Mizzou chat with Dave Matter

Mizzou chat with Dave Matter

Bring your Tigers football and basketball questions, and talk to Mizzou beat writer Dave Matter in a live chat starting at 11 a.m. Thursday.

  • Lock just isn't that good...ahainst SEC teams. Fortunately for him, SEC teams don't play in the NFL.
  • Some of this is embellished. He wasn't bad at Georgia last year. He took apart a decent Florida defense last year. Overall, his SEC numbers are down, but so are the numbers for everyone else on this team.
  • Saw an article today that indicated Hearnes Center is being repaired and the volleyball team will move back there at some point, but probably not this season. So I guess a definite decision has been made to fix Hearnes rather than replace it completely. Do you know if any upgrades like improved bathrooms and seating will be considered or is that just too much money to spend? It sounds like the athletes like playing in Hearnes but it sure isn't a pleasant gameday experience for fans. Fixing just the flood damage seems like putting a bandaid on cancer.
  • Where and how will they build a replacement? Mizzou tapped out its top donors for the south end zone complex - and still had to borrow from the university to pay for half of it. It's not like there's $50 million just lying around to build an arena for volleyball, wrestling, gymnastics and indoor track. They really don't have a feasible solution other than to spend less on repairs for the Hearnes. I don't know about other fixes in terms of bathrooms and seating. I wouldn't expect any renovations. Those things cost money - and Mizzou already loses money on those non-revenue sports. It doesn't make much sense to invest more money in those teams - and take away funds for football, making that sport even less competitive in the SEC.
  • Thanks for the chats. You know you're my favorite. Alabama fans seemed mad about dirty play by the Tigers. There was more than the leg twisting by #47 that they took issue with. Are the Bama fans just in a bad mood or were there a lot of plays by the Tigers that were meant to injure?
  • Alabama fans live a pretty good life. They have to find something to complain about.
  • Dave, I hope Odom can finish out with 8 wins. But if he only gets say 6 wins if that I don't see how Sterk can retain him. Mizzou needs revenue and football is a revenue generator. You aren't going to fill the stands at Faurot with 6 win teams.

