Mizzou chat with Dave Matter

Bring your questions and comments about Tigers football and basketball, and talk to Mizzou beat writer Dave Matter in a live chat starting at 2 p.m. Thursday.

  • Dave, loved your article of September 23, 2017 regarding the time of possession statistics. (Some of the Tiger fans have not read this. You might put it in the chat). You plainly set forth how ill-advised it is for Mizzou to run a fast pace offense. Sad to say we are on pace to set the national record of the least time of possession for a power 5 team. Frustrating to see Odom claim to say that it is important for the offense and defense to play as a team and help each other but, as head coach, not go to Huepel and tell Huepel to use some clock and avoid putting your defense on the field for 44 minutes!!
  • Thanks for the note. If you noticed Saturday, Missouri clearly slowed down the tempo. Lock was very deliberate in not taking the snap as quickly as he did the previous games. Maybe it was taking longer to get signals to the players with Heupel being in the booth, but the offense played at a slower pace - still hurry-up, but they were letting the play clock get into the teens instead of snapping it with 20, 25, 28 seconds still on the clock.
  • HI Dave....thanks for taking the time to respond as I think we all here are MU Tigers fans and love your feedback. Speaking of NCAA investigations.....whatever happened to the nasty allegations and subsequent investigation into the goings on down at NCarolina. Teachers and students filling in and doing schoolwork for athletes and other classroom violations. I thought THEY were going to get hammered and now you don't see anything about it anymore. ??
  • It's still ongoing. I haven't followed the UNC case on a daily basis, but they just recently had some hearings on the case.
  • Two questions on NCAA basketball

    1st- Do you think this could work to help solve the current NCAA issues for basketball - The NBA allows players to declare straight out of high school. If they do not declare it is like baseball where you must stay in school three years or go the juco route. Also players are paid a stipend of say $750-$1,500/month (that amount is equal for all players on the team on scholarship), schools must pay somewhere in between that number and can chose where they want the stipend amount to be in that range, obviously the bigger schools who receive the most money from television and shoe companies would chose the max stipend amount and they would all pretty much be on equal playing field in that respect. This way if you are good enough and want to go pro out of high school you can. If you are not then you must stay in school for 3 years which would make the education aspect less of a joke than it is with the 1 and dones. The players are are being paid a stipend amount in addition to all other scholarship package items, the $750-$1,500 stipend should be more than enough for a college kid to have some extra spending money, thus subduing the complaints that they are playing for free. And the quality of talent playing the college game shouldn't decrease that much because there are only 10-15 kids a year maybe that have the talent to go straight to the NBA from high school, and kids that would maybe go after their 2nd season now must stay for a 3rd.

    2nd question - Everything stays the same with college basketball rules except now players can benefit off their likeness with no restrictions. What are the pros and cons?
  • You've pretty much described the cost of attendance stipend that scholarship athletes have been receiving for the past couple years in addition to their scholarship money. No matter how much the schools are paying the athletes, there will always be agents willing to pay more. That's one line of thinking. I agree that athletes shouldn't be required to play one year of college ball - or in Europe - but that's an NBA rule. And until the NBA allows those kids to enter the league straight from school the college coaches are going to keep recruiting them. 
    I think players should be benefit from their likeness, but I just don't see those rules realistically changing any time soon. I would support it. 
  • Will you be doing another signing at the Mizzou bookstore?
  • Yes, in November. I don't want to use this forum to promote book signings, but keep track of the book's Facebook page and my Twitter account for all signing dates and locations.
  • Dave
    I am a loyal Tiger fan but it don't get the opportunity to attend many games living in TX. I like Odom and want him to succeed but it appears the players just quit on him. He just doesn't seem to get his players inspired to play hard. Is my perception wrong or does he really not have the talent.
  • I didn't see any quit in the Auburn game. You saw a mismatch in terms of talent and depth. Auburn didn't have its top running back and top linebacker and you wouldn't know it because their backups stepped right in and produced. Mizzou had its typical lapses in focus (penalties, dropped passes) against Auburn, but I didn't see the obvious loafing or lack of physicality that we normally associate with quitting. Auburn had a long play break out along the sideline and Cam Hilton had to change direction and sprint over a long distance to catch up and make the tackle. Teams that quit don't make that play. Now, that doesn't mean Mizzou deserves extra credit for not quitting. But that wasn't a game where I thought they lacked effort. They lacked talent and depth and poise.
  • Multiple choice: Which is the closest to the percentage of power conference basketball teams involved in explicitly paying recruits? 10%, 50% or 90%?

