Mizzou chat with Dave Matter

Mizzou chat with Dave Matter

Bring your Tigers basketball and football questions, and talk to Mizzou beat writer Dave Matter in a live chat starting at 11 a.m.Thursday.

  • Happy Opening Day, chatters. Hopefully we can divert your attention just enough from baseball to talk some Mizzou sports today. I've been off the grid this week while having some much-needed family time but I'm back for a couple hours now. Also, Mizzou AD Jim Sterk will be meeting with reporters later this afternoon for a state-of-the AD media gathering. Stay tuned for coverage.
  • How many recruits does womens basketball team have coming in so far? thank you
  • Mizzou signed Grace Berg (ranked no. 37 nationally), a 6-foot guard from Iowa. Next season MU also adds Haley Troup, the 2017 Alabama player of the year. She signed with South Carolina but transferred to Mizzou last summer.
  • What's your gut on the 2018 Tiger O-Line and fulfilling its key roles in protection and creating consistent execution of the offensive scheme?
  • Solid group. Not sure there's an All-SEC guy along the front five but it might be the most experienced starting five in the SEC. Adams and Pendleton are three-year starters. Castillo was solid at center last year. Simms might have the chance to be the best of the bunch because of his size and power. Durant came on at left tackle last year after taking some early lumps.
  • So what is the story on Da'ron Davis and while were at it. Turning to Basketball What about Mark Smith or any of the Transfers looking for a home
  • It was reported a few days ago Mark Smith has a Mizzou offer. Martin liked him a lot last spring but once Blake Harris committed, Smith and MU just wasn't a natural fit. Smith obviously knows the school and the program - he was once a Mizzou baseball commitment - and MU appears to be willing to take him on even though he'd have to sit out the coming season. That would tell me they feel good about getting another point guard for the 2018 class because, obviously, they need another ball-handler. 
    As for Davis, I've reached out to him several times and haven't heard back. I was told last August all he needed to do was pass one class to be eligible for the 2017 season and he fell just short. Obviously getting on campus has proven difficult for the wideout. The last time he was asked about Davis in February Odom thought they could get him here this summer. We'll see. 
  • Hi Dave, I was wondering if you have any info on a wide receiver that Mizzou recruited a couple years ago. I think he was from the east coast and was about 6'7 or 6'8. I thought they had plans to use him in red zone situations because of his size. I believe he still on the team but wondered why he hasn't been used.
  • Justin Smith? Can't make the club from the tub. He's been hurt a lot, a series of knee issues. He's shown some glimpses in the few chances I've gotten to see him play in a live situation but he just hasn't been durable enough to earn a spot in the rotation.
  • How was pro day? Which Tigers will get drafted/sign free agent contracts in your opinion?
  • I thought this year's pro day was about as uneventul a pro day I can recall since the early Pinkel years. No NFL coaches, just scouts, and only 26 of the 32 teams. A handful of the scouts left the building before the workouts were complete. Most weren't even watching the position drills. That's a reflection of the lack of high-profile players in this draft class. J'Mon Moore will get drafted in the middle of the draft. He and Marcell Frazier both had solid 40 times. Frazier should get drafted, too. I'm not sure there's another draft pick in the group. Anthony Sherrils tested well on the bench and ran in the low 4.4s. I'm not sure he's physical enough to play safety in today's NFL. A few more will probably get FA contracts or tryouts. Beisel, Howell, Witter, Reese.
  • Have you heard any chat from the coaches about any new players who have 'caught their eye' during spring practice. Also, do the coaches take off on Spring Break or are they evaluating the practices to date.
  • There just hasn't been enough interview access to chat with the coaches. I've talked to Dooley and Walters but that's it. The only day position coaches were available I was out of town covering hoops. When basketball is playing relevant games in March spring practice coverage takes a backseat.
  • Now that Michael Porter has made it official that he is one and done I am wondering if NBA teams evaluation of Michael is the same as it was before his injury? The mysterious back injury which did not manifest itself in preseason practice nor in the KU-MU scrimmage in KC. It popped up after he scored the first 2 points in the Iowa St. game and sidelined him for all but a few games at the tail end of the season. Michael has the talent to compete it theNBA but if his back went out so suddenly at the beginning of his only college season, it seems like a big risk for an 82 game NBA season. I would think this would scare away some NBA teams from using a lottery pick on him.
