Mizzou chat with Dave Matter

Mizzou chat with Dave Matter

Bring your Tigers football, basketball and recruiting questions, and talk to Mizzou beat writer Dave Matter in a live chat starting at 11 a.m. Friday.

    Happy Friday, everyone. Thanks for cooperating with the schedule change this week. I was traveling back from Athens on Thursday. Today's chat will be briefly interrupted by Cuonzo Martin's media access around 12:15 but I'll stay online and continue to take your questions. I'll be here for the next couple of hours to talk all things Mizzou.
    Good morning Dave
    I've yet to see John Brown's named mentioned this week in any of the STL or KC papers in advance of the Saturday recognition to retire his number.
    Not many readers remember number 50 but I do.
    Hats off to Mr. Brown!
    An unsung Tiger great on and off the court.
    Talk to me.
    In a perfect world I'd love to have some coverage of Brown's jersey retirement heading into Saturday's game, but I'm stretched pretty thin this week covering both the men's team (on the road) and spring football, plus keeping tabs on the women's team. We'll have coverage of his retirement ceremony on Saturday at STLtoday.com. Brown is one of the program's all-time greats though isn't a household name with the younger generation of fans and media. I've talked to John a few times over the years for stories. Great guy, great player, great story. One of the true trailblazers in the program's history.
    Dave, I read that the “Kumar” classes were online classes. Not only that, but a large portion of them were classes offered by other institutions & accepted by Mizzou to gain hours or finish requirements. How in the world can the athletic dept. monitor such online classes to see who’s doing the work & what steps have they taken?
    To be accurate, some of the classes were online, but not all of them. Two of the 12 student-athletes that she helped cheat were taking math classes at another institution, not all of the 12. The department can't be expected to monitor every action every tutor takes when working on their own, but this activity lasted more than a year and involved, according to Ms. Kumar, more than 40 student-athletes, not just the 12 that the case uncovered.
    How many (if any) points will Geist have to give Sophie in their 1-on-1 game to 21? Who wins a game of HORSE? How many fans would pay to attend this contest as a charity fundraiser?
    I'd enjoy watching that. Sophie's a better 3-point shooter, but I'd give Geist the edge in the post with his array of crafty pivot moves inside. They're very close - Jordan dates her older sister Lindsey - and have similar games in a lot of ways. Geist said earlier this week they've never played 1-on-1 but they've played 2 on 2 and Sophie managed to rip his shirt during the game. Asked who would win a 3-point contest between he and Sophie, Geist gave the smart answer: "Lindsey."
    Based on the UGA game, can Mitchell Smith play the “Nikko” role to Jackson at the “4” next year? Don’t see a lot of minutes available at the “3”.
    I don't think that plays to Smith's strengths. He's not a post player. He didn't play the 5 in Athens. He played the 4, power forward, if we're going with traditional terms. He's more of a stretch 4 or a backup 3. I don't think Tray Jackson walks in and gets 30 minutes a game at the 4 unless he's that much better than everyone else. If anything, it's probably a time share - and if Jackson proves to be the best option, he'll earn the most minutes.
    Early thoughts on Santos’ role next year? Too small to be a 4, too slow to be a 3?
    He's not too small to be a 4. He's 6-8, 220. That's his position. I don't see him having the agility or shooting to be a 3. He'll be part of the mix at the 4 unless he really develops some quickness and some perimeter shooting.
    Another question: I hear commentators, etc. saying college players should get paid because basketball & football are making "millions". If so, why is Mizzou (& many other schools) operating in the red & why are they always asking us to donate?
    Yes, the schools make millions. They also spend millions. How do you think the players and coaches get to Athens? They pay for flights, busses to the airport, busses to the arena, hotel rooms, meals on the road. The teams have to pay the school for the scholarships for every athlete. The coaches and staff make millions of dollars. The athletes eat food at the facility every day, which costs thousands of dollars. Equipment, facilities, insurance. None of those things are free. Competing in the SEC is far more expensive than competing in the Big 12. And everything costs more in 2019 than it did in 2012, from travel to food to salaries. 
    Mizzou spent $109 million on athletics last year. Here's how it all breaks down:

