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Bring your Cardinals, Blues and St. Louis sports questions and comments to a live chat with Post-Dispatch columnist Jose de Jesus Ortiz at 11 a.m.

  • I don't think that's the Cardinals' mindset. DeWitt and Mozeliak know from experience that the team with the best record in baseball doesn't always win the playoffs. They know that the key is to get into the playoffs and then hope to get hot at the right time, as the 2011 and 2006 World Series champions did. Most organizations go through dips. The Cardinals are committed to delivering competitive teams annually, and that's what they have delivered. They have a healthy farm system, and you have to believe they'll contend again next year.
  • I know Carlos Martinez is a very good pitcher but. I think he is not consistent enough to be a team's ACE. Number 2 yes!
    What do you think about the Cardinals trading C.Martinez this winter for the power bat we need and a prospect? Or for several of the teams top prospects? Re-sign Lance Lynn he is the true Cardinal ACE! What do you think?
  • At this point in his development, Carlos Martinez would be a No. 2 starter on most elite staffs. He's the Cardinals' best starter and thus their No. 1 starter this season. He may very well be the only Cardinal starter to pitch 200 innings. He has 58 more strikeouts than Lynn, who is second on the team in strikeouts. As Martinez develops and refines his complete game, he'll be one of the best aces in baseball. He needs to take pride in fielding his position and work his butt off next spring and this winter. Lynn is definitely one of the Cardinals' top two starters. He would probably be a solid No. 3 for a contending team. As you may have noticed at the trade deadline, opposing contending teams weren't clamoring to acquire him. I bet you the Cardinals would have received a strong package of prospects in return for Martinez at the trade deadline, though.
  • Mr. Ortiz,
    I like your work very much but I must take objection with the phrase you used in your column this morning. “Owner Bill DeWitt Jr., president of baseball operations John Mozeliak and general manager Michael Girsch must make some major additions to reward the sheep who religiously pack Busch Stadium on a nightly basis.”
    While I understand your sentiment and I want to win as much as the next person, there are many reasons people or to use your term “sheep” go to the game. While the game is the facilitator it is a fun environment. Regardless of what the team does, they will always have people, including me, supporting them. Do I want to win, absolutely. Have the Cardinals been average, yes. But I have been to many games this year, and over the course of my life, including the 70’s when they were terrible for a whole lot longer and mostly it was just about having fun with family and friends.
    Thank you .
  • I'm sorry you didn't like the my sheep reference, but I think you validate my point. As I wrote earlier this year, the Cardinals have started to sell lovable mediocrity lately. Fans will continue to show up because they show up for the environment and tradition in the same way Cubs fans embraced their Lovable Losers for decades. There's nothing wrong with having that devout loyalty to the Cardinals. I understand it. I feel the same way about the Dodgers, my childhood baseball team. But as I point out, the Cardinals need to make some major additions to reward the fans who religiously pack Busch Stadium.
  • What would you offer the Marlins for Stanton or Stanton & Ozuna in trade? How much money would you ask the Marlins to keep of Stanton's contract?
    Thank You. Jose
  • I would offer Stephen Piscotty and Jack Flaherty for Stanton and ask the Marlins to eat $50 million of that contract. I wouldn't acquire Ozuna or anybody else. If I'm the Cardinals, I go big or go home this winter. If you cannot get a big bat, land an elite reliever and try to get a front-line starting pitcher. I would run Tommy Pham back out in left field and Dexter Fowler in center field and give Piscotty the first shot at right field next season. Then I would try to use some of the outfield depth to improve the bullpen and rotation.
  • Mr Ortiz... I love your columns and your chats and enjoy your outspoken honesty. But my little feelings were hurt when you called St. Louis baseball fans sheep in today's column. I sort of enjoy going to games whether the team is winning or losing. I consider myself more of a loyal Golden retriever ....baaaa to your colum today
  • Thanks for reading. I like Golden Retrievers too.
  • When should we expect the rest of those call ups now that the AAA season is over?
  • The Cardinals announced earlier that Aledmys Diaz and Josh Lucas had been called up.
