Mizzou chat with Dave Matter

Mizzou chat with Dave Matter

Bring your questions and comments about Mizzou sports, and talk to Post-Dispatch beat writer Dave Matter in a live chat starting at 11 a.m.

    Welcome back, Mizzou chatters. Let's get this started right away. I'll be here until about 12:45. Kim Anderson is having his weekly press conference at 1:30.
    Do you ever think Chase Daniel will be an offense Cordinator or quarterback coach somewhere. Seems to know the game really well from a coaches perspective
    I'm not sure if he aspires to get into coaching. When he was younger, sure, I think that's something he considered for his future. But he's got his clothing company running now, and he's always been interested in business. After making pretty good coin in the NFL for nearly a decade, I'm not sure he'd want to get into the grind of college coaching. There are a lot of thankless hours that go into being a college coach, and sometimes guys who have made millions of dollars as a player aren't ready to dive into that world of coaching and recruiting. Could he do it? Absolutely. He'd make for a fantastic college coach and recruiter.
    How much does Mizzou owe Anderson if they can him after the season? Can they afford a top-tier replacement, or will it be a budget move into the mid-major marketplace?
    If Anderson isn't back for next season, Mizzou would owe him his base salary ($300K) times two. That's a very light buyout for a power conference job. Missouri's  not going to pay someone $5 million for this job, but I don't expect Sterk to look for only cheap options. I don't want to put a range on what MU is willing to pay - because I simply don't know - but I wouldn't be surprised if they push between $2-3 million - if they get someone the market says will want that much. If they strike out on some high-major options and have to settle for a less proven mid-major coach, they won't overpay just to overpay.
    Do we know yet what new kids Pingeton will be adding next year other then the Kansas transfer PG? Thanks!
    Yes, Mizzou signed three players in November. Here's what I wrote at the time: 

    Missouri women’s basketball team signed three guards for its 2017 class, including two in-state additions: Elle Brown, a 5-11 guard from Rock Bridge High in Columbia and Kelsey Winfrey, a 5-9 guard from Lebanon. Nadia Green, a 5-9 guard from Homewood, Ill., in the Chicago area also signed with the Tigers.

    “They are athletic and talented perimeter players that all bring their own unique skill set,” Tigers coach Robin Pingeton said. “Not only have they had great success on the court but they are also high character young ladies that will excel in the classroom and be great representatives of our women’s basketball program.”

    With three senior guards on her current team, Pingeton needed to address the backcourt with her 2017 class. The Tigers will lose Lindsey Cunningham, Sierra Michaelis and Lianna Doty after the current season.  

    Brown, who just  moved to Columbia from Iowa, is the daughter of former Mizzou track and field All-American and Olympian Natasha Brown, a new assistant coach for the MU track team, and Brian Brown, the school’s new assistant athletics director. Brown averaged 11.9 points as a junior and led Johnston High to a state runner-up finish. She chose Mizzou over Iowa, Iowa State and Wisconsin.

    Green averaged 15 points and six rebounds as a junior Homewood-Flossmoor High and picked MU over Cincinnati, Marquette, Purdue and Indiana.

    Winfrey holds 21 school records at Lebanon High, including career marks for points (1,425), rebounds (579), assists (212) and steals (320). She was a first-team all-state selection last year when she averaged a school-record 21.2 points per game. She was also recruited by North Carolina and Oklahoma State.

