steven Matz, Jordan Hicks, Alex Reyes, Tyler O'Neill and Dylan Carlson have taken a toll on the pitching and offense. That goes a long way toward explaining the growing gap between the Cardinals and Brewers.
    So far they have found more internal solutions for the offense -- with Juan Yepez, Brendan Donovan and Nolan Gorman chipping in -- than with the pitching. So far reliever Andre Pallante has been the only young hurler from inside the organization to step up in a big way. Jake Woodford and Matthew Liberatore are next up, but neither looks polished enough to make a sustained difference. Packy Naughton (!) seems in line for a start and I imagine Angel Rondon and Drew VerHagen will get starts as well. Those looks like stopgap measures at best.
    Week after week we noted that the Cardinals came into this season without much of a safety net for starting pitching.  Now that lack of protection is threatening to hurt the team's chances of staying in the chase.
    Why do you suppose the powers to be with the Cardinals did not put Hicks in AAA to start the season and allow him more time to get accustomed in his new starting role?
    Two reasons:
    1. The lack of compelling starting pitching options on the roster, due in part to injuries to Jack Flaherty and Alex Reyes.
    2. Hicks throws 100 miles per hour, which gets him a lot of outs.
    Moe has left the team short on pitching again. On top of that , he locked BDW into another guaranteed long-term contract for a mediocre asset in Matz . Similar to Dexter Failure.
    This does not look like a World Series team and questionable whether it’s even a playoff team. Mo is mediocre And the Cardinals could do better by raiding Tampa Bay Front office.
    I'm not sure the Tampa Bay business model of constant roster churn and exploitation of cheap talent -- prospects and reclamation projects both -- would sell a lot of tickets in St. Louis. The Rays are masters at winning on a tiny budget, but the franchise is not so good at building fan support. Given their horrible stadium with his parking garage aesthetics, that approach a smart play. Here, where the Cardinals want strong attendance in the stadium and heavy traffic for related businesses, it would not work.
    That said, if the Cardinals could tap into the Rays' pro personnel evaluation expertise, that could help. That franchise has found gold again and again in players undervalued elsewhere, like Randy Arozarena. 
    Just a few thoughts from last night
    1- Where was Arenado on the pop up between Yepez and Sosa. He goes full out in foul territory but not so much in the field backwards on short flies to left
    2- when was the last time Edman wasn’t playing on grass in right with Wong batting. Had he been in his usual shift Wong would have been out in 4th which ended up being the winning run.
    3 - Goldschmidt launch angle had to be one of the highest all year
    4 - Most importantly I know Cardinals are one of the worse teams with pop outs but good grief. When have you seen so many bleeping pop outs in a game. We don’t need launch angle home runs. We need more Edman line drives. It was ridiculous how many pop up outs there were.
    Just a very frustrating game.
    After the game, Oliver Marmol was asked if the team had a popout problem. He conceded that there were a lot of popouts in Thursday's game, but he wanted more time to ponder whether this was a troublesome trend.
    The Brewers sure weren't shy about pitching up in the zone.
    Cards got a roster construction problem. Using yepez as a OF should be no he like Jose Martinez. They have a SS problem and are two SP short
    I touched on the need for two starting pitchers earlier. Yepez isn't a terrible outfielder, but he is certainly no Tyler O'Neill. He did not get a great jump on that shallow fly ball over the infield shift. O'Neill makes that play all day. This is hitting/fielding tradeoff the Cardinals will wrestle with while O'Neill and Dylan Carlson are sidelined simultaneously. Harrison Bader has his hands full with the makeshift outfield.
    Do you believe Matt Carp will catch a little lightning in a bottle with the Yankees or what?
    Just watched video of Winn at Springfield, I do not know who you can compare his throws from shortstop, but WOW.
    Masyn Winn has dynamic tools. His speed is every bit as impressive as his arm. He made the jump to Double-A at an extremely young age and he wasn't overmatched at the plate in his first few games. If he can continue his hitting development while facing much better pitching, this could become quite a story. But that's a big if. Double-A pitchers are way more likely to find his holes.
    Which available job (or potentially open job) will be filled John Tortorella? I need a new favorite team after the Av’s curbstomp the Blues tonight.
    Torts would be an interesting pick for the Flyers, a franchise that needs to start over from scratch but refuses to do so. GM Chuck Fletcher has a mish-mash roster with some overpaid veterans, so the Flyers will need a quick-fix coach to make them relevant in a deep division.
    Is it me or is the coverage nationally and even in Colorado on the Avalanche a bit off? I get the feeling that there would be a massive overreaction if the Avalanche lose today. They've got a few players whose talent is jaw dropping, but it takes time and experience to break through the Western conference. Look at all those years where the Backes, Oshie, Steen teams couldn't get past the Blackhawks and Kings. It's going to take six or seven games to beat this Blues team. That's just the way it was coming into the series. If the national media or their local media thought they will beat the Blues in four or five games, then they really didn't follow this Blues team or this conference that much this year.

