Mizzou chat with Dave Matter

Bring your questions and comments about Tigers football and basketball, and talk to Mizzou beat writer Dave Matter in a live chat starting at 11 a.m. Thursday.

  • Good morning, Mizzou chatters. Forgive me for being a little groggy today. After a bunch of flight delays in Birmingham and Atlanta, I didn't land in St. Louis until 2:30 am - and then had the drive from STL to CoMo. The sportswriter's life isn't all that glamorous. I'll take your questions for the next couple hours.
  • With Jontay joining the 2017 class, this has to be the best recruiting class Mizzou has ever had, right?
  • It was arguably the best before the addition of Jontay Porter. I wrote about where it could stand among the best in recent history a few months ago. I'd rather evaluate where the class ranks after the players actually play a game or two. It will be hard to match the production of Stipo & Sundvold's class, but this group, on paper, obviously has some starpower.
  • Dave, is there any news on the players who haven't reported for football yet? I believe Davis, Palmore, and Young if I'm not mistaken.
  • Odom is still optimistic. Young might need an SEC waiver at last check because of his transfer situation. I'm not sure on the particulars.
  • The media's preseason All-SEC team and predictions have been released. I'll post them here shortly. Mizzou picked last in the SEC East. Not a big surprise.
  • EASTERN DIVISION (1st Place votes in parenthesis)



    Georgia (138)


    Florida (96)


    Tennessee (3)


    South Carolina (5)











    WESTERN DIVISION (1st Place votes in parenthesis)



    Alabama (225)


    Auburn (13)


    LSU (4)


    Arkansas (1)


    Texas A&M


    Mississippi State


    Ole Miss

















    South Carolina







    (Total points earned in parenthesis)




    QB        Jalen Hurts, Alabama (196)

    RB        Derrius Guice, LSU (223)       

    RB        Nick Chubb, Georgia (211)   

    WR       Calvin Ridley, Alabama (232)              

    WR       Christian Kirk, Texas A&M (197)   

    TE         Isaac Nauta, Georgia (134)    

    OL        Braden Smith, Auburn (201)       

    OL        Martez Ivey, Florida (198)                  

    OL        Jonah Williams, Alabama (187)                       

    OL        Ross Pierschbacher, Alabama (174)      

    C          Frank Ragnow, Arkansas (174)                         



    QB       Nick Fitzgerald, Mississippi State (121)                           

    RB        Bo Scarbrough, Alabama (151)   

    RB        Kamryn Pettway, Auburn (141)         

    WR       Antonio Callaway, Florida (152)                    

    WR       J'Mon Moore, Missouri (91)        

    TE         Hayden Hurst, South Carolina (115)                   

    OL        Isaiah Wynn, Georgia (116) 

    OL        Jashon Robertson, Tennessee (108)                     

    OL        K.J. Malone, LSU (101)              

    OL        Martinas Rankin, Mississippi State (101)                     

    C          Bradley Bozeman, Alabama (155)                               



    QB        Austin Allen, Arkansas (102)                                          

    RB        Ralph Webb, Vanderbilt (105)               

    RB        Sony Michel, Georgia (30)       

    WR       Deebo Samuel, South Carolina (64)                    

    WR       Jauan Jennings, Tennessee (42)             

    TE         DeAndre Goolsby, Florida (76)                         

    OL        Lester Cotton, Alabama (96)           

    OL        Greg Little, Ole Miss (94)          

    OL        Javon Patterson, Ole Miss (87)             

    OL        Koda Martin, Texas A&M (69)          

    C           Will Clapp, LSU (66)                  





    DL        Da'Ron Payne, Alabama (196)                             

    DL        Da'Shawn Hand, Alabama (180)                     

    DL         Trenton Thompson, Georgia (172)                 

    DL        Marquis Haynes, Ole Miss (159)                  

    LB         Arden Key, LSU (191)                 

    LB         Rashaan Evans, Alabama (180)                    

    LB         Roquan Smith, Georgia (157)                

    DB        Minkah Fitzpatrick, Alabama (232)            

    DB        Ronnie Harrison, Alabama (156)                 

    DB        Armani Watts, Texas A&M (137)             

    DB        Duke Dawson, Florida (137)         



    DL        Cece Jefferson, Florida (151)                                  

    DL         Marlon Davidson, Auburn (120)            

    DL         Christian LaCouture, LSU (107)             

    DL         Denzil Ware, Kentucky (78)    

    LB         Shaun Dion Hamilton, Alabama (156)                    

