Mizzou chat with Dave Matter

Mizzou chat with Dave Matter

Bring your Tigers football, basketball and recruiting questions, and talk to Mizzou beat writer Dave Matter in a live chat starting at 11 a.m. Friday.

  • If the norm for FB is 7 or 8 wins, can that norm be expanded to finally win a Bowl game after the eggs they have laid after the last 2 seasons?
    I don't know what you're asking. Can Mizzou win a bowl game this year? Sure. Can they lose one? Sure. But as of now, there's a good chance Mizzou won't play in a bowl game if the NCAA appeals committee makes its ruling before the end of the season and doesn't overturn the postseason ban.
    How do you think the Bowl Ban will play into the minds of the players and even the coaches this year? Will it be a chip on their shoulder so they play harder to prove they were screwed over? Or will they go into the season with a "since we can't play in a bowl, does this really matter" attitude? If seniors want to be drafted I would think they will still want to impress scouts and build their draft stock.
    I say 100 percent the former of your two scenarios. The players seemed to have already taken on a healthy perspective on this: They're not playing in a bowl this year. The next-best thing they can do is finish 12-0. We heard that repeatedly from players during spring practices. They're incredibly motivated by what happened in January. And the seniors who are free to transfer and play elsewhere immediately seemed offended when reporters asked them if they considered leaving. 
    How would playing in a bowl game enhance their stock any more than playing a 12-game regular season? NFL teams don't put any more stock in the Liberty Bowl or Citrus Bowl than they would a team's performance against a quality team in the regular season. That's why so many draft prospects are sitting out bowl games anyway these days. If I'm one of Mizzou's best players and I expect to be a high draft pick I'm really not that upset about missing a bowl because I might want to sit out the game anyway. What they should be upset about is the chance to play for a championships in the SEC East and whatever spoils they get from there. But by spring practices the players seemed like they had accepted their fate and were ready to move on to the season. 

