Mizzou chat with Dave Matter

Mizzou chat with Dave Matter

Bring your Tigers football, basketball and recruiting questions, and talk to Mizzou beat writer Dave Matter in a live chat starting at 11 a.m. Thursday.

    Happy Thursday, chatters. Welcome back from the bye week. Lots to get to today. I'll be here for the next couple hours. Let's get this started.

    Didn't the Tigers have a quarterback that could do punting when they had the ball around the 50 yard line. I asked some friends and no one could remember. Did I just dream this?
    You mean on this current team? Nobody on the current team. If you're talking historically, Corby Jones used to pooch punt occasionally. Otherwise, nobody comes to mind from my 20 years covering Mizzou.
    Was the Caleb Love signing a blessing in disguise for Mizzou? Obviously I wanted him to pick the Tigers, but with the depth at guard already it would almost guarantee that one if not more of the guards on the roster now would have left. How did you see the roster change if he did in fact choose the Tigers?
    It's never a blessing in disguise to lose out on a five-star player who has you in his final two. Never. Missouri invested a lot of time and energy in recruiting him ... with zero payoff. There's no positive there. It's impossible to speculate on how the roster would have changed had he signed with Mizzou. Why would it? Dru Smith and Mark Smith would be seniors when Love would have joined the roster. Neither would transfer. I guess you could wonder if Pinson or Watson would leave before their junior year, but I don't see how Love joining the team would make them want to leave. Yes, he's a point guard. Pinson is a point guard. But there would have been ways to keep everyone involved.
    Marlon Adler was the punter and quarterback during his tenure
    OK. I figured the question was about someone more recent.
    I could be wrong but my guess is that any 18 year old who is 7’ tall and can run down a court will get a 3 star ranking. Is it concerning that mizzou offered and committed wilmore so quickly? Particularly knowing that Cuonzo knew before wilmore visited that Caleb Love was going elsewhere. Does that mean Bradford is out of the picture too? The rush signing of an unheralded 7 footer seems desperate.
    I'm not sure what it means for Bradford. He hasn't eliminated Missouri by anyone's account. MU still in the mix as far as I know.
    I'm surprised as anyone that MU has now added two 7-footers who are well off the radar when it comes to high-major recruiting. It's obvious Martin believes he needs someone to replace Tilmon next year. He wants to play with four players on the perimeter and one big inside. Okongo and Wilmore appear to be the choices for 2020-21, assuming Okongo can get his extra year of eligibility. Add Bradford to the mix if he commits. Mitchell Smith will be still be around for next season, too. 
    My Georgia relatives say I could go with them to the Mizzou Georgia game in November. Any chance that as a Tiger fan I won't be derided after the game after driving 600+ miles? Watching your team lose on enemy turf isn't pleasant.
    As the teams look now, Georgia's going to be a heavy favorite, but it's a great city, great stadium, great atmosphere.
  • Live in Atlanta. A reporter here last year before UGA/Mizzou game wrote”a lousy trip, to a lousy stadium that’s hard to get to”. Thoughts? Also please compare Odom to Pinkel in recruiting, caliber of coaching staff, ability to make adjustments particularly at halftime, and overall coaching ability. And lastly, any word on baseball stadium upgrade?
    Missouri is the far northwest post of the SEC, and compared to the other SEC East towns that Georgia reporters visit, yes, it's not a longer, less convenient trip. Fly to St. Louis then a drive to Columbia, where it's to find a hotel on game weekends, so often times visiting media either stays in St. Louis or Jeff City or Kingdom City. 
    Here's why I don't feel sorry for my peers who have to visit Columbia for games: EVERY road trip in the SEC for the Missouri media is long and inconvenient. So, no sympathy from me. 
    As for the Odom and Pinkel comparisons, that's hard for me to make. The recruiting results speak for themselves. If you win a bunch of games it's becuase you recruited well, either landed the highly touted guys or discovered the hidden gems that developed into impact players. I'd say Missouri has done more of the latter under both staffs. Halftime adjustments are the most overrated topic in college football. Coaches make adjustments from possession to possession constantly throughout a game. Halftime is just an arbitrary stoppage of time. The coaches spend more time getting down from the press box and into the locker room than they do changing their game plans. Pinkel was a head coach for 25 years and has a much broader body of work to evaluate than Odom's 42 games. So, too early to really measure the two. Obviously Pinkel beat better teams than Odom has, but he's also had more opportunities. 
    Last I heard baseball was still raising funds for outfield turf. They just renovated the dugouts, locker rooms, coaches' offices like four years ago, so no reason to make changes again so soon.