  • Let's clarify a few things. The injury didn't pop up after he scored a basket against Iowa State. He told Martin before tipoff that he was in too much pain to play. He kept him in the game to avoid being docked a technical foul. It was well known around the team that Porter had been playing through some lingering back pain. It was well known last summer. It flared up again in the lead-up to the Iowa State game. The original injury occurred two years ago. He had played through the pain for two years and hoped he could get through this season and address the injury after his freshman year. His medical tests will be pivotal leading up to the draft. Teams will evaluate everything, not just how he looked before college or during those 53 minutes this season. When they invest millions of dollars in his services, they'll explore every piece of information available.
  • Jontay? Stayin' or goin'?
  • I would expect Jontay to enter the draft pool and get some feedback on his stock. Most standout underclassmen should do the same. 73 underclassmen entered the draft last spring then returned to school after getting feedback from the league. That said, I don't know what will be Jontay's benchmark for staying or going. First round? Lottery pick? Hard to say. The Porters know how the process works and they'll maximize to their advantage.
  • When you say it means "they feel good about getting another point guard for the 2018 class" are you specifically thinking Ramey or just in general?
  • In general. If they're willing to use a scholarship on a guard who CAN'T play in 2018-19, that means they have to know they're adding a guard who CAN play in 2018-19. It's just common sense.
  • Does Coach Martin "recruit" Jontay to stay, or is he hands off and allow the process to play out? Do you think he already has an idea of which way Jontay will decide?
  • I'm not sure there will be much conversation between Martin and Jontay on this decision. At least not until after the decision is made. Martin has made it clear there's a lot Jontay can improve at the college level. Having Porter Sr. as an assistant coach on the staff adds an unique layer to the process. If the family wants Jontay to enter the draft, they're not going to leave it up to Martin to convince him otherwise. Consider this: Folks in the athletics department who work closest with basketball didn't know Michael was making his draft announcement on Instagram on Monday until after his announcement was posted.
  • This has been another nice start for Steve Bieser and his team (good to see the Break Time Lounge beat the Leftfield Lounge last weekend). Do you think this is an NCAA Regional team? I saw the first Baseball America projection had them in yesterday, but that schedule ahead is brutal.
  • If they can win some SEC series and avoid sweeps, stay on the right side of .500 in the league and avoid midweek losses, then absolutely, this is an NCAA regional team.
  • Do NBA scouts evaluate college players like Drew Lock was evaluated at the end of the football season and give players an idea of where they would be drafted if at all? I know Michael Porter is gone so this question pertains to Jontay. He has something you can’t teach or learn being 6’11”. So he might be an interesting candidate after the lottery picks are taken. I think it might be more beneficial for someone in his situation to stay in school another year to continue to develop both emotionally and physically. I’m not looking at it so that MU can squeeze another season out of him. MU will have a BB team whether he returns or not. I think the NBA ought to conform with MLB and NFL standards of allowing entry to the draft after 3 years of college.
  • First, some education on the process. Draft-eligible underclassmen are allowed to take part in the NBA draft combine in May. They are allowed to take part in one individual tryout per NBA team. They may take part in the Portsmouth Invitational. They can request an evaluation from the NBA Undergraduate Advisory Committee. If they take advantage of all of those opportunities, they should receive some valuable feedback on their draft stock. Underclassmen have 10 days from the end of the combine to decide whether they'll turn pro or return to college. That deadline this year is May 30.
    Jontay could surely improve his stock if he stays in college another year, but he might not care about his stock or the money at stake if he just wants to get into the league and start earning a paycheck. 
  • college football been over for months.. the unmightie Mizzou bowed out of the tournament weeks ago...so whatz za point of this here chat?
  • So then why are you here, richie?
  • Jontay: If he stays his limitations are exposed even more and next year he may not be a first rounder(Ivan Rabb was projected a first rounder after freshman year played as soph and drafted in 2nd round). Fan in me wants him back, but business side says take the money and learn while NBA invest in you. Your thoughts?