    Mizzou football seniors stay united in wake of sanctions

    stltoday.com: MU seniors are allowed to transfer without penalty while the NCAA appeals process unfolds, but Odom's veterans insist they're committed to staying.
    Can you shed any light on a possible (?) grad transfer rule in college basketball that is something to the extent that Kash didn't graduate so Mizzou is barred on grad transfer for a couple season?
    If you take a graduate transfer and by the time his eligibility expires he hasn't made progress toward his graduate degree then you can be prohibited from taking a graduate transfer in the next recruiting cycle. Mizzou has never confirmed that happened on the record because schools aren't supposed to disclose a student's academic records - and it would be a bad look to publicly shame a player who meant so much to the team like Robertson - but it's my understanding from conversations I've had with folks at MU that's why Martin's staff didn't explore the grad transfer market last year.
    Based on what you have witnessed last season and this spring, who will be number 2 on the depth chart at QB?
  • Taylor Powell. I wouldn't be surprised if Connor Bazelak gets some game action without sacrificing his year of eligibility - he'd be able to play in up to four games and still preserve his redshirt - but the only backup options would be Powell, Lindsey Scott Jr. and Bazelak. Powell was the backup last year and Scott was never on the travel roster. Unless Powell can make up sizable ground in the competition before September, I would think Powell is the No. 2.
  • I know recruiting isn't really your jam, but what position groups need the most depth heading into the next signing period?
    For football? 
    I'd go find some running backs. There's no guarantee Rountree is back for 2020. If he has another 1,200-yard year this fall he should probably enter the draft next season. 
    MU has been collecting O-linemen the last two years but you lose three starters this year, so you better make sure you've got the right numbers along the line. 
    Defensive end. They keep adding pieces there, but until you know you have some legit SEC playmakers at that position I'd keep looking for more. 
    Cornerback. MU is set there for 2019 with Acy and Holmes and should be OK for 2020 with Holmes and Ware, but you need to address the future. 
    I enjoy your reports on baseball and softball. Thank you for the coverage of all things Mizzou. I was wanting to know what do you think is the biggest reason for such low attendance at those games? Especially when they were both ranked in the Top 25 and could be the 2 most improved teams in the SEC. I enjoyed your article on Steve Bieser wanting to see more fans support the team.
    Softball attendance has been OK and has historically been very good. 
    Baseball comes down to a number of factors: The weather, especially at Taylor Stadium, one of the highest points on campus, where the wind can be fierce and the temperature always seems about 10 degrees cooler than the rest of town. There's no great parking options. It's far enough from campus that students rarely show up for many games. And, more than anything, it's just not part of the Mizzou fan culture to attend baseball games. It never really has been, so just because the team is winning more games, fans who support football and basketball aren't going to suddenly jump onboard to something they don't know as much about. It's easy to say there should be a lot of baseball fans in Columbia because of people's roots from KC or St. Louis, but college baseball is a different game and probably seems foreign to even some diehard fans of the state's MLB clubs. 
    I was shocked when Emanuel Hall went undrafted considering that he was fast enough to torch talented SEC secondaries. Usually the NFL is intoxicated by speed like Darius Heyward-Bey. Was his groin injury more serious that thought, or were there other factors? Assuming he heals, I can see him doing well for the Bears.
    The injury has to be a factor. If you're a receiver based on speed, you can overcome a shoulder injury or even an ACL. But maybe not so much when it comes to a crucial muscle injury that can be nagging over time and doesn't require a quick surgical fix. It's fair to wonder if teams were concerned with Hall's ability or willingness to play through some pain. It was very clear he took himself out of the Liberty Bowl. Odom confirmed that after the game and didn't seem too pleased about it. Scouts pick up on that. When all 32 teams pass on you at least seven times, that's a strong statement.
    That said, I hope Emanuel has a long, productive career. He's got a good head on his shoulders and was good to the media when he was at Mizzou. (Oddly, he wouldn't return calls or messages leading up to the draft from the Post-Dispatch but did interviews with other outlets. That was disappointing, but life moves on.)
    Have you heard any feedback from recruits or high school coaches on the new construction at the stadium?. I know it won't hurt recruiting, but will it help?
    No. I mean, I'm sure they're not going to say anything negative about it. I can't imagine it will be the final factor that pushes a recruit toward Mizzou over another program, but it can't hurt the sales pitch. More than anything, flashy new buildings convince the coaches and administrators that they have a better product to put on display and a stronger sales pitch, but recruiting decisions are usually based more on relationships and comfort, not the size of the locker room.
    I saw an interesting article today on Brian Bowen the former Louisville recruit caught in a scandal. Article indicated he would at best fall to the end of second round in NBA draft. Is that similar to where Jontay Porter will fall ?
    Most projections have Porter in the middle of the second round. But as we learned with the NFL draft, those projections aren't always accurate.
    IYO is the SEC still the strongest conference in football?
    Yes, no doubt. Ohio State-Michigan-Penn State might make for the best 1-2-3 punch in a single division, but top to bottom the SEC is the best and the deepest.
    If Missouri doesn't win the appeal against the NCAA, they have to forfeit all the games that those players participated in. My question then is how much does that really bother the Mizzou staff, players, coaches, fans etc...? those games are forgotten nobody really thinks about it anymore. I can see if you had won a national championship and it was taken away how much that would bother someone. Does anyone really care if we have to forfeit a few games from the past?
    I think the only thing that really matters is what's happening right now. I don't think anyone cares. Most people only care about a bowl game at the end of this year. I guess the coaches from those games and the players from those games would really care the most
    Coaches and players won't care about games being vacated or forfeited. They were on the field for the wins and losses, and there's nothing the NCAA can do to erase those memories or experiences. 
    The good news for Mizzou football is there weren't many wins to take away from the years that were impacted by the cheating. 
    Predict the finale?

