STL sports chat with Ben Frederickson

STL sports chat with Ben Frederickson

Bring your Cardinals, Blues and St. Louis sports questions, and talk to Post-Dispatch columnist Ben Frederickson in a live chat starting at 11 a.m. Tuesday.

    Have you heard anything about a mascot for St. Louis City Football Club? I thought I heard something to the fact of a wall with slowly drying paint (boring) or a butter knife (dull).?
    It's St. Louis City Soccer Club, not Football Club :)
    Your article, was referring to the PD not yours personally... all the bad moves the front office has made have come back to bite them but the good news is we are not alone in our own division with Chicago(Heyward/Kimbrel/Bryant) & Cincinnati (lots of 64 million dollar contracts recently) especially making some questionable buying decisions and not seeing results.

    Bottom line: Seems like we swing and miss on a lot of our deals...FO does not look good now on Ozuna, Arozerena and even Yairo Munoz looks better in another uniform while O"Neil, Thomas and Bader all bat at the bottom of our lineup.

    Is it true we could have had Wheeler at the deadline last year for Bader or another outfielder?

    Tampa Bay seems to do a great job of evaluating players ,making trades (and at the right time) and they have very limited resources compared to the Cardinals but their front office seems to get it right when it comes down to it! I don't think that's a parellel in terms of market size and resources.

    Cleveland seems like more of fit of a mid-market comparison - and they do a much better job of managing assets, making trades and still signing good players to good contracts i.e. not signing decent players to super-star like contracts and not extending players that are no longer viable.

    We can develop pitching.. that's a great quality to have...what would our rotation look like with Gallen, Flaherty, Alcantara, Reyes and Hudson...and Arozerena, Voit or others being productive in our lineup and not be tied down by Carp, Fowler, Mikolas and other contracts and bad decisions.

