Join columnist Jeff Gordon for his live St. Louis sports chat at 1 p.m. Friday

Join columnist Jeff Gordon for his live St. Louis sports chat at 1 p.m. Friday

Bring your Cards, Blues, Mizzou, SLU and MLS questions and comments, and talk to columnist Jeff Gordon in his weekly live chat.

    When Bortuzzo and Parayko return who are the odd men out?
    Tucker and, on many nights, Bortuzzo. The Blues need to have a puck mover on all three pairings.
    Now that Pederson is off the table, FA LH hitters are slim. What do the Cards think of Joey Gallo? Yes, he is a strike out machine but perhaps hitting behind Goldy and Arenado he would see better pitches. And he is a good defender. I guess the question is whether he would protect our top players in the lineup. What do you think?
  • I believe he is a No. 8 hitter. Good glove, like you say, but his strikeout rate behind the MVP2 would lead to a lot of intentional walks.
    Jeff, with MLB switching to a fully integrated schedule next season, has the time come to consolidate the annual awards into one for the entire league? Despite Goldy's great season, the NL MVP didn't even have the second best season among players this year, with Shohei's historic season more deserving of an award. You could justify having two awards during interleague play since teams only played 5 squads from the either side of the league, but with a fully integrated schedule 2 MVP, Cy Young's etc. just feels like giving out a runner up trophy that may not even go to the actual runner up.
    The believe the two leagues will want to maintain their own identity despite the cross-scheduling, so I don't see baseball getting away from league honors MLB has turned Awards Week into an event and the current format maxes out the number of awards,
    Hi Jeff - People were watching Tucker last night, but to me, Mikkola stood out a lot. Great defensive positioning, battling in the corners, initiating breakouts, great skater. Did you see the same thing? Might have a lot of potential, given his age. What are the chances we can retain him?
    Niko is going to get paid on his next contract since he is taking a big step this year. But I don't see the dollars getting silly, He has finally become an NHL regular, but injuries have played a role in that.
    Jeff, I think if the Blues are still in contention at the trade deadline you have to look to the future and get as much as you can for Tarasenko. He's not going to be part of our future.
    It depends on the level of contention. The Blues have made rental acquisitions and spent long-term assets to get them when there was a chance to play deep. So in that tense Tarasenko could just be an "own rental" player. But if contention just means getting in the playoffs and then walking into a big mismatch, then I agree. Armstrong has dealt talent in that scenario before.
    Happy Friday BoBo! Can you please give it to us Cardinal fans straight? There's a lot of talk about Verlander, Rodon, Turner, Correa and Contreras but in all likelihood we are probably looking at some mid market relief pitcher and someone like a Jesse Winker, Michael Brantley, or David Peralta for the "left handed bat" and for catcher we are lucky we will probably going to get Christian Vasquez but more likely get a Catcher like Tucker Barnhart or Roberto Perez. $20 million doesn't go as far as it use to and I don't think Mo/Dewitt is going to spend more than $20 million. I get it! The Cardinals are a small market team but we need a sports writer that will give it to us straight. So could you please give us some idea of what we can expect? Thanks for the chats BoBo!
    You've never heard me say this team would chase Trea Turner, Carlos Rodon or Justin Verlander. I was most pleasantly surprised when they pulled off the Nolan Arenado trade. I poo-pooed that idea all along. This front office will always be more prudent than daring.
    That said, this team will have revenues somewhere in or around the upper third of baseball next season and I expect the payroll rank will be pretty similar. I don't one huge more salary fitting into that framework. I'd love to be wrong again.
    The Cardinals talk about wanting to get more strike out punch from their pitching staff and then go and resign Stratton, who know one will confuse for Edwin Diaz. Chris is a fine depth addition, but there is only so many roster spots to make meaningful additions and the Cards are running out of space if all the guys who played a meaningful role in the pen last year come back. Where's the supposed improved punch going to come from, Jeff?
    The easy path for improvement: Full year of Jordan Hicks, full year of Jake Woodford, full year of Zack Thompson as a reliever, full year of Andre Pallante as a reliever and a full year of Chris Stratton in relief. And I could see one more power pitcher in that mix, if the Cardinals can find one at the right price.
    I feel like a trade of TON and a trade of Montgomery freeing up 15 mil is the play. Get the catcher in a trade and the hitter with the cash. Could be a 25 MIL ish hitter. That plays
    But now you have weakened the starting rotation and subtracted a guy who has hit 30 homers and won a Gold Glove.
    I think there are a lot of great opportunities out there for the Cardinals that fit within their comfort range. The big dollar players outside of Verlander and Judge aren't big impact players.

