Mizzou chat with Dave Matter

Bring your questions and comments about Tigers basketball and football, and talk to Mizzou beat writer Dave Matter in a live chat starting at 11 a.m. Thursday.

  • Hello, Mizzou chatters. Lots to discuss after last night's game, I'm sure. I'll be here for the next two hours at least. Bring your questions and I'll do my best to answer them.
  • Just for fun, what university makes the most revenue in the SEC? I read your article about Mizzou running in the red.
  • For the 2016 fiscal year it was Texas A&M at $194 million, which led the country, according to USA Today's annual list. Bama, LSU, Tennessee, Florida and Auburn were all at $140 million or more. Mizzou was ranked 30th nationally at $97 million.
  • What do you think it would take for a Mizzou basketball and Mizzou football coach to be a career coach at Mizzou (if the coach wanted to be)? I am thinking consistently winning 18-22 games a season in basketball and consistently winning 6-8 wins in football. At other schools a single season like that would get you on the hot seat. But I think at Mizzou if a basketball coach or football coach averaged those amounts while occasionally having a season "where the stars align" and the team is much better than those averages would cut it.
  • I don't think Missouri fans would settle for a football coach who only gets to lower-tier bowl games over a long stretch. Pinkel set the bar higher than that. Haith won 30, 23 an 23 in his three years and fans weren't upset to see him go. Winning in the teens won't cut it. Either way, there's a theory among smart people in this business who believe in the 10-year rule, that unless we're talking coaching legends like Saban or Krzyzewski, fans and head coaches generally get tired of each other after about a decade. If you win enough early to stay at a place for 10 years, you generally set the bar high among your fans, and then when you have an off year or two, you wear out your welcome because you're perceived as underachieving. I think it can be healthy for coaches to move on after a long period of time, even if they've had success. Mark Richt at Georgia is a great example.
  • Well Dave that was tough to watch. Hung around, closed it to one, and then folded like a cheap tent. I will give Auburn a lot of credit, that run they went on in the 2nd Half was pretty ridiculous, their PG in particular looked like he could have been taking contested half court shots and nailed them.

    The thing I noticed that really bothered, other than Tilmon playing maybe the worst basketball game I've ever seen (4 TOs, 4 PF, 0 PTs is not a line you want to see and proves he's a long way from being drafted imo), was that Jordan Barnett seems to be getting lazy with the basketball and on defense. Did something happen that he's decided to check out mentally? Was CM too rough on him? He looks like he's just going through the motions on the off chance he gets to throw up a couple 3's(which he did well last night). This team is very hot or cold.
  • Barnett was far better last night than he was Saturday at A&M, at least offensively. He's not a real high-motor guy. Teams that play up-tempo can really challenge him on the defensive end. He's a good athlete, a great rebounder for a wing player and obviously can shoot the ball from deep. But he's far from an elite defender and not much of a ball-handler. That's just who he is. It's hard to change a senior.
  • You think the newly signed junior college qb has a chance to be a huge qb. Seems like we have some good ones in the roster as well
  • He's never going to be huge in a literal sense. That's why Lindsey Scott didn't land many Power 5 offers. People in Baton Rouge speak highly of him, for obvious reasons. His final two games each of the last two seasons were championship victories, at the highest high school classification in Louisiana in 2016 and the national juco championship game in the fall. He seems like a natural leader, charismatic and a great athlete. He should have a great shot to win the job in 2019.
  • What’s your take on the men’s b-ball season so far. Is the team what you thought it would be (besides MPJr)
  • Missouri has three quality SEC wins in a loaded conference but has looked awful in the last two games. Because the SEC is rated so high, Missouri can still get back into the hunt for the NCAA tourney. At this point, other than a team or two, it doesn't matter who you lose to in this conference. Wins over anyone are really valuable. Losses aren't as damaging to the March credentials. MU is 3-4. A 7-4 finish will get them onto the NCAA bracket. 6-5 and a win or two in St. Louis could do it, too. The schedule is favorable down the stretch. MU plays four games against the Mississippi schools and also gets A&M and Vandy. Those aren't automatic wins, but those look like the most beatable teams in the league. I thought Mizzou would be a top four or five team in the league with Michael and a single-digit seed in the NCAA tourney. Without Michael, I figured MU would be a bubble team.
  • Having a few home wifi issues. Bear with me.
  • Hi Dave. Up until the TA&M game I thought we passed the eye test for the NCAA tourney. Now I think that we need to win seven of the last 11 games to go into the SEC tourney at 20-11 AND win our first round game just to make the NCAA field. My question for you is without a return by MPJ, do you see this as possible?
  • Yes, it's possible. Let's not forget Missouri beat a really good Tennessee team last week by playing a strong defensive game. That's what has to be the strength of this team because of the challenges on offense. Last night was a bad matchup for MU. Auburn wins with 3s and free throws and their plan worked to perfection. Pearl spreads the floor with his undersized rotations, and Missouri couldn't adjust, couldn't close out on shooters and gave away too many second chances and fastbreak points.
  • On the SEC conference call, Cuonzo was just asked if he lets his mind wonder about how things would be different with a healthy Porter Jr.: "You think about that all the time, not just because we lost the game. First and foremost is him being healthy. But we have to play with the guys we have. I like the guys we have and we have to continue to develop them."
  • Any idea the # of recruits the football team is looking to sign in the late signing period? And what position groups they'd like those recruits to be in? Looks like QB now covered and hoping we can get DT Thompson. Maybe still looking for help at DE and DB?
  • They're still recruiting some pass rushers and safeties for sure. I would think between 6-8 more signees would be the sweet spot to close out the class.
  • Where you think Frazier gets drafted ?
  • Let's see how he does in his workouts. I would think he's a mid-round guy, but I'm no Mel Kiper. He wasn't as productive as the past MU edge rushers who now play on Sundays, but he played most of his senior year hurt.
  • Do any women b-ball players have their jerseys retired at Mizzou. Would Sophie be a candidate ?
  • Missouri changed its number retirement policy to state that an athlete must win a national player of the year award to be eligible, so that would mean she'd have to win that award next year. That's a lot to ask. But, yes, Mizzou has retired two women’s players’ numbers: Joni Davis’ No. 33 and Renee Kelly’s No. 42.
  • Thanks for the chat Dave. Always enjoy it.