  • 2018 25 man roster predictions??
  • That is a very good question. Catchers: Molina and Kelly. Pitchers: Carlos Martinez, Adam Wainwright, Luke Weaver, Michael Wacha, Alex Reyes, Tyler Lyons, Matt Bowman, Ryan Sherriff, Brett Cecil, John Gant, Juan Nicasio (I bet they'll re-sign him). IF Matt Carpenter, Kolten Wong, Paul DeJong, Greg Garcia, Jose Martinez, Jedd Gyorko. OF Stanton, Fowler, Pham, Grichuk, Bader.
  • With what needs the Cards have, and their overload of average/aging players, is it safe to assume/expect a completely different MLB roster at spring training?
  • I don't know that you can expect a completely different roster, but you have to expect there will be a significant change. I would bet you would see lots of new faces in spring training. You have to believe that the Cardinals will trade one or two of their outfielders (Piscotty, Grichuk or Pham). They need some bullpen help. They could benefit from a new frontline starter.
  • What are your thoughts on trading Carlos Martinez for one of the big bat's we need and a top prospect or for several top prospects? Then re-sign Lance Lynn and Yu Darvish? I think that would help the Cardinals.
  • I wouldn't trade Carlos Martinez. He's young and under a very team-friendly contract. Why would you give Lynn or Darvish a bigger contract than Martinez when Martinez is actually the better pitcher at this point and barely entering his prime? I'd keep Martinez and go after Lynn or Darvish, not both. I would use a prospect like Flaherty or Weaver to complete a trade for Stanton. As I've noted, I would go big with Stanton or stand pat. If you cannot get Stanton and you still want a slugger, sign J.D. Martinez in free agency and save the prospects for a front-line starter.
  • Good morning and thank you for your insights. Given what you think the Cardinals need to be at the top of central, do you believe they can assemble all the new talent in one offseason. I look at the errors they have made in the past two years trying to assemble a team that can contend with the Cubs and believe the Cards have at least two more years of talent acquisition before we see another 95-100 win season.
  • The Cardinals are real close. This team is on pace to 85 wins. If the bullpen hadn't been so bad for such long stretches, they would already be a 90-92 win team easily. The Cardinals have some good pitching and outfield depth. With the exception of Lance Lynn, they're not expected to lose any significant pieces from this team. They could use some of their depth to upgrade the bullpen, outfield or starting rotation. It should be a fun winter.
  • Sorry if this had been asked and/or answered in the past. If the Cardinals were interested in say a guy like Stanton/Machado (or any other player for that matter), are they allowed to discuss contracts/extensions directly with the player prior to finalizing a deal with the trading team and placing a contingency on the deal or is this tampering/prohibited? Question pertaining to help determine how much a team may be willing to give up to acquire the player by signing a tentative extension. Thanks for you chats.
  • Stanton already has a longterm contract, and the union wouldn't let him take a pay cut. Theoretically the Cardinals could ask for a brief window to try to work out a contract extension with Machado. Tampering is prohibited.
  • If the Cardinals are not going to sign Lance Lynn why did they not trade him at the trade dead line?
    The Cardinals are going to let Lynn go for a draft pick AFTER the SECOND round? Does not make good sound winning sense?
  • The Cardinals held on to Lynn because they weren't just going to give him away and there wasn't that much interest in him to begin with. Keep in mind that it's Sept. 20 and the Cardinals are still in the wild-card chase and the NL Central race. They kept Lynn in hopes of making a playoff run. Why give him away when he can still help you win?
  • Shouldn't they trade several minor leaguers, like Wisdom, before they lose them to Rule 5?
  • You assume that teams are rushing to acquire a guy like Wisdom. Although he had 31 home runs and 89 RBIs as a 26-year-old at Class AAA Memphis, he also struck out 149 times. That's a lot of strikeouts at Class AAA.
  • Speaking of Otani, I am assuming that the highest bidder is where he would end up. But would you think that if the money were equal or close, an NL team may have a bit of an advantage because of pitchers being able to hit in most games instead of interleague games at an NL park?
