Mizzou chat with Dave Matter

Mizzou chat with Dave Matter

Bring your Tigers football, basketball and recruiting questions, and talk to Mizzou beat writer Dave Matter in a live chat starting at 11 a.m.Thursday.

    Of the 2019-2020 Mizzou basketball players (expected roster, including incoming recruits like Tray Jackson), does anyone have a chance to make (and potentially contribute) an NBA roster?
    Tilmon, for sure. He'll have to clean up his game inside and develop his outside jumper. But you just don't find many 6-10, 255-pound players with his footwork. Teams always want more size, and he if can refine parts of his game he'll develop into a pro. 
    I think Torrence Watson has the potential if he keeps developing his body and his game. 
    We haven't seen enough of Dru Smith yet to know how he'll translate at the high-major level, much less the NBA. 
  • Watched every MU mens and womens BB games this year. Coach P needs to recruit better. Very little athleticism on the team when compared to other SEC teams. Smith, Roundtree and Levy are only ones. No height next year unless a good recruit is found. Hope the lady from Whitfield can make a big impact. Good luck to Sophie, maybe someone else can grab the spotlight with an outstanding year.
    It's not just that Pingeton needs better athletes, but she needs more more athletes who can play at this level with the skills you need to match up against elite talent. She's got some pretty good athletes on the bench, but they're not developed enough as players yet. You can make a case that the program has hit its ceiling. But any time you can consistently be in position to finish in the top four of a power conference and making the NCAAs is the bare minimum expectation, that means you've got a pretty darn strong program. And we can say that about this team. The NCAA tournament is still a bit of a crapshoot, and unlike the men's bracket, in the women's bracket rewards those top 16 seeds are at a distinct advantage because of the home court in the first two rounds. To take the next step, yes, Pingeton has to recruit better. But getting this far as a program is a huge achievement. There are teams in this league with much stronger histories and traditions that have fallen behind Mizzou in terms of current success. That's a strong statement. 
    Let's not forget, she's got the No. 12 recruiting class in the country arriving on campus this summer. 
    Did MO State play MU women this year. They look really well coached in the NCAA games. Much better ball movement and less hesitation than MU.
    Missouri beat Missouri State 65-61 in November. 
    Kelly Harper had done a great job with the Bears this year. It might land her the Tennessee job. 
    The old school logo displayed at the Liberty Bowl. Is that the new logo the university is pushing on all clothing and helmets? At the pro day, that old logo was everywhere! Please tell me no. Also, I saw a twitter photo of a potential recruit who was wearing a different Mizzou helmet design - three different stripes. Should we expect more helmet combos this season? Have you seen anything new? Thanks Dave for your coverage.
    Mizzou is starting to use the retro Tiger logo as part of its inventory but I wouldn't expect it to become the primary logo for the school. It's not even an exclusive look for just Mizzou. LSU uses the same Tiger as does other schools. 
    Mizzou is one of those programs that doesn't have an iconic national brand, so instead it takes the path of using more variety. It's pretty common in college sports these days. Even Ohio State and Oklahoma switch up their uniforms every week these days. 
    Good afternoon, Dave.

    I hope your comment below that HCCM and the MMB program are ready to move on from the Porter era come true. JP's leaving COMO, heading to Denver and showing zero interest in the program and his teammates tells me all I need to know. Enough is enough.

    Question. How are the South End Zone seating, suites, etc. selling at this point? I know the athletic department is very much depending on the forecasted $6M revenue infusion.

    Fill in the blank. The Cardinals will finish ______ in the NL Central this season.

