Mizzou chat with Dave Matter

Mizzou chat with Dave Matter

Bring your Tigers football, basketball and recruiting questions, and talk to Mizzou beat writer Dave Matter in a live chat starting at 11 a.m. Thursday.

    Greetings, chatters. It's getting to the that slow time of year on the college sports calendar other than the diamond sports, but I'm here for the next couple hours to talk all things Mizzou. Let's get to it.
    Hi Dave

    Any new news on the recent guard eligibility who transferred in from the A-10?

    Also, any new news on any forward help coming our way via JUCO or Grad transfer?

    Thanks, John L
    Eric Williams Jr. from Duquesne chose Oregon over Mizzou while on his visit to Eugene a couple weeks ago. 
    The only unsigned recruit that Missouri has been linked to - at least publicly - is Kobe Brown, the 6-7 high school senior from Alabama. Brown will announce his college choice on Tuesday. He's down to Mizzou, Vandy, Minnesota and Penn State. He initially signed with Texas A&M back in the fall but reopened his recruitment after the Aggies' head-coaching change. MU was one of his top choices back during the fall signing period. 
    Otherwise, it doesn't appear that Martin has any real urgency to add another 2019 piece, which might be the wise move. If there's not a player you're in love with  and you have a deep enough playing rotation for the upcoming season there's some value in pocketing that scholarship so that you have another one to use for the 2020 class. As the roster stands now, MU only has one senior coming off the books next year, Reed Nikko. MU would clearly like to add more than one player in next year's class, so if you're OK with the roster as is, it makes some sense to save that scholarship.
    While Jordan Clarkson was sitting out I remember hearing rumors he was good enough that he was expected to be an NBA draft pick the next year, which ended up being true? Any of those same rumors with Dru? He is a great 3 point shooter but a lot of the NBA prospects seem to be drafted on pure athleticism and potential. I haven't watched him play so I don't know where he is from a athleticism stand point.
    I haven't heard the same kind of NBA buzz around the program that we heard about Clarkson, but that might also be because Martin's staff doesn't hype up their guys like Tim Fuller did with Clarkson. Before Clarkson played a minute for the Tigers, Fuller told me he compared favorably to Russell Westbrook. Now, Clarkson has become a legit NBA player and put together some nice seasons but safe to say he hasn't lived up to that kind of bluster. 
    With Dru Smith, the staff loves his floor game, his defense, his passing, his ability to play multiple positions on both ends of the floor. They really like his game and his personality/demeanor. 
    It's always been a little confusing to me exactly how APR is calculated with the waivers for transfers/drafted players/etc. Without going into the minutiae, am I correct in assuming we're (mens basketball) in the clear for a while as long as we don't have a wave of unexpected transfers over the next few seasons?
    Yes, Mizzou should be in the clear as long as a couple things happen: If players transfer, they have to transfer to four-year schools in good academic standing. And players who stay on the team have to maintain good academic standing. Here's what I wrote a year ago and it still stands true: "The NCAA allows APR adjustments for athletes who transfer to four-year schools if they’ve earned a 2.6 grade-point average and for underclassmen who leave school in good academic standing to pursue professional careers. The latter exemption explains why Kentucky men's basketball continually produces high APR scores — UK's four-year average has been at 1,000 the last three years — even though John Calipari's team has been a turnstile to the NBA for underclassmen."
    In Frank Haith's final year, MU's APR took a major plunge. A bunch of players left the team, either transfers or jumped to the NBA and it's safe to assume some left with poor GPAs. 
    I was looking at your retweet of the BaseballAmerica projections and could use a clarification. Let's just assume that their bracket is correct - if Mizzou wins the Waco regional, they then play the winner of the Louisville regional - then they'd go to Omaha for CWS?
  • Correct. Mizzou would have to win the Baylor regional in Waco, and then assuming Louisville wins its regional, Mizzou would face Louisville in the best-of-three super regional. The winner of each of the eight super regionals advances to Omaha for the College World Series. Mizzou's pitching talent and depth will be a big advantage in the postseason. I wouldn't want to face this team the way it's playing right now.
  • Assuming that Tillman comes back, Nikko, and the freshman recruit who else does Mizzou have to play either the 4 or 5?