  • You have to remember that teams have a hard international free agent signing cap, so Otani isn't likely to receive more than a $8 million signing bonus because he's still under 25 years old. With such a level playing field, you have to believe that his desire and ability to pitch and hit at a high level will probably put NL teams in better spots. You also must consider that he might look at it differently and prefer the AL because he can hit as a DH. An AL team might actually be better because the AL has a DH. In the NL he would hit on the days he pitches but only as a pinch hitter when he doesn't start.
  • Have you gotten to see the Scottrade renovations in person? If so, how do they look? I am most intrigued by the locker room renovations. Do you think St. Louis could get bigger and better (basically basketball, either college or NBA, or UFC/Boxing/WWE events)events with the new and improved arena?
    by St. Louis Basketball and Football Fan 9/20/2017 6:49:33 PM
  • I have not seen the renovations in person yet. I will be there tonight, though. I'm looking forward to it. The hope was that the renovations would help St. Louis stay in contention for events. I don't think it's realistic to think the NBA is ever coming back here again, though.
  • Acknowledging the need for a closer, should the Cards not seriously consider resigning Nicasio? Live arm and has done fairly well. Definitely an upgrade over the majority of the current bullpen.
    Your thoughts?
  • I firmly believe the Cardinals will re-sing Nicasio. They'd be wise to re-sign him before he even becomes a free agent.
  • Jose I can not get your story to come up from the link below or from the sports page? Can you please get it fixed? I would LOVE to read it.
    Thank You. Bryan
  • Here's the link to today's column.

    Ortiz: Cardinals are who we thought they were — not good enough

    stltoday.comNothing should be off the table if Mozeliak is committed to bridge the talent gap between the Cubs and Cardinals, while the young Brewers also start to flex their muscles.
  • Jose, what NBA team do you follow? And are you a fan of Team USA basketball?
    by St. Louis Basketball and Football Fan 9/20/2017 6:56:22 PM
  • Born and raised in L.A., you might understand that I'm a Lakers fan. I've been a fan of the Lakers since I was a kid. I don't follow Team USA very much, though.
  • Good afternoon Jose. You are right about Stanton. He needs to be on this team along with another power bat. A closer, and the team needs speed and defense . In other words they need to move out quite a few players and add a few players. I fear that's not in Mos DNA. What do think will happen if they put this kind of product on the field next year ? Thanks for the chats
  • I think the Cardinals realize they need to make some major improvements. They vowed to become more athletic last offseason, and they did get a bit more athletic with Fowler and then more athletic throughout the year when they called up some of the younger guys. Tommy Pham is the most athletic left fielder the Cardinals have had in a while. They'll let some guys go and tweak the roster in hopes of getting better next season. I expect a new closer and a bat. But if they don't find a drastic improvement offensively, they'll be wise to seek a starting pitcher.
  • What is Fowler's perception of being part of the organization? Your colleague noted that he would not speak to Stl media while in Chicago, but welcomed such from there. Unsure of all the calls to trade him, as he has had a pretty good year despite injury. However, if he is unhappy, then he should go and not be a distraction.
  • Fowler has always been great with me since I covered him with the Astros. I can only speak for myself. I haven't called for the Cardinals to trade him, but I have said that they would be wise to check in with him to see if there's a city where he would be open to accepting a move if the deal was in the Cardinals' best interest to help the club. I've never heard anybody say that he's unhappy. He's definitely not a distraction.
  • Jose- i have to differ form is few of your commentators in the 70S and early 80s before whitey Busch stadium was empty bad atttendance. If this team becomes the reds or pirates and never wins attendance will drop quickly. I already knwo many season ticket holders who aren't renewing next year as day of game tickets were easily available this year on stubhub for much discounted rates. I think when the seasons tickets go down you will see a change in philosophy but until then second place in the standings and in acquiring talent will remain the philosophy.
