STL sports chat with Jose de Jesus Ortiz

Bring your Cardinals, Blues and St. Louis sports questions to a live chat hosted by columnist Jose de Jesus Ortiz starting at 1 p.m. Wednesday.

  • I honestly think Mike Matheny has done an excellent job as manager this year. He has kept this team in contention despite significant injuries to star players. He has kept this team in contention even though at least a third of his lineup got off to miserable starts. He has kept this team in contention even though the relievers that the team expected to perform key roles have either been injured, ineffective or both. Fans should quite whining about the past and judge Matheny on this season. Every game in every city a fan can pick apart parts of the game and rip the manager. These are humans making the best decisions possible with the tools at their disposal. Fans tend to forget that the guys on the other side are major leaguers as well. The other guys take bats to the plate as well. The other guys on the mound are trying to get you out. Once Matheny makes out the lineup, it's up to the players.
  • Jose, does Bill DeWitte have weekly or monthly meetings with Girsch and Mo in regards to the status of the club and what if any possible solutions could be put in place? What kind of input do Girsch and Mo have with the lineups?
  • Bill DeWitt Jr. is in constant contact with John Mozeliak and Michael Girsch. Mike Matheny is in charge of making out the lineup, but Girsch and the front office stuff do speak with him and give suggestions. I bet every manager in baseball these days gets some sort of input from the front office.
  • In an era when bullpens decide most outcomes, the Cards have tried about everyone but the team batboy from the 5th - 7th innings to no avail. Jose, if you still believe the Cards are a playoff team, then you are making a huge leap of faith that they will eventually fix the huge hole in the bullpen. As I sit on the edge of my seat awaiting the returns of the likes of Holland and Bowman, I can’t make that same leap of faith.
  • I still think the Cardinals are a playoff team. They've had quite a few things go against them in terms of injuries and ineffective performers for long stretches, yet they are still within striking distance. Now that Holland is on the disabled list, they can send him on a rehab assignment and keep him down for as long as 30 days to build him back up and get him ready for the season. I assume that Holland will play a pivotal role on this team once he's right. Remember, Dakota Hudson and Ryan Helsley may also play pivotal roles on this team, whether as starters or relievers. Heck, perhaps Reyes can be a key bullpen arm in September. The bullpen has been a hot mess in part because it has been decimated by injuries.
  • What are your thoughts on Tommy Pham's comments about being picked off 3rd base? Seems to me the more mature/respectable route would have been to own his mistake.
  • I wasn't at his locker when he gave those comments, so I don't know the complete context. I was a tad surprised by those comments, though. Most of the guys I've covered would have simply said something like, "My bad," even if they didn't think it was completely their fault. Unfortunately, whether he meant it or not, Pham's comments had prompted some fans to wonder who was to blame for the pickoff out if it wasn't Pham.
  • Jose, I guess we all have a bad day now and then but last night was like watching an American Legion game. Martinez cannot play first base, that experiment should end and he should be traded to an American league team that needs a good DH. Carpenter does not have the arm strength to play 3rd base. He made a nice catch last night but if you don’t have an arm to throw with, you might just as well let it drop foul. We all hoped that Oquendo and McGee could have made more of an impact on this team but apparently not. The base running is mediocre at best. Pham getting picked off third base is inexcusable. I understand Carpenter was in no man’s land but you don’t get doubled off. There was nobody covering second base so even if the ball drops you can walk in. On a bright note though, at least we’re not the Miami Marlins.
  • Last night was the type of night that you just throw out and forget. It was a sloppy day. There was plenty of blame to throw around, though. Martinez should have popped up and made a strong throw to first on the throw he lobbed over to first. Carpenter made a poor throw to first. Pham got picked off. Ozuna ran through a stop sign while scoring. Carpenter got doubled up at first from left field. Preston Guilmet provided no relief. Martinez walked five. Gomber gave up some runs. The Cardinals are human, and you're going to have ugly nights like that one over a 162-game season. The key is to not have multiple nights like that in a month.
  • I'm very curious about this Reyes fatigue story. Is this a Rolen-esque move, where he was feeling discomfort and opted to play through it instead of telling his coaches? Or were they aware and the whole group assumed he could power through? If he wasn't transparent about that and set himself up for this nasty lat strain, it's gotta cause some angst in the FO and clubhouse, I'd think.
  • Trust me, the Cardinals wouldn't have thrown him out there if they thought he had a lat issue or fatigue. This was another lesson learned for Reyes.
  • Martinez was clearly not ready to pitch last night and appeared to be favoring his injury. Will he be re-examined with the possibility of missing his next start?
  • Judging by what he told us, he was ready physically. That's all I can go by. His command was poor, but he also got some key double plays and retired the side in order in the fourth inning, his last frame. The trainers and the front office can only go by what he tells them. He said he was ready. He was tentative, which is somewhat natural, but he was adamant that he was fine and confident after the second inning.
  • are we at the point where bader should be playing everyday day, and fowler is the 1-2 game a week starter? Its june 6 and hes been very very bad on both sides of the ball, whereas bader has been great
  • I think that point arrived about two weeks ago. If I were making out the lineup, I would play Harrison Bader consistently, but take a look at how he has played this month. He is 0-for-8 this month, going hitless in two of his starts. If he's going to get consistent playing time, he has to produce.
  • I've asked several media members and most seem to think Reyes' injury won't be season-ending. But based on the tone the team has taken, I disagree. What is your gut feeling on whether we see Reyes again this year?
  • I don't think it will be season-ending, but we have to wait until we find out what the doctors say after he gets his second opinion.
  • Did you find it odd that the media and fans had to find out via INSTAGRAM that Ryan Sherriff had TJ surgery?
  • I thought that was extremely odd. I still don't understand what the heck happened on that front.
  • Did I really see someone call this team that has 7 walk off wins and multiple come from behind wins, boring??? WOW! Last night sucked but, bad games happen to EVERY team! I'm not so sure about Machado. Everyone assumes he will have as much power in Busch as in Camden Yards. I'm not so sure. His lifetime OPS, on the road, is around .775. That's OK but, not superstar level. I'm not saying he won't be good here. I'm just saying it shouldn't be assumed he will. Another point, when has a 10 year contract ever worked out???
  • This Cardinals team has been a lot of fun to watch this year. I don't understand why some fans are so negative about this team sometimes.
  • Folks, thanks so much for participating in this week's chat. I have to try to rush to get to Busch Stadium. See you next week for our chat.
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