    Athletic student aid: $11,537,169, up 6.5 %

    Guarantee fees for visiting teams: $2,751,626, down 27.2 %

    Coaches’ salaries/benefits/bonuses: $19,689,886, down 6.7 %

    Staff salaries/benefits/bonuses: $22,145,769, up 6.5 %

    Recruiting: $1,657,753, up 10.4 %

    Travel: $7,455,414, up 9.5 %

    Equipment/uniforms: $2,571,208, up 70.8 %

    Game expenses: $3,517,384, up 3.2 %

    Fundraising, marketing: $1,112,456 … $1,001,755, down 10.0 %

    Camps: $526,708, down 30.5 %

    Facilities debt/rental:  $6,671,482, up 5.0 %

    Spirit groups: $671,715, up 5.0 %

    Medical expenses/insurance: $1,336,298, up 1.9 %

    Membership dues: $139,946, up 87.7 %

    Athlete meals: $555,744, down 26.0 %

    Overhead/administrative: $17,418,105, up 18.9 %

    Other operating expenses: $7,785,966, up 20.4 %

    Bowl expenses: $1,419,320

    Bowl expenses/coaching compensation: $305,274

    Total operating expenses:  $109,158,522, up 6.6 %

    It was good to see the Smith kid play well the last game, isn't Mizzou next year going to be really guard heavy?
    Mizzou loses one guard from the current rotation, Jordan Geist, and adds two guards in Dru Smith and Mario McKinney. So, I'm not sure I'd say the breakdown is going to be dramatically different from what it is now. The current rotation loses one forward in Kevin Puryear and adds one forward in Tray Jackson. So, really, next year's team just adds one more guard to the mix. Parker Braun is redshirting this year and could add to the forward mix, so that would balance things out. Then again, there could be some roster turnover this offseason and the staff could always add more pieces in spring recruiting.
    Kudos to True Son Micah Wilson for sticking with his dad’s team, but I can’t imagine that switching to a position he’s never played before, even in HS, is something that most athletes can pull off successfully at a Power 5 conference level. If he’s too tall to play in the sleep t (where he’s most likely not needed anyway) is he fast enough to play outside? Does he have the hands?
    That's what spring football is for. Bottom line, he doesn't have a future in this program at quarterback. If he wants to earn a job, wideout is his best shot. He's playing on the outside. He's fast enough and has the physique to play that position in this league. You don't need Emanuel Hall speed to make plays at this level. He can develop into a possession receiver outside, but too early to know how much time he'll earn and what kind of impact he'll make. 
    We've seen other players make transition from quarterback to receiver and become good to great players. Justin Gage, Darius Outlaw. David Overstreet moved from quarterback to safety and became a multiyear starter. TJ Moe never played much receiver before college and became a 92-catch receiver at Mizzou. 
  • Was Mitchell Smith’s start vs GA a one time deal just to guard Claxton and we should not expect him starting in the remaining 2-3 games? He didn’t score any points in his 17 minutes.
    This was a matchup start. Nobody else on the roster was a great fit to guard Claxton. Smith had the size and quickness to shadow him. Smith was more physical than Claxton and proved it on the boards. Cuonzo didn't start him with the thought he'd play 40 minutes and Puryear wouldn't see the floor at all. Puryear still played more minutes (24 to 17), and I'd expect Puryear to start Saturday against Ole Miss.
    True Son KA named worst coaching hire in the last 10 years by Jeff Goodman and his exile Isabell scores 39 on SLU senior night. Rough week for the guy.
    I don't think we need a top 10 list to know it was a bad hire. It didn't work out. Folks hoped it would. Others knew it never would. Mizzou should have been more open to other candidates at the time. University administration handcuffed the athletic department in the search and should have allowed the AD to consider other options. Water under the bridge at this point.
    Quick update on points Sophie needs to be all time women's leading scorer?
    She needs 31 to tie the record and 32 to break the record with at least two games to play.
    Holding Georgia to 39 points with a 25% FG%age for the game might lead one that Mizzou played great defense, but i think that the bulldogs just had one of those nights when nothing went in. Their win vs Florida made me wary about this game since it was also a road game. The way the Tigers have played this year especially blowing several second half leads I didn’t really feel comfortable until well into the second half.
    Georgia missed a ton of shots, but Missouri was playing great defense. Very intense, no major breakdowns, crashed the boards, clogged the paint and the passing lanes. They let the bad shooters who get open shots and they contested the better shooters.