    Maybe this shouldn't matter. But Odom personality wise has not helped himself out.Wins trump all at the end of the day but it would definitely help if Odom was likable. Look at Cuonzo Martin. Granted he won some big games last year. But it definitely helps that he is engaging and seems like a likable guy. Odom doesn't.
  • That's true that six-win teams don't generate more revenue, but hiring a coach from the Sun Belt or the American Athletic Conference isn't going to magically drive up attendance and revenue. Obvioulsy, with a 6-6 finish Sterk has a big decision to make. But firing a coach at Missouri after back-to-back bowl games is going to scare off candidates. And as much as we want to debate about the impact of 2015, this job is still seen as damaged because of what happened three years ago. That reputation lingers around the industry from people I know in coaching/administration.
  • My apologies Dave if the following questions have been answered in recent weeks in previous chat sessions, as I have unfortunately missed out on quite a few lately.
    1. When & why was the decision made to switch Parker Jr to a backup TE, most importantly being WHY, considering the ineptness of the team's pass rushing? Not saying he would have been a superstar right away obviously, but goodness, how much worse or ineffective could he have been than the other guys on the DL struggling to get to the QB, and was he not considered the top recruit of last year's class? 2. Was there ever any official dismissal of Harold Ballard from the team? I still saw his name listed on the roster on MU's official site as of just a couple of weeks ago!
  • No update on Ballard. He's been back at Mizzou but not allowed to return to the team the last I was told.
    As for Parker, the staff saw a greater need for him at tight end/H-back/fullback than defensive end. The staff saw him all summer. They clearly were convinced he didn't have the goods to help this year's team at D-end. Will he stay on offense the rest of his career? Read tomorrow's paper for more on that topic. 
  • I picked Memphis to win in the poll Dave; unfortunately, just not feeling hopeful about this team's offense the way it's been playing w/out our top 2 WR's and the poor defensive play, but Odom & co. are more than welcome to "SHOW ME" I am wrong!
    Speaking of Nate Brown, could HE possibly redshirt also should he not return the rest of the season since he has only appeared in 4 games, or is that not possible since he already previously redshirted a whole season due to injury?
  • Brown is already a fifth-year player. He's one of the oldest players on the team. I doubt he wants to play another season of college ball.
  • At this particular juncture of the season based upon the global assesment by yours truly how would you grade the following Mr. David Matter:
    1. Offensive Coordinator
    2. Defensive Coordinator
    3. Special Teams
    4. Fan Support
    5. Overall Gametime adjustment to the other teams coaching mojo?
    6. Tiger toughness and adversity meter?
  • 1. Dooley's done a nice keeping parts of the offense intact while adding some twists. He can't heal groin injuries or catch passes. 
    2. Walters needs to get more out of the secondary. They need to make more plays on the ball. I give him credit for cooking up some pressure packages to make up for a woeful defensive end pass rush. Overall, his unit isn't good enough . 
    3. Mixed bag. McCann has attempted more FGs than any kicker in the country but for the most part he's been solid. The Tigers get nothing out of the punt return game. I don't understand why it's so hard. Fatony has been Fatony. 
    4. Surprised but not shocked the stadium wasn't full for the Georgia game, considering UGA brought a ton of fans. But Mizzou fans showed up in full force at Alabama.
    5. These things are hard to quantify. The offense would probably take a mulligan on the way it handled play-calling in the red zone and in the rain at South Carolina. Otherwise, I can't think of glaring issues on that side of the ball they could have addressed with changes. 
    6. They collapsed in the third quarter at USC - but did come back and took the lead. That took some gumption. The Purdue comeback was promising. Lots of poise from the offense there. I don't think this team lacks toughness or doesn't play hard. They're deficient in certain areas. 
  • Why do so many posters insist that Odom be so much better than Pinkel was? Pinkel had a successful run against lower level teams, and teams that were down like Odom did last year. So, why is Odom held to such a higher standard than even the entire Mizzou is? Mid level teams, mid level success. Time to MoveON… right?
  • It's a fair question. One explanation, the fan base changed its standards post-Pinkel, where making a bowl game and being competitive is no longer tolerated in 2018 like it was in 2003. Remember, fans were cheering the 2001 Tigers when they weren't blown out by Texas. Pinkel hated it, but that reaction reflected the standard back then. That's no longer the standard - thanks in large part to Pinkel.
  • Dave, does the attempt by CM to get transfer waivers on the Smiths, show his concern about the roster this year? This seems like a long shot at best.
  • No, it's just the trend this year. The NCAA is being more lenient, so there's no harm in going through the process. When Missouri landed the Smiths it was with the understanding they'd have to sit out a year. That was always the plan. But as long as other transfers are getting waivers, you have to see if it's possible.
  • In the South Carolina game on SC's last drive to score the winning field goal, did you ever get an explanation on why the tight end was so wide open down the middle on that key play that put the Gamecocks in field goal range?
  • Once USC went into a empty backfield, the Tigers were supposed to make a check that changed the coverage. They didn't make the check. Brandon Lee had his back to the tight end and instead seemed to cover a slot receiver that was already covered by a DB. That gave the tight end a free release down the seam.
  • If things completely fall apart....lose to Memphis and continue to lose to top 25(Florida and Kentucky) that's a 6 game losing streak. Any chance we hire Joey Freshwater?? Who do you think would be on the short list?
  • Put it this way: If I'm a Power 5 AD, especially one in the SEC, I'm interviewing Lane Kiffin.
  • Dave, thanks for the chat. I like what Dooley has done getting a ground game going...but why does Crockett look good one game and lost the next?

    Also, how do Lock and Dooley get along? Better than Heuepel and Lock? Also seems like Lock was more comfortable in the ‘Heuepel’ offense. The current offense seems much more structured with more options though. Your take?
  • Lock seems to genuinely like Dooley. It wasn't always a warm relationship with Heupel. I don't agree that he was more comfortable with Heupel's offense. Maybe he got more protection from the blocking schemes, but Lock made it pretty clear once Heupel left that he wasn't thrilled with the system. 
    As for Crockett, he just doesn't have great breakaway speed or elite quickness, and it shows up against the elite athletes on Georgia and Alabama. He's good enough to run away from South Carolina defenders, but those holes close up much quicker against  a Nick Saban defense. 
  • OK, folks. I've run out of time. While I've got your, check out the new podcast:

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