  • Possibly. I think he if works on his body, trims off the baby fat and adds muscle and strength, he can develop a true post game. He's 6-11 and can rebound and block shots, but he doesn't have an inside offensive game. His value as an NBA prospect is his perimeter skills (shooting/passing) for a 6-11 player, but he's much more complete if he can add that interior offensive game. That said, he can lift weights in the NBA and work on those things while making a paycheck. If a team is willing to draft him in the first round and give him that chance, why not leave now?
  • Any rumblings about Tre Williams out of spring ball? Do you think he can step up and be solid if not really good next year? It seems he has always had the physical gifts but struggled with focus, then came around as a serviceable player in the d end rotation middle to end of the season last year
  • He began spring ball working with the No. 1 defense. Showed some flashes as a pass rusher last year. I believe he'll be out for the rest of spring with a shoulder injury. I've asked the team to clarify his injury status and haven't gotten confirmation. Hopefully there will be some clarity when they resume practice next week.
  • Team Porter & Coach Martin: Outside medical opinion, team meals missed, injury updates on social media,father on staff. How did Cuonzo maintain credibility with rest of team while Team Porter seemed to have own set of rules?
  • It was a unique situation from the start. It became complicated.
  • If we get Ramey do you think that creates an issue with Pinson? Pinson has signed so he'd have to transfer. It seems like Pinson is better suited for a back up role his freshman year regardless. Teams need more than one point guard on the roster, I'm just wondering if it wouldn't sit well that there is another point guard in his class.
  • Pinson has not signed. Spring recruits can't sign until later next month. He could decommit if he doesn't like the situation at Mizzou but no indication that will happen. You can play with more than one PG on the floor at the same time. Basketball is less defined by positions now more than ever before. The staff can make it work.
  • Mark Smith: I believe his offer is contingent on not getting Ramey. Smith believes he is a starting point guard, (he's a 3rd guard in my opinion) and I don't see him coming to Mizzou to sit behind Ramey. If a grad transfer point arrives next year (no Ramey), then Smith makes sense. your thoughts
  • You know this to be true or believe this to be true? I don't know if the offer is contingent on anything one way or the other. Either way, they need a ball-handler this year, whether that's Ramey or a grad transfer. It makes some sense to consider all options and perhaps Smith is a backup plan to have as a future option. But I don't know if that's the case for sure.
  • It's looking as though next year's bb season will be more like the season one could have reasonably expected for Coach Martin this year, prior to the Porter announcement and everything that transpired after that. Do you think fans will remember how far the program had fallen under KA, and be patient with CM, or do you think he set himself up for fan disgruntlement by the season this year?
  • I can't speak for how the fans will respond. Fan is short of fanatic and not all fanatics are generally rational or reasonable. I've said for months that it was important for Martin to win 20 games and make the NCAAs this year because 2018-19 looks more like a transition year as far as roster personnel goes, especially if Jontay leaves. If he's gone, that's more than 50 percent of last year's scoring that has to be replaced. Name one natural high-scoring player on the current roster. .......... There isn't one. So the newcomers will have to contribute a lot to this team, and that makes it a potentially step-back year.
  • Silly questions: When did we start saying Mizzou? Not sure it was our nickname when I was in school. What does the hands waving over our heads during the Missouri Waltz mean. Someone said "fields of grain", but isn't that kU's deal? Why do college teams wear light colored uni's at home in b-ball, but dark in football?
  • This is straight from the university's web site: 

    "Mizzou is the University of Missouri’s nickname and is pronounced muh-ZOO. The word Mizzou is an example of clipping. That means a longer word, Missouri, becomes shortened (or clipped) to Mizzou, which is similar but shorter. We’re not sure who first used the word Mizzou, but we know it was used in the Missouri Alumni Quarterly (now called MIZZOU) as early as December 1905.

    "Function and tone dictate use of the nickname. We use the word Mizzou in friendly, informal messages such as student publications and Facebook posts. In formal communications, such as invitations to science events or announcements of guest lectures, we use the official University of Missouri designation."

    I couldn't tell you what's going on with the Missouri Waltz. Is a buzzkill moment during any game, in my opinion. 

    There are NCAA rules about color schemes for home and road uniforms, but I couldn't tell you why football teams generally wear dark at home and hoops wears whites at home. That's just the tradition. 

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