Join columnist Jeff Gordon for his live St. Louis sports chat at 1 p.m. Friday

Join columnist Jeff Gordon for his live St. Louis sports chat at 1 p.m. Friday

Bring your Cards, Blues, Mizzou, SLU and MLS questions and comments, and talk to columnist Jeff Gordon in his weekly live chat

    Bobo's here and ready to go. So let's get to it!
    Gordo thanks for your chats
    It seems to me the Cardinals lack a shut down starter and get them through the playoffs. They also Have a problem with timely hitting. These are the two biggest weaknesses that I personally think will keep them from going far in the playoffs your thoughts?
    Adam Wainwright and Miles Mikolas have had a number of shutdown-caliber performances this season, but both walk a fine line. Neither has overpowering stuff, so both pitchers need sharp command to succeed -- and both have been knocked around when their command is off. Jordan Montgomery's small sample size has been encouraging, but he's not Jacob deGrom either.
    We'll see soon enough where Jack Flaherty stands.  Potentially, that's four pretty good starters when they are on. When they are not on, the Cardinals will have to rely heavily on their bullpen as the Braves did during their title run last season. Lately that Cardinals bullpen pitched well and allowed Oliver Marmol to use his relievers aggressively. We'll see how everybody is pitching in October. If they are pitching well then, then that's all that matters.
    As for the offense, Marmol is having to mix and match around the MV2. Let's see who's hitting well in October. As we've seen so far this season, offensive stocks have risen and fallen sharply with players outside the MV2. 
    If there is a tie at end of season for a wild card spot, will there be a playoff game or is there a tie breaker in place?
    Tiebreaker games went away with the playoff expansion. Rather, a formula will decide who plays on and who goes home. explains:

    Be it a tie atop the division, a tie for the final Wild Card spot, a tie between two division winners (with postseason seeding at stake) or any other tie that would affect the postseason field, tiebreakers will be determined in this order.

    1. Head-to-Head Record
    The first and simplest tiebreaker is the result of the season series between the tied teams. If Team X and Team Y tie for the top spot in the division and Team X went 10-8 against Team Y, then Team X is the division champion. If Teams X, Y and Z all finish tied at the top, then the team with the best combined winning percentage against the two other clubs would be the division champ.

    2. Intradivision Record
    If the head-to-head record is also a tie, then the involved clubs’ records within their division will break the tie. This applies even if the tie is for a Wild Card spot between two teams that do not reside in the same division. The team with the superior intradivision record would win the tiebreaker.

    3. Interdivision Record
    In the event of a head-to-head and intradivision record tie for the involved teams, then the tie would be settled based on how they fared against teams within their league but outside of their division. So for an AL East team, it would be the record against teams from the AL Central and AL West.

    4. Last Half of Intraleague Games
    Should the interdivision record also be a tie, the next tiebreaker will be determined by the involved clubs’ last-half records against teams within their league (AL for AL teams, NL for NL teams). Note that these are the records from the last half of games mathematically, not just the games after the All-Star break (which typically comes after the mathematical midpoint).

    5. Last Half of Intraleague Games Plus One
    Should the records of the involved clubs in the second half of intraleague games also be a tie, then the outcome of the last game of the first half of intraleague games is used. Should that also be a tie, then the previous intraleague game on the schedule is used. This process is repeated until the tie is resolved.

