STL sports chat with Jeff Gordon

Bring your Cards, Blues, Mizzou and St. Louis sports questions, and talk to STLtoday columnist Jeff Gordon at 11 a.m.

  • He said "four to six weeks" a week ago and nothing has happened to make him feel any better about things. Tick, tock!
  • Gordo,
    What do you think the repercussions would be if the Cardinals miss the playoffs two years in a row?
  • More staff changes, more player overhaul . . . actually, the changes would start this summer if this team fades from the race. The good news is that most of the organization's young pitching is developing right on schedule and the return of Alex Reyes could be huge next season, so there will be a decent talent base to build upon.
  • I'm keeping it simple, do we really need to focus on our offense at the moment or the bullpen? Given we were to have enough bank to splurge just for one, which one would and should the birdinals go for?
  • I believe the Cardinals should do what they have done before -- bring some young starters up and use them out of the pen. In particular, Luke Weaver could be a weapon there. That would make sense especially if this team starts looking to next year. See how some of the kids look, then weigh than against veteran bullpen additions. The Cardinals do have much offensive heft coming from the system, so that is where they need look outside for help.
  • The Cards have a number of complimentary position players, how to the Cards get better? Players are playing out of position or not great at that position.
  • The outfield defense has been the biggest disappointment. There was no reason for that, especially when Grichuk was playing. Chris Maloney took the fall for that, too, but Piscotty, in particular, just needs to play better. Wong can take away hits when healthy at second base and Carpenter does the least damage at first base, so I do think this team has upgraded its infield defense.
    But, yes, there a lot of role guys on this team and not enough true impact guys. That suggests a bigger makeover may be coming.
  • In regards to SLU Bball, should we expect a slow beginning to the college season given the farm of new faces rolling in? In a more general question, does a summer alot enough time for a team to build chemistry with new teammates?
  • Let's not forget that Travis Ford had transfers practicing daily against the eligible players -- and often having their way with them. I see the Billikens hitting the floor running next season with veteran team.
  • Hi Jeff! Until his last start, Wacha has been a disappointment. So my question, will the Cards look to trade Wacha and sign Lance Lynn long term? Lynn has indicated a willingness to stay with the Cardinals and is much more dependable than Wacha. Thoughts...Thanks!
  • Wacha's shoulder issues will mark him as forever questionable, no matter how well his velocity holds this season. He was good early, with six quality starts in his first seven, before hitting a tough stretch. He is a tough guy to figure. Do you risk paying him with a long-term deal? Do you trade him while his value is up, given all the depth? Probably the latter. As for Lynn, I agree -- he is an asset. Pay him, keep the asset and have that much more leverage to deal somebody else to help the offense.
  • Apperantly the Big12-SEC basketball challenge pairings are based on the recently completed results. So since MU finished in last place last season, they are one of the 4 Sec teams out of the pairings. But surely based on the recruiting of the last few months, they will not finish 11-14 place this coming season so MU might provide an interesting matchup with some Big 12 team. I guess KY will always play KS since they are the top teams every year and Bill Self wouldvreject playing MU anyway, but that would be interesting to see what MU could do vs their old foes in the Big 12.
  • Yeah, I'm sure the TV folks are sorry to see Mizzou out of that mix. The Tigers will be fun to watch and a team that gets national play as the season unfolds. The process for picking teams for that challenge did not account for such an offseason overhaul.
  • Who do u think th3 cards might sell? Carp and Lynn and rosie?
  • Those are all possibilities if the team goes that route. Carpenter's value to this team diminished when he proved incapable of hitting anywhere but leadoff. Lynn would fetch a couple of good prospects as a rental -- unless every contender is 100 percent healthy on the mound -- and Rosenthal would definitely intrigue winning teams. If Rosenthal really wants to start someday, that opportunity doesn't seem to be here. On the other hand, I don't know if Seung Hwan Oh has a long-term future here. He as been OK as a stopgap, but can't the Cardinals do better?
  • For all the talk about Machado in two years or trading for yelich or ozuna, I feel the best move would be to just wait out this year and sign JD Martinez as a free agent. He'd be a masher in the middle and he's the same age as Pham. Your thoughts?
  • Again, with the outfield, there is depth even if you write off Grichuk and Pham. Sierra will be in the big leagues sooner than later, bumping Fowler to left field. Adding a second older outfielder (with Fowler) when there are so many outfield prospects backing up in the minors would be odd.
