Mizzou chat with Dave Matter

Mizzou chat with Dave Matter

Bring your Tigers football, basketball and recruiting questions, and talk to Mizzou beat writer Dave Matter in a live chat starting at 11 a.m. Thursday.

    He fumbled four times in 14 games in 2017 and lost two. 
    From 2016-18, in 38 games, Drew Lock fumbled 14 times and lost eight. So, in his one full season as a starter, Bryant fumbled at a lower rate than Lock. 
    The defense spent the whole offseason hyping up its new takeaway techniques. We didn't see any in the first game. Garrett had a chance at an INT. Otherwise, the defense rarely got close to forcing a turnover. 
    Odom's teams are 2-14 when they lose the turnover margin and 17-6 when they finish positive or even.
    First, a statement. The Tigers are still a legit 9-3 team. Nothing is a lead pipe cinch, but it was 2 inescapably bad plays that put Saturday in the loss column. The season’s prospect for success was not destroyed in Laramie.
    Second, do you find fault with Saturday’s coaching in any area?
    What plays specifically? And in the end, any play that doesn't work we can blame coaching to some degree. Either a player was put in a bad position to make a play or wasn't coached to make the right play. It's so easy to criticize coaching when a play doesn't work in your favor, but was it Dooley's fault that Rountree fumbled? Was it the tight end coach's fault when Albert got flagged for interference? Well, maybe he didn't teach them well enough NOT to do that, but where do we draw the line between coach and player responsibility? Clearly a better coached team wins that game ... but in what areas did coaching fall short? I'm not sure how we know that without knowing every call and every coaching point made during the game. 
    There were a few calls I thought were iffy. You'd like to see Bryant run the ball more, but they seemed to get predictable after the first series or two. I was surprised Odom punted late in the game in plus territory, but the call ended up working because the defense got a stop.
    Is the WVU game a must win game from a fan's view?

    Is it a must win game for the program?