    As you alluded, Kansas transfer Lauren Aldridge becomes eligible for the 2017-18 season. I think Pingeton should have her best team next season, at least on paper. And that's counting on Jordan Frericks returning healthy from knee surgery. Sophie C and Cierra Porter will be juniors. Amber Smith is already an impact player and will be a year older. Jordan Chavis and Hannah Schuchts will be back. Aldridge will step in for Doty/Lindsey C as the primary point guard. Jordan Roundtree will probably have a larger role in the rotation. That's a lot of firepower - especially if Frericks is closer to her 2016 form.
    Things got out of order there for a second. Should be fixed now.
    How do you think Mizzou's men's soccer team will be this season?
    I know Sterk is playing things close to the vest, but what is your sense in the status of Kim Anderson after the SEC tournament?
    I expect to be covering a coaching change very soon. I just don't see any way Missouri doesn't make a change. Nobody has definitively confirmed that change is coming, but there's been a strong sense for weeks now that he won't be back for a fourth season.
    Why should Sterk fire Kim Anderson?
    26-64. You start right there. As I wrote the other day, in the history of major conference college basketball, Missouri is just the ninth program to endure three straight 20-losing seasons. That's just too many losses. Maybe Anderson would survive this season with the subtle progress the team has made since January - but that doesn't erase the losses to Lipscomb, Eastern Illinois and North Carolina Central. You simply cannot lose to those opponents all in one season when your job status is already shaky. Missouri continues to struggle to capitalize on local talent but especially so under the current regime. Attendance is at an all-time low during the program's modern era, and that deeply wounds the athletic department's pocketbook and affects other sports. I'm not personally endorsing any decisions. That's not my job as a beat writer. But if you want a reasoned explanation for why Sterk would choose to make a change, there you go.
    Ok Dave, we all know the top 10 instate recruits that Mizzou is going after. Who are some of the next tier that you know of. I am tracking the following standouts:
    DE Cartez Crook-Jones Grand 6-4 230 ISU, ku offers
    RB Donovan Marshall Luth N 5-10 185 Minn, ISU, Sryacuse (+non p5’s)
    DE John Graves Blue Springs 6-3 260 Miss St, OSU, ku offers
    QB Kaleb Eleby STL 6-1 180 Ill, ISU + offers
    LB Devin Ruffin Lutheran Nor 6-1 210 Minn, ISU, + Others
    DT Jacob Sykes Rockhurst KC 6-4 260 Northwestern Commit
    DL Khristian Boyd Blue Springs 6-4 305 KU Offer
    LB Donnell Sharp STL 6-3 200 non-P5 Offers
    OL Marcus Greer Chamin STL 6-3 305 non-P5 Offers
    DB Devin Haney KC 6-2 170 non-P5 Offers
    LB Hayden Bollinger STL 6-1 220 non-P5 Offer
    OL Brad Papez STL 6-6 270 non-P5 Offers
    TE Jake Papez STl 6-4 230 non-P5 Offers
    WR Dijion Walls STL 5-11 175 Syracuse Offer
    OL Grant Norton Camdenton 6-8 260 Wyoming Offer
    WR Tyler Walton STL 5-8 155 Army/Kent State
    QB Cooper Callis Jackson 6-2 185 La-Tech Offer
    WR Yakini Kasimu KC 5-11 185 Army Offer

    QB Tyler Foote StL 6'3" 205 NON-BCS
    RB Isaiah Iloilo Indep 6'2" 225 Illinois State
    RB Darries Rainey StL 5'7" 195 Non-BCS Offer
    WR Marquis Major STL 5-10 170 Non-BCS Offer
    TE Zach Elam KC Staley 6-4 210 Army Offer
    ATH Tionne Harris Vianny 5-9 180 Army Offer
    OL T.J. Kennedy LS MO 6-5 320
    WR Arther Green STL 6-3 190
    RB Caleb Marquez Blue Sp 6-2 225
    TE Jake Papez Wentz 6'4" 225