    I'd say, I wouldn't be surprised if the Cardinals wind up in the mix for Bogearts if they can sign him under 30 million and for less than 6 years. Out of all the hitters available, he's one of the few that's been a very productive player year in and year out. He's an easy player to find at bats. Seems like he fits the profile of the kind of offensive player they'd target. I know it's easy to equate big offense with a guy who hits 35HR a year, but this guy would have a very positive impact on the offense.

    Another player that fits the Beltran, Berkman, second round of Pujols is Jose Abreau. A player in his mix thirties that has been a consistent quality bat forever. You mix this young man in the right matchups, he's going to produce very good numbers. Meanwhile he shouldn't hog 160 starts, so there's at bats to give Gorman and other youngsters. Plus, Abreau has been known as a very good clubhouse guy and I know the Cardinals like to add high character players when they fit what the Cardinals are looking for.

    Pitching wise, I think the free agent market for starting pitching was a lot better last year. I don't see any of the top starters having the right mix of health and production that the Cardinals like. Are there any pitchers that could be available in the trade market that seem like the kind of pitchers the Cardinals would like?

    Mitch Haniger is an OF that had been linked to the Cardinals for years. Did his significant internal injury dampen his production or is he still the same player who has a lot of potential? Any word if the Cardinals might be interested.

    I have nothing on the Blues. We'll just have to wait and see what kind of team they are after the winning streak is over. For me that will be the true test of what this season will look like. What do you think?

    For those watching the AEW wrestling pay per view this weekend. Let it be known I called it first when CM Punk lead pipes Moxley and helps MJF win the title. Whatever happens at that event will definitely leave people talking.

    RE: Last nights overturned goal.

    Watching the game and noticed the high stick and then what we thought was goaltender interference. My questions concerning this specific incident are these:

    1. If the Blues challenge the high stick and lost there is a two-minute minor?
    2. If the high stick challenge is lost the Blues can then challenge the interference?
    3. If that challenge is also lost the Blues would get a second penalty being a double minor?
    4. If the Blues lost the first challenge yet win the second the score reverts back to 4-4, the Blues get a two-minute minor and they play on, true?

    Let's look at that play if it happened in the last minute or in OT.