    Thank you.
    The Cardinals will win the Central. Goldschmidt makes everyone better. Martinez and Bro'Neil are adequate Fowler insurance policies. Cardinal fans think much less of the team's rotation and bullpen than outsiders who are in awe of all the pitching talent. That will be the difference. 
    As for the south end zone suites, I don't have an updated count, but Mizzou has said all along that there was high demand for the suites and fully expected to sell those for 2019. It's something to check on. 
    What are the projected rounds and potential teams for Emmanuel Hall in the upcoming draft? What was the feedback from Mizzou's Pro Day on #84?
  • It would have been nice to chat with Hall after his workout but he ducked the media after meeting with some teams. Oh well. 
    He spent time visiting with Miami and New Orleans during the day. It's not a deep receiver class, and I think he'll have a chance to go late in the second round or early third. I'd be surprised if he's still around on Day 3, when the fourth round begins. He looked smooth running routes and catching balls from Lock. Of course there was no defense on the field, and he's had trouble pulling down contested passes, but he's got the speed and quickness to be a playmaker in the league - IF he stays healthy.
    You are correct...no degree in advertising.

    Where I disagree is that I don't believe people are looking up what Make It Right means later. People need context when viewing static advertising. In the case of a politician's billboard, readers know, even if they are not familiar with the politician, that the person is running for office. The don't believe these billboard ads offer any context whatsoever and therefore leave readers perplexed entirely. I think they are ineffective and a major waste of $$$.
    OK. That's certainly your opinion. I have heard from many other people who have the opposite opinion and are happy to see the athletics department get the message out this way.
    Barrett Banister seems to be a winner who makes the key play when the team needs him. I would rather have a player like that on the field than one who has more potential in athleticism
    Maybe, but no reason you can't have both. You need elite athletes to beat the elite teams in the SEC. You also need reliable playmakers in the clutch. He earned his scholarship with the way he produced last year. I think you'll see him get more looks this season. I don't think it's a coincidence that another slot receiver, Richaud Floyd, moved to defense around the same time Banister went on scholarship.
  • I assume the WBB will have an awards banquet soon. Any idea how to find out when it is? They don't seem to always post those kinds of things on the mutigers website. And they don't always send TSF emails on that topic either until maybe after it is over.
    What do you think about the baseball team's chances to make a run at the NCAA's? I haven't seen a ton, but it was nice to see them win 2 of 3 from a ranked opponent. I also know the SEC schedule can be brutal. Also, if Beiser doesn't get them into the tournament this year, do you think it is fair he hasn't lived up to expectations yet?
  • They'll have to win some SEC series. There's no doubt about that. They can't lose more than a few midweek games. 
    As for Bieser living up to expectations, it's so brutally hard for Missouri to have a winning program in the SEC for so many reasons. A regional should always be the goal, but I'm just not sure how realistic it is to compete week after week against these teams and expect to have a winning SEC record every season. MU has some talent but not to the depths like you see across the SEC. 
  • Who are some off the radar guys who have stood out in Spring Ball?
    They're all on my radar, so I guess you mean players who the fans aren't as familiar with. 
    This isn't a team with a lot of holes to where unfamiliar players are going to come from out of nowhere. 
    Jonathan Nance has quickly climbed the depth at receiver. I'd expect him to start and be one of Bryant's leading receivers. 
    Markell Utsey is going to help inside at D-tackle. They were able to redshirt him last year.
    Ronnell Perkins. They seemed to have finally found a position for him at strong safety.
    Different format on chat since I was here last. I have some some trouble seeing comments before 8 minutes ago -so I hope I'm not repetitive in comments. -- OK Tigers Football. - - On defense any recent report on better practices for pass rushing or pass break ups ??
    Practice is practice. I don't get too caught up in the results. They go through hundreds of reps a day. The coaches aren't all that consumed with individual results or trends in the spring. It's a chance to get the offense and defense installed, get an early look at the depth and personnel and develop habits. Odom hired David Gibbs to coach the corners because of his history of producing turnovers. Players have said his coaching has already made a difference in that area. Maybe we'll see more break-ups and interceptions, but that will also have to do with having more experienced players at corner and safety. I really think Mizzou might have one of the best two or three corner tandems in the SEC.
    Dave, Do you have any ideas why incentives on coaching contracts aren't more loaded to bigger incentives for wins after 8? I liked most of the contract details, especially for Coach Davis. Seems like wins after 8 should be graduated or doubled, etc.
    I'm not sure how they decide the standards for those incentives. Davis' incentives were no different than any of the other assistants.
    Dave, have you gotten a chance to see the “first team” on offense in the spring? Who’s getting the most work at receiver? Seems like it’s the most depth Mizzou has had at receiver since i don’t know when...