    We would be competing with the Dodgers and other NL powers for championships not just trying to sneak into the playoffs.
    Got it. Sorry for misunderstanding.
    Yes, most clubs have one or two or three (or more) deals that have not worked out very well.
    Kimbrel is a nightmare for the Cubs.
    The Reds spent big and doubled down at the trade deadline, and they're 5.5 games back.
    Ozuna's having a good season and the lack of thump in the lineup, and the cheap deal the Braves secured Ozuna's pop with, does raise questions of if the Cardinals should have done more to pursue him. Those questions were asked at the time. We repeatedly asked front office and management about going into this season with so much uncertainty in the lineup, especially in the outfield.
    Munoz has played in six games. Arozarena has played in seven. Let's not get too carried away there.
    Yes, Wheeler was in play for the Cardinals, but the ask was O'Neill or Bader AND additional prospects, and Wheeler would have been a rental at that time.
    I realize Tampa is a trendy favorite, but they haven't won anything, and that still is the point, at least I think.
    The Dodgers can tell you better than anyone that winning a World Series is harder than it looks.
    Don't kill all hope yet. Maybe the sending down of DC yields more playing time in the outfield to the trio O'Neil/Bader/Thomas and Edman can keep manning third instead of Carpenter.
    Perhaps. Personally, I would rather see Carlson take his cuts over O'Neill. Just my two cents.
    There is on old saying “penny wise but pound foolish”. I think that’s what the Cardinals have turned into with their contracts. Stop giving out the Carpenter, Fowler, Mikolas contracts and sign one Harper, Machado type. It’s both a compliment and a criticism that the Cardinals replace players so well. Is it possible to see a shift in where the dollars are spent?
    The case has been made often, and often here, that a better philosophy for the Cardinals might be -- considering their recent strikeouts in mid to upper level but not elite free agency -- would be to spend big on elite talent and hunt for bargains, ignoring anything that could be described as in-between. This would require a shift in thinking to embrace the kind of contract it takes to add an in-his-prime player, contracts that usually stretch 10-ish years and more money than the Cardinals have been willing to attach to one contract in the past. I don't see that shift happening immediately after a pandemic that challenged finances.
    While we wait for Petro and the Blues to maneuver it's good to see some former Blues still in the playoffs. I'm pulling for a Vegas/Lightning finals to see Stasny/Reaves go against Shattenkirk/Maroon.
    It's hard to root against Ryan Reaves.
    I miss that guy, and am glad he's had success elsewhere.
    Plus, what leadership he showed in the bubble, organizing that powerful display of unity among players.
    Count me in. Go Vegas.
    Doesn’t it seem a bit disingenuous to call the Cardinals a mid market team? They have a local tv contract that’s just outside the top 10 and are top 3 in annual attendance every year. Their ticket prices generally rank near the top as well. I’m not saying it’s fair to compare them to the Dodgers, but calling them mid market seems equally ridiculous to me.
    I agree with you, and that's why I don't think the Cardinals should be compared to the Rays -- especially when the Rays haven't won anything.
    If you could play GM for a day, who would you trade for and who would you trade for them that the other team would accept? Don’t worry about taking on payroll.
    If I don't have to worry about the money? I'd exhaust all attempts to get Mike Trout, trying to force the Angels into saying yes with young pitching and reminding them they have won nothing substantial with the game's best player and should try a different approach.
    I would much rather see Carlson over O'Neil as well, but that is not an option for now. I would also prefer to see Knizner over Wieters as well, but I won't be getting my wish there either.
    I know Ravelo had a double on Saturday but he has rarely hit when he has been brought up. Why not try Justin Williams? I thought this was the season of finding out but the team keeps playing the same guys (Ravelo, De Leon) and the results aren't changing.
    I'd like to see Justin Williams get a shot, too.
    He's on the 40-man roster, so that's not a barrier.
    He just doesn't seem to be in the plans very much.
    I'll be honest, I don't know how he is or is not performing at the alternate site, though I'm not sure what all we are supposed to take from those performances anyway.
    Ravelo has only played in two games this season, and 31 in his career.
    He's not the guy to hinge a plays-too-much argument on.
  • We've always heard/read that Shildt manages the team and fills out the lineup card, but after reading the article the other day where MO was talking Carpenter's advanced metrics I have a hard time believing it. Carp's advanced metrics are horrible, but MO says he can improve. How do you fix an 88mph bat who's also a dead pull hitter? Yet it was clear from MO that Carp will be out there every day.
    Before Carpenter's 2018 rebound, he had some very clear bad-luck advanced metrics. And he proved that to be the case when he caught fire.
    The same metrics that supported him rebounding then are not supporting a rebound now. The data just isn't there. 
    But yes, Carpenter is going to continue to get chances, for a few reasons.
    Please don't interpret explaining these as defending them.
    One is the season. It's not normal and everybody knows it. Easier to justify continuing to do what you want to do, regardless of the results.
    Another is the schedule. Jam-packed with games. Lots of bodies needed. Easier to justify playing struggling players.
    Another is the contract, as we have discussed quite a bit today.
    Shildt makes the lineup. Mo sets the roster. The two certainly talk about both, and both are defiantly in the pro-Carpenter camp in regards to his ability to rebound.
    I think sending Carlson down is a mistake. He won’t face major league pitching there. It also shakes his confidence. They should stick with him and let him work through it. This looks like a disagreement between Mo and Shildt.