    With all of the hype and talk of being 8-0 when facing Georgia it feels like Lucy pulling the ball away from Charlie Brown, again.
    Dave - What do you think of the conference play this past weekend? Florida looked bad but won - I'm not sold on Franks as quarterback and South Carolina had it's problems even before losing it's quarterback. If Mizzou can right the ship, why can't we win the SEC east even after Saturday's loss? Georgia comes to Columbia late in the season - that buys us time.
    Win the East? Missouri's  not touching Georgia unless a lot changes in the next couple months. Missouri should focus on beating a Power 5 team with a pulse first. 
    I wasn't impressed with South Carolina for obvious reasons, but that should still be a competitive game for Mizzou. Always is.
    Tennessee is a loss to BYU away from being a sinking ship. They looked really bad on both sides of the ball. 
    Hard to assess Vandy after they had to open against a legit playoff contender. 
    Kentucky was hardly dominant, though Toledo's one of the best Group of 5 programs. 
    Auburn showed some fight. LSU appears to have a real offense. Bama is Bama. Can A&M give Clemson a scare? Reports of the East's resurgence appear premature. The West is still best. 
    You asked for a BB question so here you go. How do you think the women's team will do this year? A lot of new pieces.
  • Huge chemistry experiment. Their two best players could very well be the two freshmen, Blackwell and Frank. Can Amber Smith be an All-SEC caliber player? Do they have enough size to compete? Who's the point guard. It seems unlikely they'll get any of the transfers eligible this year, which means 2020-21 is really the year to watch the program compete in the SEC.
  • Dave - Based on your responses today, is this "over reaction Thursday"? Thank You
    I actually think most takes by now are mostly reasonable. Of course, the first time Mizzou punts or gives up a first down on Saturday fans will want the entire staff fired.
    It seems like Martin will have the most big man depth he's had here this season. Seems like there are 6 or 7 who could legit play at the 4 or 5 and most of them being fairly athletic. My question is it quality depth or just quantity? Seems like Axel is somewhat of a project or defense only guy, we know Nikko can be a quality serviceable back up and the potential for Jackson and Brown; but one name I don't hear a lot of is Parker Braun. He seems like the kind of long athletic big man that could switch on screens and defend multiple positions. Do you know the coaching staff's thoughts on him? Even if his brother committed to KU......
    Martin was high on Braun late last season, but I'd be surprised if he gets looks ahead of Brown and Jackson for playing time at the four. Could he bring some value to this team? Probably, but I'm not sure how much at this point.
  • What chance to you give the Tigers to beat WV on Sat?
    Good to very good. WVU might be the worst team in the Big 12 not named Kansas. And some think they might be worse - for now at least. 
    I really like the Neal Brown hire. I think he's got a chance to be the best Power 5 hire made this offseason. He'll have very good teams at WVU once he settles in and recruits. I was so impressed with what he did at Troy. He's a program-builder. 
    Dave: What concerned me most about the Wyoming game was the way both O and D lines were dominated by a smaller group on the opposite side. In fact, both our fumbles were behind the line of scrimmage. I’ve not heard any comments by the coaching staff about remedies. Has anyone on the coaching staff addressed this matter?
    by Dave: what concerned me most about Wyoming was the 9/5/2019 6:24:26 PM
    I still contend that the Bryant fumble never happens if Albert O doesn't at least attempt to block his man. He got his hands on the safety but never really tried to block him. Instead, the safety got a textbook form tackle on Bryant and knocked the ball out. Ideally you have Parker on the field for that play to block, but it was out of an empty backfield where you have to give the impression that you're going to throw the ball. If Parker's out there instead of Albert, it's a tell that the Tigers are going to run Bryant, which they did. Rountree was losing his handle on the ball before the defender got there. Ball security needs to be a big focus this week. Albert got away with what could have been ruled a fumble. Johnson let one go too that he was lucky to recover.
  • I hate counter-factuals, but isn't the only reason Odom's seat isn't searing that he won at Florida last year? Without that win, the season is not looked on as growth.
    Well, that still happened. It's like saying the only reason Virginia won the national championship in basketball was they got some lucky breaks against Auburn in the Final Four. Well, sure. It happened that way, but that doesn't erase that IT HAPPENED. Also, if MU loses at Florida but still goes 7-5 and gets to a bowl game, Odom is keeping his job, regardless what happens in the bowl, and I don't think his seat considered all that hotter.
    Just wanted to post that I am one of the Mizzou fans excited about the 2020 game at Arrowhead against Arkansas. I live two hours south of Kansas City down in Carthage and it will be a lot easier drive and day for the family.
    I'm not really sure why everybody's so up in arms about the loss at Wyoming on Saturday. Mizzou is a great team and they're going to win 8 or 9 games this year. It just so happens that Wyoming is going to be the only non power 5 team to make the playoffs this year. In other words people just haven't realized it yet but Wyoming is one of the four best teams in the country and will make the playoffs!
    I find it a little hard to believe that Missouri is favored by 14 points this weekend versus West Virginia. Apparently the odds makers feel that Mizzou is better than what they appeared to be versus Wyoming.
    I think it's fair to make the argument that MU is better than the final result seeing that turnovers played a major role - and two of those were pretty fluky in how they unfolded. Rountree's fumble was a 10-point swing. Bryant's fumble cost MU 7 points. The Tigers didn't play well, but they were a couple funny bounces away from winning by double digits. 
    Also, people lose sight of what the Vegas odds mean. Vegas is gambling on how bettors will think about this game. Point spreads aren't validations or signs of respect when you're picked to win. It's a strategy devised to entice people to gamble. 
    Good morning, Dave. Couple of questions.

    What in your opinion is missing in terms of Mizzou being ready for the season from the first minute of the first game?

    Where in the world is L. Rountree? Not buying what is trying to be sold that the coaches felt Badie was the better fit after the Rountree fumble. Do we have an issue of some sort here?

    Hard to say what's missing. If I knew better than Odom then it wouldn't be missing. It's not like they weren't ready to play. Both sides of the ball played very well on their first two possessions. And it's not like they got tired. Both sides of the ball played pretty well in the fourth quarter. In my opinion, this is less about not playing well at the beginning of the season than it is not being able to overcome mistakes in the heat of the moment. This might be more of a mental/confidence issue than Xs and Os. 
    I don't suspect there's any issue with Rountree other than he didn't have a good half and Badie was playing better. 
    I was pleasantly surprised with Bryant's passing abilities. Yes, the interception was a bad decision, but overall I thought he looked better than expected. But what happened on that last play? I didn't see the replay but from how I remember it he threw into triple coverage? Doesn't that leave some other receivers open? Also, is it just me or is Albert O starting to compile too many undisciplined plays over his career?
    I thought Bryant would have been better off dumping it off to Badie and hoping he gets past the marker ... or down the seam to Albert, who had a defender behind him when the ball was in the air, but he was more open than Johnson, who had a defender in front and behind. (The guy behind Albert could have made a late charge on the ball and picked it off or knocked it down, but no more so than the two defenders on Johnson.) Again, with the luxury of hindsight, an easy decision to second guess. We also don't know what Bryant's line of vision was on the play. He might not have been able to see Albert as well. The quarterback is always going to be under scrutiny when the game-winning possession ends without points, but it feels a bit like nitpicking when he was just about the only reason Mizzou was still hanging around by the fourth quarter.
    OK, folks, there's more work to be done. We'll do this again next Thursday.
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