  • So, just to clarify your response to Darkman75, you don't think the FO will fall prey to the fool's gold that this weak division will keep the Cardinals in contention, thus making them buyers? I hope you are correct because there's no worse trap in pro sports than being a middling team--the allure of the playoffs wouldn't change the reality of the gaping hole in the middle of the order.
  • If Mozeliak really thought his team could win the division by adding a player or two, I believe he would do that. He has done it before, he will do it again. But the Cardinals have yet to show any signs of being good enough for that. Also, the Cubs will either get better with the championship roster in place or make the necessary changes to win. That team still has trade chips to play. Unless the Cub suffer a string of terrible injuries and the Cardinals suddenly start hitting and pitching and fielding well all at once against the good teams, I just don't see Mozeliak going for it.
  • I assume the 2 reasons the Cards aren't ready to blow it us is they believe the 3M won't come through the gate and they still believe since the division sucks they have a shot. How many games back before they blow it up? Cubs have to go on a roll soon.
  • If the Cards retool, it won't be a huge demolition job. As Mozeliak said, this team will never set out to finish last. This team likes selling tickets. I could see Mozeliak subtracting a few parts from the nucleus to add long-term assets and create playing time for prospects this summer. It would getting a head start on next year, not starting over from scratch.
  • Hockey Guy! The Preds made a big splash last year with the PK Subban-Shea Weber swap. That move was pretty bold. Could you see the Blues making a similar move with one of their premiere established vets?
  • Well, the big guys are Tarasenko, Pietrangelo and Parayko. Probably Schwartz too. I don't see those guys going anywhere. Beyond that, sure, there could be changes -- but I believe Armstrong likes what he has under Yeo, presuming a full year of Sobotka and Fabbri's return to health. I'd be surprised to see him trade one of those top three or four players.
  • Count me in as one who wants to see this to sell off non controllable assets to get more young guys. This team just isn't worth trading young guys to help this year. All that said do you think the Cards could move Fowler in the off-season to try to clear room for Sierra?
  • Fowler is a guy who suddenly doesn't fit, with Carpenter back in the leadoff spot and kids like Sierra and Mercado pushing upward. So what do the Cardinals do with Fowler for the rest of his contract? They can play him in left, but that's where the team needs a 30-homer guy.
  • Regarding Adams, I understand he didn't have much of market at the time, but that's what's so infuriating about Matheny's need to have an 8-man bullpen. If you keep Adams, and he continues to hit in the role that he is given, he is an asset to the Cardinals, and as the season progresses and the trade deadline nears, you have a greater chance of a contending team losing a key hitter and overpaying for an Adams. Basically, the Cardinals could have gotten what they did at any time, but if you wait, you give yourself a chance for a much better return. Matheny's roster neurosis killed that chance.
  • I'm not sure Adams' value goes up with him stuck in a pinch-hitting role. The Cardinals only got what they go because Atlanta suddenly needed a guy. Get into the summer and also-rans will be putting starting first basemen on the market. The time to move Adams was the winter and I do believe Mozeliak tried. As for the eight-man bullpen thing, I'm not a fan -- especially now that the Cardinals dumped Broxton and gained the ability to run guys on the shuttle to and from Memphis.
  • Gordo,
    What do you think about the Blues farm system? Do they have prospects that can make an impact in the next few years? Will the arrangement they have with Vegas for the Wolves cause issues in their development?
  • Not having a dedicated farm team is a real setback to development. They can only put some of their guys i Chicago and they have no control over how those guys are used. The fallout from that will be interesting to track. Right now the depth in the organization is on defense, with Jake Walman pushing Jordan Schmaltz and Vince Dunn. Also, the Blues want to make sure center Tage Thompson has a good year in the AHL.
    Will this problem make the team more likely to carry more kids? Does that mean Barbashev and Sanford are locks to make the team? Will the Blues be more willing to trade a prospect or two for future draft picks or immediate help? These questions and more are worth asking.
  • Every time I hear a commentator remark about the bad offense the Cardinals are playing so far in 2017, i cringe and look up Matt Adams stats, now 8 HRs and 21 RBIs. I know the party line - there is no position for him to play. They could switch Carpenter to 2B improving both the defense at both positions. When there is inevitably a wide throw from 2B or SS, Carp is able to get the wide throw, but stumbles around trying to get his foot back on the base. WOng makes spectactular plays, but when you hit a grounder right back at him, inexplicably he can't come up with it. I don't know what Mo saw in Wong to give him his current contract. Mo's spin that Yepez will replace their missing draft choices is just SPIN. They got 3 players for Jaime and a 19 year old for Adams? By the way how is Yepez doing? Does he have 8 HRs yet?
