Join columnist Jeff Gordon for his live St. Louis sports chat at 1 p.m. Friday

Join columnist Jeff Gordon for his live St. Louis sports chat at 1 p.m. Friday

Bring your Cards, Blues, Mizzou, SLU and MLS questions and comments, and talk to columnist Jeff Gordon in his weekly live chat.

    Bobo's here and ready to go. We have a busy day ahead, so let's get started!
    DH rule: "If a player serving as the DH is later used on defense, he continues to bat in his same lineup spot. But for the rest of the game, his team cannot use a DH to bat in place of the pitcher" Does this mean the pitcher would need to bat for the rest of the game? Seems to be something to consider if Contrares is used as DH and has to come in to catch because of injury.
    Correct, that's how it would play out. The pitcher, or a pinch-hitter for the pitcher, would bat in the slot previously occupied by the starting catcher.
    Seems like length of contracts and paydays are quite robust this off season. Even Tier A-, B+, B, B-, C+ free agents, many of whom are coming off of performances last year at only slightly above average are getting more than experts in general predicted. What gives?
    Two things: One, there is a lot of money in the industry. Fans have returned from the pandemic in full force in most markets and baseball is always finding new revenue streams, like from legalized gambling.
    Secondly, the expanded playoff bracket puts more spots in play and creates an incentive for more teams to try hard.
    Great job by Mo and the FO on filling the catcher hole with a bold move, but more needs appear obvious (impact starting pitcher controlled past 2023 and proven lefthanded hitting outfielder). Starter Pablo Lopez (via trade) and outfielder David Peralta and lefty reliever Taylor Rogers (both free agents) might be excellent fits and should be doable. Do you see the Cardinals pushing their capabilities higher or would you expect them to consider their work essentially done and be more spectator than significant participant the rest of the winter? Thanks.
    With the prize catcher hooked do the Cardinals likely put their deep sea fishing nets away not casting them again until next summer's trade deadline approaches?
    Given the fact this team refused to trade Lars Nootbaar to either Oakland or Toronto in a multi-player deal for a catcher, it seems the team is ready to give him another spin next season. The Cardinals have also kept Alec Burleson as a left-side hitter. And John Mozeliak has made it clear that he wants to leave a path clear for Jordan Walker to move into the outfield mix at some point in 2023. So that suggests the team may not seek left-side hitting outfielder from the rather unimpressive pool of current possibilities.
    But, yes, the Cardinals could use another starting pitcher because are better off keeping Andre Pallante and Zack Thompson in the bullpen -- and that leaves Dakota Hudson and scatter-armed Matthew Liberatore as the only protection for the current five-man rotation. At the very least this team needs to add depth there. I wouldn't hold my breath for a big move given the dollars already committed to Willson Contreras. I'd love to be proven wrong, for the sake of the fans . . .   
    My Hope is MIZZOU basketball can play Kansas a 8 to 12 point game. They got a ton of fire power and we don't defense the 3 point shot very well. I am hoping with how hard we play we can keep it competitive. Ken pom has us going 10 and 3 non conf and 7 and 11 conference record. 17 and 14 overall record could have us in NIT. That would be great first season for Gates. Lastest poll has 5 SEC teams in the top 25.
    The big worry with Mizzou hoops is the points they have allowed low- and mid-major teams to score 80-plus and 90-plus points. If those schools can beat the Tigers' ball pressure to get open 3-point shots and free runs at the basket, what will high-end teams like Kansas, Illinois, Iowa State and the SEC teams do? Missouri will win some games when it shoots well this season -- given the large number of proven scorers in its mix -- but it will also get outscored plenty when other teams keep hitting shots.
    Can Missouri win enough games to get an NIT nod? Maybe, if it gets Isiaih Mosley going and gets more minutes from Ronnie DeGray III and Mohamed Diarra up front. Playing four guards consistently in the SEC isn't likely to work.
  • Bobo, while lots of excitement around the Cards, can we start the chat by recommending the Raiders fire their entire coaching staff? How else to explain losing to a Rams team led by a recently hired scrap QB who had all of about 2 hours to read the playbook. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a softer defense helped along by stupid penalties that allowed the Rams to march 98 yards in the last minute for the winning TD. The Malibu wonder must have laughed all the way back to his cocoon after that improbable finish.
    I didn't watch the battle, but it's never a good night when the Rams win -- especially with a much-maligned QB pulled off the street.
    Pitching depth doesn't necessarily mean pitching excellence. Do you think the Cardinals need to add a number 1 or 2 starter to compete with the top teams in the NL? And will the current young LH hitters currently on the team be enough from that side of the plate?
    The only "true No. 1 or No. 2 starting pitcher" left on the market is Carlos Rodon and the Yankees are driving up the free-agent bidding on him. I do not see the Cardinals in that chase. It appears Cardinals fans feel more urgency to bring an established ace to St. Louis than Cardinals management feels.
    As for this team's ability to hit right-handed pitching, the team hopes that some guys hitting from the right side of the plate -- Willson Contreras, Tyler O'Neill and Jordan Walker -- can help with that. As noted earlier, the team held on to young left-side hitters (Brendan Donovan, Nootbaar and Burleson) while deciding to go the free-agent route to upgrade at catcher.
    Tage Thompson is a freak of nature. Berube said "most of us knew he would be a really good player someday " . Too bad they didn't include someone else right? I know you liked him as a youngster but it's not just a shot he has sublime moves fast skater big body everything. On NHL network they are comparing him to a young Mario Lemieux. WOW! He"s a generational talent we let slip through our fingers?
    He is an excellent young forward who has come into his own. But let's remember that Mario Lemieux scored 100 points as a 19-year old. Thompson is breaking out as a 100-point threat this season -- at the age of 25.