    Jeff Albert has been criticized much in the P-D Does he get any credit for the improved offense, especially with the players who got instructions in his methods in the minors? I also wonder if Turner Ward deserves a little credit. I see a lot of players talking to him in the dugout.
    Just as fans blamed Jeff Albert for each individual hitting failure, fans should credit him for all the successes. In reality, myriad factors go into players improving for regressing. Identifying issues with each hitter is easy enough given the advancements in video analysis and advanced metrics, but getting each hitter to make the needed fixes is the hard part. Some hitters can keep fine-tuning to stay consistent and some can't. Players lean on the coaching staff, other hitters and their "outside counsel" of personal hitting coaches. For instance, Lars Nootbaar went to an outside hitting lab during the offseason to rework his swing and add more power. 
    Nolan Gorman visited a hitting lab during the All-Star break and Nootbaar worked with an outside instructor.
    These are just a few examples of how players use a LOT of different resources. 
    The Cards manager deserves high marks especially in creating matchups and utilizing his entire roster. Yet, can you explain why Dak Hudson continues to get starts over Jake Woodford or Andre Pallente? Pardon me, I have never understood the infatuation the club and media have had with this sinker ball pitcher.
    Dakota Hudson has stayed in the rotation because the Cardinals have needed somebody to hold that spot. Had Steven Matz not suffered a knee injury, Hudson would have been bumped from the rotation after the trade deadline.
    Right now Andre Pallante is very valuable to the bullpen and Jake Woodford's early returns in relief have been impressive. So that may be his best role, too, with Jack Flaherty replacing Hudson in the rotation once the Cardinals go from six starters to five.
    The cardinals lack of hitting in the 6-7-8-9 positions will be their demise in the playoffs. Won’t make it past San Diego. Hopefully get some hitters for next year
    If the Cardinals hit well in October, they could advance. If they don't hit well, then they probably won't advance. Yadier Molina aside, just about everybody has had really good stretches this season. Really good stretches in October would be welcome.
    Cardinals could have had Soto if they included Carlson. He’s not even playing full time and heading to be the next Bader
    The Cardinals would have gladly traded Carlson for Juan Soto. It was the total package of players the Cardinals did not want to spend. And given how Jordan Walker, Masyn Winn, Tink Hence, et al have done since the deadline, the Cardinals feel good about trading for pitching instead.
    What did Bobo think of the Tiger football game last night?
    Well, the Tigers have lots of speed. And Luther Burden is deadly when he has the ball. Brady Cook looked fine, especially when he got on the move. But it's always disconcerting when Missouri can't muscle up and play more power football against an opponent from a lesser conference.
    It's funny what a difference winning makes. Can you imagine how hard fans would be dragging Mo right now if the offense was struggling and Carlson, who was identified as the reason the Soto deal didn't go, was scuffling the way he is?
    Again, the Cardinals would have traded Dylan Carlson for Juan Soto. Look at the package Washington got, identify the corresponding prospects in the Cardinals organization and that tells you what the package was going to have to be.
    Nobody seems to think the Blues are better than last years team. Not Army's best offseason. The defense is a cluster mess but has a lot of depth. Army mismanaged the asset he had in Husso. Yzerman realized there were way more teams needing a goalie then goalies available. He gave up a 3rd round pick just to sign him before he hit UFA. We should have kept him and traded him or Binner in a year. And he really wasn't ready to offer a worthy package for Tkachuck. Well it's still early maybe he pulls a big trade off? What do you think?
    If the Blues were going to make a big trade, it was going to happen around the NHL Draft.
    Did the failure of most of Mo's off season pitching signings lead to the mid-season change in what they are looking for from pitchers? Suddenly low strike out high ground out pitcher lost it's #1 desired trait to pitchers the have to ability to strike out hitters.
    The Cardinals would love to add more pitching with swing-and-miss stuff. Such pitchers are difficult to acquire, either through high prices in free agency or high trade prices. Fortunately, the Cardinals can get more mileage from ground-ball pitchers because of their great fielding and their pitcher-friendly home park.
    The Jojo for Edmundo deal looks to be a solid get. He's only 25. Genesis never knew where the dang ball was going and Emdundo is getting some steady AB's. Good for both parties.
    That does look like a win-win trade. JoJo Romero has more polish than Genesis Cabrera -- but then again, almost every pitcher has more polish than Cabrera. It will be interesting to see if Genesis can become more of a pitcher and less of a thrower. He can't just overpower hitters with his runaway fastball these days, so he will need to refine his stuff.
    Hi, Mr. Gordon. thank you for the chat. I know that Carlos Martinez had a few good years with the Cardinals, but would you characterize his career as "talent squandered"? Seems like he cost himself some serious money with all his antics and immaturity. Also, the Dodgers routinely draft late because of all of their winning. How do they manage to keep having one of the top farm systems each year? Thank you.
    It would seem that Carlos Martinez's career has come to an ugly end. Once upon a time he was about as talented as any pitcher in the game. So, yeah, that's a waste.
    As for the Dodgers, they have long excelled at player evaluation, dating back to Ned Colletti's days as GM when the team didn't have the resources it has today. The Dodgers has a history of nailing international signings. The guys who bought the team from the McCourts have built out a model baseball operation. The Dodgers have the best of both worlds, big spending and player development.
    Are you surprised about Tage getting paid. Is he going to be consistent? Is it an overpay? It's interesting because the Dallas Stars owner said the system that is rewarding young players on lucrative bridge deals is hurting the pay of others on the team. But he got Oettinger cheap. Blues are paying Kyrou and Thomas before they have too. If the cap doesn't go up substantially some good players are available dirt cheap right? Look at Nino Nediermieter Nashville got him cheap--he's a really good player. Good time to get good players if you want to and have the cap space. You wonder what the plan is in Arizona.
