Join columnist Jeff Gordon for his live STL sports chat at 1 p.m. Friday

Join columnist Jeff Gordon for his live STL sports chat at 1 p.m. Friday

Bring your Cards, Blues, Mizzou, SLU and MLS questions and comments, and talk to columnist Jeff Gordon in his weekly live chat.

    Does misery love company? Do you get the feeling the St. Louis fans although upset w this season so far are not as agitated and irate as they would've been if it was the Cubs running away w the division instead of the Brewers?
    The Cubs are the big rival, of course, so I suppose that takes some edge off the Cardinals' failure. Also, the Cubs totally collapsed and management has officially given up on the season -- and that adds some context to this team's downturn. Stuff happens, even to teams with a loaded nucleus.
    Should it not be alarming that Carlson has struck out 89 times the most on the team. Would it not make more sense to have Goldschmidt bat behind the best hitter on the team Arenado for protection.
    But Arenado is providing protection for Goldschmidt, who needs the protection more than Arenado. And Carlson has been hitting first or second because of his ability to draw some walks to set the table for those two. Lately, though, he has been showing signs of offensive wear and tear. A few good games at Wrigley followed by the All-Star Break could do him a world of good.
    Mo has worked his magic
    Out of it by all star game
    Little to trade because of overpaid aging players
    His hot seat should be lava
    But . . . the Cardinals will cycle out bad contracts after the season and be set for a reboot in 2022 as a few key prospects develop and some pitchers come back from the injured list. By racking up 13 consecutive winning seasons and making seven postseason trips in 10 days, Mozeliak does have some equity built up. Still, if I'm Bill DeWitt Jr., I want to be convinced by his plan for this reboot before I decide whether to make any changes to the baseball operations. Also, I want to see if this current management team and round up some stopgap help to keep things respectable.
    What's your thought about giving O'Neill a run at lead off once he's healthy again? Good OB, great speed, power at the top(like Schwarber and Cubs have tried Rizzo, etc.). Carlson was better at 2nd and Areanado at 4. Could he be the answer to jumpstart this lineup?
    It's a thought. The Carlson hasn't panned out well. O'Neill has been in a power-hitting rut, but he has found ways to get on base between injuries and illness. He has made great strides with his plate discipline.
    FanGraphs gives the Cards a 1 in 100 chance to win division and 1 in 50 to make playoffs. If Mozaliak has any money at all to spend, he might be better to throw it a Vegas craps table where he could get better odds. The point being the Cards aren’t playing for anything other than to get to 2022 where they can hit the reboot button. If they want to sell some tickets, bring up Gorman and Liberatore in Aug so the fans can see what’s ahead. Thoughts?
  • Selling hope is always the fallback when a team falls out of the playoff race. I can see both Gorman and Liberatore making their first big league appearance this season IF they can turn the corner at the Triple-A level and produce consistent results. But the Cardinals do not want to stunt their professional growth by exposing them to too much failure too soon.
  • Hi, Jeff. Given John Mozeliak’s roster moves or lack of moves (with the exception of the Arenado deal), where do you see the Cardinals finishing in the NL Central standings this season?

    Also, I am disappointed with Vladimir Tarasenko’s selfish behavior and complaining about not getting the Blues captaincy. He didn’t earn it, He had some big games over the past eight years, but it’s time for him to go. What types of players do you think Doug Armstrong can acquire in this off-season?