  • Tilmon and Nikko at the five. Tray Jackson, Mitchell Smith and Parker Braun at the four. Martin really liked what he saw from Braun in practice during the second half of the season. He's a good athlete, has some range and plays the game fundamentally well. I'd expect him to get a scholarship. Mitchell Smith showed some flashes down the stretch. He was much more competent offensively and always brings energy to the floor. He's got a nice jump shot from midrange and 3 and if he's got that energy focused in the right direction can be a disruptive presence and productive rebounder. 
    Martin was reluctant at times to play four guards at once but he might be more open to it next season considering his personnel. 
  • Why would coach Martin rather sit on a scholarship to save for the 20 class instead of going after a grad transfer and still having that scholarship open next year. If they have an injury we could be short on depth.
    Who's this grad transfer that Mizzou wants and who wants to play for Mizzou? Teams don't just land any one who's on the market. They explored a few options but for whatever reason they haven't landed one.
    Does APR only track for scholarship athletes? Your story indicated that the track team has an APR in the 930 range. I ran track at Mizzou (walk-on). There were about 40 of us on the team and maybe 2-3 people were on a full scholarship, the rest were partial or walk-ons. It's unclear to me how you'd calculate APR for teams with 15 scholarships spread over 40 people.
    The APR only counts student athletes who are receiving athletic-related financial aid. As I understand it, any athlete on athletic scholarship factors into the equation, whether they're on full scholarship or partial scholarship. The APR doesn't factor in walk-ons, athletes who receive zero athletic-related financial aid.
  • GOT is just getting weird and too sped up, the dragon death didn't make sense (how did she not see the ships?) and the White Walkers were the BIG story line throughout this entire series and they go away in one episode because Arya jumped from 5674 feet away and stabbed the Night King? Very disappointing.
    I wasn't in love with Episode 4, but I don't get too consumed getting upset about a TV show. The writers clearly value the throne politics and plot lines more than the fantasy world elements, which I'm fine with. I think it makes sense to leave Dany with just one dragon. With three dragons she's such an overwhelming favorite in the final battle. The tables are a little more balanced now that she's down to one. I've read/heard some good theories in the last few days. There's going to be a twist in one of the next two episodes. It's not going to have a storybook or predictable ending. I'm placing my bets on the Stark sisters.
    Do you think Drew Lock will have a more productive NFL career than Blaine Gabbert
    This is a tricky question because we have to define "productive." Gabbert's career has been productive to his bank account. He's about to enter his ninth year in the NFL. According to Spotrac.com, his career earnings are close to $20 million. As long as he's been smart with his money, and knowing Blaine and his family I assume he has, he is set for life. Ninety-nine point nine percent of Americans would call that a productive career.
    But on the football field, obviously he's come up short in establishing himself as a successful starting quarterback. He's thrown 48 touchdowns to 47 interceptions. He has started 48 games over his career for four different franchises and is now on his fifth team, as the backup in Tampa Bay. His career numbers aren't great. But he's apparently got enough tools to keep steady employment in the league. 
    Eight years from now will Lock still be in the league and putting up better numbers than Gabbert as a starter? No guarantee that happens, but I'm leaning toward yes. So much depends on timing. If Gabbert had gone to a better franchise than Jacksonville and wasn't forced to start to early maybe he develops better and has a better career. Denver is a good spot for Lock. No pressure to play right away. The defense will be sound. They've got some good young pieces around him in Lindsay, Sutton and Fant. He's got all the tools to have success in the NFL, and if things go right and he develops at the right pace, more success than Gabbert.  
    No hope for Mizzou softball to make the NCAA Tournament?
    They should make it as an at-large. Strength of schedule and RPI is still solid. They'll find out Sunday when the bracket is released. Anderson has done a nice job reviving that program.
    Flatbranch or Logboat: Who you got?
    Logboat. I like a couple Flatbranch beers and a few menu items, but I'll take my chances with whatever food trucks are in the yard at Logboat.
    Any report on ticket sales for 2019 football? It's an issue that comes up often in this chat, so I'm wondering if they're making any progress toward potentially bigger crowds this season.
  • No updates. Season ticket request deadlines are still weeks away.
    Great news that Geist is getting a workout with Minnesota. Realistically I don't think he's not going to end up in the NBA so what is the value of the workout to Geist or Minnesota? For geist does the invite raise his profile for D-league or Europe options? For Minnesota it's zero risk so you might as well take a look? Thoughts?