    I like the fact that the Cards did not trade some good young LH hitters/players in Nootbaar and Donovan and a power pitcher like Graceffo to get Murphy. They need these ingredients in their receipe for success moving forward.

    I also like Brantley or Conforto on a short-term deal to give them a proven, professional LH hitter to be in the middle of the lineup and in Brantley's case show the young Burleson ,Gorman and Carlson how to be a professional hitter and get the most from their ability...

    Finally trade excess players like Yepez/Hudson for some pitching from Miami - power starters and/or relievers.

    What's your take?
    If there is a way to trade for, say, Pablo Lopez -- and pitcher brought up earlier in the chat -- at the cost of players from the Yepez/Burleson/Hudson/Liberatore pile, then, sure, that would be a savvy move for the Cardinals. At some some point the Cardinals will face a roster crunch, so they can't cling to all of their young players.
    As for adding a veteran outfielder, remember that the Cardinals current outfield pile includes O'Neill, Carlson, Nootbaar, Yepez, Burleson, Walker and Moises Gomez -- a once-promising Tampa Bay prospect who slugged his way onto the Cardinals' 40-man roster last season. If the Cardinals trade from that pile for pitching, that would make it more likely the team would spend on an outfielder. But prices for even so-so free agents have been very high, so it would not be shocking to see the Cardinals stick with what they have.
    It's clear signing Leddy a 34 year old defenseman over a young in his prime Villie Husso was idiotic. When Binner's predicted meltdown arrived we are now left with 37 year old Thomas Griess to save the season. Army also let Charlie sideburns go with no one ready at the AHL. He really didn't try hard enough for Tkachuck either. Thomas/Kyrou contracts maybe dubious as well. Are they really bathe guys to build around? Army has earned enough capital to rebuild/retool the team but boy oh boy this is not going to be easy with all these NTC and long contracts.
    Thomas and Kyrou are excellent young talents with the skill set to succeed in today's NHL. They are worth building blocks. And Doug Armstrong will be able to make significant trades to retool this roster if it comes to that. And it certainly looks like it will come to that.
    BTW have you thanked Army for making your hometown Red Wings a playoff contender? Sunny, Perron, Husso, Fabbri, and soon Barbie?
    It's a bit early to set aside money for Red Wings playoff tickets. I believe at least 10 Eastern Conference teams are better. But newcomers like Kubalik and Copp have had a big stay in the early Detroit success, along with David Perron and Ville Husso.
    Jeff, now that we have a catcher and some low-cost/low risk relievers, what else would you want the Cardinals to seek out? I'm pretty positive Tyler will have a bounce back year. If he does, and Nootbar continues to improve, they might have a very strong lineup.. Your thoughts?
    Again, I would point to starting pitching depth as a need. But right now this is not a terrible lineup:
    1) Nootbaar-RF
    2) Donovan-2B
    3) Goldschmidt-1B
    4) Arenado-C
    5) O'Neill-LF
    6) Contreras-C
    7) Gorman/Yepez-DH
    8) Carlson-CF
    9) Edman-SS
    Obviously this would be even better if Jordan Walker fulfills his potential sooner than later.
    I heard the Buffalo GM got fired over the O'reilly trade. Jason Botterill needs a BIG apology from the owners Pegula's! Ryan O'reilly for Mario Lemieux Junior is a home run for the Sabres. I don't suppose owners who made billions in fracking destroying the environment will do that. It takes humility. Do you?
    The Sabres have not been to the playoffs since 2011. No apology needed.
    Happy Holidays, Mr. Gordon. Thanks for your time and the chat. With the Cardinals wanting pitchers with "swing and miss stuff" I am surprised they risk losing Reyes, and traded away Johan Oviedo. I realize there are mitigating circumstances in both cases -- Reyes' injuries and Oviedo's inconsistency -- but I think the Cardinals could regret losing both. Trading away Oviedo's potential for three months of left-handed pitcher and a couple playoff games seems like a foolish move. Also, given the team's desire for a left-handed bat with power, I'm surprised they didn't try harder to sign Bellinger. At today's prices, $17.5 million doesn't seem extravagant (not when Aledmys Diaz is getting $7 million). Do the Cardinals view Nootbaar as their Bellinger or are they keeping the spot Bellinger would have taken open for Jordan Walker? Thanks.
  • The Cardinals were not going to give Cody Bellinger $17.5 million AND give Willson Contreras all of that money on his long-term deal. Like it or not, that's not where their 2023 budget was headed. They were going to spend big money one thing, then look to the trade route as needed. Had the team traded for the modestly-paid Sean Murphy to catch, there would have been money to spend elsewhere.
    Also, as noted earlier, this team has a big outfield pile that does include Walker. 
    Johan Oviedo has ability, but at some point a pitcher ages out due to the 40-man roster limitations and the number of available minor league options left. The Cardinals could have kept Oviedo around for another year as a depth starter, but at some point he was going to get passed by other prospects. So trading him for significant short-term help made sense.
    Alex Reyes presented the same dilemma. At point, after years of trying, it's time to turn the page.
    Thanks for the chat! Now that our catcher is in place, feeling like we need to make a move for another starter. As the last couple years of have shown you can't have enough! I'm concerned that we have a lot of questions. Hopefully Jack can come back and be the Jack that was dominate, lots of innings for Miles last year, how will Waino hold up, etc. While I'd like to see Rodon here but don't see it with the price, do we look at Bassitt, make a move for Lopez from Miami or a reunion with Wacha?
    As noted earlier, adding a depth pitcher would be smart. But Chris Bassitt is heading into his age 34 season and he is seeking a four-year deal for real money. By guy BenFred is making a case for this signing, but that could be a tough sell to the front offcce.