    After Game Four, I thought Colorado would win the series in game six, and pretty easily. But now, after seeing all the pressure on those poor guys - which let me say is nuts, they're so talented that they're bound to have success even if it's not this year - if the Blues can survive the first and end the second period tied this game is probably theirs. Colorado is so so so so lucky Binner can't suit up in a Game Seven. That game would be teed up perfectly for a classic Binnington shutout. I hope, I pray today that we all hear Colorado's spine snap to weight of the world on their shoulders and the saints go marching on to a victorious game seven in Denver.

    You want to know why it's pretty obvious to Blues fans that the Blues organization is head and shoulders above the Cardinals? The Blues are up against Goliath where we have to win two straight to take the series and I like my team's chances. They might lose, but they have a real legit shot at winning this series. And this is with our backup goalie who isn't lighting the world on fire. The last time Cardinal fans felt that way was when, the second year after Albert left? I haven't liked their chances in the second full series in I can't tell you how long.
    Ah, the spirited Blues push in this postseason has helped fans forget the postseason no-shows in 2020 and 2021. Also, the glow of the '19 Stanley Cup lingers still. Maybe the Carshield commercials keep that going.
    As for the 'Lanche, this is a do-or-die season for them because they may never have this much talent under the salary cap again. Like the San Jose Sharks previously, they have been knocking on the door for a while. The Sharks could not get through that door. Will the 'Lanche suffer the same fate? Or is this their year to finally bring the Cup to the land-hoarding recluse who owns their team?
    Like you, there is a lot of pressure on them.
    From the morning skate looks like Toropchenko has been moved to the third line and Mikkola moved up to pairing with Faulk. I bet the NHL is looking for everyway to get the Blues out this. They probably would love to have a MacKinnon/McDavid match up.
    Yeah, speaking of Oilers-Avalanche conspiracy theories, Blake Coleman did not kick that puck into the net for Calgary. Coleman cut to the net while getting pushed. He didn't mind the puck going in off of his skate, but that point I'm guessing he was more focused on not getting hurt in the resulting crash.
    Did Gary Bettman phone that no-goal ruling into the Toronto war room? I would never make such an outrageous claim. Never.
    The Cards do not have a Shortstop problem, they have Edmonds, Sosa and Donavon. They have a Pitching problem. It's not surprising to me that Reyes, Hicks and "I want big money" Flaherty are hurt!
    And it's not surprising to me that Max Scherzer and his $43 million salary on the injured list as well. Occupational hazard of pitching.
    Guess we could not use Trevor Story in our lineup? Thoughts…
    On a one-year deal, sure, Trevor Story would have been a nice fit. For six year and $140 million? That was never going to work here.
    All of the young players making their debuts this year,do you think Schildt didn't want them or that Marmol does like youth? Certainly Mo's not the one pushing youth,right?
    Mike Shildt came up though the Cardinals' player development system and he was instrumental in the development of many young players, both in the minors and majors. The outfield of O'Neill, Bader and Carlson really broke out on his watch last season. Lars Nootbaar arrived and Edmundo Sosa got his first real chance. Many young pitchers got their chance as well. If Mike was managing this year, these same guys would be the injury replacements.
    In 2005 NLCS Game #5 in Houston, Astros fans stood in disbelief when the Cardinals mounted a 2-out unlikely comeback rally in the 9th inning averting elimination for one more game. The Blues game #5 in Denver the other night has a similar feel. How confident are you this hockey series outcome goes St Louis way this time around?
    The Avalanche are still the heavy favorites in this series. Now, if they lose this game they could be feeling big-time pressure going in Game 7.
    Getting a change of attitude at some of the other publications:

    " We asked earlier if the Avs had that dawg in ‘em and it’s partly because the team on the other side so clearly does. What analytics is missing is a team’s “that dawg in ‘em per 60” and the Blues have It"

    . I’m not going to pick Ville Husso to beat the Avs two more times; I can’t get myself into that space. But I’m happy to watch him try, and I won’t be shocked if they pull it off. Nobody should be.

    At least the come back win made some people notice the Blues.
    There was a lot of value gained in that comeback victory. The Blues reminded the NHL that they were still relevant and they built some more belief within the group and with individual players -- especially some of the younger guys getting their first real taste of his high competition level.
    Glad we have Matz on the IL rather than Sherzer with the contracts they have.
    How do the cards catch up to the Brewers?
    Add more pitching, get Tyler O'Neill right, get Dylan Carlson healthy, keep Juan Yepez in the offensive mix.
    Who is our trade bait for that pitcher? If Gorman, Liberatore, Walker and Winn are untouchable. Perhaps O'Neill as Gorman and Walker are our future power bats.
    I imagine the Cardinals will explore low-profile moves as they did last summer. I doubt they will give up on Tyler O'Neill quickly given his power/speed/fielding combination. The untouchable prospects list for trades should include Ivan Herrera, Juan Yepez, Nolan Gorman, Jordan Walker, Masyn Winn, Michael McGreevy and Gordon Graceffo.
    How interesting it was reading and watching the coverage of Game 5. MacKinnon "wins it" with a Bobby Orr-like, end-to-end rush with time expiring ... except that the Blues eventually grind out the victory. Have you ever seen a storybook moment like that ruined? I'm telling you, look out tonight: The Blues are killers.
    We talked about that on the Net Front Presence podcast -- overcoming such a signature individual play almost never happens. The emotional impact of such a play on both teams usually seals the game. But as we've seen it in the NFL, when one last-minute scoring drive is trumped by another scoring drive. Teams need almost no time at all to score in that league.
    Just remember your snark Bobo the Circus Freak when the Blues win and push this to a game seven. This team has been better all year than what's been said by the paper in these chats. Who wins games seven, beats me. If they make it, it's not because of 2019, it's because of who they are in 2022. This Colorado team has not impressed me. I think the Stars team in 2019 was a far tougher opponent. Winnipeg in 2019 for that matter as well.
    The Avalanche miss defenseman Samuel Girard. And goaltender Darcy Kuemper will leave some rebounds and flat out miss some shots, as he did in overtime. So, yes, there is some hope here. 
    On the other hand, Cale Makar is overdue for a monster game for the 'Lanche. He is even more disruptive offensively than Connor McDavid because he does the same stuff from the blue line.
    This Cards team, like the last few, are a real hoot! I enjoy following the PD staff coming up with new words for the meaning of average. God bless the extra wild card. #playoffbound
    If only the Cardinals were as committed to winning as the big market Cubs . . .
    In these chats you often reference the winning tradition of DeWitt's ownership but, man, the last 5 years feels like they have been winning in-spite of this front office. They saw how pitching needy the roster was last year and they still didn't get enough this year, even with Flaherty going down early. It's paint by number but Mo always has to turn it into his art show.
    This whole "winning in spite of the front office" line of thought is comical. It's not like the front office got only some of the players and the rest slipped in the back door when John Mozeliak wasn't looking.
    Hello BoBo! A lot of teams lost out by signing the big name SS just check the stats. Do you think Trevor Story's 232/312/464 slash line would help that much? Especially considering the offensive production of Donovan and Gorman? And do you think Story would of had that kind of offensive production playing in Bush stadium? I don't! If someone wants an "I told you so Mo" they should mention Joc Peterson because he would of made an awesome platoon with Pujols but no one was really mentioning his name in the off season including myself as I wanted Mo to sign Schwarber and I am eating Crow LOL. Have a great weekend BoBo!
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