STL sports chat with Ben Frederickson

STL sports chat with Ben Frederickson

Bring your Cardinals, Blues and St. Louis sports questions, and talk to Post-Dispatch columnist Ben Frederickson in a live chat from Florida starting at 11 a.m. Tuesday.

  • I assume when you're on the job, doing so is not allowed, but where do you fall on the issue/idea of wearing a jersey/t-shirt with a player name/number on the back as an adult?

    As a kid, this was the coolest thing to do. As I've gotten older it seems there are two schools of thought on this...those that think that as an adult it is...I don't know if juvenile, or unseemly, or "grown men" shouldn't be wearing the shirt of another grown man. Others still approach it as showing support for your favorite player.

    I've also generally noticed that people wear jerseys less & less, opting more for t-shirts and that could be a function of the fact that the prices for the former kept rising and rising.
    Wear what makes you happy, man.
    That's my advice.
    I like the jerseys of all-time greats.
    I think it's cool when I see a Cardinals fan in a Musial jersey, or Jack Flaherty wearing a Gibson one.
    Those names never go out of style. They aren't going to get traded or make you regret buying them.
    I wore jerseys as a kid. Don't wear them now. Just have one in my closet: Kobe Bryant.
    I think the people need to realize the Cardinals aren't going to make any significant progress until Carp and Dexter are off the books. That's a year away. In my opinion letting Randy go and keeping Tyler was a major mistake, but then maybe Tampa wouldn't make the deal without him, who knows.
    Take some time to revisit Carpenter's spring.
    He looked better.
    I saw it.
    Using all fields.
    Opposite field power.
    He just seems better, talking to him.
    Addressing his struggles from last season head-on. 
    I think Carpenter can be a lot better than he was last season, and he's a much bigger x-factor to this team than Fowler.
    Fowler is what he is, and he might be better than he was last year, but how much better? The space between Carpenter's floor and ceiling is a lot more space, is my point.
    If Fowler and Carpenter both drag, the team is trying to carry two big anchors. No debate there.
    If the Cardinals’ approach to winning in ‘20 was a sports bet, it would be like a 6-team parlay with mostly underdogs on the moneyline. They need so much to go right with so many players who are more likely to underachieve.
  • This doesn't sound all that different from any other Cardinals season.
    It's been a long time since the Cardinals rolled out of the trucks on opening day and looked like a team that was going to have to face bad luck -- not create the opposite -- to keep from getting deep into the postseason.
  • I'll accept the Ridgeline :)...Love my truck. I'm 51, it's my first one and I won't ever drive anything else! We just got a travel trailer so hopefully Hank (my truck's name lol) will see the Grand Canyon one day as well!
    I won't ever go back, either.
    And my next truck will be a "real" one.
    I do hope that day doesn't come for a long time, though.
    Go see the Canyon when you can. It's worth it. Breathtaking. 
    Don't hike Pikes Peak before driving to see the Canyon, though.
    That elevation change is no joke.
    Why does it seem that the Cardinals pitchers always have health or injury issues spring after spring? Do other clubs have this same issue?
    It seems that way because Cardinals fans are laser focused on the Cardinals.
    Yes, other clubs have the same issues.
    Throwing a baseball is not a natural motion.
    Do it long enough and your arm breaks down.
    Time off is a must, and returning from that time off is often when problems pop up.
    Chris Sale got hurt at Red Sox camp.
    Luis Severino needed Tommy John at Yankees camp.
    Grifin Canning of the Angels has an elbow problem.
    Blake Snell is a walking injury concern with the Rays.
    Pitchers get hurt.
    One massive X-factor for teams during this coronavirus downtime is how they handle their pitchers' schedules, and how they work toward having them ready to roll when Camp 2 comes into the picture.
    A lot of pitchers will likely experience arm injuries and setbacks due to this break in their routine.
    The team that handles it best will get an edge.
    The Cardinals have an edge because they have a ton of pitchers.
    Deviating from my normal Memphis Cardinals bashing to call out another local sports team. To me while most other NHL teams were committing to paying their employees during the stoppage the Blues cheaply decided to break out the duct tape and bailing wire and raid their children's charity and beg for money from people. To me this is classless for an organization that just made bank by winning the Stanley Cup. I am surprised that you or your colleagues didn't call this out but alas it seems to be the white glove approach common among the press in this town.
    Thanks for being tough on the Internet. It must be such a challenging job, especially at this time. I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but I'm actually working on something about this. I made a 16-hour drive back from Florida on Tuesday, and have columns assigned through the end of the week while I continue to report out new ones. If you really think the topic you brought up was one that was going to be ignored, well, that's shortsighted. What should also be said now is that any company is going to need some time to sort things out. These teams are no different. I was getting angry tweets from people demanding that I get answers from the Cardinals about what they were going to do with their minor leaguers and stadium staff. Of course we were going to ask about that. When we did, Bill DeWitt Jr. said he was working on a plan. And then the team announced the $1 million fund and the regular per diems for minor leaguers. But yes, I suppose I should have burned the house down because the answers didn't come the instant Twitter wanted them. News flash: Things are happening very fast, and some answers are in motion. If the Blues are stiffing their lowest-paid employees, it's going to be a big story. It's also one that should be reported out carefully, not shot from the hip. So, spare me from the white-glove approach crap. Your claims are hollow, and you're not helping anyone.
    You had a chance to observe how the Cardinals were dealing with the coronavirus topic as it became a bigger story by the day. Can you share what it was like to see that, from the time it was a distant headline to the time it shut down camp?
    It was more or less representative of our country's reaction, to be honest.
    There were Cardinals who were concerned about it from the jump, and Cardinals who thought it was being overblown.
    The overblown crowd got smaller by the day, and there was one clear turning point.
    It was Rudy Gobert.
    When MLB players saw an NBA player tested positive for the virus, they realized their fame and fortune and great physical health were not going to keep them from catching it and spreading it.
    As players got more information, they became concerned about those who might not have as good of luck fighting off the virus. That's true for most of us, right? If you're not worried about yourself, you are worried about your friend with diabetes, a parent with a heart issue, etc.
    By the time camp was canceled, there were few dissenting voices.
    Those who still thought it was being overdone had learned it was probably wise to keep quiet.
    I emailed Derrick this concern and got an answer but not a totally satisfying one.
    I questioned about Edmans playing time - I keep hearing 400 ABS (based on a full season) I don't see how that will happen w/o a major injury. I proposed (he basically agreed ) based on 23 G missed being once a week (162/7) that Edman could get 23 G from both Carpenter and Fowler (or whoever plays RF) but at most would probably only get 15 G from Wong/Dejong considering they are planned as leadoff/cleanup and cannot be easily replaced in lineup.
    That gives him 76 G at most ( and that is with playing Miller 0 starts which won't happen).
    Derrick threw in some games at 1b and LF which I don't see happening because we have other backups there that will need some starts. 76 G = 300 AB even with PH he would only max at 350 ish. How do you see this working out ?
    Someone is going to get hurt.
    That's how I see it working out.
    Edman can play everywhere.
    Someone, probably multiple people, are going to go down at certain points during a season.
    Edman fills in for those absences, on top of cycling through regularly when all are healthy.
    Good lord someone is salty. No tough guy routine here, despite your protestations to the contrary. Just trying to make sure that local sports franchises behaving badly are held to account.
  • "White glove approach common among the press in this town."
    Don't dish it if you don't want it dished back.
    The topic you raised is a valid one. It's not being ignored.
    A few NCAA men's basketball questions, while life is on hold: How do you think Dayton would've fared against the other top teams in the country? (Would've liked to see them play Kansas or Duke, e.g.) How do you think the A10 will stack up next season? Same teams at the top?