    There was a photo on your twitter feed (via Devin Booker) of Melvin Booker and Norm at the SC game. Over Melvin's right shoulder is a bearded former Mizzou BB player and my dad and I can't agree on who it is. I say sutherland, he says Grimm. Maybe grawer? Could you settle the argument.
    Jason Sutherland is the bearded man on the left. (photo credit to Mizzou Athletics) 
  • What do you think the odds/percentage is that Richaud Floyd stays at DB? What do you think his ceiling is there - 2nd string or part of sub packages? Can't imagine he'll beat out Acy, Holmes, or maybe even a healthy Sparks, but I definitely appreciate his "True Son" mentality and trying something to help the team and possibly earn more playing time.
    Floyd isn't beating out Acy or Holmes, who might be the SEC's best corner tandem. He can compete for a backup job or play in some sub packages if he can make the transition. There's no guarantee Sparks will return this spring. He had a rod inserted in a lower leg, so this was a major surgery he underwent. For me, Floyd move to cornerback says just as much about the staff's faith in the young receivers, Knox, Scott, Gicinto and Banister, who plays that slot position and has gone on scholarship this offseason.
    If somehow the men get to 17-16 do you think Zo would welcome the NIT?
    Yes. I wasn't so bullish on the NIT a week ago but that was after seeing some poor outings against Florida and Mississippi State. This team is playing with a purpose right now and has the look of a team that wants to keep playing and keep playing together. That's a good sign, and if I'm the head coach, I want to build off that if possible, get some more minutes for the young players and reward the two seniors with more chances to extend their career. 
    There was such a contrast between Missouri and Georgia players after Wednesday's game. Remember, these teams are right next to each other in the SEC standings, but Mizzou players came out of that game incredibly upbeat about the way they're playing and eager to keep the season going. Georgia's guys weren't all that disappointed about their performance and their historic loss. I sensed they were checked out. 
    That picture of Sutherland may be an optical illusion. Either that or he is working hard on the farm and forgot to change shirts before the game.
    He's had that look for several years. He owns a homebuilding company in Columbia.
    Your thoughts/predictions on the combine participants - if they might've helped or hurt their standing and app. round of drafting? Lock seems pretty set. E. Hall tested well but now more injury news - think he'll be able to move up any? Know T. Hall injured himself as well. Did Beckner, Blanton, or Adams do as expected or better/hurt themselves?
    First of all, I detest the combine. It's a marketing scam by the NFL to keep the league in our consciousness during the month of February. There are some things the league measures that tie into how a player will actually play in the NFL, but I don't care how fast guys can run from one cone to the next in their underwear. 
    That said, it appears Lock did nothing to hurt his stock. 
    Emanuel Hall had the great 40 time and broad jump ... but his health will ultimately determine his stock.
    It's fair to say Beckner, Blanton and Adams are better football players than pure athletes, so I didn't think their performances were anything of great note. 
    How did the MU participants in the NFL combine do. I turned on for a short time and saw Kendall Blanton run a 4.9 40. I wanted to see how Drew Lock and Emanuel Hall did, but didn’t watch hours of the show until they appeared.
  • Hall ran a 4.39 and had one of best standing broad jumps in combine history.
    Lock ran one of the better 40 times among the QBs, but nobody is going to draft him for his speed. 
    Follow-up on Richaud Floyd as don't remember that the current depth chart showed kick returners. He didn't do as well there last year, injuries and other ST issues hurt. Think he's the leading candidate for returning punts this year? What about kickoffs - maybe Badie 1st in line since Rountree RB1? Other names coaching staff might be watching for returning punts or KO's?
    They'll take a long look at multiple guys at both spots. I think you'll see Gicinto get some looks. Khmari Thompson, Knox. There's no shortage of speedy guys to handle those roles. Floyd was really good back there in 2017, so as long as he's healthy he should be a candidate. Badie, too.
    Now that you have more access to the players after practice, are any of the newcomers standing out as great interviews?
    I only get to talk to a couple guys a day and have only covered two of the three practices. (Anne Rogers covered for me Thursday when I was traveling). Kelly Bryant is the only newcomer I've met. He's very good with the media. Polished, confident, good sense of humor.
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