Mizzou chat with Dave Matter

Mizzou chat with Dave Matter

Bring your Tigers football and basketball questions, and talk to Mizzou beat writer Dave Matter in a live chat starting at 11 a.m. Thursday.

    I would think Crockett will be ready after a month off of games. He tried to practice last week but wasn't quite ready for the Arkansas game.
    Dave, (please excuse the filibuster), I read about the 1934 team, they would have had the “message boards” humming, ya think? With all the “Fire Odom, give Odom a raise” controversy I thought I might look at history, too. Mizzou has been playing football since 1890. They have won 9 or more games 9 times & two of those were in the 1890’s & appear a little questionable. In the 1890’s they only played 4 or 5 games/year except in ’96 when they went 11-5-1 & '99 when they went 9-2 so who knows who they were playing those years. We LOST 8 games in 1921, but we didn’t win more than 7 again until 1939 (Faurot). Of course, we didn’t play as many games “back in the day”, but 9 wins is quite a deal for Mizzou. Not that we’re for sure getting there, but we’ve only won 8 or more 25 times in the previous 128 years! Why do you think some Mizzou fans are so “entitled” & won’t even show up unless Mizzou is winning way more than they have historically? Or did I just answer my own question? How many Mizzou coaches have won 20 games in their first 3 years?
    The easiest answer is because going to the games and being part of the program isn't part of the fan culture at Mizzou like it is at other more historically successful programs. There's always been and always will be a loyal core at home games. I'm talking about the people who sat through the cold and the rain last Friday. But those aren't enough fans to hack it in the SEC. Mizzou needs to grow the fan base, and that starts with improving home attendance, making the game-day experience more of an event and make the inconvenience of coming to Columbia, parking, dealing with the weather and other elements worth the price of investment. If you can do that for a generation, it becomes a habit, a tradition, a ritual passed down through families and graduating classes. It doesn't  happen overnight. Winning games is obviously a part of that. Missouri has to convince fans that it takes their part to be involved in the investment. If building a program is like building a fancy hotel, fans have to be along for the ride starting on the ground floor - and can't just show up when the elevator hits the penthouse. 
    I try to stay away from comparing head coaching records just because the eras are so different. Pinkel and Odom were met with different challenges and had different luxuries compared to Faurot and Devine. 
    Hi Dave. Don't you think Mizzou and Fans would rather play in Nashville in a better bowl even against Purdue again than play in Memphis against Ok st or Baylor? Kansas can beat both those teams. That matchup is a slap in the face and not intriguing at all.
  • For the record, Oklahoma State and Baylor beat Kansas by a combined 39 points. 
    Fans might prefer Nashville vs. Purdue, but that doesn't mean Purdue fans would line up to buy those tickets. It's not just about pleasing Mizzou fans. It starts with what's best for the league and their bowl partners. Frankly, the school that needed the head coach to buy 5,500 tickets for its "rivalry" game doesn't have a whole lot of say in this one.
    Hi Dave,
    I noted SEC Coordinator of Officals talked to Baton Rouge paper this week about some of the controversial calls in LSU/A&M game. Makes sense to explain processes & rationale on procedures, reviewable plays, etc. But was very surprised he ALSO talked (slightly critically) about PI call that gave TAMU another shot a 2 pt conversion to win the game:

    “The defender jumps the route and there is a slight tug,” Shaw said. “Technically it’s probably pass interference, but in this situation I’d like to see more (before a penalty is called). Process the play longer."

    Are you surprised he talked about that - an unreviewable judgement call?

    Assume you & others asked for comment after (more egregious & determinative) PI call in UK game and got nothing substantive?