    Thanks for your chats. I really enjoy them.
  • It looks like the Cardinals and Reds will battle it out for second and third in the division. 
    As for Tarasenko, it's a shame to see his career take this direction. His place in team history would be tarnished by a bad exit and that's where we are headed here. No. 91 was often a handful for each of the head coaches he played for. He was obviously not captain material -- which he demonstrated with his reaction to being passed over. 
  • If the offense continues to struggle and Albert is let go will the Cardinals change their total organization approach to hitting?
  • This team doesn't have the personnel or the ballpark to take a home-run derby approach to hitting. This team and this ballpark are set up to emphasize pitching and defense, so the lineup features some hitters who need to use the whole field and generate offense by all means possible. Mike Shildt has publicly call for this to the team's approach, so we'll see if the offense evolves at all in the second half.
  • With the Cards needing a LH middle of the order bat moving forward next year would it make sense to bring Gorman up now and give him a run at 2nd base instead of waiting till the call up? Edman and Sosa look like utility players, Carpenter taking AB's is a waste (probably should be DFA) considering the team has almost no chance of making the playoffs this year.(Fangraphs - 2%)
  • Gorman got off to a 4-for-29 start at Triple-A, so it seems he will need more work against experieinced pitching before making the final jump to the big leagues.
  • I love the energy that Bader brings but doesn't he have to be better than a 7/8 hitter to stay a starter to help this lineup moving forward?
  • This team can have an excellent center fielder hitting seventh or eighth because that is a premium defensive position. But if the shortstop also doesn't hit, that creates a second lineup hole in front of the pitcher. That limits the team's ability to build big innings and sustain inning-to-inning pressure.
  • Do the Cardinals ride out another year w Yadi leading an ineffective pitching staff and being a sub par middle of the order bat so he can finish his hall of fame career on his terms? Is this wasting The window w Goldschmidt and Areanado plus Flaherty and hopefully Reyes, Liberatore, Hicks, etc.?
    Molina's track record for handling pitchers speaks for itself. I certainly don't blame him for this one-year downturn with a number of fill-ins on the staff. As for his role in the middle of the order, that is a function of the team's lack of batting order depth. He could still help this team next year while hitting seventh and working with Dakota Hudson, Jack Flaherty, Miles Mikolas, et al., with a healthier staff. Of course, that means those guys will actually have to get healthy.
  • With money coming off the books would it make more sense to go after one of the star SS or a top 3 starting pitcher? Or do they need to use the funds to lock Flaherty down long term?
    They could do both. Seek pitching help/seek a shortstop and try to exted Flaherty. And they need to take a long look at doing that, because the Paul DeJong downturn has become protracted. Unless he hits, say, .270 for the rest of the season the Cardinals will need to explore that shortstop market.
    It seems that the best option for Army to get any value out of trading Vladdy is to find a team with its own disgruntled player like what the Jets did trading Laine to Columbus. Jeff, have you heard any rumblings around the league about other unhappy players that are looking to move, and who could make a good candidate for the ole change of scenery trade?
    Do you want to give Craig Berube another reclamation project when he is trying to get the group ro regain its edge? I think not. Replacing one problem with another does not sound appealing. Taking, say, Jeff Skinner and most of his money in exchange for Tarasenko would not fix things. Taking Matt Duchene from Nashville would not guarantee success.
    While I have no expectations of this happening, it would be nice for Mo to speak candidly like Hoyer did. It may not be what most fans want to hear, but perhaps need to hear. I think part of the frustration with the front office is the perceived aloofness or being overly vague.
  • But these are two different scenarios. Hoyer has some good players on expiring contracts and Mozeliak has some unproductive players on expiring contracts. Hoyer had to decide between reinvesting more money in the same guys or selling them off as rentals. Conversely, the Cardinals are mostly stuck with some players they don't want to re-sign and players that are not attractive trade targets.
    That said, Mozeliak will be forced to address his intentions for the rest of the season as the trade deadline nears. He must buy (unlikely), sell or muddle through in hopes of salvaging some pride with a good finish.