    2 questions if I may:

    1. We all had high hopes for the team this year, even after MPJ went down. While the goals are still out there, I can't help but notice the lack of good talent depth this team has. It's very apparent when you see the team having to rely on players from last year's squad. I like Cullen, Terrence, and Reed, but they are just not adequate high major d-1 players. Coupled with bad shooting, turnovers, and foul trouble. But I think serviceable depth is the biggest hole. Would you agree?

    2. Before the season started, I thought Bruce Pearl was supposed to be fired and we would have a lot more allegations of other programs? What happened to that whole investigation? Did Auburn just allow it to fade from the news cycle and keep Pearl?
  • 1. I agree for the most part. Let's not lose sight of the fact that without a top-five NBA draft pick, this team is the core of the worst SEC program for three years running, plus a pretty good grad transfer and two freshmen bigs who are wildly inconsistent. That's not to say we should expect 20-point losses like last night, but Auburn is a legit top-20 team. I was by no means shocked by last night's outcome. I said before tipoff this is a bad matchup for Missouri and I wouldn't be surprised to see Auburn win big. 
    2. They seem to be  in a holding pattern at Auburn. He's obviously making it harder for the school to fire him by developing a first-place despite missing two key starters. But Auburn just hired a new AD, so I wouldn't say Pearl is out of the woods just yet. 
  • Following up on your athletic dept revenue info and MU being 30th, what do you think would be realistic goals for MU nationally? In the top 20-30 programs? Much chance at better?
  • Missouri has always aimed to be middle of the pack in its conference for spending and revenue. Top 20 nationally is probably unrealistic. For one, Mizzou doesn't have enough fans to consistently pack the stadium to where you're maxing out on ticket revenue. And Mizzou doesn't have enough donors to compete with the wealthiest programs in the SEC that have such a wider base of supporters. The administration can always expand their donor base but not to where they're on par with Florida or Bama or Texas A&M. Mizzou just doesn't have the resources to spend money like a lot of its peers. Winning helps, but MU was within a victory of the football national championship game twice in a six-year span and still struggling to break even.
  • Any thoughts/insight on Andy Hill being switched to ST Coach? Sounds like he's worked with kickers in the past, but he's got a solid track record with our WRs. Just the best way for the coaching staff to split duties given their skill sets? Or maybe a move Andy was interested in or helps his time commitments being Associate Head Coach?
  • I haven't talked to Andy, so I don't want to speculate. My sense is it was a sort of compromise. Ofodile is an offensive coach. He could have helped with running backs, receivers or tight ends, but Hill has the most experience working with specialists compared to the other offensive position coaches. Another point people don't realize. I think Hill will probably still help on offense. When you have a football practice, there are a lot of periods where you're not practicing special teams. When the offense is going against the defensive scout team and vice versa, it's not like Hill is going to take a nap or head to Booches for a burger. He'll have to do something during the non-kicking game periods.
  • Did we recently get a 2018 commitment from a point guard?
  • No commitment. Missouri is recruiting several 2018 point guards.
  • Follow up on my previous question about coaches and what it would take to be a career coach at Mizzou. You make some good points... I think I may just have lowered my expectations for the last three years...