    The term “take (his) talents” appeared in your article about Caleb love’s commitment and in the Atlantic piece on Josh Christopher that you linked on your Twitter. Can we not let that LeBron-ism become part of the lexicon in sports journalism?
    I didn't write any stories about Love's commitment. That would be our fine high school sports reporter David Kvidahl.
    So HCBO is 0-3 after the Bye. Please remind me of the teams / scores. Did we manipulate the schedule to put a non BCS team in after the bye to give us a better chance to win? Although Troy is no pushover.
    This game was scheduled on this date long before Odom was 0-3 after byes. It wasn't set up intentionally to improve his record off bye weeks.
    Odom's 0-3 record off byes is somewhat misleading - because all three games were on the road in the SEC in games the Tigers were underdogs.
    2016: at Florida, lost 40-14
    2017: at Kentucky, lost 40-34
    2018: at South Carolina, lost 37-35
    The more alarming stat/trend is that Odom is 0-7 against FBS teams with more than a week to prepare. That includes bowl games and season openers. Again, the body of work there is somewhat skewed: Six of those seven games were away from home, though MU was favored in the bowl losses to Texas and Oklahoma State and this year's opener at Wyoming. 
    Dave, thanks for th chat. Any update on where Lindsey Scott transferred to? Who do you see as the favorite to win the QB job next year? Robinson? Powell seems shaky to me, but I’m no expert...or could it be someone not on the roster currently?
    Scott hasn't landed anywhere to my knowledge.
    I'd give Shawn Robinson the edge, but it'll be an open competition starting in the spring.
    As the roster stands - and given current commits - they'll have four scholarship QBs on the roster: Powell, Robinson, Connor Bazelak and incoming freshman Brady Cook. Robinson has starting experience for a Power Five program, and while he had some ups and downs at TCU, he might have the most upside among the contenders with game experience. 
    Since CBC, Chaminade & Ritter began attracting top basketball talent about 30 years ago, 6 BB head coaches haven’t signed one of those top recruits(Winfield, White, Woods, Carrawell, Hughes, Tatum, Lee, Beal, Barnett, Tatum, Cook, Love,etc.)
    directly out high school. 0 for 3 decades.
    Martin should have directed his efforts elsewhere.
  • Because he's not Norm or Quin or Mike or Frank or Kim. He's made progress in the market. He hasn't cracked those schools yet, but kids who wouldn't have given past regimes any consideration are now taking a good, long look at Mizzou's program - even though they've been to one NCAA Tournament in the last six seasons. It's not smart to just abandon the St. Louis area. Norm essentially did that in his later years. What good did that do anyone?
  • Now that the governor of California has signed into law the Fair Play for Athletes bill to be effective 1/1/2023, will the missouri legislature be able to produce a similar bill by then to be able to compete for athletes on a level playing field. It’s bad enough now that Missouri athletes like Caleb Love and going back awhile, Tyler Hansbrough, elect not to go to their state schools. Not having a level playing field will only make it worse.
    Let's slow this down a bit. The NCAA is going to have some time to get involved in the name/image/likeness movement that is going to eventually sweep across the nation. Give Missouri time. I don't have a lot of faith in our state government to be progressive or proactive on this issue, but then again, you look around at the states that are making a push to follow California's lead and this is absolutely a non-partisan issue. It might be the one issue in America where both parties are working together to come up with solutions. If it gets to the point where a majority of states have passed similar laws and the NCAA is powerless to fight it, other states will comply. Give this time. The NCAA knew this was coming. So did the conferences and the schools.
    Scale of 1-10, how much of a concern should it be that Martin has missed out on his targets (Fletcher, Love, Kalkbrenner, Ramey, Liddell, etc) and is on the outside perceivably for Josh Christopher?
    Hard to answer without knowing what happens in the future. If Mizzou becomes an SEC contender and NCAA Tournament regular without the services of those players, then it doesn't matter. Right? If Martin finds other players from other places who can build on the foundation he's starting to establish then these recruiting strikeouts will be mitigated. Martin has been more successful recruiting St. Louis area players than any of his four predecessors. He's had some crucial misses, but we can't overlook Tilmon, Pickett, Smith, Watson, McKinney. It's fair to say it's disappointing that he wasn't able to land any of the players you mentioned, but the sales pitch is still under construction. The burden of proof for Martin's pitch isn't as strong as Kentucky, Duke, North Carolina, etc.
    Dave, it amazes me people freak out over losing Love, these days in college basketball even if you lose a recruiting battle, wait till spring and hit up the transfer market! Free agency is a great thing. Losing out on Love sucks, but you never know who will be out there.