    The upside is impressing the team enough to get a roster spot for the Summer League. And if you play in the Summer League you get to play in front of not just one team's scouts and coaches but the rest of the league. And if that goes well maybe somebody offers an invitation for a training camp, like Jordan Barnett earned this time last year. Exposure can lead to options, and the more eyeballs you get to play for, the more options you can pile up. Geist just wants to play. The NBA is the dream, but if you can make a G League roster, the money isn't great but you can set yourself up for an NBA call-up if things go well. And there's always overseas opportunities.
    Forgive me if you've already addressed this but have you been able to find out anything new on why Drew fell to the second round? Also, I know you don't cover WVa but since you do follow sports much more closely than we do, any thoughts on why Will Grier ended up in the third round? My guess is, Murray, Drew and Grier will end up being the three best pros (in that order).
    Simple answer to both is that not many teams were in the market for a first-round quarterback. And this wasn't considered a very good year for drafting elite QBs. Next year's class is already considered to be stronger. Once it became clear that the Giants were taking Jones early and the Broncos would pass on a QB in the first round, the first-round demand for quarterbacks just wasn't there. The Redskins seemed destined to land Haskins. Then there were teams like Oakland and Cincinnati that some figured would want a quarterback, but they addressed other needs first. So it's not so much that Lock fell; there just wasn't a mad rush on his position. Now, had guys like Grier or NC State's Ryan Finley or Auburn's Jarrett Stidham been drafted before Lock, then it's fair to wonder what happened to his stock ... but he was taken ahead of all of them. This was more about the pre-draft projections overvaluing the market for QBs than the teams valued them. 
    As for Grier, the knock on him was his arm strength and mobility. He's not nearly as athletic as Lock, so he's considered more of a liability outside of the pocket. 
    So, outside of GoT (a show we loved, but lost track of and haven't gotten back into) what are your favorite shows, over the last few years? We love Shameless and The Marvelous Mrs. Maizel. In the past, loved Homeland and Breaking Bad.
    I'm big on Succession. It's just a bunch of ruthless, hysterically evil people. 
    I haven't caught all the way up but I like West World. Veep and Barry are very good. I'm partial to just about anything on HBO. I was a big fan of The Leftovers. 
    I know it was a small sample size, but I saw McCann miss two "chip shot" FGs with little to no rush on the SEC replay of the game. Any worries?
    The spring game? McCann missed one and his backup missed the other. Obviously it was a concern last year and should be again this year. McCann was very good as a sophomore, a little shaky at times last year. Some of that, too, is a snapper issue. Now he's working with a new holder, too. They really need to clean up the PAT/FG team this summer. No doubt.
    Do you think Mizzou baseball can recruit well enough to consistently compete in the SEC? It seems a kid wouldn't care how many people are in the stands if he thinks he's getting prepared to play pro ball (although I imagine the facilities, elsewhere, are probably much more impressive).
    So far Bieser and his staff, a staff that's had some turnover last three years, has shown they can identify and develop talent to build a nationally competitive team. They've put a high value on pitching then looked for athletes to play in the field. They've done a good job finding junior college transfers and landed a handful of in-state and out-of-state high school players that were talented enough to get MLB looks but not so elite that they skipped college.
    Who goes further in CWS, Mizzou softball or baseball? I’m assuming both get in despite women losing in 1st round of SEC Tourney.
    Only the final eight teams in both sports make the CWS, so I assume you mean which makes it further in the NCAA tourneys. 
    I'll go with baseball. Much better and deeper pitching. They have multiple quality starters and very good relievers. The offense can be inconsistent, and while they don't mash, they're good at creating chances with walks and steals. 
    Haven't heard much about the track team this year. Is there an heir apparent to Karissa Schweizer or was she a once in a generation talent for the program?
    They don't have anyone who's on that scale nationally in distance running. They have some good throwers, especially on the women's side, and an elite high jumper.
    So the South Endzone construction will be finished by August?
    Sounds like most of it will be finished before then.
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