  • Hi Dave! Thanks for the chat, as always. My observation on the basketball team is that our two freshman bigs have hit the proverbial freshman wall. It seems to me that Tilmon has regressed in his knowledge of what is and isn't a foul in the college game. And Porter has had two poor shooting games in a row. With his size, he should be posting up guys down low, especially last night when Auburn had a much smaller team out there. But he prefers to stay out along the three-point line. Any thoughts on that, or why CM allows him to do that?
  • On Jontay, Martin made a valid point after last night's game: Jontay has never really played around the rim even though he's 6-11. He's mostly be a perimeter player. He doesn't have a lot of experience posting up bigger bodies. He's learning on the go - and it hasn't always been pretty. Only until recently has he gotten post feeds and tried to post-up defenders. As for Tilmon, the fouls have clearly gotten in his head. I thought Martin was smart a couple weeks ago to call out the officials - because miraculously Tilmon started playing with more confidence and refs were letting the bigs play their game. But he's gotten back into bad habits. Careless, out of control play. I thought Tilmon played well against A&M's two bigs, but he didn't respond well to Auburn's personnel.
  • I was sooo excited for this b-ball team considering how they played after they lost MPJ. Almost beating Florida gave me a lot of optimism but the sloppy play over the last few weeks has cemented the fact that this team is what it is....a patchwork team that has consistency issues and not really that good. They exceeded expectations after MPJ went down but my enthusiasm had waned quite a bit. Now I don't see even 20 wins....and that isn't good enough for the dance. Is it? What say you?
  • Well, look at this this way, they didn't beat Florida ... but they beat the team that just beat Florida. Like I said earlier, who you beat in this league won't matter as much as how many games you win. If Martin gets this team back committed to defense and can pull more out of the two freshman bigs, there's no reason to think they can't get to 20 wins. A&M is still a dysfunctional mess and has to play in CoMo. Again, MU plays four games against the Mississippi teams, plus Vandy and LSU. Kentucky isn't Kentucky - and has to come to CoMo. Missouri has played what I feel are the three best teams in the league. Beat one (Vols), got hammered by one (Auburn) and should have beaten the third (Gators). I don't think it's time to jump ship by any means, but they need to get back to taking care of the ball and closing out on shooters. Auburn is a matchup nightmare for a lot of teams, especially a team with a lot of young size that doesn't have a dynamic athlete at point guard. Sound familiar?
  • Just glanced at the screen and i thought you just typed....wife and bear issues. Whew!
  • Passes to post. Tilmon gets great position but the passes are either too late or to the his weak side of his post from wings and point guards. This and the fouls cause frustration. Do you believe a good point guard makes a big better?
  • It would help, but Geist hasn't been the problem the last two games. He had to give Harper some space last night or he'd blow right by him - and Harper answered with some NBA 3s. Geist was the only guard last night attacking the paint and getting good looks inside. Yes, he's an ideal sixth man if you want to be a great team. But, the roster is what it is at this point. I still agree that he's the best option at the point. Phillips has lost his handles. As Ben Fred wrote today, he's a liability.
  • I have to say that the Mizzou BB team needs guards desperately. The turnover rate is awful and they seem lucky to be able to withstand even a minimum amount of pressure. Hoping they can get some good recruits. Courtney Ramey from WGHS could start almost immediately.
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