Join columnist Jeff Gordon for his live St. Louis sports chat at 1 p.m. Friday

Join columnist Jeff Gordon for his live St. Louis sports chat at 1 p.m. Friday

Bring your Cards, Blues, Mizzou, SLU and MLS questions and comments, and talk to columnist Jeff Gordon in his weekly live chat.

    Bobo's here, ready for some more keyboard combat. So let's go!
    Cards fans and the press keep talking about the Cards not spending enough money. People need to wait until the end of the season to see how much was spent. The opening day roster will not be the roster after the trade deadline, let a very successful organization figure it out.
    We keep trying to make that point here the chat, but many folks don't want to hear that. The Cardinals won't spend money just to buy some PR. They don't need to do that. But John Mozeliak can anticipate payroll questions at the Winter Warmup. This offseason has seen crazy spending across the industry.
    SLU does not have a football team so it is crucial for the men's basketball program to be successful. Time for Coach Ford to go?
    He is feeling the pressure for sure. This was supposed to be the season that SLU won big and secured the Billikens' standing as a strong upper-mid-major program. It all looked good after the Memphis win, but mostly bad stuff has happened since. Fred Thatch Jr.'s career-ending injury was a tough blow because because his toughness and work ethic were vital to the group.
    Thanks for your chat Gordo.
    I hope your new sports writers write a chat and don’t ingest the Cardinals pabulum spoonful by spoonful like your chat. Please give us some whining about those two great trades excuse hackgate , trading Cy Young winner, and no World Series since adults now were toddlers
    Lynn Worthy will bring the perspective of watching the mid-market Kansas City Royals crumble too dusty in the aftermath of its World Championship breakthrough. So he knows what big league life in much of the flyover country looks like. Not pretty! I imagine you folks will leave him scratching his head.
    I've noted from that the Marlins are in heavy on the crud known as Johnny Ceuto. Could this be an indication that one of the starters they have is maybe about to be traded to someone, hopefully the Cards? Also, what say you to Mike Moustakas as a DH?
    The Cardinals are awash in designated hitters, so I can't imagine why they would want to add an aging slugger coming off a terrible, injury-marred season. As for hoping the Marlins will trade the Cardinals a pitcher at some point, that is a worthy wish.
    The interest in Mizzou basketball is back. A long time coming . Don't know if we can get in the NCAA because the SEC is so good, but this team is fun to watch play. ALA game is now a sell out that is 4 in a row. Football wise , so happy drink was smart enough to hire an offensive coach. Drink will be a good CEO but his Offensive approach made no sense. Outside zone with a bad offensive line, very few slant passes, throwing straight line sideways passes to wide receivers. Not using cooks legs when the other coach took over that is when cook began to get yards running. My concern is we are doing very little in the portal , if he doesn't improve the offensive line we will not be any better. It is obvious he isn't going after a QB and all the good QBS have already committed. Cook can be fine if and only if you get SEC offensive lineman.
  • I agree that the Tigers need to beef up both the line and the quarterback room, since Brady Cook will miss valuable developmental time this spring and faces a tough comeback from surgery. As for Eli Drinkwitz's offense, he could do more if he had a better offensive line and a more accomplished QB. Meeting those needs seem more important than letting somebody else call plays.

    No comment or question. Just want to start the new year wishing you a safe and happy 2023. Very much appreciate you and colleagues doing these chats and the sports section is the only reason why I subscribe. Also know that the vast majority of us subscribers are sane……..I think. Happy New Year.
  • You're going to kill the chat's buzz with praise and sane perspective.
    Hi Gordo,