    I mean Missouri is loaded this year!
    That's a lot of names. Maybe I should be asking the Tiger Recruiting Guru for his take? Eleby is an interesting one to watch. It's imperative Missouri signs a QB for 2018. He doesn't appear to be a priority right now. If the staff gets a commitment from one of their primary QB targets and feels secure about him - James Foster, Tanner McKee - then I imagine they won't offer Eleby. If they like more of what they see of him at a camp, maybe they extend an offer this summer. Otherwise, a handful of the in-state guys could earn an offer during the summer camp circuit. Marshall and Ruffin at Lutheran North are picking up power five interest.
    Will there come a day when Mizzou fans will demand that Sterk and the university start spending some of this SEC cash cow money instead of pocketing it for ungodly reasons? We have gone cheap on our last 2 major hires, Anderson and Odom, is it time to go after the "known" and "accomplished" hire, i.e. the following types, Miles in football or say a Marshall in basketball?
    Missouri is spending more on athletics than ever before.
    Spending is rising at a higher rate than revenue. I've written about this extensively in recent weeks. I know some fans think Mizzou only spends money on salaries and that's it - but there's an endless list of expenses that suck up all that SEC cash. Travel (not many driving trips in this conference), equipment, facility upgrades, recruiting budgets, food, etc. Odom is the lowest paid coach in the SEC, but he should be based on his experience. His staff salary pool is in the top half of the league. Mizzou was wiling to pay Gregg Marshall a huge salary - close to Pinkel's salary at the time - but you don't pay Kim Anderson more than he commands in the market. If anything they paid him more ($1.1 million) than they needed to. 
    What is the likelihood Cuonzo Martin would leave Cal for another school (not necessarily Mizzou)? He is frequently mentioned as a coach that might be a good fit at Mizzou but it seems like things are going well for him at Cal.
    Ben Frederickson touched on some of the factors that would push Martin back toward the Midwest in his piece earlier this week.
    First off, Martin doesn't work for the same AD that hired him. That can always be a delicate situation for coaches. Cal raised its academic standards for recruits after Martin took the job there. Coaches don't like when schools make it harder for them to recruit the players they want. Fan support: Cal averages about 9,000 fans per home game. Good, not great. He might appreciate a more supportive fan base. He's a Midwest guy. From East St. Louis. Played at Purdue. Coached at Missouri State. He's got a lot of family in this part of the country. That could be a draw. If I'm Jim Sterk and he's someone I want to target for this job - and I don't know that to be true by any means - here's a big part of my sales pitch: Remember that school in Knoxville where the fans sent out a petition to get you fired? You want to play them every year? H 
    It seems like all the same names are being brought up about the future opening (Crean, Keatts, McCall, Martin, etc.). Are you hearing about any other names that Sterk may go after that haven't been brought up already? Any current sitting Power 5 (plus Big East) coaches that may be looking for a new start that we would have interest in?
    I'll have a list of plausible targets posted as soon as there's a job opening. I'm compiling such list right now. There are some coaches on there I believe Mizzou will target who are working at power conference jobs. I'd be glad to share thoughts on any specific coaches you want to ask about, but I'm not going to give up the list I'm putting together until it's time to report news. An online chat isn't the right forum for that.
    And as you touched on, it's not Power 5 for hoops. It's one of my biggest pet peeves in today's college sports media world. People who write about this for a living, STOP REFERRING TO POWER FIVE FOR HOOPS. (Please). The Big East is a power conference. A league with Villanova, you know, the defending national champs, plus Xavier, Butler, Creighton, Seton Hall and Marquette is a power conference every bit as much as a league with Kentucky, South Carolina and Florida. OK, rant over. Carry on.
    Mizzou men's basketball: miss big free-throws, scoring drought in the closing minutes, lose another winnable game, rinse, repeat
    Yes, the formula is pretty consistent. Each loss looks familiar. Though I think we should point out that Arkansas and Vandy have done good things since losing to Missouri. They're a combined 7-1 since losing to Mizzou - and the only loss is Vandy's win over Arkansas. Those were quality wins for the Tigers. Unfortunately for Anderson and his players, they haven't been able to stack up more. The Texas A&M and Alabama games were blown chances. Looking back, Missouri should have found a way to beat a really bad LSU team at home. If you look at KenPom's numbers, LSU is actually the second-lowest rated team that's beaten Missouri (No. 178) - rated lower than North Carolina Central (137) and Lipscomb (168). Eastern Illinois is truly the one horrid loss this year. EIU is rated 211 and just 6-10 against D-I teams since beating Missouri.
    Who are the hidden gems in St. Louis waiting to be discovered nationally by the Blue Blood programs in football?
    We had a question earlier that listed a bunch of the in-state recruits who are picking up offers. I'd scroll down a bit and check it out.
    What are you hearing about the off season football workouts. Who are some that are standing out?
    They do winter conditioning drills a couple days a week. These workout are more about developing mental toughness, agility, team chemistry, etc. It's not something that would really churn out any relevant observations about how the team will look this year. Spring practice will be here soon enough for that purpose.
    So a hypothetical question I have been pondering over the last few years of the KA regime at Mizzou. If KA would have been hired after Norm, would he have had more success in your opinion than he is now? I guess I am asking how much of this is KA not relating, not having the staff to recruit D1 athletes that will compete in the SEC, vs. just following Haith and that mess? I have wondered lately if the torch had been passed to KA from Norm, would have he been a servicable coach in the Big 12/SEC? I really wish it had worked imo. Thanks for the chats.