    True. Fans are right to be disappointed. I get it. Especially when you make the final two. But basketball recruiting relies less on local targets than football. When you're only signing two to four players a year, you can cast a wider net nationally and find players all over - internationally, too. In football, your time and resources are more limited because you've got to fill a 25-man class.
    If the NCAA does not make a decision on Mizzou’s appeal until after the regular is over and at the time bowl bids are being awarded, would MU be eligible for and accept a bowl bid?
    Yes. If the appeals committee hasn't made a final ruling once bowl bids are officiall handed out, Mizzou can accept a bid and play in a bowl.
    For a while, it seemed like it might make sense to redshirt Trajan Jeffcoat, if his elbow wasn't healing but now it looks like he may play as early as this week, yes?
  • If we've learned anything covering Barry Odom it's to be cautious when it comes to believing what he says about injuries. Four days before the South Carolina game, Odom insisted that Yasir Durant "will play, will start and will play well." Durant was a pregame scratch four days later - and told me this Tuesday he still hasn't gone through a full practice. Jeffcoat practiced on Tuesday. Odom sounded more hopeful that he'd play against Troy but didn't guarantee anything. I'm going to be skeptical until I see his No. 15 on the field after kickoff.
    With so many important games near the end of the football season (both UGa and Florida in November, then Tennessee and Arkansas providing a chance to get to 9 or 10 wins, likely) to what degree do you anticipate HCBO and DDooley trying to give someone like Connor Bazelak or even Taylor Powell some significant playing time to season them for the future?
    Slim to none unless Mizzou is blowing someone out by four touchdowns in the fourth quarter. You just don't see a lot of experimenting with players to get them experience once conference games get started - unless the games are completely lopsided one direction or the other.
    Dave, enjoyed your story on Maty Mauk. Do you see him giving it a go and maybe trying the XFL out? The St Louis team is going to need some local players who can generate some interest? Seems like a natural fit...
    Thanks. I'm glad you and many others enjoyed the story. (It was one of the most-read stories at STLtoday for the month of September.)
    As for the XFL, Mauk hasn't given up completely on playing professionally, but I don't get the sense he's consumed with the idea of playing again. He's in great shape, far better than what we last saw of him in 2015. 
    If you've already addressed this, feel free to ignore this comment but the move by California is massive. I found it quintessential Californian for Gov. Gavin Newsom to say, "They (the NCAA) can't afford to lose California." If anyone is arrogant enough to think they can, it's the NCAA (and, frankly, it is possible for them to get away with it for a while but I think paying players some greater share of revenue seems inevitable to me.)
    Let's get this straight: What California has done and what other states will soon do has NOTHING to do with universities splitting their revenue shares with the athletes. This is all about allowing athletes to maintain their eligibility while making money off their name/image/likeness, whether that's income from private companies, autograph sales, camp fees or the schools themselves. The NCAA knew this was coming. The California law essentially follows the Olympic model, which allows Olympic athletes to make money off endorsements without jeopardizing their eligibility to complete for their country. 
    If you want to hear more about the topic, check out this week's podcast. Ben Frederickson and I cut through a lot of the misinformation that's out there on this new law. 

    Eye on the Tigers Podcast: What would Fair Pay to Play really mean for college athletics?

    stltoday.com: Episode 64 • After tackling their preview of the Missouri football team's upcoming game against Troy, Mizzou beat writer Dave Matter and sports columnist Ben Frederickson dive into the the
    Fletcher & Love both committed in 4-6 weeks of recruitment by Blue-Bloods while Coach Martin had been recruiting them for 2 years plus. Why would Martin recruit top St.Louis kids knowing that the rug could be pulled from under him very quickly?
  • Because they're incredibly talented and he needs talent. That's it. It's hard to compete with Kentucky and Duke and UNC, but giving up entirely on the top kids in this market isn't the right approach. This is digging deep into the past, but had Missouri done more to build a relationship with Jayson Tatum, the Tigers would have been in the running much later than they were. But they essentially gave up on him - before Kim Anderson took over. And Tatum grew up a HUGE Mizzou fan with MU posters on his walls.
    FLYING in from Tucson for the Troy game. Weather forecast? Attendance? How do you research/process the ? you get on Chatter? Are you multitasking? Shakespeare pizza still good.
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