    I don’t think reporters understand how little random fans know about all this. Saying it’s widespread and that anyone might be next doesn’t give us a good sense of just how common this is.
  • I have no idea on percentages. I'd guess near 50 percent. I think it happens a lot considering four high-major teams ranging from elite (Arizona, Louisville) to usually competitive (USC, Oklahoma State) to NIT-or-bust (Auburn) just got busted for allegedly paying big figures for players.
  • Dave, part of the reason some folks are saying Mizzou is a dumpster fire is because of the football and basketball programs (bball before CM and everyone came in). IF the basketball programs does well this year (and even in the following years) do you think the tone will shift significantly? Sports affect schools. It seems basketball has a great opportunity to help revitalize a fan base and school. I bet if they have a good basketball season enrollment will start increasing again. Mizzou isn't a dumpster fire. Sadly, a lot of bad things just happened at once.
  • Of course the tone will shift if either team has success on a national scale. Winning cures all. It always has and always will.
  • Thanks for the chats. Could it be that the mo football team is just way short on talent?
  • That's part of the problem on defense. Is there a 2018 NFL draft pick on defense right now? Perhaps Beckner? Maybe? I still think it's a defense that can play better than it has - if it's not on the field 45 minutes a game - but they don't make game-changing impact plays. They don't contest the ball in the air or, God forbid, intercept passes. They don't get consistent pressure up front. They don't disrupt - anything. To me, that's a shortage of elite athleticism.
  • Dave, do you think Barry's rant was spontaneous…or maybe his speech and "passion” was rehearsed in advance? It seemed odd that he mentioned the EXACT DATE of the Aaron O'neal tragedy--July 12th, 2005. That was 12 years ago. I'm sure a very memorable event for Odom. I’ll give him the year or even the month of July. But to remember the exact date of July 12? Seems like maybe Barry had this speech prepared and even rehearsed in advance. He's been in the cross hairs for a few weeks now so maybe he knew this moment was coming. Thoughts?
  • The speech was prepared. He was reading from a piece of paper. He came in ready to hit on some of the main points. But July 12, 2005 is seared in the memory of EVERYBODY at Mizzou who was involved with the program at the time. Trust me. I wasn't even covering MU that summer and I'll never forget the date.
  • When you say nobody is safe from the FBI are you saying that you think almost everyone in college basketball is guilty and it’s just a question of who is unlucky enough to get caught?
  • These coaches and apparel executives who were arrested are facing federal prison time. If they're offered plea deals God only knows what goods they have on other coaches around the country. It's been reported that the feds have delivered subpoenas to the folks who run the NIKE EYBL circuit. If they find that Nike was funneling money to recruits through college coaches, the whole damn system could implode. The NAIA tournament in Kansas City might become the new March Madness.
  • Dave - College basketball has seen decreases in TV ratings and game attendance for several years. Depending on the damage from the current scandal, what fallout could you see coming and how would it impact the sport?
  • I'm not sure it's going to lead to a widespread boycott of college hoops. Is college basketball going to turn into college wrestling? A niche sport with a loyal but far smaller audience? Doubtful. The sport is too embedded in the culture of college fandom to disappear.
  • Wondering if former athletic director Mike Alden ever really made it to the classroom where his "true passion" was? I always felt like that was the stance taken to allow a graceful exit due to a force-out. Any insight?
  • I know some people don't want to believe what we report for some reason, but Mike teaches multiple classes on campus. His wife likes to say he works more hours now than he did when he was AD. This summer he spent a month in Vietnam with a group of Mizzou students who were studying abroad. He works regular business hours like most professors on campus.
  • What do you think about Les Miles to Mizzou? SEC vetern and proven winner, I think Odom might be a true son like Kim Anderson. Thanks