    Good question. On one hand, I think Anderson would have inherited more talent on that 99-00 team, starting with Dooling and Gilbert, assuming they wouldn't have transferred. Would he have been able to sign Kareem Rush? Who knows. On the other hand, Anderson wouldn't have had any head-coaching experience. Yeah, he's only won 24 games the last three years, but he's surely a better basketball coach having spent all those years as a HC at Central Missouri. Ultimately, he would have had to recruit to stay relevant in the Big 12. Could he have recruited better then than he has now? I don't know the answer. The caliber of his staff would have a huge impact on that.
    Last fall AD Jim Sterk stated to the Kansas City Tiger Club in his mind Kim Anderson was starting fresh with anew team and a fresh record because he didn't get a fair shake when he was hired to take over the mess Missouri BBall was in due to previous administrations. Mr. Sterk also indicated the program needed to show some improvement not necessarily tied to number of wins but other factors. Given this teams dismal Dec./Jan. yet signs of improvements on the court and no apparent signs of past problems off the court, wouldn't it be a bit hypocritical of Mr. Sterk firing Coach Anderson with two years remaining on his contract and Mr. Sterk's previous comments concerning a building process that isn't a quick fix.
    I'm not sure how anyone can define this season as progress. Not with those three hideous nonconference losses. Missouri's been more competitive in SEC games, but still had three blowout losses. They still haven't won a road game under Anderson. They've had bad home losses to SEC teams at the bottom of the standings (LSU, Auburn, Miss St). Their best recruit from the latest class left the team. Attendance continues to fall. Local recruits continue to pick other schools. If I'm Sterk, I don't see the kind of progress I wanted to see when I made those comments.
    Isn't it awful we have to wait until June 25th for GOT?
    Yes, but until then we get season 3 of The Leftovers
    What is the logic of firing Gottfriend but letting him finish the season? If NC State somehow goes on a crazy run and gets in the tourney and wins a game or two, what do you do then? Seems like a weak move by the AD.
    I don't think NC State wanted it out publicly that it planned to fire Gottfried after the season. But it got leaked and the school went ahead and announced its plans rather than lie and say the report was false.
    Nominal ---Really? Have you watched the last 3 years? Have you seen the losses at home to the "sisters of the poor"? Really?
    I have finally realized the past month or so that it is inevitable that KA is gone at season's end but I want to say something that some of your readers need to think about and apply to their rants. KA is an honorable guy and runs a clean program and inherited a mess unfortunately in his "dream Job". I truly liked the hire and wanted him to succeed an return the basketball program to where Norm had it. I am a "homer" and I love people who come back to their alma maters for the love of the University first and then the program and then the money. I am sad that KA didn't get the job done but he can go out with his head held high because he did it the right way even though the numbers didn't look good. To the fans who have bemoaned his hiring on here since Day One, show the man some respect on his way out and thank him for at least trying to right the ship. I for one am thankful for KA and his effort. I hope all you people hoping for a "Knight in Shining Armor" to come in to Mizzou Arena get what you want but make no mistake, Rome wasn't built in a day and this team will not play any better next year for whatever high priced talent you wish to hire.
    I think a lot of people would agree with you. But on the other hand, Mizzou fans want to win. They don't pick the NCAA Tournament field based on honor. Kim wants Missouri to thrive more than anyone, and yeah, it's sad for him that his dream job has turned into a nightmare. It's a tough business.
    Mizzou men's hoops have at least had some closer losses lately. Do you attribute this mostly to improvement in the team's play, or the overall lackluster quality of SEC hoops in general?
    The SEC is not very good, no matter what the commissioner or the coaches want to tell you. And when you're going through the grind of the season, it's February and you're a 20-year-old player, you naturally let off the gas when you see a five- or six-win team on the schedule. Arkansas had zero interest in giving any effort in that game at Mizzou Arena. It's sort of the same reason you see bad baseball teams go on a run at the end of the regular season. It's the dog days and you're playing teams that don't invest as much in those late-season games. At the same time, Missouri's focus and execution have been a lot better in some of the recent games. Jordan Barnett is beginning to get comfortable with this team. We've see other individual players accept their role and produce better results. Walton and Woods, at times. Lots of factors at play, but it all points back to just how miserably poor this team was playing back in December. It didn't take much from the Tigers to improve.
    Do you think Crean would be at the top of Sterk's list if he is indeed let go by Indiana?
    I don't know where he would sit on the list, but I think it would make sense to target him. But you have to ask some serious questions. Why is he flaming out at Indiana? Why does he rub so many people the wrong way? Is he too fiery for his own good? He's a great coach with a strong Xs and Os reputation and lots of charisma on the recruiting trail. But something's been amiss at Indiana. Maybe both parties just need a fresh start. That's not uncommon in this sport. I think he'd do well at Missouri. And he'd love nothing more than to play vs. Calipari every year after the Indiana-Kentucky series was shut down.
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