  • Jeff, I’m a little confused by what some of the sports writers and sports talk show hosts have been saying the last 24 hours in regards to Tarasenko. It seems like there are a few that say go ahead and expose him and get the $9.5m salary relief for this upcoming season. Then there are others that say, don’t expose him because you’ll just be giving him away, while others talk about what little trade value he has anyway. So is he worth saving and trading or is he damaged goods and we should just hope and pray the Kraken take him off our hands? Personally I think you expose him in the draft. The argument a couple weeks ago was what if you expose him and the Kraken don’t take him, would he be upset? Don’t have to worry about that scenario anymore.
  • I agree with you. In a flat salary cap world, Tarasenko's $7.5 million cap hit combined with multiple shoulder injuries and declining production limit his value. And his $9.5 million in real salary owed is a turnoff in the NHL's post-pandemic recovery. Armstrong has managed to trade declining players for value returns in the past, but he will hard-pressed to find some GM that stupid this time around.
  • There are a lot of similarities between the Cards and Giants in that both teams refuse to tank, both rely heavily on homegrown players, both enjoy tremendous fan support, and both have won a lot of games over the last two decades. So in terms of steady franchises, Jeff, which team has enjoyed the better run over the last 20 years? Cards have had more winning seasons that SF, but the Giants have won more WS than the birds. Both are model franchises, but there can be only one victor, so who do you got?
  • Before this season. I would give that nod to the Cardinals for enjoying more consistent success. But if the Giants go back to the postseason while the Cardinals fade, that tips the scale to San Francisco's way.
  • If you eliminate the home town connection, who would be a better fit for the Blues if Army could pull off another blockbuster trade - Jack Eichel or Mathew Tkachuk? Assuming the Blues would have to include both Kryou and Thomas in any deal for the two, the team would have an obvious need at both center and wing, so whose style of play would better fit with Chief's system? Any worry that Mathew's shenanigans are destined to eventually alienate him from his teammates no what club he plays on? In his six seasons, Eichel has only played more than 70 games twice, so would long-term health be a concern? Who would you pick, Jeff?
  • Eichel is the better player overall -- he has 100-point potential at center -- but that neck injury is a concern. Tkachuk needs to reel his game in, but he has plenty of time to mature. The Blues could play O'Reilly and Schenn down the middle of the first two lines and get big mileage from Tkachuk on the wing. Given the Eichel injury,  I would take Tkachuk if all things were equal.
  • If I went to my boss and said I want to spend $41m dollars for a software application called Carpenter that will increase profit and productivity. It will take two years to implement. 18 months in and the application is a disaster and is actually costing us money. What do you think the outcome for me would be?
    A. I would still have a job and my boss would love me
    B. I would still have a job but my co-workers would wonder why I’m still there.
    C. I would actively be looking for a job on Indeed, Monster and Dice.
  • But if your job performance including more success than your immediate peers and your company was enomously profitable because of your overall track record, you might be OK.
  • I’ve watched this catch by Dylan Carlson against the Giants a couple nights ago, multiple times, and I’m failing to see the “spectacular-ness” of it. Don’t get me wrong, it was a fine catch but he didn’t scale the wall, ala-Ozuna. He didn’t reach over the wall, ala-McGee. He didn’t lay full out, ala Bader. I think Danny Mac may have gone a little overboard with the game saving catch phrase. Again, it was a very fine catch, but that’s all it was.
  • Come on, don't rain on the parade. Enjoy the victory. There is plenty to complain about in the losses.
  • Hoping DA is in the same mindset as many fans and protects Sunny. At this point there doesn't seem to be much point in rushing to re-sign Schwartz prior to the expansion draft. As for 91, you protect him if he's still on the team as to not lose him for nothing. Plus there'd likely be another NHL'er coming back in a deal that would assume that protection spot.
  • The Blues would not lose Tarasenko for nothing in the expansion draft. They would gain $7.5 million to spend on talent they otherwise could not fit under the salary cap. That could be a big plus.
  • Is the season over ? It sure feels like it Jeff
  • Can the Cardinals win the division? No, because Milwaukee will keep adding players as needed and the Cardinals have pitching holes they simply cannot fill.
    I went back and looked at the July 15th press conference DeWitt, Mozeliak & Girsch did when Shildt was announced the intern manager. I urge everyone to go out on YouTube and listen to it and forget the date and time it was done, but just listen to the words from Mr. DeWitt and John Mozeliak carefully, then think about where we are at this moment in time baseball wise.

    Spoiler alert, Girsch doesn’t getting a speaking part until 22 minutes 49 seconds into the press conference, and even then he spoke for only 36 seconds before Mo cut him off.
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