  • Bill DeWitt Jr. has earned plenty of equity with Cardinals fans because his ownership group has traditionally fielded a winning or contending team. The last two seasons have been tough on the Cardinals, but the future is bright. I sincerely believe that they'll be fine next year and in the new few years after that.
  • I like your idea of go big or go home If you can't land Stanton focus on Pitching and Defense. You said this team is on pace to win 85 games if you bolster the bullpen they could easily have had 8-10 more wins 93-95 range is good enough for playoffs most years. I could see Carson Kelly being included in a trade to get Archer and Colome from the rays. You would probably have to include Flaherty, Hudson and a Piscotty/Grichuk and another young OF too.My roster looks like this what do you think?
    with Diaz, Martinez, Voit, and backup catcher
    8man bullpen including Colome, Nicasio, Alex Reyes
    5 starters Martinez,Archer, Weaver, Wacha, Wainwright
    I'd rather have an extra OF but Fowler can slide over to CF every now and then to give Bader a break and Matheny would have a 9 man Bullpen if he could.
  • I don't see Voit and Martinez both being on the roster at the same time next year. I cannot believe that you would play Bader over Tommy Pham, the outfielder with the best WAR on the team by a long shot. I wonder if Gyorko might be a better utility man. I bet Diaz or Greg Garcia will be backup infielders.
  • With the expected changes this off season to be more than the past several, how long do you think it will take for next year's clubhouse chemistry to settle?
  • The clubhouse chemistry won't be a problem. They fixed a lot of the issues this year and addressed them through a few players-only meetings, two of which occurred in Cincinnati. They have a lot of standup guys in that clubhouse, and it helps that Wainwright and Molina are still around to whip guys in line when necessary.
  • Jose- I agree with your assessment that the team needs to acquire at least 1 big bat like Stanton. My concern with that deal is not Bill Dewitt spending his own money, the opt out clause, or the huge amount of $'s owed at the end of Stanton's deal, my concern is we'd have to give up too many young starters to get a guy like Stanton. It'd be dull and not as much fun, but don't you think a faster way to contention is a run prevention approach a la 2015... solidify the back end of the bullpen, improve your defense, and young starters take a step forward. If you give up too many young starters to add a bat, it's like your robbing Peter to pay Paul.
  • I don't think you'd have to give up many prospects for Stanton in part because his big contract limits the Marlins' leverage. If the Marlins put Stanton on the trade market, it would be because they want to get rid of his contract. Very few teams can take on his contract, so the Cardinals could catch a break there.
  • Why do so many fans seem to think Fowler should be traded? Granted he's been hurt this year, but he's been one of the few bright spots in the second half (when healthy). Yes there's a lot of OF depth, but you would think Grichuk and Piscotty's dismal seasons would teach fans to value proven experience over hyped youngsters. That said he should in LF not CF
  • I cannot speak for the fans. With so much outfield depth now, Fowler is seen as a luxury by some now. I would only check with him about waiving his no-trade clause if it were a city he wanted to play in. When healthy, he has been a productive player with an OPS above .800. Grichuk and Piscotty might not have high trade value because of the numbers they've put up this year.
  • LETS GO BLUES! Oh wait, are we still talking about the Cardinals??
  • I'm excited to see the Blues' home preseason opener tonight at Scottrade Center. It should be a lot of fun.
  • not sure if you agree with me or not, but Mgr. Matheny missed an opportunity to lodge a legitimate complaint with the umpires and at the same time fire up his troops, and give his pitcher "a minute to breathe". On Sunday, Lyons pitched inside on RIZZO, which you *have* to do. The umpire called the ball but Rizzo insisted that Madden review it and apparently "New York" tthought it nicked a piece of his jersey that was flapping in the wind. Matheny should've come out of the dugout to argue that Rizzo violated his duty to try to get out of the way of the pitch. He might've lost the argument, but got some headroom from the umpires in a critical inning. Would've also given Lyons a chance to breathe after "walking" the leadoff man and given him and Yadi a chance to think of how they were going to pitch to Baez who was called in to pitch it for the left-hander. That was a pivotaol point in the season, beyond which thewre would be no hope. C'mon Matheny!....
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