    It may be recency bias, but the Blues seem to play better when they are down players. Is it possible that when the team knows they have less talent around them, that they are willing to tighten down the hatches and actually play north south?
  • It's a thought, since the Blues have no choice to roll the puck in and bang bodies on most shifts. GM Doug Armstrong threw down the gauntlet to the group and so far the guys are responding. The games haven't been pretty, but clearly the effort is there.
    I 'm watching various Blues defenders leave offensive players alone and just put their sticks down trying to block a shot. Watching hockey for years they normally would check the offensive player with the puck. Knock him off the puck. Now it's all sticks? I don't get it. There was a rule change to promote more scoring? The league didn't announce such a change did it? In any case it makes the game less physical right? This is against your "Gordie Howe" ethos Gordzonga. You think you would squawk about it--but I have too?!!!
  • The Blues play the man with the puck when they have him lined up. Ask the Maple Leafs and Devils about that. The hard part is away from the puck, where defensemen can't level players in front of the net without risking a penalty. Boxing out without cross-checking is hard, so, yes, the defensemen do lots of shot-blocking instead. And rather than chase forwards around the perimeter of the offensive zone and risk creating open passing and shooting lanes, you will see the Blues forwards sit back instead and keep the play to the outside.
    40% of the NL makes the playoffs, and close to 50% already has no realistic path to doing so. That means all the Cardinals have to do is either beat out the Brewers, or one other WC team. So the getting in part of the equation is almost automatic at this point. What incentive does the front office have to do anything else until forced to?
  • The goal is perennial contention, both because owning a winning baseball team is more fun and because steady attendance is better that attendance that rises and falls. Once attendance falls, it's hard to build it back up. Pandemic aside, the Cardinals have enjoy remarkably steady success at the gate.
    During a game there seems at times to be a broken stick on the ice. No one moves it or picks it up. Is there a rule where the referees don't pick them up or move them? It seems like 2 or 3 minutes if not longer for some of the sticks to be laying on the ice. I know a player can't go get a stick from the bench or something like that during play.
    The trouble with stopping to pick up a stick during live action is that is forces the linesman or referee to take his eyes off the play. The game is too fast and unpredictable for that.
    So, since the Bills won't be finishing that game, if they win this week and the Chiefs win...Chiefs get #1 seed and a bye. The Bills don't and would play a Wild Card game. If the Bills played and won that game then they would have won the tie breaker against the Chiefs. Seems like the Bills would want to finish that game one way or another.
  • Yes, there are playoff matchup implications for not playing that game. So the owners and the league office are working on adjustments to mitigate at least some of the unfairness. 