    LB        Skai Moore, South Carolina (128) 

    LB         Tre' Williams, Auburn (103)   

    DB        Tray Matthews, Auburn (126)                  

    DB        Donte Jackson, LSU (123)                 

    DB        Carlton Davis, Auburn (109)                    

    DB       Dominick Sanders, Georgia (109)       



    DL        Marcell Frazier, Missouri (77)      

    DL         Jabari Zuniga, Florida (76)  

    DL        Dontavius Russell, Auburn (70)                  

    DL         Rashard Lawrence, LSU (54)              

    LB         Jordan Jones, Kentucky (91)                   

    LB         Lorenzo Carter, Georgia (82)    

    LB         Oren Burks, Vanderbilt (58)                

    DB        Anthony Averett, Alabama (104)      

    DB        Marcell Harris, Florida (83)                  

    DB        Mike Edwards, Kentucky (71)               

    DB        Tony Brown, Alabama (62)                





    P           JK Scott, Alabama (222)                               

    PK        Daniel Carlson, Auburn (218)                                    

    RS        Christian Kirk, Texas A&M (176)                               

    AP        Christian Kirk, Texas A&M (161)                            



    P           Johnny Townsend, Florida (99)                             

    PK        Eddy Piniero, Florida (106)                                   

    RS        Evan Berry, Tennssee (117)                    

    AP        Derrius Guice, LSU (133)                  



    P           Trevor Daniel, Tennessee (58)                        

    PK        Gary Wunderlich, Ole Miss (94)                                    

    RS         Antonio Callaway, Florida (84)             

    AP        Kerryon Johnson, Auburn (66)               





    * - The top vote-getters in 2017 were Minkah Fitzpatrick (Alabama), Calvin Ridley (Alabama) and Derrius Guice (LSU).

    * - Since 2000, Arkansas’ Darren McFadden (Arkansas) is the only unanimous selection to the SEC Media Days First Team at his position, collecting all possible votes that year.

    * - Since 1992, the most players on a first-team prior to this year’s vote was nine by Alabama in 2011 and eight by Alabama (2010) and Florida (2009).