    Mozeliak said often that Carlson is only going to come up if he's going to play. If he's not going to play, he's going to be sent out. That's what happened. I'm not going to sit here and pretend that whatever they are doing down in Springfield is going to be better for Carlson than him playing and/or working with coaches and teammates here -- considering the lack of real games in Springfield. I agree with you.
    I have heard many people say that Carpenter was headed towards getting a red jacket for the Cardinal HOF. Does his lack of production at the end of his career hurt him with the fans to the point where that is now a long shot?
    It's a good and fair question. If the poll was taken today, I think you will get quite a different answer than you would when/if he's up for the vote. I do think he'll get his shot, and it's a fan-driven decision after it clears the Red Ribbon Committee, which I have no part in, so I imagine we will get our answer eventually. I think the entirety of his career will overshadow the end of it. That's usually the case.
    Can the Cards develop a .280, 28 home runs, 100 rbi outfielder in the next 2-5 years? Y or N?
    He's playing shortstop.
    Paul DeJong's career averages per 162 games: .254 average, 31 homers and 91 RBIs.
    He's 27, with bigger things in his future.
    My father made a good point the other day, regardless of how you feel about Luhnow or Correa, this front office has not been as sharp or successful since they left. There is a lack of balance. The moves they make seem very "safe" and the results have had a very low ceiling. The biggest risk Mo has taken since 2011 was the Lackey trade, which ironically sparked a WS run. Since then the moves have been unimaginative, the signings and extensions have been bad, and the player evaluation has been questionable.
  • Trading for Paul Goldschmidt and giving him the biggest contract in club history seems like a pretty big risk to me, all things considered.
    I think the time for Luhnow glorification has expired.
    Will STL CITY SC be the last new sports team St. Louis ever gets?
    I, for one, believe the BattleHawks will rise again. Kaw is The Law.
    It would be more of a no-brainer to bench Carpenter if the OFs were hitting.
    Correct. No outfielder has much of a reason to be honked off if he's not in the lineup every day, and that includes Carlson. Opportunities are not being seized all over the place.
    Hi Ben. You can add Schwartz and Thomas to the 20 goal list and yes the Captain will be back. LGB!
    What about Kyrou? Too greedy? Too soon?
    A lot of fans are ripping the Cardinals now for letting Ozuna go, or for suggesting that it's the Cardinals' fault that he didn't produce here. I think one key thing that they overlook (and, frankly, that the Cardinals overlooked when acquiring Ozuna) is the weight of having to carry a lineup. Not every player is cut out for that. It's no coincidence that the one season that Ozuna went nuts in FL was the same season that Stanton was healthy and hit almost 60 HRs. In most of Ozuna's other underwhelming seasons there, Stanton was frequently hurt, and Ozuna was counted on for more. In STL, he was the centerpiece of a lineup, and he didn't produce like one. Now in ATL, he is surrounded by offensive talent. He can go 0-4 and not have to worry that the team will struggle to score. I don't think there's any chance that he produces like that in STL. It's one of the reasons why going after Harper made sense for the Cardinals, despite their squeamishness about contract duration: he's used to the spotlight on him. It doesn't phase him. Now, he is still inconsistent year-to-year, so the risk was there, but he's not going to be intimidated by being "they guy." I
    I do think Ozuna was somewhat uncomfortable being under the constant microscope that he encountered when he was in St. Louis.
    Compared to Miami, he made a 180-degree transition when it came to that.
    He left a lineup that protected him in a city that doesn't care all that much about baseball, and joined one he was expected to help carry as the cleanup hitter, in a city that breaks down the day-to-day of a baseball season unlike any other.
    I'm with you on Harper. He was built for an environment like St. Louis. He has been under the microscope since he was a kid, and he seems to like it. He would not have picked Philadelphia if he wasn't comfortable with it, and to some degreee did not like it. If Harper would have signed here, there would be kids named Bryce and Harper all over the place, and ticket sales would have soared. I think it would have been a great decision, and wrote it at the time.
    It never occurred to me that Carp was a Cardinal HOF option. Even before these last 2 years. Do you think its close???? Pretty great players on that wall..... Leading the league in dbls 1 year is not enough. IMO
  • Depends on which wall we're talking about.
    Not every Cardinals Hall of Famer is on the left-field wall of Busch Stadium.
    They are all on the Hall of Fame Gallery on the second floor of Cardinals Nation.
    There are more than 40 men in the Cardinals Hall of Fame.
    Here's a case for Carpenter.
    Terry Moore is in, with 20.7 Wins Above Replacement after 11 seasons, not including the three he missed for military service.
    Carpenter has 28 WAR in 10 seasons, and just one less All-Star appearance than Moore. He won a Silver Slugger and has been one of the organization's best leadoff hitters ever.
    Again, it won't be up to me. Fans will decide.
    Ben Fred, you really mean you would have given Harper a 13 yr 330m contract? He’s had one MVP year. He’s overhyped and overindulged.
    In-their-prime superstars are not getting any cheaper, and this team needs one. Harper is a left-handed hitting outfielder who is a force at the plate. He changes a lineup. He's young. Still 27. His addition would have stirred up this fan base, sold tickets and made an impact that helped tackle the cost and length of the deal. Yes, I think the Cardinals should have signed him. I said as much at the time.
    Hendricks carved up the Cardinals without throwing a pitch in excess of 89.7 mph I believe an article said today. Obviously, he is a great pitch maker and has been for a few years now. Are there any other pitchers out there today that are in a similar class as far as success without throwing gas? Also, it seems every team's scouts or advanced metrics people always clamor for the flame throwers over pitch makers. It seems to me it would be time to look for the market inefficiencies when it comes to pitchers like Hendricks who are pitch makers instead of flame throwers. (Wainwright aside)
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