Babcock Watch: Buffalo bucks up

Babcock Watch: Buffalo bucks up Live

We are in the final hours of the Babcock Watch. As predicted by ESPN's Pierre LeBrun, the Buffalo Sabres are making it very, very hard for Detroit Red Wings Mike Babcock to stay put in Motown.

The Blues made a pitch for Babcock. So did the San Jose Sharks. The Toronto Maple Leafs were another obvious option.

But the Sabres have crazy money. Owner Terry Pegula just doesn't care about budgets. He is a billionaire.

That early speculation of a $50 million offer for Babcock might not be so
crazy after all. Remember, this is a franchise that made fading third-line forward Ville Leino rich.

A top coach to mold a team with lots of good young players . . . yeah, that is a much better investment. The Red Wings have the money to keep Babcock, but they also have emerging coach Jeff Blashill ready to step up and lead the guys he developed at Grand Rapids.

As for the Blues, the don't have a great Plan B that we know of, should Babcock land in upstate New York.

Here is what the Twitterverse is saying about all of this:


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