    Every team in the MLB received 30 million in extra revenue from the sale of BamTech this year. The Cardinals are exploring advertising on their jersey's, which has netted other teams a 17 million a year boon in revenue. That the Cardinals will hold themselves to a roughly 185 million dollar payroll, is a disservice to fans that flocked to the ballpark last season. They don't have to spend like the Cohen Mets, but if they don't make another significant move to bolster the team, wouldn't that be a disappointment?
    As Derrick Goold has noted, the industry-wide spending in baseball has put a spotlight on the Cardinals. This franchise will raise its payroll for 2023, but how much it ultimately spends will draw scrutiny. The Cardinals will never spend money just to get some good PR, but if the franchises sags well back into the MLB payroll pack that will become a steady discussion point. Of course, the Cardinals have a history of adding talent and payroll on the fly, so their Opening Day payroll shouldn't define the team.
    I see some Coaches in any sport don't care if management overpays the wrong guy. They start the guy who's playing better even if he makes way less $$. But it's not the norm. Berube played Husso over Bing Last year regardless of contract dollars. But this offseason Army thought it best for Binnington to earn his lofty pay by being the primary goalie. Even though he never played a full NHL season before--And Husso has outplayed him. GM's try to justify their contract decisions by demanding that player perform up to that contract pay. It's a dicey proposition. Army must now come to grips with the fact that Binner is most likely a one hit wonder and he screwed up the goalie position. Even a veteran GM screws up!!! Right?
    Ville Husso is not coming back. Give it up.
    Are we setting the bar at "not a terrible lineup"?
    The Cardinals tied for third in runs scored in the National League next season. That is a good bar to measure the offense by. This lineup, plus any improvements made on the fly, has a chance to be better than the 2022 lineup.
    Jeff, I know it's still early and the team could get on a hot streak and make a push for a playoff spot, but at this point it's obvious there is little chemistry on this team. Is it better to make some moves now and see if you can still salvage the season or wait till February when your out of contention and then start dealing off some assets?
    Making significant trades at this point of the NHL is nearly impossible due to the salary cap. Many teams need to make changes right now and we don't see those changes because few teams have salary cap flexibility.
    I don't get it ... we need pitching ... and we let Quintana go ... recorded a 2.93 ERA with 137 strikeouts over 165 2/3 innings, including a 2.01 ERA in 12 starts after we acquire him ... OUTSTANDING ...Waino is gonna cost $18M this year, and Quintana signs for 2 years for not much for than that. What the heck? Makes no sense to me!
    The Cardinals were not going to tell Adam Wainwright to finish his career elsewhere. I loved Quintana's small work sample here, but the Cardinals were not going to spend $13 million a year on a pitcher likely to slot in at No. 6 in the rotation, barring injury to others.
    Jeff, with the salary subtractions from players not coming back verses players who have been signed so far, are we currently not under our season ending 2022 payroll threshold?
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