    If the NHL reviewed the play and looked at
    the high stick and if that isn't called would the NHL then look at interference?
    I believe the high-stick review is initiated by the officials, just as a review of a puck crossing the goal line or not. If the puck is played by a high stick and later scored in a normal fashion, a coach can challenge that the play should have been stopped by the high stick. The same goes for pucks off the screen or a hand pass that was missed.
    Had the officials not overturned the goal with the high stick ruling, then the Blues could have challenged for interference. Losing that challenge would have resulted in a penalty. If a team loses a second challenge after losing its first challenge, then there is a double-minor penalty.
    Jeff, it's highly unlikely the Cards do not retain Flaherty after this year. Wouldn't it make sense to move him to Toronto for Moreno. Toronto is in a "win now" mode. Moreno is going to have a much higher upside.
    Why would the Blue Jays trade a catcher with big upside and years of cost control for a pitcher that is one year removed from free agency? The Blue Jays just traded slugger Teoscar Hernandez in part because he was a year removed from free agency and long-term budgeted compelled them to fill that spot with more cost control.
    If Toronto is stupid enough to do that, then the Cardinals would be freed up to spend more on pitching. But, again, that would be pretty stupid.
    Do you trade Oreilly at some point this year or let him walk.if you are going to make the playoffs?
    Again, the distinction is between "make the playoffs" and "make the playoffs with a chance to go far" -- and that will but Doug Armstrong's judgment.
    In 2022 the Cardinals had the league’s MVP and another who took a good run at it. On the second half of the year they had one more bat hitting at MVP level. Still, the playoffs were two and out despite home field advantage, and I thought that the Cardinals were the 6th best team in the NL playoffs. I don’t see the team’s off-season shopping list doing much more than replacing the departing parts. This team needs better starting pitching to advance in the playoffs.
    Cardinals starting pitchers yielded two runs in two playoff games, so that's not why they didn't advance.
    I think the difference in public perception between the Blues and Cardinals is that Stillman/DA appear to have a desire to do whatever they can to win, while DeWitt/Mozeliak appear to do just enough to be in the mix. Additionally, the Blues have a gritty history, while the Cardinals market themselves as a Crown Jewel franchise.
    Both franchises want to stay in the chase every year. The Blues need to do that to stay in business. The Cardinals choose to do that to keep business humming, both in the ballpark and with the franchise's related businesses. The Blues are limited by the salary cap and the franchise has done deficit spending in the past. The Cardinals avoided deficit spending, except during the pandemic, and their payroll is limited by their self-imposed budget. Fans may perceive more "want to" from the Blues and perhaps the "want to" sells convinces fans to buy tickets. But attendance figures suggest that the Cardinals' consistency sells well in this market.
    Why was Bally's showing a game between Sweden and the Washington Capitals last night?? Seriously, I went from hating those unis to loving them in one game. They're certainly better than the fast food unis of last year. Did you like the new Tre Kroner look?
    I do like them way more than the Jack In the Box crew uniform from the yesteryear or the hideous red reverse retro version of said crew uniform.
    Your response to Ryan P about O’Neill is exactly the line of thinking what keeps this organization with its wheels spinning in place. They are always looking at the high water mark for a a player and not objectively considering the full body of work. Yes, O’Neill was great in ‘21 but he was average in ‘19, regressed in ‘20 and then regressed again in ‘22 and he’s always hurt. Not saying get rid of him but let’s stop counting on him.
    On the other hand, just trading him when his value is low will yield a disappointing return. And trading a highly effective starting pitcher just to create more spending room also seems silly.
    Did you see Mo just signed four players? It was minor league contracts but they got Oscar Mercado back.
    Time to stock Memphis. For a minute there Mercado had some success and gave one more reason to yelp about John Mozeliak. That yelping has since subsided.
    Jeff, if the Blues are just good enough to make the playoffs but not advance past the first round, would it be prudent to try and move Binnington and get rid of his contract in exchange for a 1st round draft pick and 2-3 young high level NHL ready players? Better to sell high while you can. Besides, Hofer should be ready by next year.
    So which Jordan Binnington are we talking about? If he's playing well, then that contract is fine -- especially with Hofer as a low-cost replacement. If he is just OK, the trading him for anything more than salary dump would be hard, and that may require eating contract. Remember, the Blues are going to retool -- but they want to be competitive while doing so, Asking a goaltender to jump straight from the AHL to the NHL is asking a lot.

    Hypothetical yes but something to think about as we wile away the dreaded cold winter days and nights. And yes, I'm asking seriously.

    If someone had the financial worth and approached the Blues ownership group about buying a part of the team what would you think would be the Blues response?

    Any idea of the value of the franchise as we sit?

    Also, where would be a good place to find the entire ownership group?
    The well-respected Sportico site lists the value of the Blues at $770 million. Forbes should publish its annual assessment next month. The Blues list the members of their ownership group but not the stake percentage: Tom Stillman, Jerald Kent, Donn Lux, James Cooper, Jo Ann Taylor Kindle, Steve Maritz, Edward Potter, Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Taylor, David Steward, James Kavanaugh, John Danforth, Christopher Danforth. Jim Johnson III, Scott McCuaig, John Ross, Jr., Tom Schlafly.
    There is some serious money in that group. The group has invested heavily in hockey. While the franchise has grown in value, I believe these folks got into it more as a public service. If some individuals within the group wanted out, I suppose people within the group would buy them out. 
    Would the whole group? I have no reason to suspect it would.
    The City SC Jerseys look like a dog food commercial. Hoping for something a little classier!
    This is soccer, Ed. This is not baseball. Nor is it NASCAR . . . yet.
    Odds that the Cards make a play for Senga or Yoshida from Japan?
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