  • For what it's worth, I picked the East: Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee, Vandy. (Vols fans have seen my picks on Twitter and causing a revolt on my feed. Sorry, I just don't think they're going to be very good. Lost a lot of key players on a team that lost to Vandy and South Carolina. Outside of UGA and Florida, the rest of the East looks like a bunch of teams between 5-7 and 7-5.
  • If Moore can't fix his problems with drops and fumbles, who do you think will emerge as the go-to receiver?
  • I still think he's the best receiver on this team even if some of his issues persist. He had 18 drops and three fumbles last year and he was still the best receiver on the team. Mason and Johnson had a lot of drops last year, too. Johnson had six fumbles if you include his returns. The whole group needs to clean up its ball security, not just Moore.
  • We have to be just a few days from an announcement about the game time for Mizzou/Missouri State, right? The main reason I ask is that the countdown clock on the Mizzou athletics homepage is counting down to 9/1 which is a Friday. The actual football schedule has it on 9/2. If there was any chance that this game was going to be moved to a Friday night, it would have surely been announced by now wouldn't you think?
  • I have heard zero about that game being moved to Friday. You never know when it comes to game time announcements for the first week. The other games don't have to be announced until 12 days before kickoff.
  • Hi Dave, enjoy your writings and chats, which there were more of them. Curious as to how good Jontay will be as a 17 year old freshman?
  • He'll get minutes, he'll help in some areas, but he's not nearly as developed as his brother. I've talked to people who know him best who are cautious about how productive he'll be as a college freshman playing a year ahead of schedule. He's very skilled, but he's going to have to adjust to the game's physicality and intensity. He missed out on a summer of workouts and scrimmages with other college players, so he's going to face a transition period while the other players on the team will have already played together and worked under Martin's system.
  • Last place?! LAST?! I get we are the new guys coming off a bad couple years, but last place? The people around the SEC have so little respect for Mizzou
  • 4-8. Let's not forget that. Mizzou had the worst defense in the SEC last year. One of the worst in the country. I can't fault anyone for picking Mizzou last in this division. I could see it happening. I don't see much separation from the top of the division to the bottom. Vandy beat Georgia last year; and I picked UGA to win the East and Vandy to finish last. There won't be a game between East teams this year that either team can't win. You can't say that about the West.
  • Given who is returning, is a bid in the NCAA tournament a reasonable expectation for the 2018 baseball team?
  • Yes, it should be the expectation. With the weekend pitching staff and the progress the team made offensively this year, anything less than an NCAA regional would be a disappointment.
  • What's your take on this year's Mizzou troupe's performance in Hoover in comparison to last year's performance? Do you see more confidence coming from HCBO and the team?
  • Barry was relaxed, confident and witty. It's hard to compare anything to what he experienced last year, being his first time at Hoover AND having to digest losing his AD the night before he arrived. The players were very good on Wednesday. Beisel was incredibly entertaining. J'Mon Moore was thoughtful, candid, personable. Drew Lock was engaging and friendly as always. I spent more time with MU's players than any other team, but I can say they were among the best interviews there all week.
  • Return 10 starters on a good offense and a defense that in theory cant be worse (at least not much worse)... and picked behind Vandy and Kentucky.... If I'm a player on this team I am foaming at the mouth
  • I like what Kentucky's building. Talented on both sides of the ball. Confidence is building. Remember, they ended the regular season with an impressive win over Louisville and the Heisman winner. Otherwise, let's be honest here, when more than a thousand reporters vote on these things, so many of them base their predictions solely off last year's standings. I would imagine the majority of voters have no idea MU led the SEC in total offense last year or that the Tigers return 10 starters. All they know is 4-8.
  • Before today I was thinking 6, maybe 7 wins before a bowl game... I'm going 7, 8, or 9 now... This team is going to be hungry to prove everyone wrong
  • They're hungry - but can they tackle? Can they cover? Can they punch in touchdowns when they sniff the red zone? Can they kick field goals? Still lots of unanswered questions about this team. I'll say this: I picked MU fifth but it has as high a ceiling as any team in the East outside of Georgia. If UGA's talent comes together the Bulldogs can make the playoffs. If MU's talent comes together, the Tigers can make it to Atlanta for the SEC title game.
  • Does Monty Beisel have a career in PR ahead of him? I liked the boldness and wackiness of his statements.
  • I think you mean Eric. He's a character for sure. He truly believes what he's saying, which makes him all the more entertaining.
  • How good is Johntay? I know that you have written that he's not a one-and-done, but do you see him as a future first round pick? What would he have to do to become a lottery pick at some point?
  • More than anything he has to get stronger and embrace what he is - a 6-11 big man who can stretch the floor. I have no idea if he'll develop into a first-round prospect. He doesn't dominate at the AAU level like his brother did, so it's going to be unfair to make comparisons to Michael. We'll see how he develops over the next year. Missouri won't need him to be a superstar as a freshman but he will have a role inside as someone who can help rebound, play post defense, stretch defenses, protect the rim, etc.
  • None of the OL make any of the preseason All SEC teams? Do you think that is a mistake or is that a sign that while they are a strong unit collectively, they lack strong talent?
  • In fairness, only two Mizzou OL were on the ballot: Adams and Howell. I voted Adams first team. He had a great 2016 and I expect him to be one of the best right tackles in the league.
  • How do most players typically react to these preseason predictions and rankings? Does it upset them or inspire them usually when they are negative?
  • Every kid is different. The good teams, savvy players use it as motivation but doesn't let it consume their lives and distract from the stuff that really matters.
  • Wow -- according to the SEC media pundits, Mizzou football is about on par with Kansas.
  • I wouldn't say that. The SEC is better than the Big 12 top to bottom.
  • In your opinion, who is the most egregious snub from the All SEC teams for Mizzou? Are there any?
  • I voted Crockett first team and he didn't make third team. There are a lot of really good backs in this league. I had Moore, Crockett and Adams on my first-team ballot, Frazier, Beckner and Fatony on second team. From what I recall, Frazier and Beckner were the only Mizzou defensive players on the ballot.
  • O/U 35.5 points per game this year?
  • Are you talking Mizzou football's scoring average or Michael Porter's? If you're talking football, I say over. They averaged 31.4 last year - and had to face elite LSU and Flroida defenses on the road. They won't play defenses that good this year. MPJ? Under.
  • 5 first place votes for South Carolina?.... Those people need to have their credentials revoked
  • Why? I don't get this logic. What does one' s ability to predict division standings have anything to do with one's ability to write about what happens in an actual game? And for the record, I think South Carolina's going to be decent - not as good as Georgia and Florida but I could see the Gamecocks beating either. Good weapons on offense. Improving defense gets its best player back. Very impressive young QB. I'm buying the Gamecocks as an East sleeper.
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