    NFL OK's plan for neutral-site AFC championship

    ESPN.comNFL owners have approved a plan that leaves open the possibility of a neutral-site AFC Championship Game and could determine home field for a wild-card game between the Bengals and Ravens by a coin flip.
    I'm not buying all this deep draft hype--best since Crosby draft etc. Pundits go way overboard with the Canadian team who definitely did not dominate the world juniors like they were supposed to. And the field was weaker without a Russian team. Look at last year Slavkosky is now being sent to the AHL. Wright totally overhyped. Bedard racks up the points against Germany and Austria but not against the USA and didn't do anything against Checcia in the final game that went OT. I see a good player not a generational one. I think the 10 estimated first round picks from Canada are going to be overrated. It makes a Blues fan wonder about getting a player from the draft making a quick impact. Doesn't happen right? Drafted players take 3 to 5 years. That's IF they make it at all.
    It definitely takes time, even for the top picks. Remember "Lose For Hughes"? Jack has become one of the NHL's top offensive centers, but it took years. He had a rough introduction to playing against men. But the Blues have to find as many good young players as possible to start building out the next nucleus.
    I love ROR and the way he plays the game. But did that finally catch up with him? He's looked a bit slower this year. He's a jeep with 100,000 off road miles, not a sports car that has only been driven on the highway in mild temperatures.
  • Ryan has never been the fastest player and, yes, he had beat up his body while playing through injuries and putting himself in harm's way. Those admirable traits could end up costing him big money on his next contract.
    With an inevitable rebuild coming as soon as the trade deadline for the Blues, what's is the team's path forward to challenging the top of the Western conference standings over the next 3-5 seasons? The Blues have a strong young core of Thomas, Kyrou and Buch, but with no real star prospects down on the farm and so many bloated contracts to older players where does the talent infusion the team needs come from?
    Jimmy Snuggerud did a star turn at the World Junior Championships and Zachary Bolduc is putting up crazy scoring stats in junior hockey, so they figure into the 3-to-5 year equation. Do Jake Neighbours and Alexey Toropchenko in third- and fourth-line roles. If Doug Armstrong decides to trade Vladimir Tarasenko and/or Ryan O'Reilly before the trade deadline, that could add additional long-term assets to the organization. 
    But, yes, there will be work to do.
    It seems that the DH appears to be crowded for 2023. I'm guessing Contreras will take 300 at bats at DH because he seems to be sold as the #5 bat and I don't see him catching more than 100 games because he is on the wrong side of 30 which leaves roughly 500 at bats for Gorman, Yepez, and Burleson to DH or give Goldschmidt and Arenado a 1/2 day off so they can DH. Then there is Jordan Walker and Moises Gomez who could break through and could DH if necessary. So my question is if now isn't a perfect time for a trade then when? It seems like they have enough trade chips for one heck of a reliever or a mid rotation starter. Thank you for the chats and Happy New Year.
    I don't see Contreras taking 300 at bats as the designated hitter this season. Perhaps half that seems more likely, since the Cardinals lack a good hitter in the backup role. As for trading a DH type right now, sure, for the right return that could make sense. At some point there won't be room for all of them. But there is also something to be said for waiting to see how these younger hitters develop (or don't) next season. Let the competition do the sorting.
    Lots of goal scoring players available in the offseason to make up the loss of Vladi. Jacob Vrana, Kuzmenko from the Canucks is a UFA. Kiuzmenko could be a nice addition he won't break the bank and after a year of getting acclimated to North America this guy could be a bargain possible 40 plus goal scorer.
    I believe Kuzmenko is going to get some coin. If the Canucks can't keep Bo Horvat, they might be inclined to spend there. As for Vrana, I hope he is getting it together. Talented guy, but the off-ice issues put his career in peril and he just cleared waivers. Nobody wanted to take him in at this point. He might be a lower-priced reclamation case.
    The Cards mantra will never change under Bill DeWitt Jr. Stay the course with a respectable team not a great team, beat up on the doormats in your division to make playoffs, and then roll the dice against the better teams. That strategy has worked well the past several years until playoffs when they have rolled bad dice. That said, does the organization believe the team as it stands today is better than the team bounced in Oct? There are strong arguments to believe otherwise. But give DeWitt his due, what other sports franchise that has slipped to 16th in payroll could still sell 3.3 mil tickets?
  • The Cardinals organization is in a stronger place than it's been in a long time, given the mix of veteran talent, young talent, high-end prospects, plus room to spend for this season and beyond. That's great, but let's see what the organization does with this opportunity.
    I bet you never envisioned the day where the Blues "enforcer" was a 5'7" man from down under? Walker plays bigger then his short stature. He doesn't back down and truly defends his teammates. He doesn't need you!!
    He always wouldn't be playing if the team didn't have so many injuries up front, so settle down.
    Any chance the Blues pull another Tkachuk by trading ROR at the deadline and then bringing him back in FA? Or, does Ryan leaving mean the end of his time with Blues and as the face of CarShield's extended commercial universe?
    There is much love for O'Reilly in the organization, so I wouldn't rule that out. Armstrong brought back David Perron, so he has proven that he doesn't turn the page on every player who leaves the roster one way or the other. Unfortunately for Ryan, circumstances might push his market value down into the range the Blues can handle for next season.
    There are 9 line-up spots for each game. Right now you have 3, 4 if you count Edman, players you feel very confident about what they will give you. That means that 55% of your line-up is made up of offensive questions marks. And I understand why the team is running it back with certain players, but still 55% is way too high for a legit WS contender.
    That's your assessment. Management's assessment is different, particularly given the level of competition it expects among multiple outfielder and DH candidates. Compare the numbers of the young Cardinals hitters to the folks people keep asking for in this chat -- like Mike Moustakas today -- and they measure up pretty well.
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