    With Wilson being a good athlete and former QB he seems like a perfect trick play option? Seem to remember bud sasser making a couple big passes. Thanks for the chat
    If the season started today, the starters at the skill positions would be ...
    QB Kelly Bryant
    RB Larry Rountree
    TE Albert Okwuegbunam
    WR (outside) Jalen Knox, Jonathan Nance
    WR (slot) Johnathon Johnson
    Albert O hasn't gone through full-contact drills yet and Johnson has been in and out of a red jersey, but that's a very solid starting unit there. I'm not sure about the WR depth. After those three you've got Kam Scott, who had some big plays last year but wasn't all that productive or consistent; Dominic Gicinto and Barrett Banister in the slot; Alex Ofodile, who barely saw the field last year and didn't catch a pass; Micah Wilson, who's never played WR in college; and then some freshmen, either redshirts or true. 
    As for Wilson, yes, he'd be a good option for trick plays, but he's got to learn how to play receiver at a high level to get on the field. 
    Dave, if/when Jontay declares for the draft and MPJ Sr. exits the program, how will the Porter's legacy be remembered in Columbia? Cierra was great for Mizzou. Jontay had a solid year. MPJ helped recruiting. But on the flip side, Michael brought a whole circus with his will he play or not saga and Jontay basically ditched the team with injury. Maybe we shouldn't get Cierra involed, she was a great player. But did the Porters do more harm than good? I don't know.
  • No, no, no. What harm did they do? They had some injuries. If Michael and Jontay and Bri hadn't gotten hurt, they would have played and given all they had to the programs - just like Jontay did as a freshman and Cierra did for the bulk of her career. Michael's commitment rejuvenated fan interest unlike any player ever has at Mizzou. I'm not saying Mizzou should rename the arena after the family or build any statues, but what harm did they do? There was some drama. A lot of it. Some of it was allowed to fester. Maybe in hindsight Cuonzo handles some things differently when it came to the injuries or the way it was discussed publicly. But he knew what he was getting into. Some things you just can't control.
  • You mentioned Richaud Floyd. He was great on returns early on. but fewer reps later as a receiver. I seem to remember he had an injury? But, did his skill set change or his physical abilities, or does the team just need him more on defense?
    He broke his foot going into last season and it set him back. Then he had a concussion after a brutal shot to the head at Tennessee. He wants to play - and there was more of a need at corner than receiver. Adam Sparks is missing the entire spring. There's not nearly as much established depth at corner than there is at slot receiver, where Johnson is the clear starter and Gicinto and Banister are solid backups.
    I meant the base pay raise for Davis. I saw the incentives are the same.
    OK, yes, Davis got a significant raise. Odom clearly values both of his line coaches based on those raises. Davis might have gotten some other offers this offseason and Odom had to give him a big raise to keep him on staff. Davis doesn't talk to reporters, so I don't know much about him or what kind of interest he's gotten from other schools.
    What road football game (site) are you most looking forward to next year? Is the Spring game worth driving down I-70 to see? I've never been.
    Athens is my favorite town in the SEC, so I always look forward to that trip - except for the Atlanta traffic. 
    I've never been out to Wyoming - I've driven through the state but haven't actually stopped to take a look - so that should be an interesting trip. 
    As for the spring game, don't expect it to be anything like a real game, but if you want to get a first glimpse at Kelly Bryant and some of the newcomers this is your shot. If the weather is nice, a spring day in Columbia is always a good thing. 
    OK, chatters. That's it for today. We'll meet up again next Thursday.
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