Mizzou chat with Dave Matter

Mizzou chat with Dave Matter

Bring your Tigers basketball and football questions, and talk to Mizzou beat writer Dave Matter in a live chat starting at 11 a.m. Thursday.

    Hey, folks. Welcome to this week's chat. I'll be here for the next two hours. Let's get it started.
    Thanks for chats. I saw two mock drafts for next season and lock was third in one and five in another, wow. did not see beckner on list, when do you think he will be drafted?
    I'm no draft analyst, so I won't pretend to know where Beckner will fall on the list. Keep in mind, the folks who put these mock drafts together, especially ones for drafts that are a year out, aren't basing their analysis on game film. ESPN's Mel Kiper and Todd McShay were on a podcast the other day, and McShay said he's got Lock as the top quarterback but said he's only watched regular TV coverage of some games and hasn't seen a minute of actual game tape. He admitted he could study some game tape and realize that he won't be nearly as touted. That said, I don't see how Beckner isn't considered one of the 10 or 15 best D-tackles available. CBSSports.com put out a list of the top 100 2019 draft prospects and Beckner wasn't among them. I thought he was one of the five or six best D-tackles in the SEC next year - and I imagine he'll be better as a senior once he's another year removed from knee surgery. Maybe he's  not a first rounder but I would think he's a second-day pick, which is rounds two and three.
    Greetings: I have seen several references to Porter Senior leaving and being sub par coach and recruiter. Where does he go if he does and your take on his abilities.
    As I've said in this forum for weeks, we know why Porter Sr. was hired at Missouri. The same reason he was hired at Washington and the same reason he would have been hired at any other school that was trying to hire him last year. As he said about 13 months ago, several schools reached out to him - and it wasn't because he's an Xs and Os expert or a recruiting wizard. He was hired because he'd deliver two five-star players who share his last name. I do not expect him on the staff next year if Jontay stays in the draft. And that's not just a hunch. I have no idea where he would go next but his employment has always been tethered to his children or family in some capacity (MU women's staff, Washington men's staff, MU men's staff), so I wouldn't be surprised if he's working with his sons in some capacity. I'm not in position to evaluate his abilities as a coach, but if you observed pre-game shootarounds during the season, it was obvious that Mann and Hollender were more engaged in coaching the entire team on the floor.
  • Women's bball question. Coach P is going to hire another assistant coach. Have you heard anyone on that front? I wouldn't be shocked if the ex-Ole Miss coach would at least be consider since they are good friends. I also hope C. Porter will be able to play her senior season. I do know watching her play, she sure looked to be in a lot of pain at times.I wish her luck what ever decision she makes. She was a great part of the program.
  • Robin is good friends with former Ole Miss coach Matt Insell. I'm not sure if he'd be a candidate for the job but he'd bring some good SEC experience. 
    As for Cierra, Robin told some reporters at a recent MU Caravan stop that she might medically retire because of her knee problems. She struggled to stay on the floor at times last year and her production really dropped off across the board, from minutes to points to rebounds and shooting. It might be best for her to call it quits so she can salvage her knees for the rest of her life. 
  • WBB: With Cierra Porter's possible medical retirement it makes me wonder about a grad transfer to bolster what could suddenly be an alarmingly small selection of true bigs (Schuchts and maybe Tahane??). I know grad transfers are common in the men's game, but it seems they are much rarer in the women's. Is that accurate?