    Buffalo's bet is that Thompson will hold up as a 30-goal scorer and that his $7 million cap hit will age well as the salary cap rises. That is the bet for all of these deals for emerging players. In four or five years these deals will look better because the players will be hitting their prime and their pay will constitute a smaller percentage of the team's total salary cap allocation.
    To your point, the mid-level veteran could get squeezed in all of this. Teams will 1) Lock in their superstar if they have one, 2) Lock in their rising stars, if they have any, 3) Have as many players on entry level contracts as the coaching staff can handle and 4) Fill in the blanks with right-priced veteran supporting case players.
    As for Arizona, the Coyotes are years away from having enough revenue to put their salary cap space to use on significant outside talent. Bill Armstrong hopes he can build an emerging team in the interim, then make some Senators-like moves when the time is right.
    Quintana and Montgomery have been great adds! But my concern is that we don't have a pitcher who can go toe-to-toe with DeGrom or Scherzer. Mikolas and Waino have been good but neither one of them is that high caliber of a pitcher. Sure, at home, maybe Waino and summon some super powers but what if we are down 2-0 already?
    If they get down 2-0 in a series, sure, they will be in trouble.
    The Orioles and the Brewers have identical records, 69-61. The Orioles are 1.5 games from the 3rd wild card spot and the Brewers are 3 games back. Who’da thunk it? They may even get to 90 wins if they get hot. Nine games left with the Jays. If the O’s can make the playoffs, it will certainly help give their young players some playoff experience going into next year. With a couple of off season moves I can see the O’s challenging for the AL East title next year.
    And to think that Baltimore decided to sell and not add at the trade deadline. Oh, well . . . Now the test for the team's terrible ownership will be locking in all this impressive talent that is starting to build up. That will be Baltimore's only chance to get a few good seasons in while playing in that rugged division.
    I guess there needs to be some conversation about Carlson. Man, to go from " we told him he would not be dealt prior to deadline " to he's our starting CF'er to he can't hit RH pitching to the bench. I mean, as great of scouting and developing the Birds do, I feel they need to have a chat with the Outfield scouts. Definitely a conversation there when looked at through the last 5 years window. They don't know what they have.
    I don't believe Dylan Carlson's career is over. He needs to work on his left side hitting for sure, just as Tyler O'Neill needed to get back on back track overall and Lars Nootbaar needed to hit for more power to play every day. And we've seen some progress. Corey Dickerson went on a tear, O'Neill powered up and Nootbaar came back from the All-Star break on fire. Also, Albert Pujols is earning his DH at bats. So Carlson (and Juan Yepez for that matter) have had less to do because other guys are hitting well.
    How surprising is Lars Nootbar's emergence to you? He seems to have a very simple approach, wait for a pitch in the zone he likes and take a big shot at it. If not in the zone, don't swing. Tyler O'Neil in his interview with ESPN said something similar, when he is swinging at pitches in the zone, he is a good hitter, when not in the zone he is not. All of the struggles of Dejong and Carlson seem to be related to swinging at too many bad pitches. In Carlson's recent downturn, also taking the pitch he could do damage on. What am I missing?
    Carlson has some holes from the left side of the plate and lack of confidence there is showing in his hitting approach. DeJong? At this point it appears he simply can't hit high-end pitching. He can pound mistakes but that's about it. Like I noted earlier, identifying a hitter's problem has never been easier with all the advancements. But fixing those problems is as hard as ever.
    I've noticed Ben Deluzio's stats at AAA for a while and what really stands out is his stats against LH pitching. Does this mean we won't see Yepez this year unless there is an injury? Or if Deluzio fails to execute? Have a great weekend BoBo and thanks for the chats!
    I imagine Juan Yepez will be here as soon as he is eligible to return from Triple-A. His one-day recall for Arenado knocked his eligibility deeper into September. Ben DeLuzio gives the team extra guy to play with as Oliver Marmol plays the matchup game.
    Even if Monty comes back to earth a little. I'd do that deal 10 out of 10 times. Young, established lefty, solid 3/4 for a light hitting, albeit great defensive CF'er. Everytime
    Jordan Montgomery has another year left on his contract, but he definitely looks like a guy the Cardinals should try to throw some long-term money at. That would make the trade even better.
    I must say I am a bit disappointed in Yadi. He is still a great manager of pitchers but he is a hole in the lineup offensively. It seems like he did not put the work in to maintain that clutch hitting ability; now he either strikes out or pops out with RISP. Am I being too harsh? I hope he can improve before the playoffs begin.
    You are not being too harsh. This has been hard to watch. Yadier is not competitive at the plate these days and Oliver Marmol is going to have to work around that. Everybody is hoping for a better outcome in the weeks to come because this would be a tough way for his career to wind down.
    What happens with DeJong next year? Will the Cards try to trade him in the off-season? Or will they go with the Gorman, Edman combo with DeJong as a defensive replacement? That’s a lot of stress on Edman. Could they shop in the SS FA market this off-season, or are those waters too deep?
    Who would you pick as MVP, Arenado or Goldie? I use to think Goldie but Arenado is catching up and has elite defense. His recent barehanded play was enough for him to get another GG.
    Well, the Cardinals can try to trade Paul DeJong before next season . . . but good luck with that. The Cardinals would have to eat most of the salary, I'd imagine. If DeJong can't muster a Matt Carpenter-like revival, then either will finish out his time as a part-time player riding his fielding ability or he will get paid to go away.
    Moving forward w Paul Dejong. Could he be moved for a prospect in the off season and the Cards pay part of his $9 million owed or is it more likely he's brought back as the back up SS?
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