    I am surprised to see those comments. I contacted the league office for comments about some penalties in the Missouri-Kentucky game and was told there was no official comment.
    I was a little surprised to see a freshman Javon Pickett to start vs Temple and play 26 minutes. Will he get this kind of playing time like this all season?
    He has started every game, played at least 18 minutes every game and 20 minutes in three of six. He's a willing defender and has been an efficient shooter. He's not very polished offensively, but he's the most well rounded of the freshmen so far.
    Any reason to expect change(s) on Odom’s staff prior to 2019?
    Yes, and I say that only because college football staffs change all the time. I'm not saying I expect any specific coach to change jobs, but someone will get an offer somewhere and probably more money - that wouldn't take much - or maybe land a coordinator gig. There will be some staff movement nationwide once all the head-coaching jobs are filled over the next few weeks.
    Davey, I live in Austin TX and saw what appeared to be Mack Brown presser on national TV. Was it national or did yal get that feed up in da lou too? If so that guy has some serious pull in the biz
    I live in Columbia and I saw parts of his presser on ESPN.
  • Is Dooley likely to be back next season? I’m assuming he’s hoping to get another HC job at some point but it’d be nice to have him back at least one more year I think he did a good job this season. Everyone second guessed Odom on that hire but clearly he knew what he was doing.
    Again, we'll have to see what happens to other staffs around the country. I've said for weeks that I wouldn't be surprised if his name comes up for a coordinator job at a place that can afford to pay him in that $1.5 million range. He has a long-standing relationship with Nick Saban and worked for him at LSU and in Miami. What if Bama OC Mike Locksley gets a head-coaching job (Maryland?). It wouldn't surprise me at all if Saban calls Dooley to gauge his interest in a job at Alabama. I don't know if Dooley would take it, but that's the kind of job that would be a stepping stone to a Power 5 head-coaching job or a quality Group of 5 head-coaching job. Dooley makes $900K. That's more than some Group of 5 schools pay their head coach, so I don't see him leaving this situation to be the head coach at Louisiana-Monroe or Eastern Michigan, but he'd be smart to listen to any good offers.
    Dave, thanks for your great coverage of Mizzou sports. Glad to see the football team finish strong and in the top 25 with an 8-4 record. My question is where do you think that they would've been ranked had they pulled out the Kentucky/South Carolina games?
    Top 10 or 12. 
    But who's to say Missouri goes to Florida and hammers the Gators had they not just been crushed by Kentucky? Maybe Missouri beats Kentucky 14-9 and gets fat and happy and loses to Florida. Then stumbles at home against Vandy. Then can't get out of their funk and lose at Tennessee. 
    Made the trek to CoMo for the game on Tuesday. 2 biggest takeaways from the experience: Mizzou basketball has no chance at a .500 season and Broadway Brewery is a cool spot with great food.

    Any word on Rhodenbaugh? I know many who have swam for him and speak very highly
    I don't have any updates on the swimming coach situation. 
    Broadway Brewery is excellent. 
    Point of reference, the '90-'91 Tigers had Doug Smith average 24 and AP average 19 points per game. Any combo of players doing that would have Mizzou Arena packed.

    It's not isolated to Mizzou. Most of college basketball stinks to watch. It's glorified AAU with underclassmen playing before they are ready. Something has to be done.

    What changes do you reccomend the NBA/NCAA make to restore the game for fans?
    I'm not sure I agree with the premise. Fans are in a rush to see the one-and-done rule eliminated so the high schoolers can go straight to the NBA, and I think that would be fair to let those elite players move ahead to the pros. But would that make the college game better? Think about how much the college game benefitted from exciting players like Kevin Durant, Brad Beal, Jayson Tatum, all the Kentucky guys.
    What is the likelihood of Kansas becoming a non con football game in the near future?
    Any status on Gus Malzahn's job status affecting our chances with Kelly Bryant?
    With soccer's popularity growing any thoughts on Mizzou adding this to their varsity roster of men's sports?
    The last thing Missouri needs is another non-revenue sport that sucks money out of the budget for football. If anything, Missouri probably needs to get rid of some of its non-revenue teams. Football pays for teams like track and wrestling and gymnastics. Football doesn't need to pay for another team.
    Mizzou has its Power 5 opponent locked up through 2029, so I wouldn't expect there to be a room until after then. And I don't sense that MU is in any rush to bring back that rivalry game in football.
    As for Auburn and Bryant, Gus is staying for now. I doubt Bryant is concerned about Gus' long-term situation. Whatever school he chooses, he'll be on campus for about 12 months, so as long as Gus is back for 2019, all the other drama and buyout talk shouldn't factor into his decision.
  • Have the three sources who said there was mutual interest between Barry Odom and Louisville FB been identified? I’m glad BO denied it right away and hope he remains at MU and can figure out how to beat the Auburns, Alabamas and LSUs oncje in awhile at least when they come to COMO. MU extended BO’s contract last year without a pay raise. Is 8-4 good enough to get a pay or does he have to do better.
    A couple things: It wasn't my sources who said there was mutual interest. That came from the Louisville 247sports.com reporter. In general, nobody is going to out anonymous sources in a situation like this.
    Second, I missed the part where Odom denied it right away. I reached out to Odom immediately after the Louisville reporter reported there was mutual interest and I didn't hear back from Odom for a full 24 hours. So, no, he let that report and speculation simmer for more than a day before replying to me that he wasn't interested in Louisville. In the meantime, Mizzou was blindsided by the Louisville report. Again, Odom's public denial didn't come for a full 24 hours. 
    If Odom doesn't have leverage, technically Sterk doesn't have a logical reason to give him a raise. But based on the market for coaching salaries, especially in this league, it's fair to say Odom has outperformed his contract. If Sterk doesn't want to run into this situation every year, you can make a case he should give his coach a bump in salary. The other salaries in the league are only going to rise. If I'm Odom and his agent, I want to see my buyout increased, too. Right now, it's incredibly cheap for Mizzou to fire him. I'd want more security built into the contract. 
    Dave, what % of the Tigers men's BB and football games do you get to go to on the road? Do you get to go to the bowl games? The invitational basketball tournaments. A trip to Florida though not likely sounds like a good idea.
    I've gone to every football game home and away since coming to the P-D in 2013 other than last year's Arkansas game because I was at the Advocare hoops tournament in Orlando. I went to every road hoops game last year except the UCF game in Orlando. I didn't go to the Paradise Jam this year because there was a football game that week at Tennessee that was more important and the travel expenses were outrageous for a pretty weak tourney field. Hopefully I'll go to most SEC road games this year. I will be at the bowl game.
    A lot continues to be said about the football Tigers starting slow, finishing strong. Aside from injuries, I think most teams look better late in the season. What seems to be missed is that the SECs schedule makers seem to use the same game order every year. We have been playing the better teams early and the weaker teams (Tenn, Ark and Vandy) late. No huge mystery why the Tigers finish strong. Agree? Though we should be 10-2, I am a happy Tiger fan! MIZ!
    To some degree that's true, but Florida has been in the back half of the season, and its down seasons are rare. Next year is somewhat different, MU's order of SEC games goes South Carolina, Ole Miss, Vandy, Kentucky, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Arkansas. But even if you don't take into account the caliber of competition, it's fair to say Mizzou has played much better football later in the year they last two seasons. Mizzou was awful against Missouri State (on defense) and Purdue last year. Those weren't great teams. The way MU is playing right now, the Tigers would be much more competitive against the teams they lost to earlier in the year.
    Dave - How many from the offensive line do we lose next year? Is the strength of the OL be a factor of where Kelly Bryant plays next year?
    LG Kevin Pendleton and RT Paul Adams are the only seniors. The rest are back. If I were deciding on where I wanted to play next year I would give that a strong consideration. LT Yasir Durant graded out really well for MU coaches this year. That would be part of the sales pitch if I'm Odom and Dooley.
  • Dave, thanks for the chat. I know you've got a lot of bowl questions already but I was hoping you could give some clarity on the Gator bowl wanting SC over Mizzou. SC did win the game against us (barely) but we beat comparable teams by more of a margin than they did and we have a better overall record. On top of that, we are ranked 24th in the playoff poll and SC isn't even mentioned.
    This is not about head-to-head results - it almost never is when it comes to bowl games. 
    Here are a few comments Gator Bowl president Rick Catlett made to The State newspaper: 
    "The (Jacksonville) fan base has always favored South Carolina, and the fact that their athletic director is probably one of the best people in the business certainly helps things.”