    And some more on SLU, specifically: Any predictions on what to expect from the Billikens next year? It's figured to be a potential breakout season, and I'm curious if you think that's still the trajectory.
    I saw one of the bracket projections had Dayton winning it all.
    That's heartbreaking for the Flyers.
    They might never have a team as built for a run as this one, or a player as good as Toppin. Dayton was prepared to hang with any team it met. That much I believe. I do think SLU could have nipped Dayton in the A-10, sharpening the Flyer's edge after their stumble in conference play. Since we will never know, why not?

    I've made my thoughts pretty clear on SLU. No reason they should not be a challenger to win the A-10 next season. Their best players are all back, and Ford could have as many as two scholarships to spare, depending on what happens with Thatch. Ford is locked in with an extension, so there shouldn't be much worry about him job shopping. Should be a big year for SLU.
    Since there are no games, it's time to get down to serious business.
    You are drafting a pick-up basketball team of St. Louis media members.
    Five spots.
    Ahmad Hicks is my volume scorer, the Brad Beal of the STL media squad.
    Frank Cusumano at point guard -- but he can't wear his UMSL short shorts.
    Howard Richards and Charlie Marlow as my forwards.
    And then I'm going with Bob Ramsey as my lock-down defender, because I've heard he throws a mean elbow and would not want to be on the receiving end.
    Hi, Ben. First - thanks for your witty article recapping your drive back from Florida. Brought back many road trip memories I had as a kid. Secondly - and I admit I'm likely in a small minority here - but I'm rather 'enjoying' the break from all of the sports. Its a little more difficult following the Cardinals and Blues from afar - so this break has provided a chance to relax and remember what a book is.
    Thanks, Dave.
    Glad you enjoyed it.
    Enjoy the reading.
    We will keep churning out stuff to read at STLToday, too.
    Gotta run folks.
    Need to switch gears to tomorrow's column on Cardinals pitcher Kim.
    He's a unique place now due to this shutdown.
    Had a good chat with him before I left.
    Look for that tomorrow.
    Stay safe, everyone.
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