  • If and when Mizzou's job comes open there will be far more attractive coaches on the market who weren't run out of their last job for running an offense from the leather helmet era.
  • Riddle me this Dave. Which game do you think will have a higher attendance rating during the November 10th weekend: Mizzou vs Iowa St (basketball) or Mizzou vs Tennessee (football)?
  • There will be more people at the football game undoubtedly but Mizzou Arena will be closer to capacity if not completely sold out. I know football attendance is way down, but the crowd is never going to reach 15,000.
  • Are you surprised that Pitino is the only head coach fired so far? I know he had prior violations which is why he’s gone but this seems so big it’s hard to believe the coaches of the other schools named will be able to shrug this off even if they had clean records before.
  • He was the only head coach implicated in the evidence the feds released this week. Remember, the FBI had two separate cases: The Louisville/Miami case and the sting operation involving Auburn/USC/Arizona/Oklahoma State. Considering that Louisville was already on probation for the stripper incident, not surprised at all that Pitino got fired.
  • Funny how Illinois fans kept making up lies about Cuonzo and Tilmon only for it to turn out that their new coach had previously employed one of the assistants arrested. Think they are regretting that hire already?
  • Not yet, but if I'm an Illinois fan I'd be concerned. At all the schools involved, the head coaches are either going to be found guilty of being involved or at fault for hiring dirty assistant coaches and not monitoring their activity.
  • Folks. I've got to move locations. Chat will continue shortly.
  • "Blue Chips", watchable, but very cheesy! Penny Hardaway's character and recruitment in the movie, resembled "employee #8" Antoine Walker, almost to a T.
    Mizzou is SO FORTUNATE to have the connection to the Porter family! They need a TLC camera following that family around! Just seems to be a great family, regardless of the basketball prowess.
    I'm still bullish on Michael Jr. averaging in the 30ppg range, as long as he's 100% healthy, and is making 40% from 3, 50% from 2, and 85% of his FT.
    Also looking forward to Sophie Cunningham being her normal "Bird-Like" self. She may even hit for 20ppg this year, if it's needed.
  • I respect your commitment to the 30-point average for MPJ. I'm going to put him right around 20 but will gladly be wrong.
  • Dave, Thanks for the chat. Is a coach like Petrino too hot for Sterk to consider if Barry isn't retained? I know he has some baggage, but most of it was non-football related. Are adultery and hiring your girlfriend sins too great for Mizzou to overlook?
  • Let's start with the premise you're leaving out. Why Mizzou for Petrino? He's at a place where he's comfortable, maybe the one place he's coached where he's liked. He has a good Power 5 job in a league that's every bit as good as the SEC right now. Why leave a sure thing at Louisville for Missouri? If an AD ever going to take hire Petrino, there's a lot he's going to have to overlook. Does Sterk want to be that AD who's asked all the questions about what happened in both Atlanta (one of the most disgraceful coaching exits we've seen in some time) and at Arkansas?
  • will the firing of Demonte Cross hurt the recruiting ties to some Texas HS's? Seems like he would have had some quality relationships in a talent rich state. Also, is it almost irrelevant to include stats in some stories when the team is blown out and the effort of opposing defense and personnel may lead to a better outcome? An example would be suggesting Drew Lock had a decent rating against Auburn or the rushing attack averaged a decent number per carry? At some point the defense just backed off and let some yards go less contested or third stringers are covering the #1 MU receiver. I think it would be hard to get value out of it.
  • Missouri moved the ball against Auburn's starters at times. Not all of those yards came in garbage time. 
    As for Cross and Texas, let's not pretend that Cross and Odom have been stealing Texas recruits away from the Longhorns and Aggies. If he was that valuable as a recruiter, Odom would have made the relationship work. Walters and Finley also recruit Texas heavily for this staff. 
  • Is there a chance the stadium expansion will be delayed since they haven't been able to keep the seats full this year.
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