    “We have wanted to have South Carolina now for a couple years,” Catlett said. “Their fan base is tremendous. Ray Tanner is an unbelievable guy to deal with. Will Muschamp is a great coach. I have liked him for a while now, the way he coaches, the kind of kids he recruits. We would love to have them in our bowl game. The process goes through the SEC office now.”

    What do you think Sterk will do with Odom's contract, salary, bonuses, etc.? I assume discussions are going on in private between them? I hope so. I think Coach Odom has poured his heart and soul into this program and brought improvement, but in return he gets a fanbase calling for his firing after each loss and an AD who makes little to no public statements about supporting him. I wouldn't blame him for looking elsewhere, but I hope he stays and gets some kind of reward for it.
    I wouldn't be surprised if his salary is pushed to around $3 million and he gets a couple more years and more money for his staff pool. Knowing Odom, the staff salaries will be just as important if not more important. From what I recall from back in 2010, when Pinkel turned down an interview at Michigan he negotiated a larger staff pool for his assistants and didn't take a raise but did get an extension. Staff turnover has been a challenge for Odom, and he trusts the group of coaches he has now. He'll want to keep them intact as much as possible.
    Why does it seem like a 6-6 Purdue team dictates where Mizzou will go. It's not like Mizzou fans won't travel to Nashville just as good as Purdue fans if not better. Similar distance and we have the better team and Lock. Can't they take us and have Purfue to go Camping World or Pinstripe? I'm confused by all this.
    I don't know what kind of discussions are happening behind the scenes, but for now Purdue to Nashville seems to be trending. The Music City has other options.
    Did Mizzou show any interest at all in CBC QB Brett Gabbert? Playing for such a high profile HS team that annually competes for and wins state championships and has a brother who had success at Mizzou, it seems their would be interest especially since Drew Lock won’t be around next season.
    Not to my knowledge, but it's not like he had much interest - if any - from other Power 5 teams. You don't see a player pick Miami-Ohio if he has Power 5 options. According to his recruiting profile,  his other offers were from Dartmouth, Harvard, Yale, Central Michigan, Kent State, Eastern Michigan and Murray State.
  • Daves favorite topic Recruiting. Kelly Bryant. Whats your feeling on his decision. Miz is trending up and returns a good team & the Dooley factor. The sister loving War Eagles are making news about a coaching hot seat. Mack Brown may be late to the game but the man is a HOF HC. I would think UNC is going into rebuild mode under Brown so Bryant not want to spend his final season laying bricks. So my outlook on Bryant to MIZ is positive. I am digging for fools MU gold or do you I may be on to something?
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