    Are you going to miss my questions about GOT?
    There will closure but not necessarily a happy ending. Dany has to be taken down. Jon knows it. Tyrion knows it. Arya is the safe bet to play assassin, but how do you take out Drogon? Jon will continue to refuse to sit on the throne and by the final credits there will be no throne. Jon will return north. Tyrion will head west to Casterly Rock. The seven kingdoms will learn to govern themselves.
    Chances that Gary Pinkel would ever consider coaching again?
    I mean Mack Brown went back to North Carolina
    Zero. I talk to Gary pretty frequently. He's done with coaching. He's very dedicated to his charity foundation that he just launched. He enjoys seeing his grandkids on a regular basis. He's content being a football fan. I asked a few of his friends if he would have had any interest in the XFL like Bob Stoops and they just laughed. No way. 
    I can share that he's thrilled with the South End Zone complex. Odom invited him for a tour a couple weeks ago and Gary was blown away. He said he was overwhelmed at how impressive it's going to be. 
    What is Van Zant up to these days
  • Steven or Tony?
    Kidding. I assume Tony. I did a story about him about six years ago when he was an assistant coach at Lincoln University in Jefferson City. He's no longer on staff there, so I'm not sure where he is.

    VanZant finds peace at 'scene of the crime'

    stltoday.com: Robbed by a knee injury 27 years ago, former St. Louis football phenom moves on with life on same field where his life changed forever.
    Hurrah for Anne Rogers! Her coverage of Women's BB will be missed! Maybe as a last comment she can give her take on why Grace Berg and Tahanne left the program? Kelsey Winfrey I can understand but Berg and Tahanne were big loses. I wonder if Tahanne, as a European, was uncomfortable in the fundamentalist Christian environment Pingeton has built?
    I don't know for sure why those players transferred. Here's the thing about transfers:
    1. They happen everywhere. The same basketball team just added two transfers. It's part of the game. 
    2. Transfers rarely, if ever, honestly explain why they leave one school for another. They usually just say they want to start fresh somewhere else. Had these ladies wanted to explain why they left they would have by now, but they probably prefer to keep that private. 
    It would you say is the best Mizzou alumni playing in the NFL right now? In other words who's the best player in the NFL that comes from the University of Missouri
    Good question. It's been a while since anyone from Mizzou made a Pro Bowl. 
    Sheldon Richardson looked like he had the chance to be a elite player but he's mostly been a pretty good player. 
    Mitch Morse is definitely in the running. He's easily the highest paid right now.
    Markus Golden had one great year in Arizona but hasn't been back to that level. Maybe moving to the Giants will revive his career. 
    The guy who's had the steadiest career is Beau Brinkley. He's been with one team for five years now and is the second-highest paid long snapper in the league. 
    I see that Mizzou has decided to fly Colorado in the upcoming years you think there will still be some resentment from the old fifth down play
    By the time the Buffs visit Mizzou in 2030, 40 years will have passed. I think the bad blood will be down to a low simmer by then.
    Yeah I'm old but remember the good old day when Mizzou played some real name brand teams in the non conference? LIke USC, Alabama, Notre Dame, Penn State, Texas when they were Texas?
    Too bad we can get some real non-con big names - at least one per season. I know games are scheduled like 30 years out but it could get the crowds back - SEMO really? Get away from the Bill Snyder approach and going 12 - 0. Your thoughts?
  • Every team in the SEC plays an FCS team every season. Why should Mizzou divert from the rest of the teams in its own conference? It would make zero sense to be the one SEC team that plays four FBS teams. I get it.  Nobody looks forward to games against Eastern Illinois and SEMO and Murray State, but that's the standard in this conference. 
    Mizzou plays a very good West Virginia program this year. They play a road game at Wyoming, which doesn't make a lot of sense, but that's a financial decision more than anything. MU has upcoming noncon games against Kansas State, Illinois and Colorado. Nothing wrong with that scheduling philosophy.
    Here's another important point: Mizzou doesn't come close to selling out for home games against Georgia, Auburn or Florida, so why would fans suddenly show up for a glitzier nonconference opponent? 
  • Where will the SEC media days take place this year
  • I'm wanting to watch Sophie Cunningham play in the WNBA but I'm having a problem finding any televised games
  • That's because the regular season hasn't started. WNBA preseason games aren't televised. Check out the team's schedule on their website. A handful of games will be on ABC, ESPN2 or CBS Sports Network.
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