  • Well, Wong is hitting .300 with an on-base percentage of nearly .400 this season. He has been dynamic offensively over the last month and a half when healthy. He also possesses twice the fielding range of Carpenter. So Mozeliak lives with that contract and the odd error. If he decides to trade Wong, he could get value in return. I've always been a big Matt Adams fan, but somebody had to go. You could make the case that trading Carpenter at peak value might have been the way to go, but I'm sure other teams looked at Carpenter and wondered where to play him.
  • Doesn't Piscotty's swing tinkering come down to Mabry? Is he causing too many players to change out of desperation to get them back on track?
  • This one I put on the player. Piscotty was solid last year. His big swing makeover came in the minors and it worked. Why he messed with it going into the spring is a mystery. Once you get well into spring and then into the season, everybody is making small swing adjustments until they are killing the ball.
  • Any thought to shore up the defense by bringing up Wilfredo Tovar. In preseason, he was a beast at SS and appeared to also have good speed, and quite an arm. Also, I think the biggest help to the Cardinals would be to acquire an additional power arm for the Pen, giving us 3 power relievers.
  • He has played nine MLB games and 943 games. At Memphis, Paul DeJong is the regular shorstop when he is there. If the Cardinals make an internal change at shortstop this season, it will be to go to DeJong.
  • I'm having a hard time understanding why many in the national media still insist the Cubs are one of the best teams in baseball. Rizzo and Bryant are great cornerstones but Schwarber is a streaky hitter with no continued track record of success, Heyward is a 3rd or 4th outfield being paid like a superstar, Zobrist is on the wrong side of 35, Russel may get suspended, and Baez thinks he's a power hitter. Combined with an aging staff and historically good defense that were both destined to regress this year, isn't this an 85 - 90 win team if it plays up to its potential?
  • That is a 100-win team if it plays up to its potential in this weak division. Yes, the pitching has taken a step back, but odds are the Cubs will address that with a trade come July. Maybe Schwarber, Russell and Baez will all fail, but I wouldn't bet on that.
  • Gordo, if you were the Cardinals GM for the day and the Blues GM the next day, what changes or trades would you consider?
  • Tough question, because the trades I would want to make would probably not be well-received by the other team. As Blues GM, it would be fun to add a Drouin or Galchenyuk to the young nucleus by trading the first-round picks and a defensive prospect, if that is even possible.
    Earlier this year I would have made a play for Todd Frazier as Cardinals GM, but I look at what this team is getting out Gyorko and back off. I'm with BenFred, Ozuna intrigues me -- especially since he is carrying my fantasy team. But then I would have to get a taker for Fowler so I could create an opening for Sierra.
  • Fair to expect some form or mea culpa from the P-D staff that fell hook line and sinker (and parroted the same to the fans) for Cards ownership/management's spring training spin that this team was appreciably better than last years'? The OF defense that was supposed to be great is among the worst in the league. Guys without much of a track record (Diaz, Grichuk, Piscotty) were sold as consistent performers of OBP, power and defense despite none really having more than 1 full season in the majors. I won't even mention the Peralta spin. It seems like the majority of those writing about the Cards were more like State- run media for the team rather than truthful conveyors of reality and there hasn't been much accountability for that or much heat placed on the team. What say you?
  • I picked the Cubs to win the division again, for all the obvious reasons. I liked the Cards starting pitching, plus the starting pitching at the next two levels, and that has largely held up. I figured the Cards had to see what they had with Wong and Grichuk once and for all. Wong looks like he is making it; Grichiuk, not so much. I liked Fowler and didn't expect him to be hovering at the Mendoza Line in mid-May. I believed Carpenter could be a good No. 3 hitter and I was certainly wrong about that. I'm a Piscotty fan and I'm certainly not ready to give up on him, but it's been one thing after another with him this season. I had concerns about the bullpen which proved valid. But, yes, I figured this team could get into the wild card hunt out of a weak division and have assets to move for upgrades, once the team sorted itself out. This team has a ton of good young pitching and most of it is healthy and prospering.
    But now the wild card is definitely off the table and the Cards are left chasing a Cubs team that has the assets to finish strong. So, sure, I'm surprised to see the team where it is at.
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