  • You don't hear about as many grad transfers in women's basketball. According to the NCAA's latest data, there were 36 WBB grad transfers in 2016, compared to 87 in men's hoops and 117 in football. I'm not aware of any on the market who could come to Mizzou. Honestly, that's just not something that's on my radar.
  • I guess its too early to tell, but to me Drew Lock possibly screams Blaine Gabbert. Protypical NFL size, but cannot adjust to the pro game. What were your thoughts about Gabbert when he declared for the draft? Did you think he was going to be successful in the NFL?
  • I really don't see the comparison other than the most superficial qualities: tall and strong arm. Lock's deep ball is far more accurate than Gabbert, whose arm strength was all about his velocity on the intermediate throws, not necessarily the distance he put on the ball. Gabbert was skittish against a pass rush, especially after his ankle injury in 2009. That was his undoing in the NFL early and something I figured he'd struggle with when he'd play against bigger and faster defenders. I wasn't sold on Gabbert as a star in the NFL. He just wasn't very consistent in college. But, to his credit, he's heading into his eighth season in the league and he's earned more than $20 million in salary and bonuses. Also, Lock hangs in the pocket better than Gabbert. He's probably not as fast as Gabbert but he can get himself out of trouble.
  • Are Jontay and Mike Jr. working out at the same program? Do you know who else is there to compare themselves to?
  • They're both in Chicago working with the same training group. I've heard some names but not sure exactly who else they're working with. Camp Porter isn't exactly accessible to scribes back in Missouri.
  • How about that 1999-2000 Mizzou men's basketball staff? Quin Snyder is having great success with the Utah Jazz, John Hammond is a general manager with the Orlando Magic, Igor Kokoskov is going to be the new head coach with the Phoenix Suns, and Josh Kroenke is the team president for the Denver Nuggets. Kokoskov and Hammond weren't in Columbia long, but I have to admit that I never would have predicted that a decade ago. It's nice to see those guys have success. It was clearly time for a change in 2006 but I have always rooted for Coach Snyder.
  • It reminds me a lot of Bob Stull's staff at Mizzou. Those teams didn't have any success in Columbia, but some young coaches on that staff have gone on to have long, successful careers. Andy Reid, Dirk Koetter, Dave Toub, Marty Mornhinweg, Ken Flajole.
  • Do you think that C Martin will be at Mizzou in 5 years. Why or why not?
  • Yes, I don't think he wants to move around any longer. I don't expect Cuonzo to coach late into his 60s. He's got other ambitions outside of coaching that I think he'll want to explore before he's too old. He wants to establish roots here and really build a program. I think he'll be able to recruit and develop talent to where Missouri is a perennial contender in the SEC and regularly making the NCAA Tournament. Will he win championships and raise banners? I don't know about that, but I think he's got the stuff to have a really strong run at Missouri.
  • You've referenced a few times that Martin has ambitions outside of coaching, but I don't think I ever read what those ambitions were, even generally. Politics would be the assumption.
    Anything you can share?
  • Working with kids and families in inner cities. He quietly keeps very involved in various charities and he's hinted before that he wants to have a larger role later in life. In January, after the lengthy Sports Illustrated profile was published, Martin opened up to local reporters about some of those ambitions. It was right around the time of Martin Luther King Day. I was struck by this comment:

    “I’ll never be at the level of Martin Luther King, but I pray to God I can move in that area one day when I’m done doing this (coaching).  I’d like to blaze a trail for our people — and I mean all people. That’s very important. We all in this room should think the same way: Anytime our youth struggles, we all struggle. And we’ll pay for it at some point.”

    I'm not sure if that hints at a career in politics, but I wouldn't bet against him in anything he tried. 

  • I get Martin's focus on recruiting guards given the lack of depth at that position this year, but is he overcompensating by being too guard heavy? It seems the results will be missing out on guard recruits who might see too much competition for minutes (e.g., Ramey), and lack of depth behind Tilman in 2-3 years.
  • There are some bigs in the coming classes that Mizzou is recruiting. If you watch today's games, teams aren't playing with multiple bigs on the floor at the same time. Teams used to recruit more than one big every year. Not so much any more. It's a guard's game. Martin knows that. The 2018 class was always about guards and wings. That never changed on the recruiting trail.
  • Do you think the success that Martin is having with local recruits can help the Football team locally? Does Martins good relationships in STL help Odom’s efforts here?
  • I'm not sure there's that strong of a connection. It never hurts when Mizzou is having an impact with local recruits in one area, but I'm not sure that when an individual athlete in Sports A makes his college choice it will influence another athlete in Sport B just because they're from the same area. I just can't recall an prior example in the last 20 years where that was true. But, in general, yes, Martin having success in one market could make Mizzou more attractive for kids in that area, even if it's not the same sport. If anything it gives the school more visibility.
  • For coaches recruiting against Missouri, what are the biggest drawbacks whispered into a young 4 star point guard's ear to draw their attention anywhere but Columbia?
  • No idea. Whoever's doing the whispering isn't sharing that with me.
  • A lot is made of MU's lack of success getting a majority of the in-state football recruits. But off-setting that, at least to a significant degree, is their success on a national level. They have signed some significant contributors in recent years (and always, really) from states around the country, including outside the SEC footprint.
    So, in analyzing recruiting, that should not be overlooked.
  • Very true. It's easy to point out the local in-state targets who don't stay home because those are the players most casual fans are more aware of. Recruiting has gone national in recent years and Mizzou can go to North Carolina and find a couple players, like they have each of the last two years. Your state might get picked over by other teams from other conferences, but MU has more national exposure and visibility than it's ever had thanks to TV and the SEC appeal. That doesn't mean fans shouldn't be disappointed when local prospects head out of state, but it's not the end of the world  as long as you can sell your program and identify talent from other parts of the country.
  • It seems as if the basketball team is in desperate need of ball handling help for next year. I like Jordan Geist but I think he's out of position playing point guard. Are you aware of any available grad transfers? I believe most of them have been picked over. Any thoughts on who might replace Michael Porter senior as an assistant?
  • Mizzou isn't targeting any of the few grad transfers who are left in the market. The way things look right now, Geist and Pinson will be the primary ball-handlers. I wouldn't give up on Geist. I'm not sure another player worked harder last season on his skills after Martin was hired. Once Martin and his staff got settled, it was known around the program that Geist all basketball all the time - while others, mostly newcomers, were more infatuated with their new local fame. I heard this passed around last summer: Some guys live on Instagram. Geist lives in the gym. You can bet he's spending this offseason making more strides. 
    As for Martin's staff, no real sense where that could head yet. Martin has enough connections that he should have no trouble hiring a quality assistant. 
  • Fogue's explanation for why Mizzou used bush league tactics to bolster its NCAA tourney chances was absolute garbage and I am disappointed Sterk allowed it to happen. Mizzou offered to go to WSU for a single game on the same day, but WSU insisted on the contracted double header. Fogue is now claiming that the threat of severe weather was the reason for cancelling. So I guess Mizzou was comfortable playing a single game during a tornado? Nice try Fogue. Enjoy life as an assistant elsewhere next year. Good riddance.
  • Ouch. How do you really feel? When I interviewed her yesterday Gina said nothing about being willing to play two games at Wichita. They wanted to get in games and the forecast for Wichita wasn't good a week out. Either way, I don't think anyone's expecting this team to make a long postseason run.
  • Mizzou baseball had a solid week. Updated thoughts on them making the ncaa tournament? What do they need to do over the next couple weeks to help their case?
  • They're in the field of 64 as of now. One projection has Mizzou as a 2 seed in Stillwater. This team already has 30 wins and some quality noncon victories. They need to avoid sweeps in SEC play, but with three series left against Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee I would think four or five more wins makes them a lock for a regional.
  • Mizzou was contracted to play two. Instead, Mizzou offered one so that they could add a second game against Pine Bluff (there is cap on the number of total games a team can play during the regular season). Fogue's bogus tornado explanation is a sham. Fogue is in over her head and should be packing her bags immediately after the team's last game.
  • Way to carry Gina's water, by the way. I guess you are trying to compete with Rick "The Alibi" Hummel to be the Post's biggest shill.
  • What kind of question is that? Booches is gourmet burger.
  • I was sad to see the LB Jones leave the team, however gently he may have been shown the door. A Mizzou coach’s son, right? And a contributor on the field, but a backup. I will think of him on Senior Day. Seems like there ought to be a better way to handle this.
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